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March, 2015

Bread for Cakes

Merry Meet

Italian Bread Cake


Every Easter, my Catholic Sicilian grandmother made a special bread. It was a bit sweet, braided and had colored eggs in it.

Last year, when planning cakes and ale for Ostara, it occurred to me to use this bread – after all, Easter does draw on may Spring Equinox celebrations. I was able to special order a braided ring, complete with eggs, from an Italian bakery, even though Easter was still weeks away. (See photo.)

This year, I plan to make my own. I feel it honors my ancestors and keeps a tradition alive, albeit modified. Gram’s recipe died with her, but I think the one below will come close.

My Germanic ancestors also baked a similar sweet braided wreath decorated with eggs for Easter. Look to your ancestors for a traditional Easter food. In England, that might be hot cross buns; in Poland, it’s babka.

I found a wonderful recipe by Marbalet online at

Merry part. And merry meet again