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Interview with Evernia Fay

June, 2017

Interview with Evernia Fay: The life & Craft of this Connecticut Witch are One

Moss, dirt, lichen, bones, crystals, bark and a cicada all find their way into one-of-a-kind living botanical pendants made by Evernia Fay. Each contains its own spirit and energies.

Quest,” composed of mountain fork moss and Queen Anne’s lace with an amethyst point, is a talisman that brings balance, according to Fay’s website, by integrating “the wisdom and magick of the dreamtime into your life. She connects what you learn into your waking time.”

Broken fork moss with a triple scepter quartz makes up “Birth” – “a manifestation miracle” with power flowing through her crystal heart.

Starman” – a combination of earth and meteorite – will connect the wearer with the cosmic energies and higher vibrations, expanding energies from the base chakra, up and outward.

There are dozens more to choose from.

As a child, Fay was drawn to nature.

From the time I was little … I was always collecting things from nature and doing little rituals,” she said.

The moon always fascinated her.

Especially around full moons. I would be more sensitive to spirits and other things outside. I don’t think I had imaginary friends when I was a kid, I think they were spirits. I think I was maybe 3 when I saw the first one in my room at night.

All the other kids thought I was weird, thought I was different. I didn’t really have a lot of friends. I did a lot of stuff on my own out in the woods. I used to go out and get different things from plants and tree sap and make different topical salves for cuts and scrapes. I don’t think I made anything that I ate.”

She played with bees and snakes and communicated with stones and trees.

As an adult, she continues to spend much time in the woods and wanted to be able to keep a part of it with her.

I wanted something I could wear for myself, so I came up with the idea … of a living terrarium.”

It began with a small locket from a craft store that she could put something in. So many people liked the picture of it she posted on Facebook, she started making them. Now they are encased in silver mixed metals and acrylic.

Wear the earth and carry her energy with you,” became the product’s tagline.

Items are collected from nature in a sustainable fashion after asking permission and, if it’s for magical use, leaving something as an offering.

Moss is a simple plant – its leaves are only one cell thick and it has no root system like other plants, she states on her website. It creates its nutrients from sunlight using photosynthesis. It is versatile and resilient; it can dry out completely yet remain alive, “springing up and enabling the reproduction process when soaked with water. It can be frozen for long periods of time and thaw fully awake and green.”

Lichens are related to moss – both having evolved from algae. It is a combination of algae and fungus and thus able to survive in places one or the other alone could not.

I am always drawn to the mosses and lichens when I hike. I love rubbing my bare feet on moss patches and drying my feet on the mossy banks of streams,” Fay wrote. “I can picture myself lying on a bed on moss under the trees deep in the woods, dreaming and breathing in all of the scents of the forest. I find moss very grounding. The lichens catch my attention and create a feeling of connection.”

Fay associates protection, connection, relationship, authenticity, versatility, resilience, renewal, rebirth, freedom and travel with moss and lichen. She sees them as magical beings with a connection to the ancients.

The jewelry she makes with them can be found on her website, She also sells at events, primarily in Connecticut and Massachusetts, but also at other festivals in the Northeast.

I addition, Fay crafts charms and talismans using Frozen Charlotte dolls. The small Victorian-era china bisque dolls were made in Germany from 1850-1920 and got their name because they are pale and rigid, as if they were a girl who had frozen to death. Hers were excavated from the remains of factories in Nuremberg that had been bombed and ransacked. They are dated from 1860-1890.

She made “Charlotte Rue,” a protection talisman, using rue and other herbs. She has snakeskin at her base and is wrapped in black ribbon. She was made on a Saturday, anointed with oil and is associated with the energies of Saturn._

Charlotte Eve” is holding a bundle of mugwort and other herbs. Anointed with oil and wrapped in white ribbon, she has a protective spirit charm attached. She was made on Monday and carries the energies of the moon.

Other charms are made with doll hands that are anointed with oils for the specific days and planetary influences. They have veins and ribbon in the associated colors of the days and influence. Charged with an intended purpose, “Helping Hands” offer such outcomes as protection, finding lost articles, controlling emotions and monetary gain.

Her newest creation – launched in late May – are handmade herbal pendants and pocket pieces: one for prosperity and one for new beginnings.

They are made on the specific day for the most potent energies, with the appropriate herbs and/or oils and are made during the waxing moon in order to increase the desired purpose,” she said.

She prepared the herbs, and made the clay.

Instructions to personally charge them will be included,” she said.

Pieces for additional purposes were in the works.

They, too, can be found on her website and at shows.

Fay talked about her life, recalling a time when she tried to “fit in” with the mainstream. She said she gave up after “a lot of really bad stuff happened. … I lost myself.”

About 14, she began reading books on paganism, witchcraft and the occult, and everything seemed to make sense.

I started with basic candle and crystal magic, divination and nature work. I found that I could cause street lights to turn off at will as I passed. .

When I was in college, there was a girl who was interested in witchcraft, so we made up our own rituals.”

For the most part, she depended on her intuition and books to guide her along her path.

After practicing as solitary for a long time, earlier this year, she took an oath and joined a coven, The Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick, and noted, “Our path incorporates both ceremonial [high] and folk [low] magick.”

She wrote in a blog post, “Witchcraft in and of itself is a practice and a craft. It is not necessarily a religion. Magick is a science. I am pagan and I am a witch.”

People who are interested in witchcraft and look into it and start working with it will decide either they are or they aren’t [a witch]. I don’t think it’s as much of a practice as something you are, that you find, or that finds you,” she said. “I was born this way.”

Once she began creating magickal, energetic things, she said, everything fell into place. She began living her craft. And that, she said, is when the real magic happens.

I keep thinking of what I want to start doing,” Fay said of creating witch balls and “all these other … magically and spelly kinds of things.”

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