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July, 2014

The art of Dance (Part 2) – Universal Choreography
In the last post, I related to you my first experience with energy and movement and the places it took me. We also discussed that when we dance, we are embracing the flow of energy as a kinesthetic quality. We engage the breath inhaling the prana of life and exhale out offering up our consciousness to ecstasy and joy.

As workers of magick we are continually moving energy around and redefining the space in which we are working. Mundanely, we also are continually moving and displacing energy as we go about our daily activities. This is the universal choreography that we all share as a place of common ground.
One of the best examples of this is found in the dance company, Pilobolus Dance Theater. Their entire conceptualization of dance is based on movement through space and laming use of human bodies to craft out visual patterns and form. The transitions from one “snapshot” of geometry to the next are of no less impact with each movement etching its way through the energy and space surrounding and with each offered with intention and fixed goal. Sounds something like the workings of great magic, doesn’t it?
I could write volumes about the effect of movement on our magical and spiritual work, but the best way to come to your own conclusions is to simply get moving. This means experiencing the efforts of your creation as flow and dynamics. This also means, practicing this skill so that it becomes second nature to you and you begin to internalize and see in your mind’s eye the patterns you are creating by your movements. When this type of connection between the kinesthetic and the intention is made, your spiritual work will be enriched by tapping into the streams of choreographic flow that have been established as inroads to manifesting and realizing your desired goals.
For this month’s exercise the focus is on creative movement. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a dancer, think you have rhythm or are self-conscious. Everyone can move! The goal here is to imagine the lines of energy and their movement through the surrounding space as you reach, stretch and more.
Find a place where you can move freely and won’t be disturbed. Start by simply moving without any background sound or music as support. As you move imagine streams of energy coming from your finger-tips. Imagine that each finger is a brush, painting the backdrop of surrounding space as you move your hands.
Now, imagine that your feet are also painting patterns of movement as you take a step here or there. If you feel balanced try gently lifting your foot off the ground, scribing circles or other shapes and patterns. As you continue in this way, extend this action of painting the surroundings into other parts of your body. Your head traces its own lines; elbows and knees others, torso yet still another.
Continue in this way until you feel the connection of the whole of your body, the pattern and flow of movement created and the energetic choreography you are co-creating.
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