Worth the Witch

November, 2018

The Magickal Earth


Nature’s Miracles”


This month we are diving into a box that is deceivingly small by The Magickal Earth. Their Premium Subscription Box is packed to the gills with items “curated to offer guidance through the months astrological phase. The box will always feature a monthly astrological overview, a brief monthly horoscope, a tarot card chosen for you by the universe, crystals and gems to match the months energy, along with a variation of surprises including items such as, candles, essential oils, soap and, smudge sticks.”

All of this is included in the Premium Subscription Box for only $49.99 a month. This is just one of the Subscription Boxes that The Magickal Earth has to offer. They range in price from a mere $14.99 to $49.99 and cover a variety of wants and needs, from Crystal Boxes to Bath Boxes.


Now, let’s get into the box!

The smell emanating from the box is delicious and enticing. It makes me want to tear it open in a rush, but I must be methodical! So I open it carefully and peek inside.

First things first…what do we pull out???


Astrology Reading

When you are ordering your box you are asked to give your birth date. This is because The Magickal Earth includes a personal monthly astrology reading with this subscription box. I’m a Libra as you can see. You also get a pamphlet with planetary influences & energies for the month of the sign of the box.


One Card Pull

A one card Tarot pull is done for you. My card chosen was Temperance. They send you the card that is pulled for you along with another sheet that explains the Tarot card. It is up to you to read how this card plays in your life.


Abalone Smudge Shell

I am in love with this Abalone Shell. It’s large and very iridescent inside, delicate seeming, but sturdy, and gorgeous. The picture only sort of catches a bit of rainbow on the inside.

The iridescence is carried over the outside over a silver finish. There are a few “portholes” along the side that just add to the beauty. On the “mound side” there is a slight rusty patina on some of the holes giving it a real sea feeling.



Now this is an awesome piece of Blood stone that The Magickal Earth sends you. It is a big, smooth, tumbled piece. It is the size of the palm of your hand. It feels delicate, you don’t want to drop it. The color play in the stone is mesmerizing. A small card with some facts about Bloodstone accompanies the stone.


Quartz & Green Aventurine Stones

Two pieces of Quartz. They are both points. One is unique as it has a two points connected, one off shoot from the side. The larger one is a decent size, and the tinier one is on a small-scale but the uniqueness of it makes up for that.

The Green Aventurine is marbled with two shades of a light and dark green. It is smooth, tumbled, and medium-sized. A beautiful specimen.



This is my favorite piece of Citrine that I have ever seen. I am amazed at the generous size. It is simply gorgeous! This picture does not do it justice. I could not get one that did. A huge piece of rough Citrine. A cloudy white base that rises to a deep yellow top that is flecked with almost rust colored specs. The vibrations coming from this stone are amazing.


Lip Care

Lip care by Night Bloom Apothecary is included in the Subscription Box. It feels very moisturizing on the lips. The scent is natural. It leaves a fresh feeling behind. When you rub your lips together it blends in nicely. It’s not overly oily feeling on your mouth or gooky.


Bar of Soap

Minty Magic is the name of the bar. The sticker on the back of the packaging tells you all the ingredients. It has a true mint scent, not a sweet mint, but a fresh mint scent. It lathers nicely and leaves behind a clean feeling, not dry.



Crystal Infused Energy Cleansing Mist

This blend is by NightBloom Apothecary. You can see the herbs & stones in this mixture. More so than I have seen in other’s that I have reviewed. You shake it and hear the many crystals chime against each other. When reading the ingredients you see they are pure de-stressers; lavender, clary sage, etc… The scent is amazing and it leaves you feeling soothed.


Stand and Smudge Stick to Complete Smudge Set

Now I am on the bottom of the box and what do I find? The Magickal Earth truly meant for this to be a Smudge Set. They have included a Stand. I thought the gorgeous Abalone Shell was just a stand alone. This is a great surprise. It’s a very nice wooden stand accompanied by a large smudge stick. This is a most wonderful Smudge Set.


My Overall Opinion…

I found The Magickal Earth to have a very impressive box. I really enjoyed their theme of cleansing in the box and think they kept it on target with great products made of wonderful quality. The portions in their Subscription Box were very generous. I have found my new citrine for working with. The Smudge Kit is a great gift for those new to smudging as well as those who have been smudging for years. The Energy Cleansing Mist impressed me the most with it’s quality. I also, really appreciated their personal attention with the astrology reading & one card drawing.  It really personalizes your box, you know no one else is getting a box like yours.  They spent time thinking about just you for the moment.  This box is most definitely Worth the Witch!


We got to speak with the woman behind The Magickal Earth boxes, Janet Barto, and ask her the usual from Worth the Witch. Here is what Janet had to say…

PaganPagesOrg (PPO): What brought the idea of your box to you?

