She Who is All – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

June, 2018

The Goddess Nu Kua

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Nu Kua is the Creatrix Goddess of Ancient China.

When the heavens and earth were separated, there were no human beings. Nu Kua was bored and lonely and so made the first humans out of clay made from mud from the Yellow River. Her breath and Yin became the first women; Her breath and Yang became the first men. The first of these were fashioned, and molded, with her hands. However, as she found how tedious and time-consuming this was, she began to drop a rope into the river’s clay and to allow droplets to form and to fall from the rope. Hence, those that were molded became the nobles and those who were unmolded became the peasants.

She is said to have the body of a woman from the waist up, and the body of a serpent/snake/dragon from the waist down. There are also myths of her having the body of a Tortoise.

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As the myth goes, the monster, Kung-Kung, during a great battle, flattened the mountains, tore a hole in the sky, and tilted the Earth.

Nu Kua came to restore order. She melted five sacred, colored stones and repaired the sky. She took control of water, enabling the rains to fall when and where necessary and put out fires. She put the seasons in the right order.

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She replaced the pillars of heaven with the legs of a great turtle/tortoise so that they would not collapse; Dragons on these pillars guard the path of the sun and the moon.

She corrected problems on Earth by quelling the problems of human chaos, by establishing marriage, ensuring that children would be raised correctly.

After restoring order, Nu Kua retreated to her domain, the sky, wearing a compass to symbolize order.

She has dominion over marital relations and fertility. It is said that she responds to prayers directed toward her.

Nu Kua represents order and its’ restoration, is a calming influence in stressful situations and also helps with a positive attitude after negative events.



There is a Way

and I am that Way

the Way of Nature that moves in all things

In the beginning

I created the universal pattern

the Way things are

the Way things flow

the Way things need to be


I sequenced the seasons

harmonized the hillsides

organized the oceans

till all was auspiciously arranged

I am the natural order of things

I am the Way

(From The Goddess Oracle

by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto)

(Photo Credit: The Goddess Oracle

by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto)

Goddess Blessings!!


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My Name is Isis: The Egyptian Goddess

The Crafty Writer

September, 2010



Prying that top off of the Play-Doh container and jamming your fingers in, as you plunge to the bottom. Curling your hand into a fist the red clay with bits of green from the last time you played makes a sucking noise as it gives way and pulls free. Smiling you squeeze it hard and watch as it is forced between your fingers in thin ropes of clay. It is there to maul, squeeze, form, and shape, as you gather it back up to try again.

Remember those youthful days when you squeezed clay through your fingers. Making hand prints for Mom or getting fancy and making an animal or person that was only limited by your imagination, and how long you wanted to play.  Sculpting is for those that love to take the time to watch as a product matures from a slab of clay to a sculptured design.

Technology entered the sculpting field back in the 1930’s when a German doll maker Fifi Rehbinder had trouble finding supplies. She developed a plastic clay that she used to make her doll heads. In 1964 Eberhard Faber bought and made changes in it to create Fimo polymer clay and sold it in Europe. These new clays make life easier for the playful and experienced sculptor.

A finished piece can be baked in an oven instead of a kiln. Keeping the feel and creativity that is natural you love in clay, but dropping the temperature needed to cure the piece to 250 degree so if you have an oven you can fire your clay. This opens it up so that the amateur and professionals alike can get into the field of creating pieces of cherished art that can last a life time.


The tools in the picture are just a few of those in the work area for sculpting. There are also molds, pasta machines, hand rollers and cutting blades to name a few. Each giving that much more variety and ability to the sculptor. So get your hands dirty and join me in slinging some clay into a life of its own.


The more you play, the more you learn. The more comfortable the clay feels, the more you can do. The more you try the better you get and the more beautiful your pieces will become. For more information on using polymerized clay you can look at or do a Web search on Fimo, Sculpy or any of the other brand that you may prefer. Enjoy the experience.


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