blessed be

Hearth and Home

January, 2012

Blessed Be The – What?

I am a pagan woman living in the 21st century, doing 21st century stuff.  Living in a modern-ish  house, I wear jeans and sneakers; watch tv, drive a car and my BOS is not beautifully hand written on handmade paper in an ancient old book ( a little is) but the most it is on my computer, on printed pieces of paper – it is modern. There is a little part of me, ok so there is a big part of me who would love to turn back the clock and go back to live in an old cottage on a few acres of land – doing a little of that old hedge witch stuff, like I did once before.. However this old cottage living is not always what it is cracked up to be nor as romantic as it sounds.  Let me tell you a wee story, something I remembered while looking at online real estate, yes for old cottages in the woods.

We once lived in a 70 year old cottage.  There is historically, graceful well-loved old and there is, just old. We fell into the latter. Once upon a time it used to be an old shop with the living quarters at the back, with bits added here and there.  The shop front became a large storage unit and it was very cluttered with the house owners things.  Very hard at times to keep the energy nice with that clutter attached to your living area however. I digress though. This wee cottage is small, wee small, very small tiny even. Two bedrooms, with the lounge and kitchen area all in one room, the kitchen is closed off by a half wall, so when your creating in the kitchen you can still be part of the family in the other area whether you want to or not.  It was definitely unique; the roof space had another family in it! I never went up there to look but my goodness, come bedtime they would do bog laps in the crawl space, and the mice and I often had a battle of wills, they often won by share numbers. We took it sight unseen as we had no desire to live on the Navy Base, and we were and are very Blessed to have been offered it and to spite all the houses little quirks, it was filled with lots of love and laughter.
However, due to it’s smallness finding an area to set up my sacred space and working altar was a bit of a challenge, our bedroom was not practical, the little room we use as a computer room wasn’t either, so with a little rearranging, I commandeered a very small area behind the main door and beside the hearth, it felt perfect.. I could sit before my altar feeling the warmth of the fire, and look out the window and watch the clouds; I could see the wind running her fingers through the leaves of the huge gum trees and watch the birds. Myvanwy (my beautiful ceramic witch) and my dragon sat perfectly under the window and my besom sat snugly between altar and hearth.. Visitors knew it is not somewhere you put your coffee mug, you don’t mess with the broom, or fiddle with anything least you get “the look” , it is a respected place ..  This is all set up about 4ft feet from “our” chairs and the tiny lounge – so now the scene is set.
Now, has there ever been a time in your life when you have watched a scenario unfold in what seems to be slow motion? Well, I have had a few and this night was one of those times.  It had been a busy sort of day, we had gone to a huge hardware place and bought my daughter a cute little outdoor table and chairs for her balcony, I had potted up some house plants for her to take home. During the week I pre packed and frooze a few meals for her to take home ‘Mums Red Cross parcels’ she calls them, so they needed to be put in a cooler bag for the trip, so once this was all done we packed up the car and drove her back to the city, it is about a 3 hour round trip depending on traffic, and after the AFL (football)  final on Saturday afternoon, most of the fans where driving home on the Sunday afternoon. My man was getting a little frazzled on the journey home and it rubbed off, so when we got home, I decided to have a glass of wine and him a beer. We wanted to just sit for awhile and unwind so after about 30 minutes I went off to the kitchen to my pots and pans.
Now mind, I did say a glass – one, uno, singular. 4.5% alcohol. Not much! So what transpired next was certainly not expected. I watched dumb struck, as my well read, articulate, smart, intelligent, handsome, loving and usually co coordinated man tripped over his shadow and half toppled the 4 feet from his chair into my sacred space. He tried to stop himself falling completely, putting out his arm which got tangled up in my Besoms bristles, at this point I wanted to close my eyes as I envisioned him getting swept out the closed window on the broom.
There was a crash and tinkling as my chalice hit Myvanwy on the head and broke, burnt charcoal and incense dust rising up in a small cloud – next thing there is my beloved sitting in the middle of my altar looking very sheepish!
I was speechless, I scrapped by jaw up of the kitchen floor and went over to him, once having ascertained he was in fact alright, the first thing out of my mouth was ” what on earth are you doing” at this point one would find it hard to believe I was in fact an empath.  I picked up my broken, un-fixable chalice and put it on the kitchen bench, and not one more word was said by me. I was speechless and couldn’t absorb the pantomime that had just unfolded.
My dear husband had apologised a hundred times and said he felt a little stupid. In the middle of dinner, a wave of mirth bubbled up as I played the scenario through my head again; I looked at him across the table, stifling a giggle I said… “You know it is a myth that witches sacrifice men on their altars” I laughed till tears where streaming down my face as I recalled the look on his face as he sat there, and then he smiled that smile that always melts my heart and said.. “I know, but Blessed Be the Butt”

What did I learn?  That even in ritual or in a sacred place, humorous things happen and it is not something to fuss over.. I really to think our God and Goddess have a wee sense of humour themselves.