Girl Talk: Getting to know the Goddesses

May, 2013


This is the first article for this new monthly series. The intention is to explore their myth’s, symbols and sacred objects, and other interesting information addressing an individual Goddess each month.


Since this is the first of this series I decided to start with emis: Goddess of Light and Protector of the Vulnerable. I have been drawn to emis for years, and have been fortunate enough to have received her assistance.


In Greek mythology emis was the daughter of Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods. The first story we hear of emis is that her mother, Leto, gave birth to her after a short and painless labor, but as her labor continued with emis’s twin brother Apollo, Leto began to have difficulty. Moved to compassion, the infant goddess emis, only a few minutes old, became her mother’s midwife and delivered Apollo. It would seem that emis was naturally born to serve as a nurturer and protector. Due to the fact that she caused her mother no pain during childbirth, and successfully served as midwife during her brother’s birth, she naturally became the patron of childbirth, protector of children, and the goddess who especially heard the appeals of women.


emis was always responsive to the needs of the vulnerable and suffering, and was quick to defend the powerless against unjust treatment. It is not a surprise that emis would come to be thought of as the “feminist” goddess.


emis’ association with the natural world , the wilderness, symbolizes her own untamed spirit. The most independent of the goddesses, she roamed the forests as a huntress with her pack of hunting dogs. She was famous for her hunting skills, her unerring aim. She was known as a fearless and responsible hunter, able to bring down any beast.


emis was especially fierce in her protection of the young and gentle animals. In spite of this side of her she could also be vengeful and impulsive. When she discovered that Callisto, one of the nymphs in her band of companions, had violated her vow of chastity and become pregnant as the result of an affair with Zeus, she changed her into a bear without a moment’s hesitation. Had Zeus not intervened and placed her in the stars as the constellation Callisto (The Bear) she would have died quickly as a victim of the hunt.


emis was often associated with the moon, especially the new moon. One of the many names she was also known by was Phoebe which means light or bright one. As “Goddess of light” she had the divine duty of illuminating the darkness. emis was often depicted carrying a candle or a torch, lighting the way for others.


In Greek mythology emis is depicted as one of the compassionate, healing goddesses, in spite of her fierce independence.


The Greek Goddess emis gives us courage. Like her counterpart, the Roman goddess Diana, she illuminates those places that frighten us, and lends us the strength to bring us safely through our fears.


Goddess Symbols and Sacred Objects of emis


General: Crescent moon (new moon), bow and arrow, clouds, 3 pillars, blue sky


Animals: Dogs, guinea fowl, horses, bear, dove, deer, and bee


Plants: Anemones, flowering almond, hazel, ranunculus, honeysuckle, thistle, laurel


Scents: Jasmine, aloe, ginseng, lemon verbena, and camphor


Gems: Moonstone, pearl, quartz, diamonds, turquoise, crystal


Metals: Silver, aluminum, and iron


Colors: Silver, white, red, green, and turquoise


I have found emis of great help in protection spells for children and dogs. I have had quite a few “heart to heart’s” with this goddess and she has been of assistance to me on more than one occasion. Call to her in meditations where you seek self assurance, courage, helping you to be fair and honest with others. She is definitely a Goddess of compassion, but don’t forget that she can also be impulsive so be sure to leave her an offering of thanks whenever you call upon her.


March Correspondences

March, 2013

The Storm Moon

Spring sowing

The name March came from the God Mars, for this month was sacred to him.
Mars is much like the other God’s – Ares’s (Greek), Tiu or Tiwaz (Central Europe), Teutates (celts), and Tyr (Norse).

Astrological Signs: Pisces, February 19 – March 20, Aries, March 21 – April 20

Birthstones: Aquamarine

Nature Spirits: Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are
connected with spring rains and storms.

Animals: Cougar, hedgehog, boar

Birds: Sea crow, sea eagle

Trees: Alder, dogwood

Flowers: Jonquil, daffodil, violet

Herbs: Broom, High John Root, yellow dock, wood betony, Irish moss

Scents: Honeysuckel, apple blossom

Colors: Pale green, red-violet

Stones: Aquamarine, bloodstone

God/dess: Black Isis, the Morrigan, Hectate, Cybele, Astarte, Athene
Minerva, artemis, Luna.

Powers: Energy breaks into open, growing, prospering, exploring.
New beginnings, balance of light and dark, breaking illusions. Seeing the truth in your life no matter how it may hurt.

March Correspondences

March, 2012

The Storm Moon

Spring sowing

The name March came from the God Mars, for this month was sacred to him.
Mars is much like the other God’s – Ares’s (Greek), Tiu or Tiwaz (Central Europe), Teutates (celts), and Tyr (Norse).

Astrological Signs: Pisces, February 19 – March 20, Aries, March 21 – April 20

Birthstones: Aquamarine

Nature Spirits: Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are
connected with spring rains and storms.

Animals: Cougar, hedgehog, boar

Birds: Sea crow, sea eagle

Trees: Alder, dogwood

Flowers: Jonquil, daffodil, violet

Herbs: Broom, High John Root, yellow dock, wood betony, Irish moss

Scents: Honeysuckel, apple blossom

Colors: Pale green, red-violet

Stones: Aquamarine, bloodstone

God/dess: Black Isis, the Morrigan, Hectate, Cybele, Astarte, Athene
Minerva, artemis, Luna.

