Paranormal Path

February, 2013

Common Banishing Tools
     Some people are not very welcome to the idea of a spirit in their home, especially if the spirit has shown ill or malicious intent.  If you wanted to try a banishing on your own, there are a few common tools that are used throughout many cultures and religions.  Here are a few ideas.
     The simplest technique is to ask the spirit to leave.  Many human entities do to realize their physical bodies have passed.  They do not realize what they are doing or their mere presence is frightening.  Telling the spirit to move on, giving them permission to leave and telling them they no longer belong here can work.  However, some spirits, especially if you are dealing with a non human entity, can be more stubborn and therefore more difficult to convince to evacuate your space.
     Water, the element that helps sustain life and makes up a huge part of our bodies and our planet, is a readily available tool that can also be used.  The key is to have the water blessed by a religious official.  This does not mean you have to go to a Christian or Catholic, there are officials in every religion that can bless the water and the result will be the same.  The water can act as a barrier or a transitory plane.  Wet your fingers with the water and mark all entry ways into your home.
     Another common practice is the use of sage.  Sage has been used by many cultures and is widely believed to help protect as well as cast out negative energy.  Sage sticks are lit, the flame blown out, allowing the bundle to smolder.  Allow the smoke to trail as you walk around the haunted area, it is believed the smoke will capture the negative energy and carry it away as the smoke is fanned out through open windows and doorways.
     Salt, preferably sea salt, is crucial to have in any banishing ritual.  Salt acts as a barrier that the entity cannot pass.  I like to use salt towards the end of a cleansing / banishing ritual as a way of sealing off the area, assuring unwanted spirits cannot return.
     We all know the power of the written word.  Try writing the problems you have been facing with this spirit on a piece of paper, be as specific as possible, names, dates etc.  Follow with writing your intentions, that the spirit is not welcome and you wish to reclaim your space, then proceed to burn the sheet of paper with a candle of your choice.. White candles can be used for protection and black candles can be used for banishing.  You may want to place the paper in a clean white bowl for a controlled burn.  The smoke will carry the negative energy away.
     Finally there is a method that seems to work mainly for non human entities.  These entities can be malicious and very difficult to remove.  One theory is that these spirits do not like to be challenged.  Taking a small bag of tiny grains, such as sand or rice, place it in the doorways with the contents spilling out.  There is a belief that the entity must stop and count every last grain.  This task is nearly impossible and the entity should grow frustrated at being unable to complete this challenge and will leave your space and move on.

The one thing you must remember when using any of these methods, is you must believe that what are you doing will work and put confidence behind everything you do and say. If you don’t stand beside your ritual or allow fear or skepticism to take over, you will not succeed.

Wicked Wonderful Witchery

September, 2011

The Banishing Power of Fire: A Ritual

There’s no denying the hypnotic, mesmerizing power of fire, whether in the gentlest candle flame or in the terrifying destruction of a forest fire.  Of the four elements, fire is the most volatile and fast-acting.  Its effects are often permanent and dramatic on the physical plane and the same can be said for when it is used in magick.  The element of fire encompasses passion, determination, action, success, anger, sex, big changes and fast transformation.

You don’t need to have access to a bonfire to harness the energy and spirit of fire in your spells and rituals.  Most of us have to make do with candles, and this is fine:  a small flame can pack just as much energetic punch as a large one, so long as your intent and belief are strong.

Think about it.  Fire is truly amazing.  It can turn wood into ash, water into vapour, paper into a whirl of smoke.  It can make things disappear, in a way.  It is a natural fact that a forest or prairie grows faster and lusher than ever after it has been consumed by a large-scale blaze.  For this reason, I feel fire is perfect for use in banishing and purifying all types of negativity, be it bad habits, self-defeating thoughts, shyness, a lingering broken heart, loneliness, poverty or even negative people that keep popping up in your life.  Ridding yourself of these things clears the way and makes room for personal growth.   Here is a simple spell or ritual using a candle flame to banish negativity.

You will need:

-a black or white candle (I prefer black for banishing, white for purifying…  it really is your own preference).

-a small twig about the size of a pencil stub.  Some trees with a history of being connected with banishing and purifying are Lilac, Peach, Pine, Cedar and Birch.  If you can’t find any of these, any twig will do in a pinch.

-A small piece of paper.  An alternative to the paper is a shred of birch bark, if you have it.  Birch is associated with cleansing and purification, and the bark is thin and paper-like.  The more natural materials you have the better, after all.

-A fire-proof dish (Cast iron is good).

-This ritual is best done during a full moon, or just after.  Then as the moon continues to wane and decrease so should your problem.

Before you begin, decide what you would like to remove from your life.  Do you want to stop attracting hurtful relationships?  Maybe you have trouble saying no, or you have an excess of stress in your life.  It can be any influence, energy or thought you’d like to stop experiencing, as long as you are not trying to harm anyone.  This ritual will not make your boyfriend’s Ex spontaneously combust, in other words!

When you are ready, do your usual circle casting or calling upon deities if you wish, depending on your beliefs or if you feel a need to incorporate your own tradition into it.  Light the candle and spend some time feeling its heat with your hands, appreciating its powerful bright light in the darkness.  Note how it melts the wax and consumes the wick.  Know that it has the same ability to transform and cause change to your life.  Respect it and acknowledge its power.   Once you feel you have achieved an understanding for the fire, take your twig and dip it into the candle flame.  Allow it to burn for a couple of seconds and then blow it out.  When all the embers are dead, it will be blackened with soot.  Using the black soot like ink, start to write out the word, phrase or a symbol of that which you are letting go of.  You may chose runes, a simple drawing, a personally designed sigil, initials, or to simply print out a word.  If your black “pencil” runs out, dip it into the flame again, blow it out, and continue until you are finished.  Draw with power and feel what you are doing.  Pour your problem into the drawing and paper.  An easy way to do this is to picture a bubble of light in front of you.  Fill it up with your negative feelings about the issue.   See the feelings leaving you and entering the bubble in the form of splotches of color.  Once you feel unburdened and lighter, sink the “bubble “ into the paper, symbol and stick.

When you are done, extinguish the stick thoroughly and hold the paper in both hands.  Pour the negativity into it until you are cleansed and empty.  Do this as long as you wish, until you feel the heaviness begin to lift or your focus starts shifting.  Then, light the paper carefully on fire with the candle (you may want to use tongs to protect your fingers).  Set the paper in the fire proof dish to burn.  As the fire consumes the paper and the symbol of your ills know that the spirit of fire is also consuming the problem and rendering it powerless.  Symbolically, your problem is going up in smoke.  Burn the remainder of the stick in the dish as well.

You can either let the candle burn out on its own now, or over the duration of the waning moon light it for a while each night and pour your negatives into the fire until the new moon.  You can bury what is left, compost it, throw it into a body of water or otherwise dispose of the candle stub at this point.

In my experience this is an empowering and transformative ritual, which helps with personal growth and inner strength, and helps cleanse out lingering grievances from the past.

Bright and fiery blessings to you!

***PLEASE exercise caution and common sense when using fire.  Don’t wear loose clothing.  Keep fire away from flammable items and surfaces.  Keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher nearby.  Don’t leave a candle or any flame unattended, ever.  Use a sturdy candle holder and a flat surface.