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April, 2019

I Am the Light of My Soul

In an uncertain world, one of the most important things we can do, as women, is to develop a soothing self-care practice.

We were created by the Goddess, in Her image, and we carry a spark of Her radiant love for us.

It is unfortunate, then, that the world does not see us as Goddesses, nor do many even see Her, and so women, in our current society, are seen as *less than* we really and truly are. We must remember that, as Her daughters, we carry Her in our heart and, in so doing, project Her presence out into the world. It is, therefore, paramount that we take special care of ourselves for we are part of the Divine.

We live in a society that looks down upon us, a society that leeches our self-esteem and confidence, that teaches us to doubt ourselves, to be in competition with our Sisters. This is the reality that we come of age in, that we struggle against, or give up and accept for to fight becomes exhausting in that it is a daily battle.

We must constantly remind ourselves that we are of and by Goddess. We must keep ourselves strong and confident, able to face the world and all that is thrown at us, especially in an unstable political climate. We are, each of us, unique in our own way and we must never forget that we are beautiful and extraordinary. We must love one another, and love ourselves.

It is my thought that any self-care practice should include a self-blessing. There is a beautiful one from Z Budapest that can be found here:

You can also also simply bring your dominant arm up over your head, palm down, but not touching the crown. Focus on the energy radiating down from your palm, blessing yourself in the Goddess’ name, as well as asking Her for Her blessing. To me, this is something akin to Drawing Her Down during Full Moon. Any soothing meditative music would be a fine accompaniment.

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher for over 20 years, I know how pranayama (breathwork) and meditation can help in a self-care practice. As such, I offer the following breath exercise.

Self-Care Breath

Sit in easy pose (cross-legged, straight spine)

Rest your hands on your knees.

Place your hands over your heart center, right hand over left

Eyes are closed, focused on the heart chakra

Your mouth will be open to make a circle.

Inhale through the mouth and suspend the breath,

Mentally vibrating the mantra

“I am beautiful, I am innocent, I am innocent, I am beautiful”

Exhale through the nose.

Do this for at least 3 minutes.

There is a meditation that is perfect to follow this breath exercise. It reminds us that we are beautiful, bountiful and blissful. It affirms that we are the light, the light of our own souls. Stay seated in a cross-legged position, with hands on the heart center. Visualize a radiant white light around your heart, and that it is filled with love and compassion for yourself.

Listen to this beautiful mantra:

Let yourself become fully immersed in the music, believing the words, holding them to your heart. Let a smile come to your lips as you remind yourself how wonderful, special and unique you are!

I am the light of my soul.

You are the light of your soul.


About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher, Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist with Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She is the author of “My Name is Isis”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………” children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at and her email is

My Name is Isis on Amazon

Celebrating Autumn with Norma Clark of Forevrgoddess Boutique

September, 2018


Autumn Smudge Bundle with Gemstones

Hello, I’m Norma with Forevrgoddess Boutique, I wanted to share some info on Smudging herbs, gemstones and smudge rituals.  I don’t know about you, but the first day of September feels magickal, with apples and pumpkins abundantly everywhere.  I think it’s the perfect time to do an Autumn ritual smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people, to remove negative or stale energy, banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person, to prepare for the coming of the Autumn Equinox & Samhain. You might have seen a few smudging herb bundles in new age stores, witch shops or online, there are many to choose from.

Smudging has been done in ancient cultures to Native American, in Spanish countries like Mexico, through Central and South America. Some of these herbs are used in smudging rituals by Shamans.  Some of these herbs can also be used in blessings, after ritual cleansings of homes or people. You can perform a blessing within a home  to invite harmony, love, laughter, tranquility, happiness and prosperity, or what ever is needed at the moment. For personal blessings you can do any of these ideas as well.

You can typically find in stores or online: White sage,  Juniper, cedar, Yerba Santa and Palo Santo. Any of these bundles of herbs can be helpful. Combining them with gemstones and crystals is an additional bonus and can help give healing/loving energy to aid with manifesting the properties you need most. I’m going to talk about a few of my  small smudge sets from Forevrgoddess Boutique, what they can do to help cleanse, rebalance and refocus energy to a positive and harmonious environment or how they can be used for personal blessings.