Janet Barto(JB): When we started the Magickal Earth we started not with the subscription box in mind. I wanted to do what I loved most and that was crystals and rocks. The subscription box idea just came. We looked at the different boxes being offered and wanted to be unique. Thus, we came up with combining Astrology, Tarot and Crystals together.

PPO: How did you begin them?

JB: I won’t lie, it was a huge process. So much research went into every aspect. From Designing the box to how the contents would be included. I must say it is very hard work to start a subscription box. Especially ours and other like ours. So much attention to every detail. When you start you want every single piece to be absolutely perfect.

PPO: How do you choose what you include inside of them?

JB: First, we look at the Astrological calendar, then we look at the season, and from there I let my intuition take it home. Every item is hand chosen. Every item has a meaning of some kind to make it all part of the whole.

PPO: Is yours a recurring monthly box?

JB: Yes, we offer our box in many forms. We have a recurring box on Cratejoy and on our website. We then also off 3 or 6 month subscriptions at a discounted rate. Costing ranges from $14.99 delivered to $49.99 delivered.

PPO: Are you, yourself pagan?

JB: I am a second degree priestess within Chalice Hart in Washington. I am also a medium and I have trained in Shaman work.

PPO: Tell us about your interests.

JB: I have 2 business I now run full-time. But when I get to play we go on Jeep Runs. We do a lot of off roading in the mountains. I also love Football and Baseball.

PPO: Did you feel the pagan world was missing something to make you create your Box?

JB: This is a good question. I believe the answer is that I wanted ordinary people who had interests in Astrology and in Tarot to be able to order a box that was not just about witchcraft or spells. Kind of a middle ground. I wanted to really try to express that we are all part of the universe no matter what religion or craft you follow.

PPO: Do you have a site and sell other products?

JB: Our website is still a work in progress. As we are doing the boxes we are meeting people with many wonderful handmade items. Magickal Earth is about anything that comes from the Earth.

Our goal at The Magickal Earth is about personal attention. When you order from us we think hard about exactly the right stone or item to pick out for you. We understand how difficult it is for people to order crystals online. It is hard to not be able to see or feel. So when we are choosing for you, we are thinking hard about you and letting the universe help us chose the right one.

The Magickal Earth is growing everyday. And we believe that those who order from us become part of our family. It is all about our connection to them through the universe.


I think they really understood and connected with me. From my readings…to the crystals that really rang a note with me…this was an incredible box. Thank you Janet Barto for taking the time to chat with us. You really have an incredible box on your hands.


If you would like to get The Magickal Earth’s Boxes in your hands, Here’s their links:

The Magickal Earth’s Website:


The Magickal Earth on CrateJoy:


The Magickal Earth Bath Box on CrateJoy:








About the Author:

Jennifer Wright is a witch on a path of change that is always winding. She founded PaganPagesOrg in the hopes of giving those a platform to share and learn without judgment. There are too many important things to her and not enough room to mention them. You are one of them.

Celebrating Autumn with Norma Clark of Forevrgoddess Boutique

September, 2018


Autumn Smudge Bundle with Gemstones

Hello, I’m Norma with Forevrgoddess Boutique, I wanted to share some info on Smudging herbs, gemstones and smudge rituals.  I don’t know about you, but the first day of September feels magickal, with apples and pumpkins abundantly everywhere.  I think it’s the perfect time to do an Autumn ritual smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people, to remove negative or stale energy, banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person, to prepare for the coming of the Autumn Equinox & Samhain. You might have seen a few smudging herb bundles in new age stores, witch shops or online, there are many to choose from.

Smudging has been done in ancient cultures to Native American, in Spanish countries like Mexico, through Central and South America. Some of these herbs are used in smudging rituals by Shamans.  Some of these herbs can also be used in blessings, after ritual cleansings of homes or people. You can perform a blessing within a home  to invite harmony, love, laughter, tranquility, happiness and prosperity, or what ever is needed at the moment. For personal blessings you can do any of these ideas as well.

You can typically find in stores or online: White sage,  Juniper, cedar, Yerba Santa and Palo Santo. Any of these bundles of herbs can be helpful. Combining them with gemstones and crystals is an additional bonus and can help give healing/loving energy to aid with manifesting the properties you need most. I’m going to talk about a few of my  small smudge sets from Forevrgoddess Boutique, what they can do to help cleanse, rebalance and refocus energy to a positive and harmonious environment or how they can be used for personal blessings.


Small Autumn Smudge Blend

Here we have a beautiful mixture of Mexican cinnamon, Cloves, Cedar, Rose, Rosemary and White Sage. Very aromatic smell. Here’s a information on a few herbs we use for our Autumn blend.

White Sage: Can be prefect for magickal workings – protection, banishing/ releasing, seek wisdom through meditations, helps with grief, good health, healing, longevity, and psychic awareness.

Red Roses: Love, respect, beauty, courage, passion, romantic love, blessings, attract, banish, consecrate/bless, devotion, happiness, harmony.

