Noblemen Of God

December, 2011

God Of The Mistletoe

Mistletoe has been around for many years, giving others an excuse to lock lips under the doorway that it hangs.  It’s interesting to think that an innocent plant of the holidays could cause the death of a noble God.

It all started with the Norse God Baldur; son of Frigga, the Goddess of marriage and divination, and Odin ruler of Aguard.  Baldur lived in a place called Breidablik, with his wife Nanna.  Breidablik was believed to have the power to cast away all lies because it was home to the God of truth and light.  Baldur was well liked by everyone, Gods and men both.  He was known for his shining good manner, and herb knowledge.

One night Baldur tells his mother Frigga about the nightmares he’s been having, causing her to jump into action.  She immediately commanded all of nature to not harm her son.  Unfortunately, she forgot about one specific plant.  The mistletoe was left untouched by her power, and once the trickster God Lokki caught word of this, he pounced on the opportunity to cause mischief.  Lokki ticked Baldur’s brother Hod into killing him with an arrow made of mistletoe.  Soon after his death his wife Nanna dropped dead of a broken heart.

This particular myth is somewhat of a sad one, but reminds us of the death that occurs within ourselves during the winter solstice.  Change can happen at a rapid pace, as the old falls away.


Incorporate mistletoe into your winter solstice ritual, to symbolize old habits and past negative energy.


Mistletoe, gold, Yule logs, frankincense, cloves, cedar, juniper berries, lepidolite, ruby