He Said, She Said

August, 2006

On the Move: It’s What Inside That Counts

The Lighthouse. Morgan arrives home and finds Weyland in the living room, surrounded by sealed cardboard boxes. He’s taping up the last one with a tired grunt.
Morgan: Wow, you’ve been busy!
Weyland (dull eyed and groggy): You ain’t a-kiddin’, babe. This room’s done. Shot, stuffed, and mounted. (Wipes an arm across his forehead.) Whew!
Morgan: You must be exhausted. How about a frosty drink?
Weyland: If I can sit down first you’ve got yourself a deal.
Morgan: What’s that noise?
Weyland: What noise?
A scratching sound is coming from inside a nearby box.
Morgan (pointing at the box, which has begun to wobble slightly): That noise.
Weyland (scoots behind her and stares at the box from over her shoulder): What’s in there?
Morgan (eyes wide): Open it….
Weyland: Me? You’re closer!
Morgan: You taped it up!
The scratching is louder now, and more insistent. Weyland, armed with a butter knife, soft-shoes over to the shaking carton and gingerly slices it open. Flame the cat hops out & gives Weyland an indignant look before Morgan scoops him up.
Morgan (nuzzling the fat orange cat): You poor baby!
Weyland: Goddess, I must be tired!
Morgan: I can’t believe you did that.
Weyland: Hey, stuff happens. How about that frosty drink?
Morgan: Later. (She looks around.) Where are the kids?
Two other boxes begin to scratch and shake….


author bio:

Two kids! Two cats! A little brunette with a big attitude! Plus dragons & fairies & darklings, oh my! And oh yeah, Weyland lives there too! They call the new apartment the Lanterns ’cause Morgan won’t let Wey name it the Busted Flush! (Did I mention the brunette with attitude yet?) Send your spare cash and condolences to [email protected] Mizpah!