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March, 2019

Crystals for Luck & Happiness

This month with both the winter & cold weather dragging on (in my neck of the woods) and St Patrick’s Day coming, I thought we can sure use some crystal aids for bringing us more joy & happiness and some good old luck! Are ya with me? Good! Read on to see which are my favorite go-to crystals to get my happy on and when I need some luck on my side.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow or golden apatite is best known for its amazing manifestation powers, but for me it’s also just as fabulous for bringing joy. It’s sunny gemmy color makes me feel happy upon looking at it! Yellow is a cheerful color, and if you ever don’t know which crystal to choose for a certain function you can always choose based on the color. Colors are important because they can tell us which stones align with the chakras, but also pretty much everyone knows the feelings that are induced by looking at different colors! And yellow crystals are bound to bring happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow apatite is a stone that brings positive energy into your auric field. It also has solar vibes and strong male energy. This bright and stimulating energy strengthens your willpower and can help you discover what you really want in life. It strengthens your confidence as well. Helps you to become MORE…..of whatever you want more of in your life. Makes you more positive overall and enthusiastic. Very powerful yellow ray crystal.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is known as the “happiness stone”. They say it’s like valium in crystal form. If you are feeling down or blue, this stone will be your best friend! It encourages feelings of joy and helps you to release negative feelings so you are more optimistic. It aids you in reframing negative experiences into a new positive light. It helps you to communicate positively and helps you to verbally express feelings of love to others. It relieves tensions, stress and worry and makes you more aware of the good things in life. It promotes self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Ocean Jasper has a strong heart based energy and I hope you will try this for yourself next time you need a boost!


Citrine is another beautiful yellow color crystal and it is indeed a mood booster and will cheer you up. It’s known as the “merchant’s stone” and should be put in your wallet or in a cash register if you have a store to attract abundance and success to you. It has a strong sun energy and brings light into all areas of your life. Brings joy, happiness and good energy to you. Citrine also transforms negative chi energy into positive beneficial chi energy. Since it doesn’t absorb the negative energy but instead transmutes it, citrine never needs to be cleansed. Wear this bright sunny stone to tap into the beautiful properties.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is best known for its ability to promote growth. Whatever you are wanting to grow or multiply, this is your best tool. I always add green aventurine to my plants. (Just place on the soil or bury). It also can help grow your luck. This is the stone recommended for good luck rituals of any kind. It’s the stone you want if you’re gambling or playing the lottery, as it’s the stone that boosts your chances in any situation and helps align opportunities for you. It’s also what is referred to as the “stone of personal growth” and also aligns opportunities for learning, growing and personal development. Green Aventurine is an optimistic stone and promotes a zest for life. It promotes success and confidence and draws abundance of all kinds to you. It can protect your heart, acting as an emotional anchor of sorts. It can even help you to work through unresolved emotional issues. This stone is such an important one for anyone’s collection. A workhorse for sure.


Who doesn’t love pyrite? Its glittery golden sparkles that look like literal gold. It looks rich and expensive, so if you want luck (especially prosperity luck) then it makes perfect sense that this is a great choice. This is a perfect stone in feng-shui for bringing prosperity and abundance into your home or place of work. Pyrite helps to relieve “poverty consciousness” and limited thinking. It increases focus and gives you motivation and self-confidence. It’s a symbol of wealth and success. It’s revered to as “fool’s gold” but if you use this stone a fool you definitely are not! Brings vitality, creativity, protection and instills a warrior attitude. Gives you the ability to pursue your dreams. Dream in gold and dream big and use pyrite as your partner to create your bliss.


Jade is known as a lucky charm. It promotes success, wealth and wisdom. It is the best good luck charm for wealth, abundance and prosperity specifically. Green represents growth and vitality (as with aventurine) and not only growing a richer life in respect to material possessions, but a richer experience in all aspects of your life. It’s a wish stone or dream stone. Hold this or wear this stone when you are visualizing your goals and dreams. The stone for dreamers, reach for the stars with this powerful ally at your side and make your thoughts become your reality! Jade is also a well known stone for eternal youth. Using a jade roller for your skin, or making jade water to spritz your skin is a great practice to incorporate into your daily skin care regiment.

I hope this gives you some crystals to get started with to tap into happiness and joy. Try out one or more of these stones and see if they make a difference in your life. If you need luck or good mojo get yourself one or all of these good luck stones and start experiencing their magic. All of these crystals work together beautifully and complement each other, so the more the merrier!