Small Autumn Smudge Blend

Here we have a beautiful mixture of Mexican cinnamon, Cloves, Cedar, Rose, Rosemary and White Sage. Very aromatic smell. Here’s a information on a few herbs we use for our Autumn blend.

White Sage: Can be prefect for magickal workings – protection, banishing/ releasing, seek wisdom through meditations, helps with grief, good health, healing, longevity, and psychic awareness.

Red Roses: Love, respect, beauty, courage, passion, romantic love, blessings, attract, banish, consecrate/bless, devotion, happiness, harmony.

Palo Santo (or Holy wood): from Ecuador forests, Palo Santo – Shaman have used it to clear energy, and positive energy. To reestablish peace, balance enhance focus to meditation, heals people physical and spiritual level.

Cedar: Calming, comforting, purify, protection, healing, harmony, prosperity, abundance, cleansing, helps focus on goals and meditation.

Mexican Cinnamon: Brought from Mexico to USA. – actions, attraction, inner balance, dream work, harmony, healing, attract luck, peace, passion, protection, wishes, consecrate/blessings.

Our Small Smudge Set is portable, you can do a quick smudge ritual anywhere. The Small Smudge Set is in a little tin box (we’ll provide ritual at bottom of this article). You can either burn them together or separately.  If you decide you want it to be stronger then make a bigger flame.  You can  always break the smudge blend into little burnable pieces and use a small abalone shell to burn it in. (We carry various abalone shell in boutique in 2 sizes.) If you wish to get a little smell burn small bit of each, cinnamon, cloves, rose, and rosemary with a bit of sage. The choice is yours.


Autumn Gemstones

We selected these from our Wiccan Magickal Sabbat Mabon and Samhain box sets.  With autumn equinox coming soon, seasons are changing for fall. It’s the time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings winter.

Here are the Stones for Autumn:

Citrine: Stone of happiness, positive energy and thought mental clarity, abundance, healing, uplifting.

Carnelian: Motivation, calm emotions, banishes negative emotions, replaces with love.

Smoky Quartz: Dispel negative energy, protection, grounding, transformation, brings calm.

Tiger eye: Stone of wealth, protection, self-confidence, balance, grounding.

When charging or programming your gemstone, keep in mind the goal or desire you wish to bring into your life. Help manifest this desire to life, say a prayer to your deity, angels, or elemental, ask for their support to bless this new path you wish to journey on. Keep them in your pocket, purse or coin purse as a reminder of what healing qualities you wish to be blessed with at the moment.


Autumn Smudge House Blessings Set

House Blessings Manifest Kit

Brightest Blessings, I’m so happy you decided to change a new part in your life, for the coming of Autumn and all her glory. This kit is designed to help you focus you and your home or sacred space to help “manifest” a new beginning and bring in the desires in your life..

How to Set up your Stones..

You will noticed you have 6 gemstones and an Autumn Smudge blend. The Autumn Smudge blend is to cleanse the area and give it a fresh start with positive energy.

Gemstone Selenite: ( Don’t rinse in water or leave in sun) quickly unblocks stagnant energy and removes negative energy. It magnifies the energy of any other gemstone that’s placed upon it. Combine selenite with black tourmaline. It will protect home and clear any negative energy, and help in protection crystal grids. Expands awareness opens psychic abilities.  Brings mental clarity and deep peace. Helps with angelic guidance.

Gemstone: Iron Pyrite ( fools gold): recall beautiful memories, protective stone, attract wealth and prosperity, energy shielding stone, blocks out negative energy, positive stone. Relieves anxiety frustration and boosts self-worth. Great for memory, this stone helps when depressed or deep despair, luck, money, protection, strength, willpower.

Gemstone: Pink Calcite: balance emotions, calming, grounding, spiritual growth, love, Healing, self work, well-being.

Gemstone: Carnelian: career success, grounding, motivation, personal power, helps with creativity, good health, protection, stop – negative energy, stimulates the conscious mind, helps you focus on the present and current needs, helps over come difficult times, manifesting energy to have your desire come to life.

