Across the Great Divide

May, 2011

Crisis Apparitions

Have you ever seen a person or animal that was there one minute and gone the next? Then you were probably witness to a Lepke, a very unique and interesting type of spiritual manifestation. These sudden events have the appearance of a solid, living person, and may even converse with someone, then just as suddenly, vanish. Such apparitions are most often reported to have been encountered within, or immediately outside of, cemeteries, churches, and hospitals.

These are also commonly referred to in parapsychology as Crisis Apparitions, which we will focus on this time around.

An apparition’s scientific definition is the projection or manifestation of a quasi-physical entity. There exists several different types of apparitions, though; the names and characteristics of which vary between cultures. For instance, the French call them Phantoms; here in America we call them all “ghosts.”

Some other common types include Marion apparitions, which are materializations of what is believed to be the Virgin Mary; a Radiant Child is an apparition in which one sees a youthful figure glowing or surrounded by a bright aura; Shadowmen appear as a flickering black/smoky gray mass; and their misty, white counterparts are known as Vapor Apparitions.

For obvious scientific reasons, the best forms to encounter are Collective Apparitions, which are seen by more than one person. These are actually rather rare, and there are several theories surrounding their origins. The most popular theory is that if a large enough group witnesses the same event then it must be a valid example of paranormal activity, right?

Crisis Apparitions are a very interesting phenomenon in that rather than being the intelligent haunting by a spirit long after they have left this world, they are seen either immediately before or after the moment of death and serve as a final farewell, or warning of what is to come, to loved ones.

This is similar to a wraith, but those are legendary ghosts that bring misfortune or death to anyone who sees them.

My family has long experienced psychic events, and stories of crisis apparitions are duly noted.

My mother had related a story from her childhood when the family used to spend time down in Florida. In the middle of the night my grandfather had a dream that his brother came to him calling his name. He awoke in a panic and scribbled the time on the wall. Mind you, this was back in the days when there still wasn’t a phone in every house. The neighbors way down the street did have a phone and called the next day to say that his brother had died during the night. The time they told him was the exact time he had written on the wall.

If that didn’t bring a chill to your arms, perhaps this heartfelt tale might raise an eyebrow.

One of our investigators at Deep Forest Paranormal Society gives a personal account of another variation of the Crisis Apparition phenomenon:

About 15 years ago her son was dying in a Chicago hospital. Sitting in the room were her mother, herself, and another parent. The doctors had done all that they could do and the mood was heartbreaking, to say the least. Around 3am all of them witnessed a very strong scent that she had recognized as her grandmother, who had passed away three months prior to this incident. When April looked to her son’s bed, she saw an image of her grandmother standing on the left side of him. By 7:30 he had passed on from this world. Could she have been warning that the time had come? Or was she there waiting for him?

I’d like to hear your personal experiences with Crisis Apparitions. Please feel free to tell about them in the comments below. As always, keep exploring, and see you all next month.