Palo Santo (or Holy wood): from Ecuador forests, Palo Santo – Shaman have used it to clear energy, and positive energy. To reestablish peace, balance enhance focus to meditation, heals people physical and spiritual level.

Cedar: Calming, comforting, purify, protection, healing, harmony, prosperity, abundance, cleansing, helps focus on goals and meditation.

Mexican Cinnamon: Brought from Mexico to USA. – actions, attraction, inner balance, dream work, harmony, healing, attract luck, peace, passion, protection, wishes, consecrate/blessings.

Our Small Smudge Set is portable, you can do a quick smudge ritual anywhere. The Small Smudge Set is in a little tin box (we’ll provide ritual at bottom of this article). You can either burn them together or separately.  If you decide you want it to be stronger then make a bigger flame.  You can  always break the smudge blend into little burnable pieces and use a small abalone shell to burn it in. (We carry various abalone shell in boutique in 2 sizes.) If you wish to get a little smell burn small bit of each, cinnamon, cloves, rose, and rosemary with a bit of sage. The choice is yours.


Autumn Gemstones

We selected these from our Wiccan Magickal Sabbat Mabon and Samhain box sets.  With autumn equinox coming soon, seasons are changing for fall. It’s the time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings winter.

Here are the Stones for Autumn:

Citrine: Stone of happiness, positive energy and thought mental clarity, abundance, healing, uplifting.

Carnelian: Motivation, calm emotions, banishes negative emotions, replaces with love.

Smoky Quartz: Dispel negative energy, protection, grounding, transformation, brings calm.

Tiger eye: Stone of wealth, protection, self-confidence, balance, grounding.

When charging or programming your gemstone, keep in mind the goal or desire you wish to bring into your life. Help manifest this desire to life, say a prayer to your deity, angels, or elemental, ask for their support to bless this new path you wish to journey on. Keep them in your pocket, purse or coin purse as a reminder of what healing qualities you wish to be blessed with at the moment.


Autumn Smudge House Blessings Set

House Blessings Manifest Kit

Brightest Blessings, I’m so happy you decided to change a new part in your life, for the coming of Autumn and all her glory. This kit is designed to help you focus you and your home or sacred space to help “manifest” a new beginning and bring in the desires in your life..

How to Set up your Stones..

You will noticed you have 6 gemstones and an Autumn Smudge blend. The Autumn Smudge blend is to cleanse the area and give it a fresh start with positive energy.

Gemstone Selenite: ( Don’t rinse in water or leave in sun) quickly unblocks stagnant energy and removes negative energy. It magnifies the energy of any other gemstone that’s placed upon it. Combine selenite with black tourmaline. It will protect home and clear any negative energy, and help in protection crystal grids. Expands awareness opens psychic abilities.  Brings mental clarity and deep peace. Helps with angelic guidance.

Gemstone: Iron Pyrite ( fools gold): recall beautiful memories, protective stone, attract wealth and prosperity, energy shielding stone, blocks out negative energy, positive stone. Relieves anxiety frustration and boosts self-worth. Great for memory, this stone helps when depressed or deep despair, luck, money, protection, strength, willpower.

Gemstone: Pink Calcite: balance emotions, calming, grounding, spiritual growth, love, Healing, self work, well-being.

Gemstone: Carnelian: career success, grounding, motivation, personal power, helps with creativity, good health, protection, stop – negative energy, stimulates the conscious mind, helps you focus on the present and current needs, helps over come difficult times, manifesting energy to have your desire come to life.

Gemstone: Amethyst: all healing (mind, body, spirit) inner peace, calming one’s mind, a sense of spiritual insight when in a deepen stage of meditations, protective stone, esp, psychic attacks, helps with grief or loss, releases tension, helps over come bad habits tendencies, and calm anxiety attacks.


Cleansing Stones

Cleanse each gemstone with smudging blend burning in shell, to ensure it’s a positive energy to help with your goal you wish to create. It’s to ensure the gemstones, which have passed through so many hands, to get to you at home, are cleaned of other’s energies that might not fit in. Hold stone in hand take shell and pass it over and under stone to encase it with smoke.


Arranging Gemstones

Once stones are cleansed, set up an area where your stones will be seen through the day (altar, mantel, etc..) arrange stones however you wish. I suggest to put selenite in middle and surround other stones around the selenite so the selenite will energize the other stones. Like a mini crystal grid. If you have more stones, flowers, candles feel free to add them, to help further the goal you have in mind.