Gemstone: Amethyst: all healing (mind, body, spirit) inner peace, calming one’s mind, a sense of spiritual insight when in a deepen stage of meditations, protective stone, esp, psychic attacks, helps with grief or loss, releases tension, helps over come bad habits tendencies, and calm anxiety attacks.


Cleansing Stones

Cleanse each gemstone with smudging blend burning in shell, to ensure it’s a positive energy to help with your goal you wish to create. It’s to ensure the gemstones, which have passed through so many hands, to get to you at home, are cleaned of other’s energies that might not fit in. Hold stone in hand take shell and pass it over and under stone to encase it with smoke.


Arranging Gemstones

Once stones are cleansed, set up an area where your stones will be seen through the day (altar, mantel, etc..) arrange stones however you wish. I suggest to put selenite in middle and surround other stones around the selenite so the selenite will energize the other stones. Like a mini crystal grid. If you have more stones, flowers, candles feel free to add them, to help further the goal you have in mind.


Autumn Equinox Celebration Ideas

  • Take walks with autumn changing in your wooded area, feel the cool crisp air.
  • Collect leaves with family, and place them on your altar.
  • Or … Write with black Permanent marker in one word what your thankful for on your leaf then poke a hole thru it, tie a string and hang it where you can see it everyday.
  • Create memories with family and friends and bake autumn sugar cookies talk about what you grateful for or just spend time with them. (our Sabbat Mabon and Samhain cookie cutter and recipe box set is available check the boutique.)
  • It’s time to reflect this time of year on what Autumn means to you, the balance of day and night, finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month September or October.
  • Go to pumpkin farm.
  • Drink cider with friends and family, share sweet goodies.
  • Collect Apples.
  • Do some Autumn crafts with Family and Friends (look on for ideas).
  • Go to some Fall Festivals.
  • Enjoy the fruits and the favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “pumpkin spice.” Nothing to big, just go enjoy the Beauty of Autumn. May this Season of Autumn Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N


Forevrgoddess Boutique Charge/Smudging Ritual

Ground/center calm mind, hold the Shell with Smudging inside in your Power hand and say a simple prayer ask for divine power, to bless the Smudging herbs, encircle Smudging herbs with white light.

Open a window.

Light your Smudging herbs in shell.

As it Burns try to focus on cleansing goal/ intent you wish help with. Feel smoke surround you.

Take cupped hand and brush smoke all over body or bless rooms of home, draw sigils with them in air and empower them to life, by visualizing a gold light and start to glow.

Visualize the negative energy, stagnant energy, negative emotions being removed and pushed out.

Feel free to use feathers or broom to push out smoke thru door way or window.

Visualize open window to push out negative energy and welcoming positive energy in. Feel spiritual and physical uplifting of emotions and cleansing.

Once done with smudging ritual, give thanks. Place Shell in a fireproof bowl if necessary to catch ashes and to let it burn out in a safe place.

Brightest Blessings to you – Forevrgoddess Boutique

Look for our Smudging set, blends in Candle, Incense, Sage Section.


About the Author:

Norma Clark I’m the owner of Forevrgoddess Boutique, I live in small rural Paris,Idaho Both me and Hubby are Wiccan with 2 beautiful children and gang of critters. I love to share, inspire, create many Magickal items for my Jewelry and Metaphysical boutique. Come sit for a spell and see the Magick of Forevrgoddess Boutique.


Book Review – The Tradition of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices by Claude Lecouteux, translated by Jon E. Graham

May, 2018

Book Review

The Tradition of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices”

by Claude Lecouteux, translated by Jon E. Graham

Published by Inner Traditions

English translation copyright 2013

Pages: 228

A house is much more than a building. It is a microcosm, a living being with both a body and a soul. It speaks, even if its language is only creaking and cracking noises for the profane,” Claude Lecouteux writes in the introduction to “The Tradition of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices.”

It speaks, even if its language is only creaking and cracking noises for the profane. Its wailings are evidence of an attack by hostile forces. … The house establishes a bond between itself and its inhabitants,” he states.

Uncared for, a house will die.

Expressions in our lexicon echo the importance of this bond: to have a roof over one’s head, to take someone out to the woodshed, to be on the threshold of life, to throw something out the window, and if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Many old customs have been mistakenly thought of as superstitions, but Lecouteux traces them back to their origins.

