Interview with Reanna of Woodland Wand Creation

August, 2019


Last month, I got to review a great wand by Lady Reanna Shellenbarger of Woodland Wand Creation, and this month, I lucked into an interview!

Here is the link to my review if you did not have a chance to read it yet!

Read on to learn more about this amazing artist and creatrix, and her sacred, beautiful wands!

their Facebook page, it says:

friends to my store called Woodland
Wand Creation
. A magical place of
semiprecious stones & enchanting wood from the magical forest.
All to make amazing Wands. All work is unique artwork. No two are the
same. I work within the respect to our Ecosystem. Many of my pieces
are created with natural and reclaimed supplies. Wood is collected
with respect and reverence. All wood is render by the tree naturally
after stormy weather. No tree is ever harmed or wood cut from trees.
My artwork & Wands are said to be very powerful. Because I work
and charge all pieces by the moon light for an extra punch of energy.

is the engine and Reanna is the artist. Together we are Woodland
Wand Creation
. All items are made by
Reanna she is such the artist. We hope you all enjoy them as much as
we do.”

I got to catch up with
Reanna, and she told me wonderful things!

How and why did you get into making your beautiful wands? What or who
inspired you?

A friend of mine purchased a bag of random semiprecious stones and
had no idea of what to do with them. so I took some of the stones
home and fashioned a Wand, not knowing if it would even work. well,
needless to say, it did, and here I am today.

How does this tie in with your personal spiritual path, and what
would you like to share about your path with us?

I studied Wicca some years ago. I reached High Priestess status.
today I’m solitary but very, very social. I found more freedom by
dedicating myself to more creative pursuits. As a Libra, I require
the freedom to go with what the wind calls to me and what strikes my

Tell me about your creative process. How do you get an idea that
inspires? What types of materials draw you? What colors? How do you
begin, and how long does it usually take from start to finish?

Each stone or branch tells me
their desire to become something more. I then clean them up a bit by
removing the bark, to show off the natural beauty of the wood. I work
with only naturally rendered woods, like after storms and such. I
never cut or hurt a tree. I still go for the random mix of stones to
this very day. I meditate while I divide them up into the kinds of
stones they are. I can then hear them speak to me about their desire.
Some stones want to be a Staff, Smudge fan or a Rattle. I am blessed
with a wide range of woods in my area. White Willow is my all time
favorite, but I do work with Wise Oak, Red Elm, Sweet Maple, and

Tell about
how you run your business and how and why you decided to sell as
opposed to just making your own? Talk about your business partners!

I work with my longtime
partner Bert. Bert is my online Wizard. the engine to my inspiration.
We are the perfect team. We have a small shop on Etsy. We also are on
social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I will provide
links below.

Tell about yourself aside from your path and wands.

I enjoy cooking and making up my own recipes. I like to sew
children’s blankets and quilts that I donate to the local church. I
really like to gardening, growing herbs, flowers and playing in my
Fairy garden. I dabble in painting. I like to recycle items to keep
them out of the landfills so most of my stuff is up-cycled. I also
work with many divination tools such as Tarot, Crystal balls, Zodiac-
natal charts, Tea leaves, and Pendulums. I write memes about magick
for FB as well as some really bad poetry. I teach the basic of Tarot
and Wicca in a FB group. well, I guess I’m just your all-around
crafty Witch.

My editor noticed
your fair pricing. Many merchants charge a lot more for a wand than
you do. Why do you charge what you do as opposed to what many of your
competitors do?

Well, we did our homework on the prices before we set out. We
saw that so many are over priced for just the simplest items. We did
not want to rip off the Pagan community like this. We feel magick
knowledge should not be misused by over pricing. To us, it seemed so
unfair and it gives our movement such a bad name in a time when we
are rising out of the shadows. Our intention was to sell a good
product at a good price. Honest and true is the only way to a secure
future. In this simple and humble way, a Wand can be in many hands.

here are some links where you can find Reanna’s
amazing goods, and have some for yourself!

is Reanna’s

is Bert’s

is the Etsy

Wand Creation FB

is their



the Author:

Saoirse is
a recovered Catholic.  I was called to the Old Ways at age 11,
but I thought I was just fascinated with folklore. At age 19, I was
called again, but I thought I was just a history buff, and could not
explain the soul yearnings I got when I saw images of the Standing
Stones in the Motherland. At age 29, I crossed over into New Age
studies, and finally Wicca a couple years later. My name is Saoirse,
pronounced like (Sare) and (Shah) Gaelic for freedom. The gods I
serve are Odin and Nerthus. I speak with Freyja , Norder, and Thunor
as well. The Bawon has been with me since I was a small child, and
Rangda has been with me since the days I was still Catholic. I
received my 0 and 1 Degree in an Eclectic Wiccan tradition, and my
Elder is Lord Shadow. We practice in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently
focusing more on my personal growth, and working towards a Second and
Third Degree with Shadow. I received a writing degree from Otterbein
University back in 2000. I have written arts columns for the s
Council in Westerville. I give private tarot readings and can be
reached through my Facebook page Tarot
with Saoirse
. You can, also, join me on my Youtube

August Native Moon: Excerpt from the Forthcoming Book ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’ by Ashley Leavy

August, 2019

August Native Moon

From ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’ by Ashley Leavy
Available August 20 from Fair Winds Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group

The thirteen Native Moons in Cosmic Crystals are by far the most difficult to describe. With so many different Native tribes, cultural traditions, and important stories, finding common threads is not always easy. In most instances, the main moon name given is the most commonly used name among the Algonquin tribes, and the listed alternative names come from other well-known tribal peoples from North America, Central America, and South America.

you read about the Native Moons, put yourself in the shoes of those
who lived in harmony with the natural cycles. Consider the lessons
from the deities and totem animals that can be applied to present day
life. What are the commonalities between yourself and the tribal
people who were some of the first in the world to name the moons each
month? What is different in your own life compared to the lives of
those who gave these moons their names? What wisdom can you take away
from recognizing those differences?

working with the lunar rituals for the Native Moons, push yourself to
find new ways to incorporate the corresponding totem animals and
healing herbs into your ritual. Remember, your ritual may be as
simple or as complex as you like. The point is to create a moment of
sacredness between you and the moon, so listen to your inner guidance
for how to customize each ritual to meet your needs.


