She Who is all – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

August, 2015

Summer/Sun Goddesses


Aurora (Greek)/ Eos (Roman)

Her name, which means “light”, is the Goddess of Dawn. She rode her chariot, bringing light across the sky. It is said that She had strong sexual urges, kidnapping men for her own uses. She brought forth hope in every new day, and it is said that Her tears create the dew of the morning.



A Greek Goddess of the Day. Her mother, the Goddess Nyx, brought darkness each night and each day, Hemera would brighten the world once again with her morning greeting.



While there is not much known about this Goddess, She stands with Phoebes, the Sun-God. Her name means summer or summer heat and She is depicted standing naked with only wheat sheaves in Her hair. She reminds us to enjoy the abundance and glory of summer.



The Hindu Goddess and keeper of all light, Aditi illuminates life as we know it. She has no mother and had no birth. She exists for and from all time. It is said that She birthed a large egg, that moved into the sky and became the sun.



The Egyptian Goddess of the sky, She is still worshipped today. She is the “Mother of the Sun”, and is depicted with a solar disk on Her headdress. Many festivals are held in Her honor, but on New Year’s Day, Her image was brought out of the Temple at Dendera to catch the rays of the newborn sunlight. “She is the body in which the soul resides”.



The Sun Goddess of Ireland, Her name means brightness, joy, radiance and glow; She brings us the power of the sun and the abundance of summer. She was honored at mid-summer at the top of Her Hill on Cnoc Aine. It is said that She gave the gift of grain to the people of Ireland. She could assume the shape of a red mare, at will.



A Japanese Shinto Goddess, She is honored as the ruler of all other deities. As the guardian of Her people, Her name means,”great shining in heaven”. Her emblem, the rising sun, is on the flag of Japan. She is worshipped at the Shinto Grand Shrine of Ise in Japan.

I wish you all the joy and abundance of summer, and the blessings of each Summer Goddess.

Gems of the Goddess

January, 2013

Aurora, Goddess of Dawn


Born at the dawn of time, the Roman goddess Aurora, known as Eos to the Greeks, rules over rejuvenation and renewal. Daughter of the Titan Hyperion (Bringer of Light), and granddaughter of Gaia (Earth) and Ouranos (the Heavens), she holds universal power as a direct descendant of the primal elements.


It is said her forearms and fingers shimmer in rose colored hues as she sweeps across the heavens, opening the gates for her brother, the sun god Helios, to guide his golden horse-drawn carriage into the sky while her sister, the moon goddess Selene, retreats into slumber.


Aurora has fallen in love many times, and had a great many lovers, both mortal and immortal. Some say she had been cursed by Aphrodite to be perpetually in love, as a punishment for once laying with Aphrodite’s beloved, Ares, god of war.


She is mother to Zephyros (West Wind), Boreas (North Wind), Notos (South Wind) and the Morning Star (Eosphoros) all of whom she bore to the Titan Astraeus (of the Stars).


The one man she loved more than any was Tithonus, the prince of Troy.  So great was her love that she went to Zeus, the king of gods and goddesses, and asked that he grant Tithonus immortality, in order that the two might be together for eternity. Zeus granted her wish, but in a twist of cruelty, did not include his youth, so Tithonus continued to age until his body decayed and shriveled, at which point she lay him within his chamber walls and when only the wisps of his voice could be heard, she turned him into a grasshopper.


As she wakes every morning vibrant and fresh, her beauty so radiant she has the ability to blind the stars, she also sheds her heartache in the form of tears that turn to dew and cover the ground each morning.


Through Aurora we remember that love, though precious as it may be, can bring into our hearts loss and sorrow. However, this sorrow can be shed, leaving behind nourishment and rejuvenation everywhere our tears may land.



Color – all shades of red, orange and pink

Phase – Dawn

Herbs – Rose

Aspects –  rejuvenation, renewal

Wheel of the Year – Year Round