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Perthro’s Pronouncements

January, 2012

To Be Human……The Greatest Vacation in the Universe!

I’d like to continue my exploration of the deities by discussing a theory I have developed, one that I believe may be the single most important reason for human existence.

In my former posts, I have explained my theories on the nature of our gods’ and goddesses’ actual existence, and what I imagine that they truly are, as a “species”. To paraphrase, I believe they are made of pure energy, and exist in all locations and in all forms of time, namely, past, present, and future. Upon deeper thought and introspection, I have come to the conclusion that there is a very basic reason for such lifeforms to choose to not only interact with humans, but to incarnate themselves as such when they so desire. They wish to “get away”, so to speak, as their life in their natural state does not leave much to the imagination. That’s right, I believe the gods at times choose to go on “vacation”, and being human is the best way to do it. Allow me to explain.

Being everywhere all at the same time, perceiving everything, without end, is a sensory avalanche that we humans are not only physically incapable of achieving, but it is also a difficult concept to even begin to comprehend; our brains are simply not equipped to think on such a broad scale. However, for our gods and goddesses, it IS their existence, a constant and complete perception of the whole of the universe. Imagine such a barrage of information being received and comprehended, endlessly. There are no breaks, no sleep, nothing to “shut it off”. So what do you do if you’re a god, and you WANT to take a break? You take a physical form, one that has only limited perceptive abilities, while still allowing yourself a connection to your “normal” self.

You may recall that I have also mentioned in one of my former posts that we humans may indeed be the same “species” as our gods, as well as the possibility that we may be their offspring. To take that thought process a step further, I would like to present the idea that we and our gods are in fact equally “evolved”, and that we may in fact be of the same “species” as they, and choose to become human for the same reason. To have the capacity to imagine and bring life to the idea of a deity is evidence, I believe, that humans are in some small way connected to our existence outside of the physical plane. We remember it, perhaps only subconsciously, and because we “know” what it is to be more than we are (in a physical body), we attempt to use our limited resources to comprehend what comes natural in our “normal” state.

This is where things get interesting. In order to go on “vacation”, a god (or humans, as “supernatural” beings) would want to eliminate the “clutter” of information, in other words, find some peace and quiet. But since a god is everywhere, going “somewhere” that’s “out of the way”, “off the beaten path” as it were, is literally impossible. So, he does the only thing he CAN do, and that’s to place the greater majority of his consciousness into a physical form, and spend some time “away from it all” for a period of a lifetime, before returning to his natural state. Perhaps in a later post I will discuss the “mechanical” aspects of how this is accomplished, but as of right now, I have not devoted any time to considering how it occurs. So, for the moment, let us assume that it DOES happen, with most of the soul being transferred into a human.

Once in a physical form, the god, goddess, or everyday Joe Schmoe that wants to take a vacation is only able to perceive the universe AS a human, and for the span of a lifetime, has experiences in which the outcome is not forseen, a past that is not remembered until it is in the past, and an existence that, while it lasts, is completely unique, never to exist again. This, to me, makes living the life of a human to be a very special thing indeed. To NOT know everything has its advantages. There is wonder, and excitement, along with pain and sorrow, all things that do not exist when all is known.

It puts life in a whole new perspective to think about that fact. Our lives sometimes seem so meaningless, we’re bored, nothing “good” ever seems to happen to us, we complain, “Life sucks”, we say. What if the whole reason we DO exist in the first place is to have the experience of NOT knowing? The old saying “Ignorance is bliss” takes on new meaning when viewed from such an angle. How tiresome and boring would a life be like if there were no surprises? No new things to learn? Nothing to experience, because every single nuance of everything that exists is already known? In my mind, just to think about the implications of that, well, it’s simply mind boggling.

To be human, to be in this body, to be having the experience of this lifetime, is the greatest gift that a god or goddess could bestow upon him or herself, and indeed, I believe they would wholeheartedly agree with that statement. For them, it’s a vacation. For us, while we’re here, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to be more than we are, by being less. That’s also why I believe we don’t just do it once. We come back, again and again, to learn more, to do more, to LIVE, because that’s the meaning of LIFE. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be on “vacation” all the time? We all would!

Here’s to a great “vacation”, to each and every one of you, and a very happy holiday season as well! Talk to you next month!