The Grain Moon

Grain Moon is named for grains, such as corn and barley, which can
now be harvested. Fishing tribes know this as the Sturgeon Moon,
named after the fish that are abundant at this time. Other tribes
know the August full moon as the Red Moon because it often takes on a
reddish color. Still others call this the Lightning Moon due to
frequent late-summer thunderstorms.

connect with the energy of the Grain Moon, place a small bowl of dry
grains (e.g., corn, barley, or rice) in your sacred space or on your
altar. Surround the bowl with Ruby Fuchsite stones to represent the
sharing of this abundance with those you love. You may even choose to
have one stone to represent each specific person in your circle of
close friends and family.

Barley Moon, Lightning Moon, Red Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Swan
Flight Moon, Women’s Moon

squirrel, sturgeon, swan

gold, green, yellow

Green Grossular Garnet, Heliodor, Ruby Fuchsite

Laqan Kachina, Mashe-Namak, Mikew, Nisk-Na Peu – the Goose
Master, Urubutsin

rosewood, tangerine, tea tree

eucalyptus, lemongrass, rose petal

abundance, connection, magic

This abundance stone connects to the Grain Moon
by reminding you that with hard work, there will be plenty to harvest
down the road. Green Grossular Garnet enhances your connection to the
plants and animals of the earth. Work with this stone if you’d like
to find balance between modern life and more traditional ways of

A yellow variety of Beryl, Heliodor shines with the color of
golden grain. This crystal helps you recognize abundance all around
you and connects you to all that is. The more connected and grateful
you feel, the more you have to be thankful for, because things are
drawn to you like a magnet. Helidor is also a stone of magic and
facilitates mystical experiences.

RUBY FUCHSITE This rock, also called Anyolite, is a combination of two minerals, red Ruby and Green Fuchsite. This crystal corresponds to the heart center and instills empathy and compassion. Wear Ruby Fuchsite in a medicine bag over your heart to facilitate a connection with others. This energy is perfectly suited to the Grain Moon, a time of celebration and sharing the abundant harvest.

About the author of ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’:

Ashley Leavy (Madison, WI) is the Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. Teaching others about crystals is Ashley’s passion and her purpose. Ashley’s experience is based on almost a decade, and 100+ classes, of professional crystal healing training. Because of her expertise, Ashley has been a featured guest on NBC, has been interviewed about crystal healing for dozens of radio shows, has had articles published in many newspapers and magazines, and has been featured as a guest blogger on hundreds of energy healing and wellness blogs. She is also the author of Crystals for Energy Healing.

Learn more at

Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting With Lunar Energy on Amazon

Book Review – Tarot and the Archetypal Journey: The Jungian Path from Darkness to Light by Sallie Nichols

August, 2019

Book Review
Tarot and the Archetypal Journey
The Jungian Path from Darkness to Light
by Sallie Nichols

and the Archetypal Journey: The Jungian Path from Darkness to Light
by Sallie Nichols. Originally published as “Jung and the Tarot”
with a 1980 copyright, and republished in 2019 by Red Wheel/Weiser,
LLC, 65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950. This is a 6
inch by 9 inch soft cover book with a matte color illustration on the
front cover and a book description on the back cover. There are 398
pages with somewhat small black typeface printed on white paper; the
quality of the printing is somewhat inferior, which could be why the
images are not very clear and appear to be reprinted rather than
original images. Tarot and the Archetypal Journey follows the
Journey of the Fool through the Major Arcana and explores the
connection between Tarot imagery and Jung’s archetypes.

begin with a forward by Mary K. Greer and an introduction by Laurens
van der Post. Then we dive right into one of those amazing rabbit
holes one encounters whenever we delve a bit deeper into the Tarot.
If you read nothing else in this book, the first two chapters,
“Introduction to the Tarot” and “Map of the Journey” will
bring powerful insight into the Tarot Majors/archetypes connection.
But definitely don’t stop there or you will miss the meat of the

has chosen the Marseilles Tarot (one of the oldest designs) as her
focus for this book, and that makes sense if we are exploring
traditional Tarot imagery and symbolism. What makes the Marseilles
Tarot a particularly valuable teaching tool for exploring the
subconscious is this deck does not come with a traditional LWB or
companion book; thus we can’t fall back on explanations
conveniently provided by others but must find our own.

the fact that Jung himself did not write much about the Tarot,
Nichols has been able to offer an average of 7 to 15 pages dedicated
to each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, offering images, symbolism,
history, connections to other cards, and an in-depth explanation of
the effects of the card’s corresponding archetype. That is a total
of 345 pages of information! For example, there are 12 pages and two
images in the section dedicated to the 16th card of the
Majors, titled The Tower of Destruction: The Stroke of Liberation.
Nichols speaks of the Biblical associations with this card, the
association between lightning and a spiritual message, possible
psychological interpretations for the figures falling from the tower,
comparisons to contemplate with the images in The Magician, The
Emperor, The Pope, The Popess (The High Priestess), The Hermit, The
Hanged Man and The Devil.

the detailed descriptions of the Major Arcana cards there is a
chapter offering information about using the cards, an explanation of
a Nine-Card Tarot Oracle Spread, some definitions, and references
identifying the many images and direct quotes presented within this

is not a how-to-read-the Tarot book, not necessarily a beginner’s
book. It is a way to understand the power of Jungian archetypes in
combination with the symbolism of the Major Arcana, how to understand
them and use their power for personal evolution, and how to identify
their effects in order to lessen their hold upon our lives. Nichols
explains that once we begin to pay attention in this way to the
characters inhabiting the Major Arcana, they will begin to pop up
with regularity in our lives, offering us opportunities to get in
touch in a more personal way with our cards and our psyche.

am happy to have this book on my Tarot bookshelf; not that it will
spend much time there. I’ll be reading it, often. I will be
anticipating the effects of the cards and the archetypes on my daily
life. After all, according to Sallie Nichols, “Strange things can
happen when one confronts an archetype.”

