MoonOwl Observations

April, 2012

The Boline

The boline and athame are very closely related, yet very different from each other. The double edged blade and black handled athame is never used to cute material objects, whereas that is the purpose of the boline. The boline is used to cut whatever may need cutting on the physical plane in preparation for or during a ceremony or ritual. The main uses are for cutting cords, ribbons, herbs, carving candles and runes. It is also used to cut wands and symbol inscription.

The boline is also called a bolline or boleen and generally has a white handle made of bone, stone or wood. The blade can be straight, but most prefer to have a crescent shaped blade that has only one sharp edge. The blade should ideally be made of metal and is typically associated with lunar goddesses. The boline can also be used for cooking, but most kitchen witches don’t use a specific boline knife.

Some will only use the boline within the circle, others use it just for wiccan purposes, but outside the circle as well. It’s personal preference and depends on what your specific beliefs and values are.

When selecting a boline, make sure that you feel a connection with it, and that it has good energy. Once you select a boline, it needs to be consecrated. This then dedicated the boline for use as a magickal tool. There are many specific consecration rituals you can find online or in books, and you can always create your own. Below is an example.

You need a white cloth and mugwort or lily essential oil. You will want to cast your circle and purify all tools that you will be using. After that, rub the boline with the oil. You may want to pray, chant or ask for a blessing of specific deities at this time. Place the white cloth with the boline on top of it in a window that gets direct moonlight. Place it so it is exposed to as much moonlight as possible. Make sure to leave it on for a few hours at least. During the day, wrap the boline in the cloth and place it so it is not exposed to the sun.  You should ideally repeat this process every night for a complete lunar cycle. On the 28th day, you then rub the oil on the blade on last time.

Along with the athame, some prefer to keep them wrapped and stored when not in use, some people keep the blades on their alter at all times. I recommend keeping the blades wrapped when not in use and try to limit the sun exposure of the boline when not in use.  I personally keep mine wrapped up.

The boline is a useful addition to any alter and I suggest really taking the time to carefully select yours, as you should feel a connection with the blade and not feel awkward when using it.