Clarrissa Santana

Political Magick?

April, 2006

For the past winter I have sat in dispair over the political antics of our current administration wondering what can I personally do to change all this. Like the little dutch boy plugging holes in a damn more holes appear every day and we run out of fingers and toes and tongues to plug all the new holes opening and blasting our constitution, our voting rights, our environment.

Peak oil and global warming with threats of food shortages on top of a pole shift makes for nightmares for the average person. Yet there isn’t much the average person can do. We work too many hours, have too many bills and too many personal problems to make time for watch dogging our congressmen and administration.

Some like myself are armchair political activists. We sit, read, and sign on-line petitions. We call or send letters and emails to our representatives in the vain hope it might make a difference. But those differences are slow in coming and small in comparison to having millions of people being able to shout NO MORE in a single voice.
Daily our Constitutional rights are being signed away. More rights are violated without so much as a by your leave from the the Executive Branch and a Republican ran Congress. More Governors of States are trashing Roe V. Wade with total blindness to the lives that will be adversely affected by their moral judgments and religious views.
Religious views that are not my own or many peoples view points but are still being shoved down our throats on a daily basis. What happened to separation of Church and State? The first violation came with the Faith base Initiative taxation…forced tithing of the American public whether we agree with that churche,s views and morals or not. The very thing that Separation of Church and state was to protect us from. Yet it happened and goes on without a loud outcry from the populace. Why because they are too busy. Too busy surviving in a world that is growing more unstable, more perilous by the day. The harder they work, the less time they have to sound off as huge outcry. To say no we wont. To vote those out of office that don’t listen to what we the people want. And those who do threaten with voting in the next against those who keep policies that don’t mesh with the populations whats and needs go ignored. Why because our congressmen aren’t afraid of the voters anymore.

Thanks to a software programmer who did time on felony charges for the very thing he was hired by Diebol electronics to do. Make hackable programs and back door software for the easy change of votes that Republicans don’t like. And if that machine isn’t available in their districts they also use coercion, false locations for voting or send out erroneous information of time and date for voting in highly Democratic locations. Or just ask Ohio and Florida who did exit polls at the line and got conflicting numbers for those who voted democrat but yet the republican got the voting win. Or a town in Ohio whose population was only a little over a 1000 yet the vote was over 4000 for the Republican vote. Where did all those extra people come from I wonder? Hundreds of long dead people found themselves voting for republicans from the grave in Florida as well. How nice to have a vote from the great beyond. A great beyond many of us may be experiencing before our time with our environmental policies being changed for the worse.

The environment was precarious at best ten years ago but lately Mother Nature has been sending Howlers to us in many ways. The pole shifting which we as a people have no control over will of course cause some of the heat and cold differences. There are places that are snowing when it should be hot and the opposite for other locations.

These things have happened before and will happen again but the human race has survived these changes and we could again; If those changes weren’t exasperated by global warming. Record hurricanes, droughts and melting polar caps are Mother Earth’s Howlers to Her children. A warning that if we don’t change our ways and soon we will be suffering the consequences of our actions. Our children also will have no place no future; No safe life either and the human race can become extinct as well as many animals and foliage. Money and power wont help those who are disregarding the Howlers sent to us. Though they think it will; in the long run they too will suffer our fate. The poor will be the first hit by the consequences and will parish while the rich laugh thinking they are safe but they wont be. They’ll last a little longer, sure because of their money but it wont save them in the long run. Clean water and non toxic foods will only last so long and with the poor dead and gone who will be their field hands then? I can laugh as I die knowing they, much too late, will see their errors and moan and wail as their fate comes upon them; but I would much rather live to see another day and hope to teach them the lessons Mother Earth has already taught me and make them a better people. That people rich or poor deserves freedom, deserve to have a voice and are responsible together to keep Mother Earth healthy so She can in turn keep her children healthy.

So what can we do that hasn’t been done already? We call our congressmen, we sign our petitions and we vote all to no avail. Maybe the election in 2006 will be a turn around but time is of the essence I believe. The wheels of Justice do move, but they move slowly and we cant afford that now. We need change and we need it soon. We need a change for the better. A positive change for our country, our environment and for the world at large. We are pagans, witches, warlocks and wizards. We are, rich or poor, experienced or new, powerful when we band together. As the story goes about the Witches of England banning together creating a cone of power to turn back Hitlers armies from England shores; we too can call our cone of power and change things, large and small , our country and the world into a better place. Whether you are new to the craft or from a family trad . solitary or coven, I purpose at the next full moon on April 13th and every full moon after wards to light our candles. fill our prayers bowls, raise our cones of power in whatever your particular path uses to turn back the tide of the negativity this world is being overtaken with. No matter the path we walk we are Mother Earths children and She has sent Her howlers. Lets be what we are and use our power to make positive changes for the better as one! Hope to feel your power on every full moon.


author bio:

Clarrissa Santana born in 1965 has been a
writer for over 10 years. She comes from a
family of pagans and follows a Celtic path
herself as High Priestess for her family
coven. A single mom of three boys, she
enjoys martial arts, swimming, and writing
in many genres. Currently working on her
first book titled, Astral Projection and
Protection, hopefully to be finished by her
next birthday! She also owns her own online pagan store Clarrissa’s Astral

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