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Coming Out of The Psychic Closet

October, 2018

Are You Afraid to Share Your Experiences with Others?

It is certainly encouraging that modern society is beginning to allow people to come out of their unique closets of personal truth and be accepted for who they are. 

Those people are finding the courage to reveal the true nature of their individual life choices and experiences. But what if you don’t understand the nature of your life experiences and don’t remember making choices to be psychic? How do you share such a thing with your friends and family? Will they reject you, laugh at you, or call you ‘crazy’ and force you back to the safety of your secret closet? And if so, how long might you remain alone there until you try again?

We asked medium and mentor, Sheri Engler, author of The Pearls of Wisdom: A Fairytale Guide to Life’s Magic Secrets For All Ages for advice to help one cope with burgeoning psychic skills, while finding balance between personal and social realities. She says, “It is important to first identify what your fears actually are. Then simply replace them with something more comfortable.” 

Here are a few typical questions and fears with some possible solutions to help get you started:

Does using the word “psychic” conjure foolish images of fortune tellers with crystal balls; spiritualists raising tables in shadowy séances; greedy scammers on psychic hotlines; or even new age, “airy-fairy” wannabe’s? —If so, consider using other words such as “intuition” or “high sensitivity to energies”. Try enlisting support from others by confiding that you are experiencing “metaphysical events” that you do not yet fully understand yourself. Ignite their interest and compassion, as opposed to judgment, by researching together the many resources online. Treat it as light and fun, and it will likely be less fear-provoking for all concerned. It is important to avoid trying to prove anything to anyone, as that quickly develops into a negative debate instead of the positive support you are seeking.

If you were to accept that you do indeed have “psychic ability”, could it suddenly take you over or invite dark energies? —The short answer is “No”. The longer answer is that having a fear of anything is the surest way to attract that exact thing to you. So don’t. Know that you have complete control over your own mind and your own personal space. You have a sovereign right to declare your space to be free of all negativity. It is as simple as that. Consider this… by the act of driving your car down the road, are you risking that your vehicle may suddenly take over your ability to control it?—Or could driving be construed as an invitation for someone to crash into you?… Of course not. You simply drive safely and go about your business, right? 

What about the reaction your religious acquaintances or your partner might have once you reveal your “psychic self”? Might they reject you? —It needs to be said here that not all relationships are supportive to one’s own growth. Inner and outer change and expansion are opportunities to houseclean not only your own belief systems but those of others as well. True love will accept you as you are. This may be a providential litmus test for your highest good. If you stick to the rule of “keep what serves and leave what hurts,” you will rarely if ever go wrong.

Ms. Engler advises those who are having unexplainable experiences to “Be calm and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to discover who you are, but use discernment when choosing with whom you wish to share your exciting journey. Frequently, you’ll find that they are grateful to you for coming out of your psychic closet, because it offers them courage to come out of their own! This increase in energetic awareness is happening on a massive scale. Statistically speaking, it is more unusual to not have had some sort of psychic experiences than it is to have them. Survey your friends and see for yourself.

The truth is we are all born into this world as psychic beings. This heightened sensory ability is greatly revered in indigenous cultures. Modern society, however, begins at childhood to systematically shame away this basic component of our natural birthright to the extent that we have forgotten that the “supernatural” is natural and the “paranormal” is normal.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with you—in fact, there is something very right with you. You are just as you were born to be, so be who you are.


About the Author:

Sheri D. Engler is the author/illustrator of The Pearls of Wisdom: A Fairy Tale Guide to Life’s Magic Secrets for All Ages(www.ThePearlsOfWisdomBook .com). She is an experienced mentor, medium, and metaphysicist with a background in psychology, counseling and research. She received a BA in Clinical Psychology at San Francisco State University.

A Year and a Day

April, 2014

Coming out of the Broom Closet


One of the major discussions among Pagan groups is whether or not to be in ‘the broom closet’.  This is reference to a person being open about their Pagan beliefs to others, including their friends, family, co-workers, or the general public.  It’s a touchy subject, which many Pagans have strong opinions about.