[F]olk beliefs have extraordinary longevity and barely evolve as long as social and material conditions do not change,” he wrote.

For instance, the place a house was built was carefully considered. It took into account the place spirits and signs of good fortune such as where a coin was found, the place animals lay down, or the site where inhabitants had previously lived and had good fortune. Roadsides were typically preferred. The borders of fields were avoided. So were crossroads, sites where a house had burned down, former cemeteries, places where animals had had been killed, anywhere someone had committed suicide or a spot with an unmovable stone, Lecouteux tells us.

In various cultures, permission was required from the earth spirits before a house could be built, salt was used to bless the spot before construction, and work ended if, while placing the first beam, an ax generated a spark.

Everything from the houses’s orientation, and the placement of doors and windows to the materials used and the sacrifices made were important to people. When and how they moved in was also dictated by a series of beliefs.

Every element of a building possesses magic and religious meaning,” Lecouteux states at the start of chapter two.

The walls, the gutters, the roof and the corners were all associated with various traditions. There were rites and blessings, customs and ceremonies and taboos connected with every aspect of a home.


(Among the photos in the book is this German house having a timber frame with a man pattern and a cross.)


Entering a home is done by crossing a threshold, which can be considered a rite of passage. What must not leave by the door, but rather passed out a window were also closely followed – all so as not to anger the spirits and bring about misfortune.

Lecouteux describes them all, across time and territories. He shares the stories, prayers, charms, offerings and practices to domestic deities people used to assure happiness and prosperity, and makes the “sad observation” that “house spirits have vanished and with them the souls of our houses have fled, never to return.”


(Fairy loaves and fossilized sea urchins were traditionally kept on the kitchen windowsill of English homes to ensure magically that there will never be a shortage of bread.)


The French medieval scholar specializes in Europe during the Middle Ages, covering many esoteric subjects in his more than 15 books. He researches using source texts in the several languages he knows. That way, he explained in an interview in 2016 with Ben & Sol, he can correct assumptions others may have made with extrapolating information.

77 sayings and beliefs are listed in the appendix – including “The spirits are granted the space between the doors, they should therefore never be slammed” and “When a person dies, the windows of a house should be opened so that the soul can leave” – along with footnotes and a bibliography.

He went on to write “Demons and Spirits of the Land: Ancestral Lore and Practices.”

Click Images for Amazon Information



About the Author:

Lynn Woike was 50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae, Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can follow her boards on Pinterest, and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

February, 2016

Blessing Seeds


Merry meet!

One of the things I like to do on Imbolc is bless the seeds I will plant in the spring. The seeds represent what I wish to sow in the coming months – both figuratively and literally. For me, they help mark the turning of the wheel.

At Imbolc, they are blessed, at Ostara some are planted indoors in pots to be put outside at Beltane. Others are planted in the garden as the soil warms and the weather allows. They will grow and bear fruit to be harvested at Lughnasadh and continuing into Mabon; their seeds are then saved from Mabon to Samhain.

While most of the varieties of vegetables and flowers I put in my community plot are plants – because I generally want three or four of something, not 25 – I use seeds for some crops that are easily started on the windowsill or directly in the ground.

Brigid is about planting seeds for the future. Just as a seed grows, flowers and produces a crop, so do thoughts need to be planted and nurtured so they will grow and produce results. That’s why I infuse one intention into the sunflower seeds and another into the miniature pumpkins.

Seeds can be blessed by singing, chanting or directing energy in some way such as dancing, or passing over a flame. Hold them in your hands and charge them with energy and your intentions.

If you are looking for inspiration, here is a prayer adopted from Llewellyn’s “Spell A Day” by Rev. Raven Rin:

Blessed Goddess, mother of us all

Make these plants grow strong and tall.

A bountiful harvest is in sight,

With flowers sweet and bright,

Blessed by the sun and the pale moonlight.

In addition to seeds I collected from tiny pumpkins I grew from seed in my garden, I have collected seeds from two of the tomatoes that came from seeds my grandmother grew each year since leaving Sicily in the 1920s when she was still a teenage wife to a widow with four children. The seeds will sit on my altar until conditions are right for planting, at which time I’ll water them with rain or melted snow collected on full moons, dark moons and sabbats throughout the winter.