Tarot and the Archetypal Journey: The Jungian Path from Darkness to Light on Amazon


the Author:

Raushanna is a lifetime resident of New Jersey. As well as a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher, she is a practicing Wiccan (Third Degree, Sacred Mists Coven), a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage Bodyworker, a 500-hr RYT Yoga Teacher specializing in chair assisted Yoga for movement disorders, and a Middle Eastern dance performer, choreographer and teacher.  Raushanna bought her first Tarot deck in 2005, and was instantly captivated by the images on the cards and the vast, deep and textured messages to be gleaned from their symbols. She loves reading about, writing about, and talking about the Tarot, and anything occult, mystical, or spiritual, as well as anything connected to the human subtle body. She has published a book, “The Emerald Tablet: My 24-Day Journal to Understanding,” and is currently working on a book about the Tarot, pathworking and the Tree of Life. Raushanna documents her experiences and her daily card throws in her blog,, which has been in existence since 2009. She and her husband, her son and step son, and her numerous friends and large extended family can often be found on the beaches, bike paths and hiking trails of the Cape May, NJ area.

The Emerald Tablet: My 24-Day Journal to Understanding on Amazon

Book Review – Spellbound: The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish by Lucy Cavendish

August, 2019

Book review
Spellbound: The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish
by Lucy Cavendish
Pages: 208

is an immense natural power in the Universe … You have this natural
power within you, and it is your birthright to learn how to work with
it,” Lucy Cavendish writes in her book, Spellbound:
The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish.

spells connects you to that power that flows through everything, and
Cavendish offers enough information to harness that power. She
gleaned the contents of this book from her personal journals,
offering a grimoire – her collection of rules and laws that apply
to magic and the craft, rituals, spells, potions, meditations and
magickal notes.

book provides a solid introduction to understanding nature’s powers
and using them wisely. Beginning with laws and a history of spells,
Cavendish presents a spell to connect to your magickal bloodline.

3 continues with information to time the crafting and casting spells
by the moon and the circle of the year. Building altars, magickal
tools, casting a circle, calling the quarters and the art of magickal
dressing are all covered. Working with deities is Chapter 8 while
Chapter 9 covers creating sacred space for spellcasting.

Spells are treated matter-of-factually – without mystery – as an empowering path to greater abundance and joy.

with those who claim intent is everything, Cavendish writes, “Intent
is vital. But it is not everything. … Without your commitment to
gathering your ingredients, learning and studying, and casting, you
only have the strong desire to do something. When your desire teams
up with your commitment and your action, then you begin to create

days worth of daily meditations, magic and spells offers readers the
opportunity to create a magickal life in a powerful week that has the
potential to be life changing.

for love, protection, success and abundance complete the book. A few
I found interesting include a spell for letting go of grief and one
for empaths to protect themselves. A glossary and a list of magickal
ingredients round out the book.

think anyone ready to take spell crafting seriously will find this a
helpful guide.

About Author Lucy Cavendish

Cavendish is an eclectic solitary witch – drawing from a variety of
belief systems and magickal traditions – who sometimes works with
others. She created Witchcraft magazine,
has published several books and has been a feature writer for
Australian magazines.

work with the word ‘witch’ because its root meaning is to ‘change
or bend’ and ‘wisdom’. Thus I see witchcraft as being a path of
change and manifestation, from natural sources, and in harmony with
natural cycles, and with awareness of the Laws of the Universe –
which, to me, are wisdom incarnate,” she wrote.

For more information, visit

Spellbound: The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish on Amazon


the Author:

Lynn Woike

All my life I have known
magic was real. As a child, I played with the fae, established
relationships with trees and “just knew things.” In my maiden
years I discovered witchcraft and dabbled in the
black-candles-cemeteries-at-midnight-on-a-fullmoon magick just enough
to realize I did not understand its power. I went on to explore many
practices including Zen, astrology, color therapy, native traditions,
tarot, herbs, gems, and as I moved into my mother years, Buddhism,
the Kabbalah and Reiki. The first man I dated after my divorce was a
witch who reintroduced me to the Craft, this time by way of the
Goddess. For 11 years I was in a coven, but with retirement, I have
returned to an eclectic solitary practice. I am transitioning to the
life of a crone on the road, living chunks of time in a 30-year-old
school bus converted into a living space that is also sacred space.
Follow me as I share the journey that is just beginning.

Book Review – 10-Minute Crystal Ball: Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers by Skye Alexander

August, 2019

Book Review
10-Minute Crystal Ball
Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers
by Skye Alexander

In one of the previous issues I had the opportunity to review Skye Alexander’s book, Magickal Astrology: Use the Power of the Planets to Create an Enchanted Life and thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity, yet complexity provided in a compact book. This month I am reviewing another of Skye’s books entitled, 10-Minute Crystal Ball: Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers. Skye is a practitioner of magick and knows the value of honing your intuitive self as a support to the work of the magick and the mundane.