I invite you to make a happiness or luck grid with these stones, adding quartz to magnify them all! How powerful that would be! Have a very happy and lucky month and I hope you will come back next month to read more!

Crystal Blessings






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Retha N. Lent has been married for 17 years to her husband Mark & they have four cats that are their life. She lives in Norristown, Pa. Retha has her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Behavioral Counseling Sciences from Drexel University. She is the owner of “Retha’s Crystals” & sells sterling silver unique crystal jewelry & specimens on her FB business page. She has a FB group for her customers and those interested in learning more about crystals & all things magical called “Retha’s Crystal Circle“. She is also an advisor in the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program. She has her Holistic Healing Certificate and Pillars of Priestessing certificates from Sage Goddess. She is also an Ordained Pagan Minister from the Universal Life Church. Retha has a passion for crystals, nature, astrology, working with moon cycles, ritual practices, tarot and oracle cards, runes, essential oils, herbs, manifestation work, ancient cultures, magic & music. Her favorite place is New Orleans, La. Retha has an extensive personal crystal collection and loves sharing her love of crystals with the world. She has been a practicing pagan since she was 16 years old. 

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Worth the Witch

November, 2018

The Magickal Earth


Nature’s Miracles”


This month we are diving into a box that is deceivingly small by The Magickal Earth. Their Premium Subscription Box is packed to the gills with items “curated to offer guidance through the months astrological phase. The box will always feature a monthly astrological overview, a brief monthly horoscope, a tarot card chosen for you by the universe, crystals and gems to match the months energy, along with a variation of surprises including items such as, candles, essential oils, soap and, smudge sticks.”

All of this is included in the Premium Subscription Box for only $49.99 a month. This is just one of the Subscription Boxes that The Magickal Earth has to offer. They range in price from a mere $14.99 to $49.99 and cover a variety of wants and needs, from Crystal Boxes to Bath Boxes.


Now, let’s get into the box!

The smell emanating from the box is delicious and enticing. It makes me want to tear it open in a rush, but I must be methodical! So I open it carefully and peek inside.

First things first…what do we pull out???


Astrology Reading

When you are ordering your box you are asked to give your birth date. This is because The Magickal Earth includes a personal monthly astrology reading with this subscription box. I’m a Libra as you can see. You also get a pamphlet with planetary influences & energies for the month of the sign of the box.


One Card Pull

A one card Tarot pull is done for you. My card chosen was Temperance. They send you the card that is pulled for you along with another sheet that explains the Tarot card. It is up to you to read how this card plays in your life.


Abalone Smudge Shell

I am in love with this Abalone Shell. It’s large and very iridescent inside, delicate seeming, but sturdy, and gorgeous. The picture only sort of catches a bit of rainbow on the inside.

The iridescence is carried over the outside over a silver finish. There are a few “portholes” along the side that just add to the beauty. On the “mound side” there is a slight rusty patina on some of the holes giving it a real sea feeling.



Now this is an awesome piece of Blood stone that The Magickal Earth sends you. It is a big, smooth, tumbled piece. It is the size of the palm of your hand. It feels delicate, you don’t want to drop it. The color play in the stone is mesmerizing. A small card with some facts about Bloodstone accompanies the stone.


Quartz & Green Aventurine Stones

Two pieces of Quartz. They are both points. One is unique as it has a two points connected, one off shoot from the side. The larger one is a decent size, and the tinier one is on a small-scale but the uniqueness of it makes up for that.

The Green Aventurine is marbled with two shades of a light and dark green. It is smooth, tumbled, and medium-sized. A beautiful specimen.



This is my favorite piece of Citrine that I have ever seen. I am amazed at the generous size. It is simply gorgeous! This picture does not do it justice. I could not get one that did. A huge piece of rough Citrine. A cloudy white base that rises to a deep yellow top that is flecked with almost rust colored specs. The vibrations coming from this stone are amazing.


Lip Care

Lip care by Night Bloom Apothecary is included in the Subscription Box. It feels very moisturizing on the lips. The scent is natural. It leaves a fresh feeling behind. When you rub your lips together it blends in nicely. It’s not overly oily feeling on your mouth or gooky.


Bar of Soap

Minty Magic is the name of the bar. The sticker on the back of the packaging tells you all the ingredients. It has a true mint scent, not a sweet mint, but a fresh mint scent. It lathers nicely and leaves behind a clean feeling, not dry.



