The Bad Witch’s Guide

October, 2018


The Bad Witch’s Guide to Ghost Hunting

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It is the season apparently for all things spooky…ooooh!

I don’t ghost hunt as a rule. I ghost shoo! That said I do understand the desire for some titillation and so, on some intellectual level.

It is easier in general to ghost hunt in cities than the wilds and better in Europe than the US purely down to number dead people over thousands of years. There are of course many kinds of haunting and spirit activity but violence and large amounts of people seem to imprint or cause haunting more often. My psychic American bestie used to hangout in New Orleans all the time without much hassle (but that could have been the others spirits influence, nudge, nudge) and was shocked, delighted and amazed visiting Chester for the first time! Chester is an old city, founded by the Romans in 79AD. It has much of the old town still intact as well as the later medieval town and its beautiful buildings. It doesn’t hurt that the river runs near it. Water is a great psychic and spirit conduit. She saw full blown colour spirit figures walking around, was touched, even got some stuff on film!

Hunting ghosts is easier if they are also seeking you!

That said the trend to go to derelict hospitals and such seems distasteful and a bit dangerous to me.

There are two main kinds of haunting. The restless dead (a spirit who is confused, frightened or lost, particularly one that doesn’t know they are dead) and an echo of an event that either happened over and over or was so traumatic it left a mark, a memory on a place.

The echo is just that. It doesn’t interact. It doesn’t change it is just the echo of a place remembering. It can be a bloody battle, a crash or someone leaving out milk bottles. You get a better chance of seeing one of these someone that has had a lot of people to imprint, or the sight of battle or trauma.

The restless dead can and are anywhere. This is why hospitals and the like can be bad because if they don’t know they are dead they can follow you home and get the hump when you ignore then. These poor souls often had a rough enough time in life, they don’t deserve it in death too. I dislike a lot of the ghost hunting shows, especially if they get shouty and rude.

All in all dead people are just that, people. Some of them are lovely. However some of the worst hauntings I have dealt with have been addicts and little kids. You want to see some shit go down have a ghost toddler wobbly. They will throw things, slam things and even bite! Crossing someone over usually requires years of training (which I have) and some reasonable sight, and friends and guides on the Otherside to help people cross.

All in all I’d rather living people than dead around me rather than getting cold or uncomfortable somewhere but to each their own. While I am medium I am also a witch. This means I don’t let spirit in my body, home or circle without permission, in fact I am strict when it comes to spirit. Granted I am a bit of a sucker for kids, but they are pretty easy to cross over.

A spirit guide or guardian is nothing like a haunting. A haunting is a spirit this side of the Veil. They tend to look like regular people whom slowly seem to drain of colour over time becoming shadows. They are stuck, either willingly or unwittingly and can be varying levels of troublesome. When a spirit crosses everything lifts. It is really beautiful. It is as though someone opened a window and let fresh air and light in. Spirit when they have crossed over is different. They are bright, glowing almost with the light of the Otherside. They can appear as how they saw themselves or even how they wished they had looked. They come and go at my request or their own desires rather than being stuck somewhere.

In general my experience with dead people has not been spooky, dark places. It is usually well lit living rooms on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or someone’s kitchen.

My advice is don’t go somewhere derelict especially without permission, you may end up as one of the ghosts! The floors aren’t clear, the ceilings are crumbling and you are far from help if you need it. I am serious these places are abandoned for a reason. If you want to ghost hunt, do a proper tour. You can do them in many cities and even some castles at least in the UK. Take a protective symbol with you (be it pentagram or something else) as a precaution. Cast a circle if it gets ooky. Don’t use a spirit or Ouija board*. Cleanse with salt water and smudge (sage, rosemary and frankincense are great) afterwards. Don’t get drunk or high and ghost hunt. You might be more open but you are also more vulnerable too.

If you are thinking of getting spooky closer to home (is your Aunts house haunted?) and decide to do some spell or rite or other please do not invite anyone or anything. Don’t use a spirit board or Ouija board. If you can get a proper and respected medium to attend do it. You would be surprised how often I get calls this time of year from folks doing this by themselves who get freaked out, and get caught out by something unpleasant. Some get attacked, some get sick, and some even have pets die! Mostly it is purely psychological and I turn up, check nothing weird is about and shut the door they opened. Again if you fail to heed my advice and you need to fix this, you will need a decent medium and they have every right to charge you through the nose (call it an idiot tax).


*Creating a doorway you can’t close is not a smart idea ever.


Contacting Guardian Angel

August, 2006

An easy and clear way to contact your Guardian Angel is by asking

him to come and join your daily activities.

Angels are ready to help us because it’s their mission. Thus, they

become very happy when we invite them to our lives. It’s their

natural way of being.

Invite your Guardian Angel as you would to a new or a very dear


Speak with him and open your heart to him. With all sincerity.

Even if you don’t believe but feel you want to, say just it. He


Or if you feel that you don’t know how to speak to him but still

want to feel his presence, tell him so.

So, it’s not difficult to start. Our intention and our heart are

the "switch on" command.

In your daily activities speak to your Divine friends. It might take

some time to get switched and feel comfortable but when you do, then

you will be able to find how life is mush easier.

I felt that in my own life. I used to be very afraid of travelling

by plane (and I must do it very often). Since I learned to ask

Angels to come and help, it has become easier to enter the airplane.

Angels had helped to feel calm. I quit ansiolitcs intake to travel.

I know many people to whom this happened, as well. They tell many

stories about their experiences with Angels and how their Guardian

Angels helps them to live easily. They talk about how their lives

are easier and filled with more life since they invited Angels to

join their existence.

So, I founded two groups about experiences with Angels. One in


and other in Portuguese:

Our Guardian Angel might become that friend to whom we tell

everything in this world. And we can trust that we won’t tell

anybody and in addition, we get their help.

As times goês by we become more familiar in contacting with our

Guardian Angels and contact becomes easier and more natural. So we

marvel with their presence and Light in our life.

Sometimes the outcome isn’t what we expected. And thanks God for

that! We will be able to find out, later or sooner that it was the

best that could happen. And this increases our confidence in God and

His Angels.

To say with all my heart, I think that we become less self centred,

less selfish and less egocentric.

With all these experiences we get the understanding of what is magic

and how it operates in our life. And about miracles, also.

Solutions happen, things develop, people appear to help us in that

precise moment we need, we get insights and answers we need. So life

acquires a lightness that it’s beyond any description but that is

real. As real as I am here writing and you’re there reading.

Angels are real!

And everything starts with a small, simple but sincere request to

them to join our daily life. Let’s do it right now?

May the Angels Light guide us always, is my sincere prayer.

® Reproduction is not allowed without author written permission


author bio:

Ana Santos (Cabalistic Angelologist)

I’m Ana Santos, from Portugal.

I’m Angelologist, Certified Tarot Master by the Canadian Tarot Network and Usui Reiki Master. I believe

– human beings have unlimited growth and development potential;

– there is always a reason for what happens;

– if we allow, lessons and walking to Light is always possible in this life.

We were born to be happy and find Light.