….”(actually) you do have a “sixth sense”. Everybody does. Most of us just don’t use it.
This untapped resource-your psychic power- is a natural readily available ability
that can increase your appreciation of the world around you,
enrich your interactions with other people and
help you create the life you want.”….1.

Alexander makes this statement as part of the Introduction
and it is one that is filled with empowerment and the opportunity for
greater self-awareness. I appreciated the way in which she reminded
us that we have many gifts that have largely been ignored or put
aside and that one of the greatest intentions for honing your psychic
senses is anchored in the practicality of the mundane experience as
corporeal beings and less about being the “all
powerful Oz”

that we live busy lives and the demands of modern life leave little,
if any time, for practice of psychic abilities, Ms. Alexander offers
a compendium of exercises and experiences that fill the space of a
10-minute coffee break. This makes the material contained all the
more accessible and, more importantly doable in breaking the work
into bite-size pieces that can slowly be folded into the 24/7-365
that we, practitioners speak of.

a side note, the visual component of this hardback book was very
appealing, and the compact size nestled easily into my hand and fit
discreetly in a tote bag. It is illustrated and section separated by
pages inscribed in Gold and Black inks on glossy paper and the feel
is one of a tactile-visual experience that is rich and luxurious in

Crystal Ball
is organized into
Two Parts introducing seven (7) chapters. Now before we go any
further let me clarify that this book is not (only) about Crystal
Ball gazing. I suspect that this was a title used as both a nod to
the traditional fortune teller using the crystal ball, the depth of
insight and visioning one thinks of when crystal gazing; and I found
it to be an excellent gateway, so to speak for exploring many of the
modalities used in developing the psychic gifts.

dives right into the specific of
mental processes, psychic opening, meditation, telepathy, dreams and
realms to be entered as the consciousness shifts into a larger
expression of interaction with the subtle energies that surround as a
means of inquiry and inspiration.

Psychic’s Toolbox
presents a
sampling and basic “how to” of the Tarot, Runes, I Ching,
Pendulums, Crystal Balls and more. This approach provides the reader
with opportunities to “play” and “try out” the various tools
of oracular work before settling into one that resonates and piques
the interest for deeper study.

Intuitive arts and divination are broken down to include Astrology,
Numerology, Hand Analysis and Graphology. These arts fuse scientific
principles with the organic energetic information and require less of
an overt visual cue, as in the case of Tarot cards, and more of
analysis and processing of information gathered.

which comprises more than
2/3rds of the book allows the reader to begin the work of practice
and experience. Chapter 4: Intuition,
takes us back to some of the staple exercises that many will easily
recognize. Sensing objects concealed in hidden boxes, guessing who is
on the phone before you answer to name a few. The exercises, and
there are tons, are meant to use and stimulate the physical senses as
the more etheric and psychic of these opens to another layer of
processing beyond simply seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. And, as
promised each can be done in a space of limited time and some can
even be done discreetly in more public settings. Remember that
10-minute coffee break, I mentioned? How about…

… Look at a cloud formation. As they drift through the sky, clouds constantly
change shape….. gaze up at the sky. Relax your mind and watch the
cloud formations-what images do you see in them?
What impressions do they inspire in you?…2.

5: divination
is devoted to the art
of prediction. These exercises are designed to create a pattern of
paying attention and allowing the information to flow in a
recognizable way as you tap into the realms of probability and
synchronicity. Tools such as runes, pendulums and Tarot cards are
folded into some of the exercises, ad others require nothing but your
full attention and conscious intention to see beyond the veils of
illusion. “Gazing” or being able to attune your visual imagery to
be receptive, exercises make use of a flame, a blank TV (no
Poltergeist jokes here), a crystal ball and staring at the Moon.

6: Other People
prompts engagement
and observation of those around you. This is also a way for us to
remember that we are part of something more than ourselves and that
although there may be the solitary work of the psychic practitioner,
we are continually impacted by all of the variables that are part of
our environment and physical (as well as etheric) space. These
exercises are designed for developing Mental Telepathy and learning
to Read Other People. The very first of these being a routine
occurrence that we engage in and rarely would include as part of our
psychic development practice. “Pay
attention to your first impression of a person”

takes us to the headspace of sensing more than the obvious when
meeting someone….

… Your first impressions tell you a lot about someone-this response
is how your intuition communicates information to you…3.

The final Chapter 7: Problem Solving is meant to pull all of the pieces together and actually make use of what you have experienced and learned along the way. Developing these gifts is of no value if they are not put to use and one of the most obvious uses is to seek the answers needed, sense the information received and than apply its wisdom towards making something better. The starting point for this shift in perception is to….

…Ask for Help: Unless you ask for help, you may not receive it. Think of
your inner wisdom as a good friend who is always
willing to lend a hand if you request it…4.

Crystal Ball: Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic
is a wonderful addition
to the plethora of books on psychic development. Ms. Alexander has
once again provided the inquisitive reader with the tools to begin
their own course of study and exploration in a compact, concise and
interesting book…….. I bet you
knew I was going to say that!

the author’s web page:


1. Introduction
2. p. 72
3. p. 129
4. p. 167

10-Minute Crystal Ball: Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers on Amazon


the Author:

Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

is the author of (click on book titles for more information):

Inner Chamber Volume One on Amazon

Written in the Stars


Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

of the Spheres (Volume 2) on Amazon


Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

the Paths on Amazon


Year With Gaia on Amazon

Eternal Cord

of the Sun and Moon on Amazon


Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1) on Amazon

Collection of Esoteric Writings

Elemental Year on Amazon

the Parts of SELF

Enchanted Gate on Amazon

on the Magick of the Natural World

with the Goddess on Amazon

of Devotion

Weekly Reflection on Amazon

for the Year

books are available on Amazon
on this website
her Blogs
be found at

Instagram & Facebook.

