Consult Your Inner Psychic: How To Use Intuitive Guidance To Make Your Life Work Better

The Crowe’s Nest

April, 2011

Inner Beauty

Many times in life, women look at themselves in the mirror.  They see little imperfections and usually those little blemishes look like massive craters in their skin. Most of the time it is simply a small inconsistency in the skin or a scratch that it takes a truly trained professional to find. To the beholder, it is something far more gruesome and painful to bear. It is a nightmare to have a pimple or blackhead and in polite company is it against the rules to mention these issues surrounding beauty.

Amazingly enough, beauty is an ideal that withstands the hands of time. So many people over the years put a stigma on what being beautiful means, what it encompasses and more than anything how to capture and maintain it. Young girls are brought up to think that without pounds of make-up or without having the ability to stay forever young, they can’t be beautiful. Natural beauty is a thing of the past, forever hidden by airbrushing and layers of paste.

In my opinion, things that should be kept in your make-up drawer should be things that accentuate the positive, not cover the flaws. Everyone has their own flaws. A flaw makes them more beautiful and shows the truth behind a soul. Inner beauty should be forced to show, and if the people you are involved with on a day to day basis don’t care enough about you to find out what makes you a wonderful human being, then they lose in the end, don’t they? They aren’t worth your time in trying to take off the layers of filth that they hide behind.

In my studies, I always come across things that you can make and are easily kept to bring out the inner beauty that everyone naturally possesses. There are so many tricks that have been made over the years to help you and they have long been forgotten. These tricks are what I want to write about today. I want to see more people bringing out their truth, not the lies that they are told to use.

I will just write about the face since that is mostly what people pay close attention to in today’s world.

Eyes can say so much about a person. They are the windows to the soul. It’s like they are little two way mirrors if you know what to look for. I personally think that a little eyeliner and mascara is all that is really needed to bring a beautiful eye into sight. You accentuate the eye color and bring it forward to make them pop. You don’t have to wear gobs of eye shadow to show that you have eyes. Let your natural color carry the people you meet away.

At the end of the day though, Safflower oil is great for removing the eye make-up. Advertisers want you to think you have to pay money to buy a packet of make-up wipes or cleansers. It can be even more inexpensive if you really try.

As for your cheeks, a great idea taken from the dark ages was pinching. No, it is not just for Saint Patrick’s Day, but also for cheeks. A couple of light pinches on the cheeks every so often can bring a pink hue to the skin naturally giving the bearer a great glow. It works wonders and costs nothing. How much better can you get than that?

Now, lips are a bit trickier. You could go around biting your lip to bring color to it, but often it can bruise and it could even look a bit awkward. A great lip balm recipe is from Kitchen Witchery by Marilyn F. Daniel. Take ½ cup Almond oil, ¼ cup Cocoa butter and ¼ cup Coconut oil and melt over a low fire. Stir in 1 tablespoon honey and 2 oz. beeswax. After the beeswax has melted, add 1 ½ teaspoons of any natural flavoring (my personal favorite is cherry). Any of the cooking supplies in your kitchen will work. Mix completely and test for firmness. It needs to be firm, so if needed add more beeswax to get the desired consistency.

So, Alex, what do you do when you have an unwanted pimple show up the night before your big meeting? That is easy. Valerian root tea, often great for those restless nights where Mr. Sandman doesn’t show is also great to dabble on a pimple. It will cause the pimple to dry up and clear up on its own. Other’s teas are good for this as well, but only the Valerian root is in my cupboard.

I would love to see more people relying on the assets they have instead of the pounds of make-up they purchase. I know that over night, we will not see so many more natural faces, but if some of you out there realize that your beauty has nothing to do with what the advertising agencies are telling you then we will be better off as a people. Children should be brought up seeing how wonderful the world is instead of what the items that are dragging us down look like. They should know that they are beautiful not because of what they possess, but because of who they are, what they do and what they believe in.

I know I am a dreamer, but I want to make other’s dream as well. If more people thought that they had a sense of self and knowing they are beautiful despite what others say, we would have less people that are thinking they aren’t worthy or killing themselves. We as a people would be happier and in the long run healthier.

So, take my advice and let that beautiful person shine through you. Don’t cover it up and make people take a chisel to see who you really are inside. Show them what you have on the outside and be proud of who you are. To be honest, if they don’t like you for your own true beauty, then they weren’t worth knowing the more expensive you that you were covering up with.

Reading with Katrina

May, 2006

Consult Your Inner Psychic: How To Use Intuitive Guidance To Make Your Life Work Better

Author: Carole Lynne

Red Wheel/Weiser 2005

Book and CD

ISBN: 1578633435

I liked this book and cd duo for several reasons. I don’t think that even those of us who do have the gift of psychic ability take the time to really listen and learn, to master out gifts. Carole Lynne in this book and cd duo walks you through doing just that. She teaches you how to listen to your gut, to recognize and respond accordingly to that feeling. I believe that someone who seriously wishes to learn about their inner psychic, or to study further, this book will be a great asset to them. For someone looking for the quick fix, the instant knowledge, while she does offer a quick path, it just won’t do you any justice if you don’t wish to honestly listen and learn. We all know that we have had experiences in our lives when we shoulda, woulda, coulda, well, Carole, with her book and cd, makes us well aware of when, how and why and teaches us how to recognize, react and respond.


author bio:

My name is Katrina Stiles and I am a born and raised Pagan. I am a wife, mother to two natural children, my daughter age 17, my son 19. We have 3 furbabies and 1 furgrandbaby. Yes, a full house and yes, some days, I think I am going to go crazy! I own and operate a business from my home called DreadfullyYours. I make dread wraps, bandanas and fabric bags. I also own a wire wrapping gemstone jewelry business called Standing Stones Designs. I also read alot. I find that when I need quiet time, I dive into a book and disappear for awhile…it’s the best medicine! If you ever have any questions, drop an email to me at