Book Review – Vocal Magick: The User-Friendly Guide to Your Most Adaptable Ritual Tool By Bill Duvendack

March, 2018

Vocal Magick: The User-Friendly Guide to Your Most Adaptable Ritual Tool

By Author Bill Duvendack


Mr. Bill Duvendack is a well-known astrologer, specifically an esoteric astrologer, psychic teacher, and author. With over 30 years of study and practice, he is well-versed on matters of which he writes. He teaches classes online webinars through Kepler College, and in person at shops in the Metro St. Louis area. He is also available for private consultations.

Mr. Duvendack gives a brief history of what communication and vocal vibration are, without weighing down the subject. His writing style is straightforward. His writing is not dry, but witty and fun to read. Reading the book is easy. He covers how language connects to the culture it is used in, the semantics of the words you choose in ritual and how they have weight behind them. The depth of knowledge he shows in his writing gives credence to the number of years he had studied before he took up this subject. In this book, he also gives you clarity on how to use what insight you gain to work better at bringing to life the reality you want to create for yourself and the world.

In Vocal Magick, the author covers universal and karmic laws, as well as learning to recognize and be aware of the words you choose in your everyday language. Mr. Duvendack talks about removing ego from the conversation; he shares the story of the rubber band that he used so that he could remove the word “I” from talks. The author also talks about how the words you use when speaking with others gives them an insight into how you perceive the world. This book is about learning to control not only your communications but also your thought processes.

One of the things that Mr. Duvendack explains in this book is that when you vocalize something, the visual audience that you see isn’t the only audience listening. We all know that we have spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and others on the astral plane that hear us. By paying attention to how we use our language, we control what we build on the astral plane. Early in the book, the author talks about using mudras to amplify what you’re saying. You can do this in a way that your audience can’t tell what you are doing.

I like this book, and I have recommended it to a couple of shop owners who are not in the Metro St. Louis area, and they are looking forward to carrying it in their shop. You can also contact the author through his website to get “Vocal Magick” or any of his other books or attend some of his Webinars.


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About the Author:

Dawn Borries loves reading and was thrilled to become an E-Book reviewer for PaganPages.Org. Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past 25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook page.  If you are interested in a reading you can reach her at:

Can We Bear It?!

March, 2018

Peculiar things can happen when you raise teenagers…

Our middle son, born on Halloween, is a bit of a dark horse, a deeply introverted child. As he entered the teenage years (he is 16) he turned monosyllabic. This is not uncommon in teenage boys. Some only grunt so I am fortunate that my son still uses words.

However, he has turned dealing with parents into, what I have come to think of as, a multiple choice exercise. Whenever I ask him a question, he has a repertoire of five standard responses he selects from. Those responses are (in order of preference at his end):

  1. Uh-oh!!
  2. Oh-I-Dunno
  3. It wasn’t me!!
  4. Shifty!!
  5. Word puns and jokes (“Which Witch?! ” or “The Snow Moon/There’s No Moon” – yesterday’s invention)

When he is forced to engage in longer communication with me, he resorts to word puns and jokes wherever possible. (“Where did you park your broomstick today Mum?!”)

When he is in an exceptionally good mood his vocabulary stretches to “deez” (short for decent).

At parent evenings we are told that he is an A star student – but he is too chatty in class.


Recently (“reez”?!) one even stranger thing occurred. One day he “abducted” my teddy bear. Yes, I am the kind of grown-up who has (and travels with) a teddy bear. Her name is Anastasia and she wears a pink dress. A friend of mine made her a magical cape so she now wears a star-studded black flying cape over her pink dress. This makes her look like a cross between a wizard and a crow (and a bear obviously).

Anastasia started disappearing for considerable periods (lasting from a weekend up to about two weeks). I thought: either she has really cracked the use of her magical cape now and she is off on adventures – or there is something else going on…

After her initial disappearance she was spotted one evening seated on the sofa next to my son. They were watching TV together. I scooped her up and said: “So there you are!!!” She replied (with voice assistance from my son) that she loves hanging out with Son #2, that they have become close friends.

I explained that she is still my bear and after a long dialogue (yes a long dialogue, many words!!) she told me that Son #2 and I need arrive at a time-share arrangement. Not unlike divorced parents she added: a custody arrangement.

Divorced parents???

His Dad and I have made great efforts to keep our marriage solid. Where does (s)he get this idea from??

Anastasia explained that this could be very informal: I can have her for a few days and then he can have her for a few days. When I need to travel she can accompany me (today I am off to the U.S. for 10 days – I am writing this at the airport waiting for my flight) but when he needs extra support (for instance in exam periods or when he is ill) I will gracefully let him have her for days (or even weeks) on end.

Anastasia happily flies and shuttles between the two of us on her invisible broomstick.

When I need to know what is going on in my son’s life I ask Anastasia (with him within hearing distance to provide voice support). She tells me that she knows everything that goes on in his life (and mind) but she only has clearance to tell me a few selected things…

After two years where most replies to my questions are “Shifty!!!!!!” I consider that a major lucky break.

Anastasia will also answer questions about his emotional states. When I ask how Son #2 is she will say: upset, or happy, or annoyed…. and so forth.

What Mum of teenagers would not agree to a “time share” on her teddy bear to know what is going on with her son?!

The bear herself loves it. She views herself as a great explorer, a travel writer. She writes a Bear Blog on the Bear Web that humans cannot access.