Book Review – The Darkening Age: The Christian Deconstruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey

August, 2019

Book Review
The Darkening Age
The Christian Deconstruction of the Classical World
by Catherine Nixey

can’t remember where I once read that we humans are creatures who
are amnesiacs. But we are, lucky for us; someone will come along and
write a book that helps us remember what we should have never
forgotten. The Darkening Age is such a book written by Catherine

When I was growing up, I was told the myth that Christians in the early part of their Spirituality were prosecuted for their beliefs. That the religion slowly won over the world with love and peace. I was raised being fed a Christian myth that was a bald-faced lie.

Ms. Nixey has written a book that opens the vault of time and looks back to a time that has been written over (literally) and buried beneath the dirt of both time and graves. The Darkening Age is not an attack on any belief system, but it will make you wonder what else has been covered up or deleted from the past of the world.

have always known that the winners wrote history. I can honestly say
that I had never really thought about the world before Christianity.
(I have my beliefs that I hold to be true, but I never thought about
the destruction of the Pagan world.) And yes, upon reading this book,
I have had my eyes opened to the atrocities that the so-called early
Christians visited upon those, that in the words of Emperor Justinian
and his Code called, labored under the insanity of

When I read Chapter 9 The Reckless Ones, I was reminded of the movie “Agora” starring Rachel Weisz. In the film Agora, Ms. Weisz plays Hypatia. The Reckless Ones tells the story of the group of people and their leader that killed Hypatia. (Agora tells the story of Hypatia’s from her teaching days to her death. With both, there is a complete tale.)

people believe that Christian persecution began with Nero. But there
was no government-led persecution for the first 250 of Christianity.
The greatest heroes in the early church were those that died most
horribly. And if you could get yourself killed, all your previous
sins would be washed away.

The early Christian belief was that they were saving Pagans from an afterlife in Hell. And that if they had to be killed to do that, it was fine. In the fifth century there lived an Egyptian monk who is now St. Shenoute, who declared, “There is no crime for those who have Christ.” And he killed those who he saw as idol worshipers and pagans under that belief.

manuscripts written by world-renowned philosophers were scrubbed
using pumice stones, and the parchments then had the Bible written on
them. So, we lost all the wisdom of the ancient world in the coming
to power of the Christian belief.

Ms. Nixey closes the book with Damascius chosing the Academy in Athens. The Academy was at the time a world renowned school of philosophy. When Damascius and his teacher Isidore first arrived in Athens the Academy was “on the brink of extreme old age” as observed by Isidore. At the age of seventy, Damascius was now fleeing again, as an exiled philosopher and at the age of seventy.

of the saddest sentences in this book is “The idea that
philosophers might have fought fiercely, with all they had, against
Christianity was-is-passed over.”

recommend this book for anyone who studies history, religious history
and wants to know more about the Pagan World that is part of our
collective history.

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World on Amazon


the Author:

reading and was thrilled to become a Reviewer for PaganPages.Org.
Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past
25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook
page. If you are interested in a reading you can reach her on
Facebook @eagleandunicorn.

Book Review – Travelling the Fairy Path by Morgan Daimler

August, 2019

Book Review
Travelling the Fairy Path
by Morgan Daimler

Travelling the Fairy Path is a fun and educational resource to guide you on the Fairy Witchcraft Path. If you are just curious about the “Good People”, or have been working with them all along, you will find insight from Morgan Daimler, although, I would not consider this a “Beginners” book. It is not a long text, coming in at 288 pages, however there is a multitude of information waiting for you. This includes a chapter length autobiography on Daimler, in which she introduces herself as well as some of her qualifications. This, in my opinion, is to demonstrate her expertise in the subject and ensure the reader/student, that they are in more than capable hands. It was quite impressive.

There are a lot of references to the Fairies by different terms. She refers to them as “The Good People”, “Themselves”, and “The Other Crowd,”. In my opinion, it would be a bit confusing to a newbie, at first. Whenever I am reading a book pertaining to the metaphysical, there are usually many references to other types of entities. It could be Gods/Goddesses, Angels, Creatures, and the Craft. So, for me to have them referenced so quickly by different names took a minute for me to adjust to. Especially since alongside this was the author’s trip to Ireland. If the reader is not familiar with Ireland and it’s landmarks this piece will be lost on them. I wish there was a touch of historic explanation to arriving in Ireland, and the sights they saw, places they went to make it a little more important, and impressive to those readers who don’t know the magick that Ireland holds.

Daimler personalizes the experience for the reader, by taking us along side her in her real time experiences on this trip, which is great. However, if you are not already versed in fairylore, you will not know what some of the things she talks about are. For example, she talks about a “fairy ring”, a “aos sí” and “si” by itself. Now, if this was the first book you picked up on Fairylore, you would have no idea what these refer to. I do wish she would’ve added some small educational definitions in to teach the reader just a bit, in case it was needed. However, that being said, her storytelling kept you going regardless. It was exciting and down to earth, while making you feel like you were right there with her.

bulk of the text takes you through The Fairy Path. It follows a
perfect sequence, starting with working with spirit, explaining what
makes this path different, and how to educate yourself, and grow
within this area of your path. It touches on what is important, and
dangerous when working with the “Good People”. I especially like
her focus on following your intuition, and the example of how doing
so led Daimler to the most profound experience of her life:

“My intuition immediately told me that I needed to go down a different way even though I knew our guide was spot on with why everyone had to go down the way they’d come up. I could certainly have gone against my instinct– gone against that little inner voice – and it would have been much easier to do so quite frankly. But if I had done what I was told and not followed my intuition I would have missed out on the most profound initiatory experience of my life which began with that single choice to go down the mound the other way.”