Autumn Equinox Celebration Ideas

  • Take walks with autumn changing in your wooded area, feel the cool crisp air.
  • Collect leaves with family, and place them on your altar.
  • Or … Write with black Permanent marker in one word what your thankful for on your leaf then poke a hole thru it, tie a string and hang it where you can see it everyday.
  • Create memories with family and friends and bake autumn sugar cookies talk about what you grateful for or just spend time with them. (our Sabbat Mabon and Samhain cookie cutter and recipe box set is available check the boutique.)
  • It’s time to reflect this time of year on what Autumn means to you, the balance of day and night, finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month September or October.
  • Go to pumpkin farm.
  • Drink cider with friends and family, share sweet goodies.
  • Collect Apples.
  • Do some Autumn crafts with Family and Friends (look on for ideas).
  • Go to some Fall Festivals.
  • Enjoy the fruits and the favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “pumpkin spice.” Nothing to big, just go enjoy the Beauty of Autumn. May this Season of Autumn Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N


Forevrgoddess Boutique Charge/Smudging Ritual

Ground/center calm mind, hold the Shell with Smudging inside in your Power hand and say a simple prayer ask for divine power, to bless the Smudging herbs, encircle Smudging herbs with white light.

Open a window.

Light your Smudging herbs in shell.

As it Burns try to focus on cleansing goal/ intent you wish help with. Feel smoke surround you.

Take cupped hand and brush smoke all over body or bless rooms of home, draw sigils with them in air and empower them to life, by visualizing a gold light and start to glow.

Visualize the negative energy, stagnant energy, negative emotions being removed and pushed out.

Feel free to use feathers or broom to push out smoke thru door way or window.

Visualize open window to push out negative energy and welcoming positive energy in. Feel spiritual and physical uplifting of emotions and cleansing.

Once done with smudging ritual, give thanks. Place Shell in a fireproof bowl if necessary to catch ashes and to let it burn out in a safe place.

Brightest Blessings to you – Forevrgoddess Boutique

Look for our Smudging set, blends in Candle, Incense, Sage Section.


About the Author:

Norma Clark I’m the owner of Forevrgoddess Boutique, I live in small rural Paris,Idaho Both me and Hubby are Wiccan with 2 beautiful children and gang of critters. I love to share, inspire, create many Magickal items for my Jewelry and Metaphysical boutique. Come sit for a spell and see the Magick of Forevrgoddess Boutique.


The Bad Witch’s Guide

May, 2018



The Bad Witch’s Guide to Beltane


I love Beltane. The flowers are just blooming. The green is just covering the hedgerows. It also happens to be my wedding anniversary!

There are huge celebrations all over the place, though not nearby it’s just that this year I am craving something quieter. Something a bit more romantic and I can’t quite put my finger on it. One of the best things we ever did was to do the Hastings East hill drumming and dancing in the dawn. On a hill in the ruins of a castle overlooking the sea we watched the light, a sliver of silver light creep, and turn red, then gold.

I’ve never done anything like that before or since. We were all done and dusted by 5.30 a.m. It was magickal. There were Morris dancers dressed in white. Pagan folks in regalia. Folks walking their dogs and people to watching the people.

After some food and a really good nap it was time for the huge parade. More Morris dancers and figures dressed as green men and women and Horned Gods drummed and danced through the streets. Dabbing people with green sponges. It really felt timeless. It felt like the whole town was magickally awake. The whole county!

A lot of pagans I know do camps from about this time of year. Where I had been busy, camping is not an option for me right now. Yet the pull of the wild still draws me. There is something utterly pagan about my island this time of year. Just under the skin of it.

Formal Beltane rituals can seem a bit hetro-centric but at its core Beltane is about the warmth of attraction. About reception and giving of energy. It is, at its core a ritual about balancing energy and understanding; within and in the world around us. It is the internal anima and animus finding momentum to create. It is about harnessing rather than repressing our wildness and turning it into something alive, be it art or science or poetry or an offspring. It is about the power of being alive and being grateful. Grateful for another year, another sunrise, a new day. It is a celebration of life.

It is not about what is in your pants, or whom you want to have sex with (if you want to have sex). That is a very limited view of self, sex, gender and identity. It is about the ritual. The receiving of energy, the channelling of energy, the using of energy to create something new. Ritual is a dream language, a psychological and social tool for healing and re-balancing a group and the self. When we exclude ourselves from the group or ritual we lose out on much of its power and deeper understandings.

As with all things this is a celebration of life has a touch of death with it too. Within Beltane’s warmth is the chill tingle of Samhain’s death. Acknowledging life means accepting death too. This roots you into and puts you out of time. You can see and feel the echo of your actions. Of course the bonfire was made of bone as well as wood. The death in the life as well as the life in the death.

For the May-pole and ribbons are only half of Beltane. The other part is about cleansing, warding off disease and illness through the power of death and fire. Cattle were driven through the ashes of bonfires, or between two large fires to do just that. People would dance around the fires and even jump over them. It was about dousing the hearth fires and re-lighting them from a group, a community fire. It was about re-igniting the heart within the home and community. Within the home. Within the self. It is to be in the dark, to be outside the usual bounds of social norms and to return changed for the better.