Crystal Infused Energy Cleansing Mist

This blend is by NightBloom Apothecary. You can see the herbs & stones in this mixture. More so than I have seen in other’s that I have reviewed. You shake it and hear the many crystals chime against each other. When reading the ingredients you see they are pure de-stressers; lavender, clary sage, etc… The scent is amazing and it leaves you feeling soothed.


Stand and Smudge Stick to Complete Smudge Set

Now I am on the bottom of the box and what do I find? The Magickal Earth truly meant for this to be a Smudge Set. They have included a Stand. I thought the gorgeous Abalone Shell was just a stand alone. This is a great surprise. It’s a very nice wooden stand accompanied by a large smudge stick. This is a most wonderful Smudge Set.


My Overall Opinion…

I found The Magickal Earth to have a very impressive box. I really enjoyed their theme of cleansing in the box and think they kept it on target with great products made of wonderful quality. The portions in their Subscription Box were very generous. I have found my new citrine for working with. The Smudge Kit is a great gift for those new to smudging as well as those who have been smudging for years. The Energy Cleansing Mist impressed me the most with it’s quality. I also, really appreciated their personal attention with the astrology reading & one card drawing.  It really personalizes your box, you know no one else is getting a box like yours.  They spent time thinking about just you for the moment.  This box is most definitely Worth the Witch!


We got to speak with the woman behind The Magickal Earth boxes, Janet Barto, and ask her the usual from Worth the Witch. Here is what Janet had to say…

PaganPagesOrg (PPO): What brought the idea of your box to you?

Janet Barto(JB): When we started the Magickal Earth we started not with the subscription box in mind. I wanted to do what I loved most and that was crystals and rocks. The subscription box idea just came. We looked at the different boxes being offered and wanted to be unique. Thus, we came up with combining Astrology, Tarot and Crystals together.

PPO: How did you begin them?

JB: I won’t lie, it was a huge process. So much research went into every aspect. From Designing the box to how the contents would be included. I must say it is very hard work to start a subscription box. Especially ours and other like ours. So much attention to every detail. When you start you want every single piece to be absolutely perfect.

PPO: How do you choose what you include inside of them?

JB: First, we look at the Astrological calendar, then we look at the season, and from there I let my intuition take it home. Every item is hand chosen. Every item has a meaning of some kind to make it all part of the whole.

PPO: Is yours a recurring monthly box?

JB: Yes, we offer our box in many forms. We have a recurring box on Cratejoy and on our website. We then also off 3 or 6 month subscriptions at a discounted rate. Costing ranges from $14.99 delivered to $49.99 delivered.

PPO: Are you, yourself pagan?

JB: I am a second degree priestess within Chalice Hart in Washington. I am also a medium and I have trained in Shaman work.

PPO: Tell us about your interests.

JB: I have 2 business I now run full-time. But when I get to play we go on Jeep Runs. We do a lot of off roading in the mountains. I also love Football and Baseball.

PPO: Did you feel the pagan world was missing something to make you create your Box?

JB: This is a good question. I believe the answer is that I wanted ordinary people who had interests in Astrology and in Tarot to be able to order a box that was not just about witchcraft or spells. Kind of a middle ground. I wanted to really try to express that we are all part of the universe no matter what religion or craft you follow.

PPO: Do you have a site and sell other products?

JB: Our website is still a work in progress. As we are doing the boxes we are meeting people with many wonderful handmade items. Magickal Earth is about anything that comes from the Earth.

Our goal at The Magickal Earth is about personal attention. When you order from us we think hard about exactly the right stone or item to pick out for you. We understand how difficult it is for people to order crystals online. It is hard to not be able to see or feel. So when we are choosing for you, we are thinking hard about you and letting the universe help us chose the right one.

The Magickal Earth is growing everyday. And we believe that those who order from us become part of our family. It is all about our connection to them through the universe.


I think they really understood and connected with me. From my readings…to the crystals that really rang a note with me…this was an incredible box. Thank you Janet Barto for taking the time to chat with us. You really have an incredible box on your hands.


If you would like to get The Magickal Earth’s Boxes in your hands, Here’s their links:

The Magickal Earth’s Website:



The Magickal Earth on CrateJoy:



The Magickal Earth Bath Box on CrateJoy:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themagickalearth


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themagickalearth/


Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/barto1866/


About the Author:

Jennifer Wright is a witch on a path of change that is always winding. She founded PaganPagesOrg in the hopes of giving those a platform to share and learn without judgment. There are too many important things to her and not enough room to mention them. You are one of them.