Stones Corner

November, 2011


Upliftment.  Aligns spine.  Gives sense of stability.  Gives off energy and helps emotional balance.   Helps rid the body of toxins.  Mental and emotional clarity.  Problem solving, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestions.  Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders, allergies.  Detoxification: Spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, intestines.    This mineral increases awareness and control of mind and emotions.  It enhances digestion and improves circulation of blood.  Cheerfulness, control over emotions, brings clear thought and overcomes mental blocks.


Following the principle of like-aiding-like, it can be used as a remedy for toxic conditions caused by petroleum products and radiation contacts.  Body tissues are actually stimulated to cause regeneration allowing for and uplifted feeling as healing occurs.  Acts on the 1st Chakra.


Brings love, patience, gentleness, compassion.  Soothes intensity of feelings.  Mental and emotional balancer.