Coming out of the broom closet can lead to broken relationships if the person receiving the news feels strongly against your Pagan beliefs.  Some Pagans refuse to be open about their religious beliefs for fear of persecution or judgement by their friends or co-workers.  Some Pagans feel that this persecution could go so far as being fired from a job or being disowned by family members.


However ‘coming clean’ about your Pagan beliefs can also be cathartic.  Even though one side of the Witches’ Pyramid is ‘To Be Silent’, that doesn’t necessarily mean hiding who you are.  Admitting to others what your beliefs are can lead to some surprising results, including finding support from places you did not expect.  It can also help you accept yourself and your chosen path, especially if you have struggled to understand why you have been drawn to your current path and where it might lead you.


One way to decide whether or not to share your Pagan beliefs with others is to ask yourself what you might gain and what you might lose if you do so.  If the benefits outweigh the repercussions, it might be a good time to consider being honest about your Pagan views.  Also, admitting you’re a Pagan for shock value or to upset people is never a good reason to come out of the broom closet.


Coming out could be as easy as telling your friends or family that you’re a Pagan.  Naturally there will be questions, so be armed with answers you feel comfortable talking about and that you feel accurately represent your Pagan beliefs and Paganism as a whole.  Be prepared for silly or offensive questions, for example, concerns about Satan or Hell.  But try not to judge the people asking those questions.  Misconceptions about Pagans, Wiccans and witches are very common due to popular media, and outsiders can find it hard to discern between truth and myth.


Whether you are “in” or “out” of the broom closet, it is still a personal choice that can only be made by yourself.  Nobody has the right to share your beliefs with others without your express permission.  Religion is a personal choice and it’s up to you whether or not you want to share your Pagan beliefs with others.


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My Introduction to Self and Path

May, 2006

My name is Mira~Nise. I live in eastern-central Florida across the water from NASA. We have a good eye’s view of the shuttle lift-offs practically from our yard. I go to a UU Church here in Florida, and know several pagans who work out there. Goes to show you not all pagans are fluffy bunnies as you gotta have some smarts to work out there.

I am a stay at home Mom, Basically my whole life, I am 42 and still have two kids at home. I home schooled the kids when they were younger and stopped when my oldest was ready for High school. I have six kids, A 25 year old tall and funny Daughter {A blonde, who dyes her hair blonde}, {I was seventeen when I had her}, A set of Strapping 23 year old twin Boys, {not identical and only 5’7}, A spit fire 22 year old Daughter, who is tiny, tiny and only 5’6. A 17 year old, six foot tall, strong and funny Son and a 14 year old Boy, who is the only one of my kids who wears glasses and gets straight A’s and also almost six feet tall. I also have six Grand-kids now!

My Husband is one of the smartest men I know, He really puts some effort into the things that he does. He is a hard worker and people genuinely like him. He works on computers at his regular job and works for a company run by the same boss that makes trips to Pakistan and other places where natural disasters have happened, to help out by supplying a special water purifier for that area. He does not do the traveling but he does manufacture the water purifiers. I tease him alot but he really is my favorite man along with our son’s and my Dad, I like his Dad pretty well too.

About My Pagan Path: I thought I was strictly Wiccan, then I began to realize you need a Deity, so I thought I was a Witch with spirituality, but I don’t cast as many spells as I think a witch is supposed to. I do cast though! I have decided that although I don’t have a particular Deity and I don’t believe, near, like I used to, in the Bible God, and after discovering that there are so many God’s and Goddesses, I came to the conclusion that they all had to come from somewhere. So, my Deity, per se’, is the Universe and it’s universal energy. Everything lives within the Universe including the Deities. The Universe holds and creates the energies that we all use. I also Surmised that the Deities use this same energy, they however, can get so much closer to the energy than we can, but we can still use the same energy as well.

