Review – Animal Totems And The Gemstone Kingdom- Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine Book & The Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards by Margaret Ann Lembo

February, 2019

is a book and oracle deck that go together. The book is titled
“Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom” and the cards are
titled “The Animal Allies and Gemstone Oracle Cards”. Both
by Margaret Ann Lembo. The book is 222 pages and the deck has 44
cards with images and written information on both sides of cards.
Artwork by Richard Crookes, crystal photos by Andy Frame Photography
and Ines Blersch Fotografie. Published by Findhorn Press, 2018. The
book retails for $19.99 U.S. and the cards retail for
$15.99 U.S. They are available at both Amazon and Barnes and

The oracle deck has 44 animals on one side of the card, and 44 crystals on the other side. Each side has a small image of the respective animal or crystal, and a paragraph with prompts, guidance and food for thought. You could simply pick a card and receive both an animal spirit message and a crystal message. If you just got the deck this would function nicely on its own. I like the variety of animals and crystals, there are some different ones you don’t see often included.

This is a book and oracle card deck that are meant to work together, but honestly both are also great on their own. Both have a ton of information and different content.

book is a tool in and of itself as you could just randomly flip to
any page you feel called to to do your reading like that. 

you can use the book to gain further insight on each card. There are
two full pages on each corresponding oracle card in the book. After
you read the card, go to the matching card in the book (they are in
alphabetical order by the animal). It has many correspondences and
interesting information to make your experience richer. Another thing
that’s included in this book are multiple great appendixes at the
back as well as a fabulous glossary. You can use the appendix to look
up other crystals that correspond to a given animal, or to look up
animals that correspond to archangels and angels. It even has an
appendix for wheel of life locations for animal totems. How cool is
that? Whether you want this book as a resource or as a tool to
receive messages, either is covered with this book. I’m very
impressed by the amount of content here.

conclusion I have really thoroughly enjoyed both this book & the
oracle cards. I have used them for myself and for friends and family
and everyone loved them. Crystals and animals are two of my very
favorite things and this combines them both in a cohesive and unique
way that I haven’t seen before. I recommend them both completely. I
will use these forever and thank you so much to Findhorn Press for
allowing me to review them. 

Crystal blessings

Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom: Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine on Amazon

The Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards on Amazon


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