Daimler goes through to briefly describe the different types of Fae, and what they are said to look like, while clearly stating that the subject is too broad and diverse for a simple, black and white answer. It is a very comprehensive list that gives great information. She touches on mythology and translations of it, so the reader can understand the fairy stories. For example, she goes back to a 19th century rhyme, calling the Fae by different names and Their reaction to it. She then goes on to explain their reasoning.

There is a great amount of information on the dangerous Fae including The Wild Hunt, which in my opinion is important. Many people seem to think that fairies are pretty and pink, sparkle and shine, and can be completely ignorant. Daimler takes the time to introduce and identify where and when to take caution.

There is a lengthy chapter on Ballads and Poems, and the information found within them, she does a great job of explaining each one and their importance. This chapter could haven been a small book by itself, in my opinion.

She covers interacting with the Fae through dreams, meditation, and trances, gives important advice, such as never accepting drink or food while in Elfland. “And what you’ve not to do is this: bite no bit, and drink no drop, however hungry or thirsty you be; drink a drop, or bite a bit while in Elfland you be and never will you see Middle Earth again.”

My favorite reference in this text is the use of the quote ‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.’ Daimler takes this from the movie the Matrix, and uses it perfectly. She uses this as the opening to her chapter “In Practice”. From offerings to oaths, this chapter takes you through the actual practice of “Walking The Fairy Path.” She is very specific and thorough; she even includes one of her own recipes for cakes she learned in a dream.

All in all, I found this book instructive and educational. This is not a text you skip the end notes in-they are fantastic. I think the story in the beginning establishes a relationship with the author, and leaves you wanting to understand the world the way Daimler does. If the reader finishes this text and truly wants to keep moving forward on this path, they are given a great background. I would definitely start with her other works.

Travelling the Fairy Path on Amazon


About the Author:

Jade Perri is the owner and founder of Embrace Your Path. Jade is an eclectic Witch, who has been practicing for more than 10 years and offers guidance on an array of topics. She specializes in the art of divination. She is an enthusiastic teacher and offers classes and certification in many different areas. She also holds a special interest in animal communication and handmade custom poppets. She is an avid reader and her passion is the fantasy and British historical fiction genres. She is also the mother of two children, and likes to spend time with her husband.

Book Review – Shamanic Plant Medicine-San Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom by Ross Heaven

August, 2019

Book Review
Shamanic Plant Medicine-San Pedro
The Gateway to Wisdom
by Ross Heaven

Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom is one in The Shamanic Plant Medicine
series authored by Ross Heaven. Each book introduces a plant
medicine teacher and medicine ally. This well-written, accessible
book introduces us to the Cactus of Mystery, San Pedro, native to the
Andes and used by Andean shamans in healing ceremonies.

Heaven, who died in 2018, has left us with a practical and nuanced
introduction to San Pedro. The book gives us an overview of the
plant’s history and the lore relating to its sense of mystery,
which certainly drew me in to wanting to know more about it. Here
are some of the fascinating bits of lore that Heaven provided: Legend
has it that St. Cyprian was instructed by Jesus to hide the keys to
Paradise from the Spanish invaders and Inquisition in a cactus under
the watchful eye of St. Peter, keeper of the keys to Heaven– hence
this entheogen’s name. It also has many nicknames, one of which is
punku – doorway or gateway – for its ability to open a doorway
beyond the world of illusion, as author Heaven wrote. Its active
ingredient is mescaline and its healing and nurturing action has
earned it another nickname: Grandfather. As Heaven wrote in a
different book: “There is a sort of mystery surrounding San Pedro
and a sense that knowledge of the plant must remain secret or at
least be earned through preparation, participation and worthiness of
those who drink it.”

provided a detailed chapter on why San Pedro’s medicine is sought
after and descriptions of various ceremonies and methods of use by
San Pedro shamans. Heaven also discussed various modes of
preparation, while urging respect, safety and caution working with
this teacher plant. While it is not a how-to, step-by-step manual,
the book provides excellent guidance on what to look for when seeking
someone to conduct and support a ceremony. The personal accounts of
people who experienced San Pedro’s healing effects in ceremony with
Heaven and other shamans are engaging, encouraging and worth reading.

most fascinating and instructive section examines the effects of San
Pedro on creativity. There is an overview of the early research with
psychedelics in the 1960s, specifically with their effect on artists.
Heaven equated the ability of the creative process – to “shift”
the brain into perceiving and functioning differently – with the
nature of the entheogenic experience. Both processes are
“nonrational and nonverbal, the insights coming at an almost
cellular level through the remodeling of the self. Trying to capture
this experience in words is too limiting for those who have undergone
it.” Heaven’s description of these processes is reason alone to
read this book! A discussion of shamans as artists as they engage
with the creative flow of energy in the healing process is also worth
the read. There are also deeply engaging personal accounts of visual
and musical artists who described the effects of San Pedro on their
work and their search for self-knowledge.

ended the book with a chapter on working responsibly with San Pedro.
There are in-depth recommendations regarding environment, introducing
yourself to the plant with respect, what to expect during the work
itself and legalities of possession and use of San Pedro.

you are interested in working with San Pedro, or simply in learning
more about entheogenic plant medicine in general, this book is a
great place to start. It is an easy to read, well-researched and
information beginning. I will keep it on my bookshelf as a good
reference and already plan to read the other books in this excellent
series from Moon Books.

Shamanic Plant Medicine – San Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom on Amazon


the Author:


is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism. She is a long-time
explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body,
spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies
streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an
astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of
us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding clients
to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom. , exploration of the
birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic
healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of
her practice.

trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax.
She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern
under which their soul choose to incarnate.

to the Heart

Channel Astrology:


July, 2019

Physical and Subtle Anatomy: Part Four

Continuing this series of posts about the Energetic Anatomy and our seat of power that comes from ourselves as a Divine Source of co-c

Nadis and Meridians: Specific Energetic Pathwaysreation….