I recommend, if you are lucky and privileged enough to have folks nearby, to have get some folks together dance naked around a bonfire with at dawn. If that is not your bag, go and find a high spot. Climb a hill or go to a bridge or ancient ruined castle in the dark. Stand and wait in the darkness facing the east. Drum if you can. Or just be in the silence. Light a candle, or a fire if you can too. Watch the sunrise. Dance if you can. Or just stretch. Be at the mercy of the weather. No-one is outside the circle of life and death. After all it is the impulses and desire and joys that make us fully human.


SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

November, 2017

Fire Clearing

Merry meet.

At pagan festivals, it is almost expected there will be fire performers. While fire is one of the elements and there’s something primal about it, I never saw it as particularly connected to a pagan or spiritual practice.

That was until six weeks ago when a coven sister did her first fire clearing.

Ever since I’ve picked up my fans, I knew there was a spiritual component to them,” said Becky Coates who has been a fire spinner for 18 months. “Before they came into my life, I was often seeing them in sacred space and dancing with them during meditations. The first time I had them in my hands they immediately felt so right. I then took them to all my spiritual circles, to pick up the energy of that, but I didn’t know what to do with it,” she said.

This past summer, someone picked up her card at a farmers market. Noticing it mentioned Coates as a massage therapist, tarot reader and fire dancer, and asked, “‘Do you do that for energy clearing?’ and my answer was, ‘I can, but not yet.’”



Wondering why she wasn’t doing that, she thought about what it would be like. At a Mabon weekend retreat with 20 other goddesswomen, she decided it was the perfect time to begin.

Every time I do it, I understand it more and more. It started out with the clearing aspect of it, but now I’m also getting into energy raising. I’m excited to see how this practice grows.”



She’s developed a basic structure for a routine that lasts the three minutes the fans burn. It starts when she approaches the fire, connecting with the fire source before she lights her fans and asks it to work through her. Barefoot, she then gracefully approaches the person to be cleared. She lets the fire greet them in the way it calls and then she casts a circle by spinning deosil around the person to be cleared. Starting in the center, she sweeps the energy from the center line out.

I can feel the density as I’m passing though, so I’ll feel a subtle shift. The faster movements bring energy up,” she said.



As she works on both sides of the body at the same time, Coates explained, “It’s learning and it’s balancing.”

As she sweeps and fans, raises and lowers, and spins around as you’re standing still, you can hear the whoosh of the air rippling through the fire as the fans are moved quickly. You can smell a hint of Coleman camp fuel. You can feel warmth come near and move away. You can also feel a stirring in you, a negativity or a block you are willing to release being swept away.

After her second clearing, Kelli Cooke said, “I always feel like old energy is being cleared out, and old patterns are broken and undone. Any heaviness I’ve been carrying is set free, burned away.”

For me, I could feel the fire burning away the frustration and fear I wished to release from my life, and I could feel them being pushed away as they lost the hold they had had on my body and spirit.

Coates brings the fans over the head of the person “to acknowledge the power within them.” From there, she follows what she’s called to do. It might be more clearing heavy energy out of the aura or rising the energy. The times I’ve watched her she’s been focused, eyes often closed, listening to her inner wisdom that guides her movements.



You’re so in the moment,” she said.

Those receiving cleansing have said the same.

Obviously, experience with fire spinning is a basic requirement for anyone wanting to do a fire clearing. So is a having a good sense of depth perception. In addition to fans, Coates thought hoops might also be used. If working with poi, consider using them to clear an area or cast a circle rather than for close-up work.

I could see using fire for more directive magic. You could use a staff or sword as a wand. If you have a prop that you’re playing with, ask it,’How do you want to be of service?’”

“Fire is such a communicative element and if you are touched by it, you know it’s power. It can feel like a warm hug or a blazing inferno and so much can be transformed through its energy,” Coates said.

Kerry Bower felt both.

She said she was honored to receive Coates’ first ritual clearing.



I still don’t know what happened to me the few hours before the fire clearing, but it was extremely intense. I was very emotional and vulnerable. The combination of physical feeling I got from the heat along with the sound of the flames and the sight of the light behind my closed eyes really helped me release the spiritual weight I no longer wanted to carry,” Bowers said.

It was purging the most physical and mental pain I had ever experienced. The flames took me from the low I felt hours earlier, and lifted my spirit, like a phoenix rising. I felt empowered and protected.”



While currently in Connecticut, Coates will be going on the road in 2018, so she may be at a festival or function near you – or could be. For more information, email or visit her website at

Merry part. And merry meet again.




About the Author:


Lynn Woike was 50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae, Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can follow her boards on Pinterest, and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.

Crystal Connections

August, 2017

Cleansing and Charging


Crystals absorb and hold the energy from their surroundings. Each time you or someone else comes in contact with your crystals they retain some of the energy from that interaction. After each use you should take time to clear away the energy that they’ve taken on as well as recharging to make sure that your minerals intent is restored. This ensures that your crystals are ready to use when needed.


There are a few different ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals and minerals. Below are some of the different techniques that I’ve used.