Because spring signals new beginnings, this ritual is also fitting for Ostara. Please share how you adopted this for your celebration.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.

Witches Soul Work

June, 2015

Witches Soul Work: Healing the World Soul

Everyone is very focused on healing themselves, creating positive internal dialogue, loving themselves and their own spiritual advancement but one of the main magickal energies that Witches focus on is healing the earth. Can we really make a difference? How does it work?

Exercise: Close your eyes and think of the world today. What comes to mind? Do you think of wars, pollution, holes in the ozone layer, wide spread cancers, poisoned water?

Just imagine for one minute a new perspective. Imagine that what we see in our mind we manifest. What if the pollution, wars, etc. are being manifest by us (collectively) because somehow we have believed them to be real. Once they are real, through our manifestation, we continue to strengthen this reality by investing more power into it.

Just imagine for one minute that changing the way we see the world could change the world! We have to work for this new image to make the world whole again. It’s not enough to imagine that there are no horrible things going on in the world, because there are, just as there may be illness, sadness, bad relationships and so on in our own lives. But using the principle of positive affirmations we start to manifest a new way of being for ourselves and our world.

Instead of thinking things like: War is more widespread than ever! Humans have always been at war and always will be! Think: Peace is a possibility! Peace is spreading out across the world! Peace is real! Peace starts with me!

Instead of thinking: The world is polluted. The oceans are dying. Think: The world is healing. The world is strong! The oceans can regenerate! People all over the world are working for clean waters. The world is alive and it is healing itself.

This does not mean that you will stop all your wonderful habits such as recycling, water saving, leaving a smaller footprint and so on. We are all part of the world and the world is part of us. Just consider this: If we are part of the world and we heal ourselves, we are healing a part of the world just by our lives!

The Star in the Earth

In Faery tradition the sun is reflected in the earth as a star and the Underworld, which is a realm within the earth like another dimension, is the perfect reflection of the Sacred Earth. Going into the Underworld and bringing back this perfect image can change the physical world. The Star is the Soul of the Earth. We can see the Goddess Tailtu as the Earth Star (who can also be called by other Earth Goddess names such as Gaea). Imagine that you are going deep within the Sacred Earth where we find the glowing Earth Star. When we find the Star we enter into it as if it were a doorway to meet the Goddess. What will she say to you? Ask her how you can participate in healing the world. This is what she said to me on one of my visits.

Tailtu Speaks: I am a Goddess. I do not need healing! But I hold all the pain and sadness (joy and love) of the world—I hold it all!—If you do world healing work it heals you, so there is less burden of pain.

Earth Star Chakra


 You may not know this but you have a chakra that connects you to the earth star. Our aura surrounds us like an egg but it doesn’t stop at our feet. It extends below us for about a foot and at the bottom of it is the earth star chakra. It is through this chakra that we connect to the earth plane at in grounds our energy body. This chakra looks like an aqua aura crystal which is clear blue colour to reflect that the earth and our bodies are mostly water. To do powerful earth healing work it is important to ground into this chakra and awaken it.

In a standing position imagine that the two power centers in the soles of both your feet are opening. You might feel a warmth or tingling. Now visualize the blue crystal about 11 inches below you sitting in the bottom of your aura. Imagine that the earth star is pouring energy into this chakra. Now visualize that this energy is flowing up into your feet and up through your whole body. Be aware that you are completely connected to the earth star. You should feel solid and energized by this practice.

You don’t have to be standing on the ground to do this exercise. We are like fish swimming in the ocean, always existing (swimming) in the energy field of the earth whether we are on the 2nd floor of a building or even in an airplane. This is our home!

Conscious Water Crystals: The Power of Prayer made Visible

One of the ways that our energy changes us and changes the world is by influencing water. Water has the ability to change with emotions, prayers and impressions. This was displayed by the work of Japan’s Masaru Emoto. The photos have been published in a gorgeous book called The Messages of Water. If you still doubt that your thoughts impact the world around you, viewing Emoto’s work will erase this doubt forever.    

