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June, 2011

What is Celtic Shamanism?

The two words are not synonymous together in fact the two words are nothing of the same together.

The first understanding is what the words mean by themselves, and then we understand what they mean together.

Celt, Celticism and Celtic:

The Celts are a tribe of people that originated in Gaul (France) ( ) . Many people who assume the Celts were the people “Blue People” of Scotland.

The true “Blue People of Scotland” were the Pectish ( ). There are many people who are miss lead by the movies and the romantic notion that the Celts were crazy lovers and a romantic people. This is not true at all. The “Celtic People” were warriors; they were a society (like many other) who invaded Scotland, Ireland and parts of England. The lands of Scotland were attacked by so many different tribes and societies that it is a wonder there were any original people to call Scottish. So, before you “assume” celtic this or Celtic that, always look around and get bellow the romantic “history”.

Now to the word Shaman, Shamanism, “Shàman”: the word “Shaman” was not even used in America till the late 1800’s, early 1900’s ( ), the word stands for “Healer”, “Medicine Man”, the American people took the same and applied it to the “Native American Medicine Man” because they did not like the same and each tripe had a different name for their particular medicine man, or woman.

Ok! Enough “history” and plays on semantics. I am now going to explain the understanding of Celtic Shamanism, as I understand it by my guides and Council.

Celtic Shamanism is a way of life that involves the acceptance of healing and death and the acceptance that there is not one, without the other.

Celtic Shamanism is allowing people to be who and what they are, the allowing the world and the cosmos to be what it is, the “being” of acceptance and the acceptance of … “I am”…

Celtic Shaman is healers of the spirit, the mother, the father and the child of all. We are the ones who transverse plans without need for meditation, drugs or any form of mind altering state.

I can give 100’s of sites and books that will say Celtic Shamanism is this or that but, when you remove to romantic semantics and get down to the “Woman” or the “Man” living the life of the Celtic Shaman, we are a sect of people who want to help the humans, hate the humans, and know the humans are no better than anything else on this planet. We are the type of people who will work next to the blue collar worker and dig sewer from a ditch all in the same day. We are the people who form groups, only to watch the people in them tare each other apart trying to gain “control”, knowing the whole time “control” is an illusion. We are the people who find it hard to keep a relationship together because of everything it takes to make us whole, to make us who we are and to be aware of the freedom of who and what we are.

You never “become” a Celtic Shaman. You either always were, always will be or been lost without it. If indeed you are the “Celtic Shaman”, only you can answer that.

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Good Luck.

Pegasus Shaman