Smudging – I use white sage and palo santo wood. I will either hold the stones in the smoke or using my feather I will wave the smoke over them.



Full Moon – I normally set them on my window sill during the three day/night cycle of the full moon.


Sun – As with the moon, you can place them on your window sill or in front of a window. Just be aware that some minerals may fade if exposed to the sunlight for extended periods of time.



Water – I’ve only used this a handful of times but you can bathe them in lukewarm water. Make sure that your crystal isn’t water soluble like Selenite!


Earth – You can bury them in soil whether it be in your garden or a potted plant in your home, again I would make sure that the crystals you have aren’t water soluble.



Energy – I’ve also used visual cleansing, while holding the stones or crystals I will ground myself then visualize golden light entering my crown chakra and as it runs its course through my body, I visualize it washing over the crystal as well.


Crystals – Some minerals naturally cleanse so I have a lot of small pieces of hematite just for this purpose. There are also a few crystals that never need to be cleansed or recharged and hematite is one of them.


My preferred method of cleansing and recharging is the Energy method. I really like being touchy feely with my minerals and I feel that having a physical and visual connectedness with them strengthens our bond so to speak. That isn’t to say that it’s the best method, it’s just what works for me. Which method or technique speaks to you? Do you have one that you use or prefer over the others? Or do you do something completely different? If so, let me know I’d love to hear what works or doesn’t work for you.

Aromatic Life

March, 2016



Lemons might seem an unlikely addition to

the Witch’s armoury but they have a good

many uses both medicinally and magically.

Lemons have long been prized for their high vitamin content, and lemon juice is still carried at sea to prevent scurvy. The juice makes an excellent gargle for sore throats and, when diluted, can be applied to reduce itching. It is recommended for rheumatic pain and can even be used to counteract some poisons. A teaspoon undiluted will cure even the most stubborn hiccoughs. If you make your own lemonade you won’t want to touch the fizzy stuff again. Mix the juice of one lemon and a tablespoonful of caster sugar in ½ pint of cold water and drink for the most refreshing and cooling drink.

Lemon juice in water can be used to cleanse magical objects and is particularly good at shining up silverware. Lemon Charms were often made and given to bring blessings and luck, especially in a new home. Take a small lemon and tie it with red ribbon to hang it up. Into the remaining skin press as many new pins as you can. Hang it in the central room of the house. An alternative version of this was sometimes made by pressing cloves into the skin. Grow a lemon from seed if you wish to attract love, and if the tree bears fruit, however small, give it to your lover to seal your relationship. Thinly slice a lemon crossways and carefully dry the slices. Arrange and glue these in a crescent moon and place above your altar as a gift to the Goddess.

Simple Spells and Rituals

August, 2013

As far as something simple and effective, I don’t think it gets much simpler than smudging, also known as saging or smoking, a space to rid it of negative energies.  It has been my experience that this is the most well known and most widely used way of smudging.

Smudging, or the sacred smoke bowl blessing,  is a powerful cleansing technique started by The Native North Americans which actually dates back millennia.  Most traditional cultures, including the Zulu, and Chinese, for example, have age old rituals for blessing and cleansing.  It is impossible to say for certain when smudging actually began, but early civilation came to know that the smoke from particular herbs had beneficial effects for humanity.  Originally mixtures of sacred herbs, as well as resins, were burned in a special bowl and the smoke was then wafted around the person or place that needed purification and cleansing.  Eventually it was found to be simpler to bind dried herbs together either with colored string, or a strip of hide to provide an easier way of smudging.  In addition to cleansing and purifying, the Native North Americans see smudging as a way of shifting between various levels of reality, connecting us here in the material, physical world to the subtle spirit realm.

Originally sage and sweetgrass were the predominant choice for smudge.  Sage drives out any negative thoughts, influences, energies or spirits, while sweetgrass is used to attract positive energy.  Although these two ingredients alone are quite effective, the blend has a myriad of particular mixtures, for specific uses, here are just a few:

Cleansing mix for a new house:  Sage, sweetgrass and juniper

Emotional cleansing (after arguments and in relationship rituals):  Sage, cedar, lavender, and borage which is optional.

Mental clearing mix for clarity:  Rosemary, juniper, pure tobacco, sweetgrass.

Healing of mind and body:  sage, cedar, lavender, and echinacea which is optional.

Spiritual mix, for divination, intuition and calling on the spirits:  sage, mugwort, copal or frankincense resin, lavender

The recipes are limited only by your imagination.  When making mixtures for particular uses and ritual the general concensus is that it is far easier and convenient to mix dried herbs in whatever desired ratio that is most pleasing to you.  It is best to use a charcoal block and then add the mixture a pinch at a time to keep a strong and continuous smoke going, rather than putting in a large amount which omly burns what is in direct contact with the charcoal and you then have to stop and try to scoop it up to re-add it.  One thing that is definetly worth mentioning is that you can use culinary sage if need be.  You can then use your mixture in whatever ritual you have chosen for the issue at hand.