By blessings water and drinking it or pouring it onto the earth we can do powerful healing. Don’t think that such a simple and easy practice will have no difference. If each person blessed water with love and then poured a little onto a plant outside this energy would spread everywhere. Don’t forget that this practice also heals you and with each healthy and spiritual person the world a change comes. Let us live in this holy place!


Yule Blessing

December, 2010

The wheel of the year makes it’s final turn
And on this night, to my log I add wishes to burn
I welcome the return of the God and the light
And ask Goddess’ blessing on my wishes this night
In this upcoming year increase mankinds prosperity
Not only of money, but of spirit and peace
Let their love of each other, and our planet increase
So as my Yule log burns all night I pray for that kind of prosperity
It is my sacred Yule time wish, with thanks so mote it be.

HearthBeats: Recipes from a Kitchen Witch

November, 2010

With the Holidays coming on fast..this time of year is overloaded with food recipes.. So what I have done is put together some meal blessings and a Blessed Home recipe.. And I wish you all a Blessed Home and Hearth…

Blessed Home recipe

3 cups of Love
4 spoonfuls of Hope
2 cups of Warmth
2 spoonfuls of Tenderness
1 cup of Forgiveness
1 cup of Friends
1 barrel of Laughter

Combine Love & warmth,
Mix thoroughly with tenderness.
Add Forgiveness and Blend with friends & Hope.
Sprinkle in all remaining tenderness.
Stir in a generous amount of  laughter.
Bake with Forgiveness, Say God/dess’s blessings over it.

Gather up a handful of friendship,
Squeeze in a mixture of love ,
Mix in an open line of communication.
Throw in a lot of understanding and patience,
Blend in a lot of laughter, Whip up the time to be together,
Put all in a bowl — Mix it together,
And – OH YES!!!  now you have
A Recipe for a Blessed Home!!
serve daily in generous helpings

Before you sit down and enjoy your Holiday meal; be it Thanksgiving or Yule or Lammas.. or any other Sabbat/Holiday throughout the year, Honor The Deities by simply pouring or cutting off a portion and set it aside for God/dess. You will need a bowl or plate set at the table to do this. It is customary to empty the dish outside under a tree once the meal is complete, but if you live in the city or have someone who could use it.. You may offer it to an elderly friend or neighbor, thus passing the blessing of your meal along. . If you choose to give thanks to a particular deity, simply choose a food sacred to that god and place it outdoors.


This is a two part Blessings, the Mom and Dad or the High Priest and Priestess.. Whoever presides over the meal.

God: Mine is the ripening sun.

Goddess: Mine is the nurturing soil.

God: Mine is the fruit of the vine.

Goddess: Mine is the chalice of life.

Both: We are the blessing of wine!

And the wine nourishes us.

God: Mine is the planted seed.

Goddess: Mine is the fertile earth.

God: Mine is the mower’s blade.

Goddess: Mine is the oven of making.

Both: We are the blessing of bread!

And the bread nurishes us.

We bless this bread, drink and food
This table and all that is good.

Here is another that is quick and simple.

Made with love, Blessed with love, Shared with love
We are one with the earth and all that is on it..
Blessed be

I like these.. they seems more formal

Mother Earth who gives to us this food,
Father Sun who makes it ripe and good,
Blessed Earth, Blessed Sun,
We’ll not forget what you have done.

Lord and Lady so divine.
Bless this food and Bless this wine
Bring health, wealth, wisdom,
to all that sit here
and as your will so mote it be.”

Mother Earth and Father Sun we thank you so,
for the food and beverage you bestow.
For your protection and your love,
and everything you do for us.
We offer you Thanks, Love, and Mirth,
as we eat your bounty, Father Sun and Mother Earth.

These Holidays/Sabbats, take the time to truly give thanks to your God and Mother Earth for all you have been blessed with

Until next month

Merry Cooking and Blessed Eating

The Hearthkeeper

PS. If there is anything you would like to see here.. please email me at

HearthBeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

November, 2010

Merry Meet and Blessings to you all… It is that time again… time to either be canning up all of our blessed harvest in the northern Hemi or if you live in the Southern Hemi fertilizing and weeding to take care or prepare for your tender shoots.

