Stones Corner

November, 2010

Apache Tears


Small, dark, smoky-translucent Obsidian pebbles.  Eases and releases pain, loss, sadness, anger, etc to help heal and go on with life.  For looking within, protection, vision quest/purpose.  Gently grounds and unblocks lower body and endocrine glands/chakras.  Aids healing.  Represents tears of grief shed by Native American Women after their loved ones deaths due to invading troops.



Communication.  Fighting viruses.  Blue and purple are used to especially heal and stimulate throat center and kidney point.  For self-expression, teaching, healing mouth, throat, thyroid, high blood pressure, stuttering, etc.   Reduces hunger.  High Calcium content strengthens bones, muscles, mineral assimilation.  Use Yellow on solar plexus and brow.  Reduces tension.  It improves expression.  Strengthens and regenerates muscle tissue by improved calcium and vitamin C absorption.  Helps with willpower.  It’s compact power, like a battery, activates other minerals and ourselves.