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The Road to Runes

February, 2019

Road to Runes: Dagaz and Breakthroughs

the Elder Futhark Runes as a form of divination is intriguing,
amazing and enlightening.

last month when I pulled the rune Isa?
I was locked in a stagnant situation, unsure whether to move forwards
forcefully or relax and wait out the freeze. My day job, which I had
wanted to leave for some time, was tentatively offering opportunities
but then snatching them away, leaving me stuck and not knowing
whether to take the plunge.

after some contemplation, I realised Isa was telling me that I was
allowing myself to be frozen. I was giving in to the temptation to
stare into the frozen lake; to marvel at the river that has stopped
flowing. So, I quit! That’s right, beloved readers, I am outta
! I am now a full-time freelance writer and student of the
esoteric and occult.

was grateful for the rune’s guidance. Ultimately, I guess I would
have made the same decision regardless of that particular rune
reading. However, it was illuminating to realise just how stuck I had
become, and how much longer I could be potentially stuck there if I
didn’t make a move.

my exploration of Isa, I pulled the rune Dagaz. Two triangles or
arrows touch points, or as I see it, one continuous line zig-zags
around a central point. The name means ‘day’ or dawn, and it’s
associated with awakenings and breakthroughs. How astonishing that I
should have pulled this rune just as I was fretting about being stuck
somewhere, and never finding a breakthrough! It certainly seemed like
a clear message.

is associated with things that have been planned and talked about
coming to fruition. The imagination has been hard at work. Now it’s
time for action. Things you never quite understood or realised are
suddenly so clear or obvious.

is also about the inevitability of change. It’s almost directly
opposed to Isa in this way. Isa is frozen, cold, unmoving, only
hinting at the growth to come after the cold winter. Dagaz is a sure
reminder that the world turns, the seasons move on and everything

is also about mystical and spiritual inspiration; being open to
divine intervention. I feel that this is really appropriate right
now, when I have taken a leap of faith quite literally with regards
to the work situation, but also allowed myself to explore the
possibilities of this realm of divination and interpretation of signs
and messages.

realise I have only scratched the surface of this intriguing rune,
but I’m so blown away by how accurate and meaningful this reading
is. Isa told me I was stuck, and reminded me that by staying where I
was and not taking action I could metaphorically freeze to death.
Dagaz highlighted that I’ve made myself receptive to these
insights, showed me that action would be the way to break free, and
assured me that moving away from my work-based debacle was the right
thing to do, no matter how drastic.

Today, I pulled the rune
Tiwaz, Tyr’s rune; the rune of justice and sacrifice. I’ll write
more about this and what it may mean for me in next month’s column.
Don’t forget, you can tweet me @Mabherick if you want me to focus
on a particular rune for this column. Until next time!


About the Author:

Mabh Savage is
a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist.

She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors and Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways.

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