Jams, jellies, and canned vegetables are canned or frozen for winter use. Or you are looking into the pantry to see what you need to plant for next winter stash. Extra necessities are also stockpiled in case of severe weather. For both Winter or Summer.

Now is a good time in either Hemi to take just a moment to bless your own
kitchen. With a drop of olive oil, trace whatever symbol brings you peace  such as a spiral to represent the Goddess or the Pentacle to represent all of the elements that come together there. Do this on a cupboard or pantry door. You can use the following Blessing that I found and modified to suit my life… I believe the original version was by Gerina Dunwich…but don’t hold me to that

Kitchen Witch’s Blessing

Blessed be this Kitchen of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
May all who enter be warmed by the sacred light of the God/dess.
May all that I create here by means both magical and mundane
bring nourishment, and healing, and cause harm to none.
With love and peace, Hug or feast, be now and always filled.
So mote it be!

You may also wish to create a hearth God/dess . Take a piece of fimo clay(or clay you need to dry in the oven) I used white as it means purity to me. Shape into whatever male or female form you feel presides over YOUR kitchen. I used a sitting pregnant Goddess .. But you NEED to make this however YOU see it.. what FEELS right to you. I left mine to dry on the back of my stove so it would soak up a full weeks worth of my kitchen energy. Then after it was dry I anointed it with oil. Dipped it in some dried powered herbs( ones I use all the time) and let her sit on the shelf above my stove protecting all I cook and serve and tend there.

Spend time focusing on your Kitchen’s energy. Slowly go through it, the cabinets, the fridge , your Kitchen Altar, seeing them with the clear eyes. Think about changes you would like to make to refresh the room and create a better flow of energy.

Find a good sage or lavender incense or create your own. Get it smoking and walk clockwise around the room saying something like this…

Smoke of earth and fire and air,
spin round my kitchen and make it clear.
Drive away all harm and fear,
so only good may dwell in here.
Lady Hestia, Bless my space,
let no one leave without peace.
Be welcome here and always feel right

And those who would harm us  feel thy might
Protect me and mine as we create within,
and keep us safe as we journey about.”

As I will it so mote it be..

Some Witchy Kitchen tips.

1. As a beginning ritual, light a candle and sprinkle some fresh water around the kitchen. Cleaning your workspace, both physically and spiritually, is a good habit.
2. A pot of basil herb grown in your kitchen keeps the area safe from negative spirits.

3. Always use fresh ingredients. Even if you live in an urban area, try to buy food which is in season and from your country. Goods that are out of seasons are grown in greenhouses or shipped long distances and have lost much of their magickal qualities (and taste).
4. Do not cook when you are angry it spoils the taste of the food..
5. An aloe Vera plant should be kept in the kitchen, as its juices are an instant cure for minor kitchen burns.
6. Candles keep their shape better and burn longer when chilled thoroughly in the refrigerator.
7. Before casting spells or preparing potions, always keep in mind to HARM NONE!
8. Anoint utensils and appliances with olive oil to bless and charge them . You can infuse the oil with herbs to strengthen it. Please use only edible herbs…
9. Smudge your kitchen with sage if you feel any negativity.

Remember that even though it does not seem like it the whole house revolves around the Kitchen and what you do in it.. the day starts there with breakfast and your first cuppa coffee ( or tea) and end there with the cleaning up and washing the dishes to your last cuppa tea( or whatever) . It is where you bring your hurt child to mend the owie. And where you get a hug for the yummy snack you snuck in the luchbox. It is where you create everything from the morning toast to the grand holiday dinners. But without YOUR kitchen your home would be in turmoil. So treat it with as much importance as it deserves, and be mindful of what you create there.

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

PS. If there is anything you would like to see here.. please email me at

A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

February, 2009

*The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds.
This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth.