There are several good, reasonably inexpensive books available regarding smudging.  My personal favorite is:  The Smudgings and Blessings Book by Jane Alexander.  The reason I favor this book is it is extremely informative about the Native American beliefs, it gets into how they view the quarters and what each direction represents to them.  In addition to a super enlightening section on that, she then moves on to the Wheel of the Year and our Sabbats, so their is a great deal one can learn on multiple subjects that would be of interest to anyone interested in both the Wiccan religion, as well as getting some education on another pagan belief system.

The other book I have personal knowledge of is : Sacred Smoke by Harvest McCampbell, this book was given a very high rating by a good friend, but I myself have not read it.

There is also a web site:, which gets into smudging as well.

My first personal contact with smudging was about 25 years ago in a strictly Native American setting, but I integrated it into my personal life very quickly with always positive results.  One other thing worth mentioning is that in my researching smudging I have seen it said in the Wiccan context that after a person smudges to remove negativity, you should then burn incense of your choice due to the belief that removing the negativity from a space leaves a vacuum.  I have never subscribed to this philosophy due to the fact that I always use sweetgrass in whatever blend I make because it attracts positive energy to the space, but I felt this was definitely worth mentioning in my attempt to share information and educate.  Brightest Blessings!

Hally’s Hints

August, 2011

The Cleansed Connection

As energetic beings a lot of what we do, what we feel, need, want and so forth are governed by electrical impulses we direct within ourselves. The purpose of which is to create energetic responses which provides us with a sensation or seemingly emotional response.

This transaction that occurs on an unconscious and ethereal level impacts everything external to ourselves. We do this in milliseconds every day without ever stopping to think or even contemplate about this. It is something that simply happens.

In addition to this is our ethereal self, the many layers (for the purpose of this article the context of ethereal is in terms of aura) of our aura that vibrates from us responds to these impulses. Be it the mentality of cause and effect or the line of communication internally and externally derived and combined.

Consider when you are feeling down, sad, upset or otherwise how small you feel. It is as though you are carrying the world on your shoulders. In comparison to when you are happy, excited and feeling confident. Consider how big you feel, the sensation that is flowing through you and it is as though you are going to explode in the best possible way; it is that incredible.

This is a vague example of how powerful when aligned the connection is and the impact this can have on us.

To this take this one step further, consider that you can, have and do control this process. Irrelevant of what is happening around you, you have the power to respond in any way that you would like.

With this said that does not mean that this is always in a perfect state. Whilst we aim and strive for this, we can find that heavy feeling sticking around a little too often. This is because, on occasion, this communication can become blurred due to your ethereal layers being what I call ‘dirty’, or blocked. This can then be absorbed internally and externally into the physical. (Whilst this part of ourselves is extremely detailed, this article is one very small aspect of what happens).

What I mean by this is that we have a tendency to pick up other energies, whether we realise it or not. This can be positive and negative. In addition to this we can also take on the traits of these energies which may include negative thought patterns or illnesses. If this wasn’t enough as easily as we can pick up energies so too can others; we can have our energy taken from us from someone else. Keeping in mind this is rarely done consciously and with malice, it is a survival mechanism.

To keep yourself balanced, in check and feeling like yourself, include regular cleansing into your daily routine. Be it chakra balancing, ethereal cleansing, meditation on all parts or simply using white sage. There are numerous methodologies to assist with this and it comes down to what is right for you in that moment.

The purpose of this is to ensure that what you feel, the emotion that you experience is yours and holds the intent of your purpose rather than being a blurred version and interpretation.

Cleansing your own Chakras

May, 2006

Cleansing your own Chakras

How often do you feel:

Heavy, tired when you really shouldn’t be, in a funk, as if you want a shower when you’re actually clean,

or just too cluttered?

Each day we pick up gunk in our aura from others by simply passing them in a crowded market or speaking with an upset friend on the phone. This is then added to the gunk we accumulate from our own toil and trouble. This gunk then gets sucked in to the constantly spinning energy wheels in our aura that we all know as our Chakras. I will explain here, how to clean your own chakras when you don’t have a healer of any sort about to do it for you. For the sake of brevity, I’m only going to run through the main 7 in this short article. All the myriads of others, however, can be taken care of in much the same way with a few adaptations that you can easily make yourself before beginning your own self cleansing.

You’ll need a quartz crystal, (Any type will do as long as the energy feels right) a relaxing place to sit or lie down, and some soothing music unless you simply choose to relax to the sound of silence.

Start out by sitting or lying for a few minutes in your place of choice. Become aware of your body. Then place your quartz on your first chakra, also known as the root chakra. This chakra is at the base of your spine, and is red in color. This first chakra is responsible for grounding, being centered, and survival. Picture the constantly spinning wheel that is your chakra opening wider to allow the quartz to pull out and cleanse away all the dirty and negative gunk from it that has been bogging you down. Now picture the quartz bringing a clean, healing, red light down from the universe into itself, and finally in to your first chakra. While you see and feel this light filling your first chakra make this affirmation to yourself aloud or in your mind.

