Witches Soul Work

February, 2015

Witches Soul Work Part 3: The Path of the Bolline


“If that which thou seek thy find not within thee, thy will never find it without.” Doreen Valiente ‘Charge of the Goddess’


The Craft involves deep soul work leading to understanding the authentic self, the connection with the divine, and understanding the Mysteries. If you were Buddhist you might called this enlightenment. What is enlightenment for Witches? Many people new to the Craft read the beginner books and think that that is all there is. I would like to share with you some of the ways that Traditional Witches do soul work, the way they approach and understand the Mysteries and an exploration of what the Mysteries are. This idea was inspired by a course called Soul Work from Cherry Hill Seminary ( and from a comment by a woman on our local pagan internet site who said that she was quitting our group because we were not serious (i.e. fluffy) about our spiritual work. (Thank you dear!) The Craft is the most deeply spiritual path I know, but because it is hidden it is not easy to find.


The Path of the Bolline is the path of the Cunning man and the Wisewoman.  Selfless service to others is one of the ways to enlightenment because it opens our hearts and connects with the love of the God and Goddess.


Before doctors and hospitals as we know them, villages had their Wisewomen or their Cunningmen, a person skilled (or sometimes not so skilled) in herbal remedies, hands on healing, dowsing, potions and so on.  Part doctor, part psychologist and part magician, these people helped their neighbours with illness and other troubles using folk remedies and knowledge handed down to them.   Were they healers or con-artists?  We may never know for sure, but they served a purpose in their society and became the archetype of intuitive “Green” knowledge.


When you embark on this path, you make a commitment of service to your community and the land where you live.  You WILL become a healer, but the first person you will heal will be yourself.  As you walk this path your intuition will develop, your ability to feel energy, your knowledge of plants and stones, and your connection to our tribal knowledge, the secrets of the human race sometimes called the Akashic Records (see  the work of Edgar Cayce ).


Obviously this is a huge topic and the Witch who decides to embark on this specialty will have many years of study. I will give you an outline of the main areas that the Green Witch follows to start with. The topics covered in this area of Witch’s soul work are many and may include the following:



Preparing your Book of Green Knowledge (more of a Grimoire than a Book of Shadows)

Ritual to dedicate to the path

Finding and blessing your Bolline (a white handled knife with a curved blade)

Meeting your Wisewoman guide, a spirit guide who helps you on the path



Part I:

Developing Intuition


Part II:

Healing with plants

Magical plants

Plants and astrological connections



Walking your land

Meeting your Plant Spirit Guide


Part III:

The Akashic Records


Part IV:

Energy Healing

Pow Wow (Pennsylvania Dutch healing techniques)

Mandalas, Talismans, Amulets, Medicine Pouches

Becoming a Medical Intuitive


Part V:

Ethics of healing

The Shamanic Wiccan Healer

Shamanic Practice

Using the Drum

Trance work and chanting

Working with Spirit Guides


Part VI:

Healing yourself

Healing your community

Healing the land


Obviously I cannot share with you the many pages of instructions and notes from the Grimoire but I hope that this outline points you in the direction of this section of Witch’s Soul work. To get you started on the very important first part, developing intuition, I will copy some notes for our Tradition.





Notes on Intuition (from the Greenwood Tradition BOS)


Anu Speaks


“The Wisewoman hears music sweetly calling her to the Greenwood.  Softly the notes carry her, magic and the smells of green. Birds sing, the Greenwood is life. The Wisewoman connects to this life.  Deep among the trees are secrets and paths unknown. The Wisewoman knows them, walks them and sings their songs.  She brings the green healing to her people.”


“Intuition is knowing.  The Wisewoman knows the truth, walks the path of truth, sees harmony between earth and sky, the stars and the migrations of the birds—My tapestry.”


“Who will follow the wild geese?

Who will follow the monarch butterfly?”


“Nature is My mystery, My heartbeat and the Wisewoman is My right hand, reaching out to touch earth’s children.  To grow her intuition she must plant a seed of hope and service, water it with love and discipline, kindness and restraint, songs and tears, love and laughter.  My plant will grow in her as ivy covers a stone wall and her heart will become green.”


Question: How will you guide her?

Anu answers: She must listen to my voice on the wind, in the song of birds, the movement of trees.  She must KNOW My voice.  I will never desert her.  She will be My handmaiden.


Q: What do you mean by “planting the seed”? How can she do this?


A: By developing her intuition using different methods of divination such as tarot, the Laura Day book, stones, runes and so that will give her symbols.


Q: What about automatic writing?

A: Yes


Q: And meditation?

A: Yes.  Stillness in the morning and stillness in the dark star-filled night…she will hear my voice in the voices of her children and her husband.  I am there!


Q:  Is this her first step?

A: Yes, to be still and hear My voice.  I am intuition. The patterns of truth will be seen by her.  She must learn to trust and walk to the rhythms of her own path, not anyone else’s.  She must understand that she is Mine completely and I am hers.


Love is the key.


Reading:  Read the book “Developing Intuition” by Laura Day and do all the exercises. Work through the book slowly. This is only one method of beginning to develop your intuition.


Read the book: “How to do Automatic Writing” by Edain McCoy and work through it. You should be able to channel your Higher Self, and your Wisewoman guide through this method.


How will you integrate this intuition in your everyday life? As your intuition develops, make sure your keep a record of all the things that happen and the changes it brings. This record is a vital part of your pathworking.


Choose ONE method of divination such as Oghams, Runes, or Tarot and begin to study it. You should be able to picture each symbol or card in your mind and know its meaning. Eventually you should be able to use this method mentally. For example: You meet someone with a problem and you ask yourself: Which Tarot card represents their problem? The card you need should appear in your mind. (This method can be used with Runes or Oghams as well.) As the years pass, these symbols will become more and more integrated into your subconscious and intuition until they are a natural part of how you see the world and respond to it.


The first part of this path may take you a few months or longer. It is important to go at your own pace, but to do a little bit every day, even if it’s only a few minutes. Re-read the words of Anu. Start every day and finish every day in stillness, listening to Her voice. To make your seed grow you need “love and discipline, kindness and restraint”, don’t be too hard on yourself.