author vivienne moss

Hekate’s Enchanted Cottage

July, 2015



Known throughout antiquity as a House Goddess, Hekate is said to protect one’s home and those who live within its sacred walls. As a goddess of doorways and liminal places, shrines to Hekate are set up near the entrance of homes, businesses, and temples. As Brimo, Hekate is a fierce protector and will guard your home against storms, theft, and malevolent entities (human or spirit).

As Queen of Witches and what I call the Shadow-Lands, Hekate has been the Goddess I have honored most. I am almost Henotheistic in my devotion to Her. She is everywhere and nowhere at once and rules the realms Seen and Unseen. I appeal to Hekate for aid in spell-work, enchantments, and the making of charms. Daily devotions are given at Her altar/shrine as I ask Her for the blessings of home, family, love, and life. I feel Her around me in the Summer breeze and Winter’s chilling winds. She is of the Sun and Moon, and of the Earth and Sea. Hekate, Bone Mother, is there at death and at our first breath. She is the Witch Mother and the Queen of Sorcery. Hekate is…

Hekate is such a huge part of my life. So much so that I have written a devotional in honor of our Fair Queen. I wrote this devotional in a month by month essay form for Moon Books on their blog as part of their Works in Progress series. ( I had a lot of fun with this, and Hekate, my Dark Muse, inspired my devotional with a haunting enchantment that only She can bring. I am very happy to say that Moon Books is going to publish my book later this year. This will be my first publication and I am nervously excited! Please excuse my shameless self-promotion, I am just truly blessed that Hekate inspired me to write this devotional.

I don’t have a publication date as yet, but the devotional is in production mode. I was recently given permission to share the cover for the book. I launched a new Face Book page in honor of both the book and Hekate. ( Please join me there, or my Face Book page (, for updates on the devotional and all things Hekate.






Cover design by my very talented sister, Elle J. Rossi.