binding spell

Simple Spells and Rituals

February, 2013

For as long as I have been a Witch I have heard, and sometimes refereed, the “Binding Spell” discussion.  On one side there is the belief that spells should not be done without a persons knowledge, on the other side self-defense and protection.  Not to sound like a politician, but my opinion has evolved.  It took me a while to see in my life, that sometimes there is just no other way.  That being said, I always try protection spells first, and then sometimes binding is all that’s left.  If constant damage is being done through a persons negative, or dangerous behavior it’s a way to stop it.  In my mind the trick is to have absolutely no harmful intent for the person you’re binding.  If it’s too close and you can’t keep your emotions in check, call a friend to do it, if they’re willing and able.

There are a lot of favored methods for binding, poppet magick, string magick, I’ve seen a lot of different spells over the years, for me as quickly and cleanly as possible is favored, so I came up with this binding spell.

Supplies: small white candle, string (whatever feels right to you is fine), sharp pointed implement to scribe the wax, matches or a lighter.

Preferably during a waning moon, carve the persons initials, or if you want to do a stick figure, whatever helps you raise the energy. As you carve into the candle do it with clear intent, then empower the string wrap it around the candle and tie it, then say:

Candle, fire, wax and string,

To bind you now, they’re just the thing

As they wane so does your power

Extending forward from this hour

You’re stopped with no harm sent to thee

As is my will so mote it be!

Let the candle burn, somewhere safe obviously, until the string and whatever you carved into the candle are gone, letting it go out on it’s own if possible. I usually carry the remnants off my property and bury them.  Cast circle and call the quarters in whatever way you use normally during a waning moon.  I try to use a candle that is smaller than a votive, a menorah candle, a tea light pulled out of the cup, even a birthday candle, if you can carve into it will work. I go with a white candle because they’re easy to find and can be used for anything, although I have seen black candles used also.  If binding is not something you believe in, I can understand it, if you’re ok with it then this is a quick and effective way to go that works, and doesn’t take a lot of time.