An example: Rivers create an energy if you start at the source they rush with a force that creates canyons and as they get closer to the low lands they become tap water from our sink. Along the way we find many Dams {Deities} that harness the energy and supply us with it’s power. This is a good thing! There are mountain folk who get there water {energy} straight from the source, the beginning of the flow and function with a little more work but productively none the less, there is more danger involved generally, rivers (from the source) run faster and deeper, anyone ever been river rafting?

I am not saying that people should not have Deities, not at all. They are given to us for a reason, many people need them. I personally do not have a Deity, in my search however, I found the Universe and it is my means of sustaining me. I, very much, believe in a nature based religion. I believe the Deities serve the same purpose in varied ways, but ultimately to help us along in our spiritual path. The Universe is like an all encompassing Temple, where things happen, with no particular Deity to source from, I felt I needed something, so I went straight to the source, The Universe.

This way of Spirituality may not work for everyone, Nothing works for everyone. But it does work for me. I am not saying the Deities are less or non functional, I have seen them work for other people, I have seen prayers heal and have seen the need in someones heart for a higher power. I believe Deities belong in our world, our Universe.

But for those who don’t have one or any Deities, like myself, this is what I found most tangible for me. I cant see the walls of the Universe, it’s most likely, many galaxies away. But I know it’s there, I can feel it, because we live within it’s walls.


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Reader Response

April, 2006

This is in response to the “Coming Out” articles in the March Issue of Pagan Pages

My daughter-in-law’s mother is ordinarily a very sweet person, but when she found out that my daughter and I do not subscribe to Christianity, she began a bully pulpit campaign to convert us to her way of thinking……rabid, narrow-minded evangelicism.

After enduring her questions, such as “aren’t you afraid you’ll go to Hell?” and “Why can’t you accept Jesus as your Savior?”, I finally looked her in the eye and said: “Karen, I do not proselytize you to convert to my religious beliefs, why do you feel you have the right to proselytize me to YOUR beliefs!? I respect your right to your beliefs, but, obviously, you do not respect mine!”

She sputtered for a few minutes, before I then asked her….”why is it that Christians feel they can use food, housing, and medical care or, withholding such basic needs, to force non-christians into converting to their way of thinking? Why can’t you respect other’s religious beliefs, and feel it’s your way or no way? And if Christianity is so wonderful, why did Christians feel they had the right to steal so many philosophical ideas from other religions, particularly Wicca? Why did Christians feel they had to massacre women in the Middle Ages, or fight Muslims in Jerusalem and lay the foundation for today’s troubles in the Middle East?”

Again she sputtered for a few moments, before saying, “Christians fought the Muslims because they were desecrating holy sites!” “Oh really?” I replied, ”Why would they “desecrate” sites that were just as holy to them as they are to Christians? After all, Christianity and Islam are both offshoots of Judaism.”

Needless to say, she had no reply to my last question. But when she tried to deny the female holocaust of the Middle Ages. I recommended that she read When God Was a Woman, but I doubt that she will because it would disturb her “born again” rigidity.

I also pointed out to her that women were the physicians for eons before men decided to interfere, and modern medicine is now just beginning to realize the contributions of these ancient wise women. That according to archeological findings, women were the first farmers and domesticators because they were the gatherers while their men were off hunting wild game. Women wisely decided it would be better to grow renewable food resources, rather than having to keep moving on to find new food supplies. This is why there so many fertility Goddesses worshiped…not just for human fertility, but for the fertility of the land and crops!

She looked at me with fear in her eyes because I had punctured all her arguments like the fragile balloons they are, and then changed the subject.

We pagans need not be defensive of our beliefs and way of life. We just need to marshal our knowledge and beliefs to counter those who would deny us our religious freedoms.


author bio:

BanRighe Nhic Michael

BanRighe is a solo Wiccan practitioner who researched to find her own spirituality after becoming horrified by Christianity‘s hypocracy, and who finds it hilariously funny to have been told numerous times that she is the most “perfect christian” many people have ever met!!