I have often wondered if middle son, around age 18 or so, will decide to engage in regular communication again (perhaps he will need some help sorting out study finance for university?!)

My fear is that he will walk out the door, saying “bye” (or possibly “uh oh!!”) and forget to call for months at a time. My husband says: that is fine, we will make the phone calls or initiate the Skypes…. He may need money sometimes….

I do not know yet if Anastasia wishes to go to university or continue her life with me here in London. However, I am confident that she will be willing to liaise and mediate either way.

We can bear it – thank goodness for bears!!!


Imelda Almqvist, London Gatwick Airport, 3 February 2018



About the Author:

Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of shamanism and sacred art. Her book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published by Moon in 2016.  She is a presenter on the Shamanism Global Summit  2017 as well as on Year of Ceremony with Sounds True. She divides her time between the UK, Sweden and the US. Her second book SACRED ART, A Hollow Bone for Spirit : Where Meets Shamanism will be published in December 2018.

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Talking with Guides or Spirits

May, 2006

Something asked of me by a student of mine got me to thinking. He asked "if you clearly hear a guide, are you really hearing anyone, or merely what you want to hear?" That was a wonderful thought, and I hope this brief jotting of my learnings will help others in their communications. I’m going to share some of my experiences in speaking to my guide, Set, and others including my soul/spirit brothers who have already passed over in this life. My soul/spirit brothers are not yet guides for they are still on the path of enlightenment and shall be reborn again. They share lives with my mate and I in the flesh every life. We are linked and learn together. One passed 2 years ago, and one a month ago. They have business at "home" to do that called them back, I’ve sense found out. At any rate, I only speak of them to mark the difference in my speaking to the ‘guides or to spirits on our level who have passed over. I’m in no way a natural medium, so the only ordinary spirits I can speak with are my spirit brothers.

Of course there are many ways to talk to those in the other realm/astral, and I, like most, have a few that work best for me. I do it in 3 ways.

1. trance channeling, which I do rarely with my guides, Set and Cernunnos.

2. By way of personal links which I have to my spirit brothers as we are soul linked. Of course this form is only used with them, but mediums probably hear spirits in close to the same way.

3. By meditating and astral projecting out of my body to go to them and chat. All 3 ways yield the same results in the way that the actual messages come across to me.

When I get a message from them, how do I know that it isn’t something in my own mind that I simply want or need to hear? This is something that indeed should be asked of anyone who does anything along these lines, for I’m sure it has happened to many in that way. Sometimes, in fact, when I first started doing this sort of thing, I’d actually have my sister go and ask Set things due to my fear that I was too emotionally involved to properly hear him. I’ve learned that if I’m not perfectly calm and centered that it is harder to receive most messages. Or if they are received, they can be misunderstood. If one then does need to know something right away, and does not feel they are in the proper state to understand or receive, they should send someone else to do it, if they’re lucky enough to have someone else round who can do the same type of work. I’m blessed to have my sister who is a natural medium. When I am in the proper state, however, which is most of the time, how then do I know the message is right or even real?

When I receive such messages(the right and real ones) they are not as thoughts from me. I think inside my own head every moment of every day, thus know very well how it feels. When Set, or one of my spirit brothers gives me a thought or message, they use concepts rather than words. I can get a whole idea or message in perhaps 2 seconds or less where as if it were my own thought, it would come in the form of words and take me longer to work through or process. Also many of the messages I’ve gotten from my guides or spirit brothers have been things that totally shocked or stunned me. If I were giving these messages to myself, they’d tend to go along with the way I see things already. I’d not go about stunning myself. I don’t even think I could.

Another good question that most channelers should ask themselves is this:

How do I know that my guide is who he or she says they are?

My sister had that experience, actually, where someone came to her in a dream pretending to be Set. She said the energy was dark like Sets, and so almost fooled her, but it wasn’t quite right. So she looked "under" and saw another layer. She didn’t know who was pretending to be Set, but the important thing was that it was not Set. She then shut out the entity by shielding herself and telling them that she knew they were not Set. That worked, as they no longer had their illusion of power over her. Always remember that any result is all about our intent.

Now I must touch upon the clarity of ghosts, spirits, or guides when we are speaking to them. Each ghost, spirit, or guide, no matter what level they are on are much like us in the fact that they all communicate differently. My sister, for example, would have presented this information to you in a different way than I would. You may understand hers more or less than you understand mine. If you communicate in the way she does, you’d understand her better, and likewise for me. So therefore it is in the interaction and compatibility of the 2 who are talking be they mortal and mortal, guide and guide, spirit and mortal, ghost and medium, guide and mortal, or so on.

In my experiences I’ve found my guide, set the most clear to communicate with. My sister believes this to be because he does a lot of work on the lower level of astral, so is therefore closer to earth and easier to hear. I believe it is because he is strong, clear and concise when he wishes to be heard. I suppose we both have the right of it.

When I meditate and come upon my sister’s guide, Ra I’ve heard him rather well, though never as clearly as Set, so that lends to my theory of their own strength being at least part of it as Ra is obviously quite strong. They, like people, as I said, have their own unique style of getting something across. Sometimes when I wish to see one of them in meditation, they don’t show. They could be busy. They could know that I don’t really NEED to talk to them. They could want me to figure "IT" what ever it may be, out for myself. It could be all or none of these.

At any rate, those have been some of my experiences, and I hope it may help someone in their work or at least lend an interesting perspective.