"I am properly grounded and centered in my universe as I grow and thrive on my path."

Now move your quartz up slightly to rest on your second chakra. This chakra is located just above your first chakra. It is orange in color and is responsible for your creativity and sexuality. Picture that chakra wheel opening to allow the quartz to remove all negativity and cleanse it. Then feel the quartz draw down from the universe and deposit a lovely, vibrant, orange, healing light within the chakra. to yourself or aloud, say,

"I am a creative and sexual being."

Onward to your third chakra. This one is located in the area of your solar plexus, and is yellow in color. It deals with cleansings of body, mind, and spirit alike. It is located near your large intestine, so I call it the letting go chakra. Sometimes we tend to become constipated in more than one way. The body, mind, and spirit can all hold on to waste too long which can drag us down. It makes for a more clean being just to let it all go. If you feel like crying, breathing more deeply than usual, or even going to the bathroom while the third chakra is being cleansed by you and your quartz crystal, this is normal. Simply resume the cleansing when you’re ready. Picture that third chakra wheel opening to allow the quartz to remove the gunk, and then to give it a lovely, universal, yellow light of cleansing and freedom from burden. Affirm aloud or to yourself in thought,

"I let go of all that is bad for my well being."

This next chakra can be another emotional one to cleanse, for it is the heart. It is located above your heart, as you may have guessed, and is green or pink in color following your own preference. Place your quartz on your heart, and picture the chakra wheel of the heart opening wider to allow any gunk, negativity or pain to be released to the quartz, and then cleansed away. Allow then the quartz to bring down universal healing green light and love to fill your heart chakra with warmth. Say aloud or to yourself,

"I make my choices with wisdom and love."

Next comes the throat chakra. It is located at the base of your throat, and is blue in color. As you cleanse this chakra, you’ll feel all stiffness and tension leaving your neck and shoulders. You may also find yourself thinking of things that you need to say to someone, but as of yet have not. Those stiff shoulders are telling you that they do not like holding things inside. If proper thought is put in to what is said, we can speak truth with kindness and thus unburden ourselves of the heavy weight of unspoken words. Direct your quartz to pull all the anger, stress, and gunk from the throat chakra, as it opens to gladly allow this cleansing. Then replace any such feelings with a clean, cool, healing, blue light that the quartz pulls down from the universe. Affirm aloud or to yourself,

"I speak the truth with love and clarity."

Place your quartz now on your 6th chakra which is located on your brow just above your nose and between your eyes. This chakra is called the third eye, and is purple in color. Focus on the wheel of this chakra, and actually picture it as an eye opening wider and wider as the crystal cleanses it of any gunk that may have fogged it over and blinded it even in the least. Then feel a warm, healing, purple light of sight and intuition coming from the universe, in to the quartz, and finally in to your third eye where it will serve to strengthen your psychic ability. Say aloud or to yourself,

"My inner sight guides me on my path."

Move your quartz now to rest on the top of your head where your crown chakra is located. This chakra is white, and serves as your connection to your higher self, the universal energy, and your spirit guides. When this chakra wheel opens for the cleansing, become fully aware of your deepest and highest self. Become fully aware of the greatness of the universe that surrounds you. Become fully aware of all your wonderful, powerful, and loving spirit guides who teach and protect you. Feel yourself coming closer to all of these beautiful truths as your quartz cleanses this chakra of any blockages and gunk that may be in your way to a higher enlightenment. Then feel the quartz pulling down universal white light to lift and fill you with pure, clean, knowledge and love.

Allow the cleansing of the gunk and then the depositing of the healing light in each chakra to take as long as you feel it needs to take. Don’t rush. Some chakras may be easier to clean than others, depending on what is going on in your life at the time of each cleansing. Do this often, for our aura is as much a part of us as our body is, and it needs its shower/bath as well. When you’ve finished the cleansing, be still and relax for a few minutes before getting up slowly to have a refreshing glass of water. You should feel light of body and in happy spirits for several days after a good cleansing.

Now that you’re all clean, though, don’t forget about the crystal that helped you in that process. It has worked hard and needs to be cleansed as well. There are many ways to do this, so I always tell people to use what ever method feels right to them. You’ll know if your quartz feels properly free of gunk after you’ve cleaned it. If it doesn’t, try something else. Some people put their quartz in the sun to cleanse. Others submerge it in a dish of salt water. I simply run mine under cool running tap water for about sixty seconds, and picture all gunk flowing out of it and down the drain. Then if it isn’t perfectly happy, I hold it in my hand for a while and give it healing energy and white light. That usually does the trick. Some of these methods may work for you or you may invent your own. There is no right or wrong way, as each quartz is unique.