Nadis and Meridians are highly specialized energetic pathways that
run in multiple directions throughout our body. It is these pathways
that Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture, Accupressure and other healing
modalities make use of by way of stimulating the flow of Chi energy
to move in a non-restricted and healthful pattern.

 are highly
specialized and localized pathways that align with the Chakras and
act upon the energy flow moving up the central column, inclusive of
the spine, spinal fluid, and the nerve bundles. In the Eastern
Kundalini Yoga practice the Nadis and the rising of the Ida and
Pingala coiling up the Sushumna is the serpent fire that opens the
awareness of the practitioner to union with his/her Higher Nature.

Ida is the lunar (Feminine) energetic path and the Pingala is the
solar (masculine) energetic path. The union achieved at the Crown
chakra is the product of the combined polarities of moon and sun,
feminine and masculine giving birth to the Divine Child of your
Higher SELF.

 are the
pathways of the body that help to regulate and maintain a balance of
flow from organ to organ. Each major Meridian or channel is
responsible for a specific organ and their surrounding structures.
The Meridians play a major role in Traditional Chinese Medicine and
the treatment of dis-ease, thought to be cause by a disruption of the
natural flow of the Chi within the body.

are 12 major meridians in the body:
• Lung meridian

Large Intestine
• Spleen meridian
• Stomach meridian

Heart meridian
• Small intestine meridian
• Bladder
• Kidney meridian
• Pericardium
(Circulation/Sex) meridian
• Triple Warmer meridian

Liver meridian
• Gallbladder meridian


begin with a very simple exercise to run pure energy through the

Chakra Renewal Meditation

©Robin Fennelly 2002

your focus and attention to your breath. Allow your consciousness to
move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release
of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths, allowing
each to become softer, smoother and slower. Now, shift your awareness
to visualize seven clear glass spheres within your energetic self,
each aligned with a specific chakra point along the central column.
And approx. 7-8 inches above your head is an eighth glass sphere.
This is the transpersonal chakra; the gateway between your parts of
Self and the Divine.

at the root chakra, visualize the sphere filling with ruby red energy
and light. As it continues to fill it becomes larger and more
brilliant in color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn
your awareness to the sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with vivid orange energy and light. As it
continues to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in
color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your
awareness to the sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with sunshine yellow energy and light. As it
continues to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in
color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your
awareness to the sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with emerald green energy and light. As it
continues to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in
color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your
awareness to the sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with sky blue energy and light. As it continues
to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in color and
form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your awareness to the
sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with indigo blue energy and light. As it
continues to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in
color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your
awareness to the sphere just above it.

this sphere filling with amethyst purple energy and light. As it
continues to fill the sphere becomes larger and more brilliant in
color and form. When it has reached full capacity, turn your
awareness to the sphere just above it.

have reached the uppermost sphere, that of your transpersonal space.
See this sphere fill with brilliant white light. It pulses radiant
light and seems brighter than those below it in clarity and
intensity. When it has reached capacity, see all the spheres equal in
size, perfectly transparent and filled to capacity with colors that
are clear and vibrant. Allow this image to permeate your being for
several minutes. Feel the strength and power in each of the spheres
and connect with this enlivening energy, engaging all of your

a line of energy moving upwards from the ruby red sphere of the root
chakra. This energetic pathway is the same hue of red as that
contained within the sphere itself. It moves, and swirls and as it
reaches upwards it blends and mingles with the orange energy within
the sphere of the belly chakra. Allow the integration and synthesis
of this energy to build and circulate.

extend this energy and visualize it moving upwards towards the yellow
of the sacral chakra. Allow it to blend and merge creating an
energetic column connecting each of the three spheres in turn. Each,
feeding one into the other, merging and unifying into a singular
stream of vibrant and pulsing energy. Continue in this manner moving
up through each of the chakra points rising all the way up and ending
at the transpersonal chakra.

reaching the transpersonal chakra, allow the brilliant white energy
of the transpersonal sphere to pulse, infused with crystalline
luminosity. As this energy builds it becomes brighter, fuller and
more expansive. Allow this energy to grow and expand until it is
overflowing and spilling down, pouring its energy into each of the
spheres below it. Each, in turn filling with the brilliance of Light,
the vibrancy of their individual colors fading and folding into the
density of a brilliance of white. This transformation continues
downward through each chakra and when it returns to the root chakra
allow this energy to circulate, moving up and cascading down through
each of the chakras for as long as is needed.

you feel energized and have a sense of balance, beginning at the
transpersonal chakra, see this energy slowly dissipate as each globe
clears and returns to a state of transparent glass. Move downward
from one sphere to the next. Each in turn fading in brilliance,
returning to its resting state of transparency and size.

you have returned to the root chakra and the spheres are once again
clear pure transparent glass, chant a sustained “ OM “ to
complete the working and coalesce the rate of vibration within each
of the chakra columns in each of the subtle bodies.


Emmet B. Keefe, Introduction to Know Your Body: The Atlas of Anatomy (Berkley, CA;Ulysses Press, 1999)
Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body:An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Boulder, CO:Sounds True Inc., 2009)


the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

is the author of (click on book titles for more information):

Inner Chamber Volume One on Amazon

Written in the Stars


Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

of the Spheres (Volume 2) on Amazon


Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

the Paths on Amazon


Year With Gaia on Amazon

Eternal Cord

of the Sun and Moon on Amazon


Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1) on Amazon

Collection of Esoteric Writings

Elemental Year on Amazon

the Parts of SELF

Enchanted Gate on Amazon

on the Magick of the Natural World

with the Goddess on Amazon

of Devotion

Weekly Reflection on Amazon

for the Year

books are available on Amazon
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Perimenopause: A Spiritual Threshold

July, 2019

The special powers and sensibilities of women (especially menstrual powers) are central to the Wise Woman tradition. Men in the Wise Woman tradition find the wise woman within themselves and become her. In the Wise Woman tradition, we nourish. We do not fix or cure or balance…health/wholeness/holiness comes through nourishment. Healing occurs in the ground of woman power, in the ground of heart-centered compassion…Nourishment encourages expansion and growth. Nourishment includes. Nourishment supports each being as unique, holy, individual. Nourishing our problems encourages love for all parts of ourselves.