February 2009 (sorry for my absence last month, but life called, and I had to answer…)

Creating Sacred Space in A Hectic World

As modern people, we can become so busy that the idea of having time for ritual, The Divine, or even Self can be laughable. Not so much funny- ha ha, but sad, and ironic.
We remember, fondly, times when we were still, and lit candles and meditated or prayed.
When we first came to the Path, we made time for all the wonders of life. Her mysteries were our oyster and we stole precious moments away from responsibilities of everyday mundanity to ponder the magical.
But as we became more sure of ourselves, we took less and less time for the quiet moments.
So many things come to call for our attention, and it can be much easier just to give in to them, allowing our sacred time to become rare and sometimes forgotten, entirely.
But even as the surest thing is that Change will come to our lives, and seasons of hectic and busy abound, there can be sacred space, and time. We can make a commitment to the Magical and to the Divine.
This year, I have renewed my resolution to create Sacred Space. To make time.

We all have different lives, and levels of privacy and free time. This said, I suggest that there are many ways to take advantage of the privacy and free time we have, by being creative about how we use these resources as they present themselves.
Best place for sacred space: The bathroom
The bathroom is a place of guaranteed privacy for at least 15 minutes each day.
I have long used the bathroom for creating sacred space, stemming from requirement, when my husband wasn’t aware of my spirituality. It was my personal Broom Closet.
The bathroom also inherently comes with the benefits of Water and all its many blessings. Cooling, soothing, warming, cleansing, blessing and ritual bathing. Add a stone, or jar of bath salts, a candle, and some incense and you have all 4 elements working together to balance the energy of this powerful room.
Some possible activities to create sacred space might include:

* A ritual bath or shower- excellent for the applications of cleansing, blessing, healing, stress relief and purification.
* “Seated meditation”- at least once a day you are likely to be seated in your bathroom anyway. This time can be used for a mantra, chant or prayer. Focus the mind and allow stress to be released through the feet, placed squarely on the floor.
* Candle Magic- the bathtub can be a wonderful choice for place to light and keep a ritual candle. Spells can be performed, divinations undertaken and scrying can all be done in this space. In households with children and pets there can be precious few places to allow a candle to burn out undisturbed, and the tub can be just the place.

On The Move: The Sacred Car
Many of us have lengthy commutes, during which we are sort of prisoners. Often this can be stressful, and add to our aggravation, rather than help us to relax or become centered.
I have begun to spend my time in the car in a new way. This is the perfect time for a mantra or chant. We already sing with the radio or chat with the family. Why not make up a song to represent the magic you wish to undertake?
Fill the car, and then the world around, with the energy coming from your car.
Take time before you leave the house to come up with a little ditty to sing aloud. Rhyming helps us remember the words, but isn’t necessary.
Some other ideas for the sacred car include:

* adding a cat whisker to the glove box in a ritual manner to help navigation, stealth, and protection from unseen forces.
* Taking time before starting the engine to bless the car and the drive ahead.
* drawing a rune or other protective symbol somewhere inside the car to remind your conscious mind that your car is protected and safe, come what may.
* Meditation can sometimes be tricky in a moving car, but prayer and direction of energy toward the Divine can be easily accomplished while driving.

Good Night Moon: Bed as a sacred space
I have always felt my bed was my most sacred space. I sleep there, relax and read there and retire there when the rest of the world is just too much. I am restored, given dreams and visions, and comforted by this space already.
Once viewed as a place to retreat to the Divine, the possibilities are endless.

* Bed is the ideal place to meditate. Although we often fall asleep while doing it, this should never deter you from meditating there, anyway. Your ensuing sleep is bound to be deep and recuperative, having occurred when you were so relaxed.
* we can often clear our minds and focus more once we lie down than during any other time of the day. Spellwork, healings and all manner of divination can be implemented here.
* Scattering essential oils in the bedroom can help bring the mind into focus of the energies we wish to create. Lavender is excellent for relaxation and for calming, whereas peppermint can bring vitality and sharpen the mind. A few drops on a Kleenex or cloth tucked in the pillowcase can bring about an immersion into the mood you wish to create.
* the bedroom can be a great place to light candles and burn incense, when the rest of the home isn’t free for such things.
* We can take time to journal or write for ourselves when we are swathed in the comfort of our beds.

Taking time to create meaningful space can attune us to the Divine in a way that few other activities can. 5 minutes can make a huge difference in the rest of our lives.
I hope that you will find small ways (or even big ways) to make your daily life sacred, and to feel the deep joy that comes from Our connectedness.
Brightest Blessings of the new Season