Oracles and Omens

September, 2010

Omens and superstitions have been around for hundreds of years, maybe longer. The more the tale is exaggerated the more we tend to enjoy it. My Grandmother was the Queen of old wives tales. She put so much emphasis in what she said that I have never forgotten any of her stories or superstitions. I now tell my own Grandchildren. I believe without Superstition our lives would be dull and unimaginative. I hope that you enjoy what you read here and remember, just because it’s a Superstition doesn’t mean it won’t take form in Your life.


*A cat sitting with its back to the Fire is an Omen that the weather will soon change.
*Hearing a cat Cry before leaving on a journey is Bad Luck.
*It is Good Luck if someone gives you a Black cat.
*A cat jumping over a Dead Body will cause the body to become a Vampire.
*If a Cat Follows you, you will soon come Into Money.
*If a Cat Sneezes it Is Lucky.
*When a Cat Washes it Face Visitor’s will soon Arrive.
*Stroke a Cat’s tail Nine times for Luck at Playing cards.
*To Protect a home place a Statue of a Cat on the roof. 


*There is a rule that must Always be followed~ Never Move a Broom from one Home to Another. Negativity will come with it.
*To Purify the home you move from Swing your Broom around your Head Three times in Each Room.
*For unwanted Guests place a Broom behind the Door with the Bristles facing Upward. If the Visitors still Refuse to Leave Stick a Fork into the bristles.
*If a Broom drops across a Doorway, soon you will Embark on a Journey. You Must pick it up Quickly and Do Not step Over it.
*When the Rain continues on, create images of Brooms and paste them to Your doors And fences to Bring Clear Weather and Sunshine.
*If you shall Fall from your Hands while you Sweep, make a Wish Before picking it up.
*If the Desire for Marriage is your Longing, Jump over a Broom nine Times and within a Year, Your Wish will come True.
*To Bring Rain go Outdoors and Swing a Broom in the Air over your Head.
*If it is your Wish to use Your Broom as a Lightening rod. Put your Broom on the porch, it has been Said that Lightening and Electricity are Attracted to Brooms.
*Laying a Broom across a Doorway allows Departed friends and Family to Communicate freely with you.
*If you Feel that Unfriendly Spirits are haunting you, Step over a Broomstick and it will prevent Them from Disturbing you for Ever more.
*When Nightmares keep you from Sleep, hang a Broom from your Bed Room door and place Garlic beneath your Pillow.
*Always sweep in the direction of the Fireplace if you Do Not have one sweep Anywhere, but toward the Front door so you do not your Homes’ Good Luck away. 


*Blue ~ Intelligence and Divine Powers
*Gray ~ Calculating
*Green ~ Creative
*Brown ~ Flirts before Marriage, but is Loyal Afterward
*Eyelashes of the Right eye curl Down ~ A Good Omen for men; Bad Omen for Women.
*Beware of the One whose Eyebrows meet, because in the Heart there Lies Deceit.
*Eye- shaped Charms are worn often to Ensure good Health, courage And Wisdom.
*A man’s right Eye twitching ~ Good Luck
*The Left eye ~ Bad luck
*A woman’s Right eye Twitching ~ Bad luck
*The Left Eye ~ Good Luck
*Right eye Itching ~ Expect good Luck
*The left ~ Expect Bad Luck
*Arched ~ Imaginative
*Curved ~ Inquiring
*Heavy ~ Blunt
*Straight ~ Alert
*Joins the Nose ~ Lucky, Untruthful, indicates a Vampire or Werewolf
~ Beware of the One whose Eyebrows Meet, because in The Heart lies Deceit ~
*Meeting a Person of the Opposite Sex who is cross Eyed ~ Good Luck
*Eye shadow of Blue on the top Lid and Green on the Bottom will Strengthen Optic Powers and Provide Protection
~ Superstitions are Upheld by people whose Lives are different from those Who Fear the unknown. The Energy of these Forces are used To control and Perform actions to Protect oneself. The negativity that awaits in Every corner is a Risk that the Beholder is Not willing to Take. Perform the Ritual and Believe. It Will happen or Not.