-Susan S. Weed from “Healing Wise”

(Haida Gwaii Beachcombing Collage by Jennifer Engracio)

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is also at the threshold of perimenopause about the changes she is experiencing as a woman at this age. Neither of us have ever been forty-four before, after all! And it turns out that we are feeling similarly at this point in our development even though we lead quite different lives in many ways. Ellen Besso’s article on menopause being a time for women to go inside in order to heal deeper emotional wounds makes sense to me. I feel my psyche is mature enough now to go there–that I can finally parent myself compassionately through the pieces I discover: pretty and ugly. Recently, I’ve been able to unearth the root cause of many issues that plagued me my whole life. And I have faith that my body will continue to heal as that process completes itself with the support of homeopathic medicines, practicing living aloha, and ceremony. I also feel that there is a deeper level of spiritual fulfillment that I am starting to venture into. I don’t know what this is going to look like and I am curious about how all of this is unfolding.

these psychological shifts started happening along with the
physiological ones, I didn’t put the two together. I initially
thought I was losing my zest for life or that there was something
wrong with my dreaming and manifesting skills that I’d always been
able to lean on. What I see now is that there is a really profound
change happening in all of my energy bodies requiring me to rest and
introspect more. Gone are the days of rushing through life to get as
many things done as possible. I find myself reflecting on what I’ve
accomplished in my life so far. Morbid thoughts come and go: If I
died tomorrow, would the legacy I leave behind be enough? Somewhere
along the way, part of life has become about achieving things as a
way to validate my existence somehow. As if taking up space isn’t
alright unless I am contributing in ways that the mainstream culture
approves of. These thoughts are fleeting though. These false beliefs
are what I am letting go of as they arise in my consciousness. This
is the transcendence that is presently taking place.

been going on the long walk to the beach most mornings here on Haida
Gwaii in Northwestern Canada. It is late spring and nature is alive
and blooming. Most mornings, I walk through the bird sanctuary, the
dark and cool rainforest and its ethereal cemetery until I get spat
out onto the big open ocean. I breathe in the salty air and thank the
Goddess I am here in all this beauty. It is all I can do to keep
taking it all in, allowing its magic to fill every cell of my body.
This morning, I rode a bike so I could spend more time on the beach
looking for agates, shells and beach glass. I haven’t ridden a bike
around the ‘hood like that since I was in elementary school; this
made my inner kid indescribably happy. I bumped up and down the
trails giggling to myself as I went. Ironically, even though I work
with children, there are things I forgot about slowing down to kids’
pace–like the details and moments I notice when I am not on a
mission to get somewhere. I spend my days wandering and beachcombing
for treasures that maybe only I will find beautiful. But then, when I
was a kid, I didn’t care if other folks thought these finds had
value. I am going back to a time when all there was was me and
Spirit. Back then, I was conscious of what was happening in the now
and nothing else. I can sense something being rejuvenated inside
myself even while I don’t know exactly what it is. And I don’t
feel I need to know. I know it’s all as it should be.

is the first time I’ve given myself a “victory vacation” where
I am celebrating all of the accomplishments and challenges I’ve
transitioned through in my life. And there have been a lot of them!
My inner landscape has completely changed. I am in a space where
nothing new has emerged to place my focused energy on. I am in the
dreaming of creation. Little wisps of inspiration and interest come
my way, yet something has yet to really take hold. Strangely, I am
not panicking about this like I would have done in my thirties. My
ego keeps telling me I should be worried, but I am really not and
this is liberating. I feel more present lately–like I did when I
was a kid. Susun S. Weed describes this further in her incredible
book “Healing Wise”:

In the Wise Woman tradition, all health…begins with a return to the void. To…become whole, we turn again around the spiral of our life…The void is woman power: simultaneously dynamic and relaxed; empty yet completely full, satiated yet always consuming; creative, abundant, insatiable, unfillable, unquenchable, wild, having nothing to receive, knowing everything is already present, completely calm. Here in the void lives the Crone.

I had a wish for women my age, it would be to surrender to this
process. Fear of the unknown is natural, however, I hope we can
remember to celebrate all of the things we’ve accomplished and
overcome in our lives and to “nourish” our current challenges.
It’s good to acknowledge the enormity of this with all of the
responsibilities pulling on women in the world! I recommend that
women take time for reflection so they can really be in this new
psychological and spiritual landscape they find themselves in as they
prepare to enter their crone years. I’ve found solace and insight
speaking to fellow sisters who are going through this stage of life
and I really encourage you to do the same if you are in the same boat
with us! I have a feeling an exciting and edgy new journey is
beginning…for all of us if we can find the courage to welcome the
elder we are becoming.


The Change: Medical Problem or Spiritual Passage? By Ellen Besso

Book: “Healing Wise (Wise Woman Herbal)” by Susun S. Weed

Gwaii Beachcombing” collage by Jennifer Engrácio


the Author:


has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Jennifer is a certified
teacher who has worked with children in many different education
settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic coach, reiki master,
and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance
Shamanics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in
Calgary, Canada with her life partner.

participated in self-publishing three books that are now available:

Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within”

Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life”

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’s Shamanic Journey into Healing

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’S Shamanic Journey into Healing on Amazon

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