Powers: Energy breaks into open, growing, prospering, exploring.
New beginnings, balance of light and dark, breaking illusions. Seeing the truth in your life no matter how it may hurt.

April Correspondences

April, 2011

Moon Name: The Growing Moon

Deities: Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast

Nature Spirits: plant faeries

Colors: Red and gold

Herbs: basil, chives, dragons blood, geranium, thistle

Flowers: daisy and sweetpea

Tree’s: pine, bay and hazel

Scents: pine, bay, bergamot and my personal favorite patchouli

Stones: ruby, garnet, sard

Animals: Bear and Wolf

Birds: hawk and magpie

Powers: energy in creating and producing, balance is
returned to the nerves change, self confidence,
self-relience, take advantage of opportunities,
Time to work on emotional turmoil and get
your temper into prospective.

Magickal Correspondences, Lesson 3

October, 2010

This lesson brings us to the most exciting crystals, plants and fungus correspondences; this again coincides with your BOS, providing you with a brilliant start in nature magick..

Crystal correspondences

Crystals are utilized frequently when creating magick; they can be used individually, in a spell sachet, perhaps an elixir for example, so many ways to use a crystal!!!  All in all though, you will find yourself needing crystals at some stage of your magickal life…

Crystals and the Zodiac

  • Aquarius: Hematite, Amethyst, Amber
  • Pisces: Amethyst, Opal, Bloodstone, Coral, Aquamarine, Fire Opal
  • Aries: Fire Agate, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Jade
  • Taurus: Carnelian, Diamond, Blue Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz
  • Gemini: Rutilated Quartz, Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Jade, Pearl
  • Cancer: Moonstone, Ruby, Carnelian, Opal, Fire Opal
  • Leo: Citrine, Amber, Garnet, Jasper, Carnelian, Diamond
  • Virgo: Smoky Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Amethyst, Moss Agate, Geodes
  • Libra: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Citrine, Jade, Moonstone, Opal
  • Scorpio: Turquoise, Moldavite, Malachite, Moonstone, Opal, Peridot, Ruby
  • Sagittarius: Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Topaz, Azurite, Chalcedony, Smoky Quartz, Turquoise
  • Capricorn: Tiger-Eye, Jade, Black Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Garnet, Smoky Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals

  • Agate: Balances ying-yang energy and stabilizes the aura. Imparts strength and courage. Opens one to innate creative talents.
  • Amber: Purifies body, mind, and spirit. Balances electromagnetic of the body and allows even flow of energies. Provides a positive, soothing energy. Spiritualizes the intellect.
  • Amethyst: Calming energy. Encourages spirituality and contentment. Stone of stability, strength, and peace. Excellent for meditation. Enhances psychic ability.
  • Aventurine: Independence, leadership, creativity. Balances male and female energies. Aligns intellectual, physical, emotional, and etheric bodies.
  • Aquamarine: Courage, intellect, protection. Assists spiritual awareness and actualization.
  • Azurite: Awakens psychic ability, insight, and intuition. Opens the third eye. Excellent for clearing the mind for meditation.
  • Amazonite: Balancing energy, harmony, and fosters Universal love.
  • Bloodstone: Bloodstone imparts strength, courage, and the self-confidence needed to succeed in business and legal affairs. Attracts wealth, sexual potency, insures victory.
  • Calcite: Energy amplifier, excellent for clearing and cleansing.
  • Carnelian: Carnelian is a healing stone that counteracts feelings of apathy, fear and rage. Fosters peace within and without, imparts self-confidence, and inspired verbal and written communication.
  • Celestite: Excellent stone for dream recall and astral travel.
  • Chrysocolla: Strength and balance. Promotes harmony and attunement to the Earth. Purifies one’s environment.
  • Citrine: Dissipates negative energy.  Encourages warmth, joy, and optimism.
  • Diamond: Purity, perfection, abundance, and inspiration.
  • Emerald: Loyalty, sensitivity, harmony, and tranquillity. Assists in memory retention and mental clarity.
  • Fluorite: Stability, order, discernment, and concentration. Helps one to understand and maintain ideals.
  • Fuchsite: Fosters loyalty, emotional sensitivity, harmony, and tranquillity. Assists in memory retention and mental clarity. Attracts balance, abundance and prosperity.
  • Garnet: Commitment, devotion, love, stability and order. Even flow of energy.
  • Hematite: Excellent for the mind, and grounding.
  • Jade: Harmony, peace, fidelity, confidence. A great dream stone.
  • Jasper: Protection, awareness, insight, and grounding.
  • Kunzite: Communication, love and peace. Protects and dissolves negativity. Excellent for meditation.
  • Kyanite: Never needs cleaning or clearing, aligns all chakras. Tranquillity, communication, and psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall.
  • Labradorite: Represents the light of the Universe, extra-terrestrial energy. Intuition and illumination.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Knowledge, wisdom, perfection, protection, and creative expression.
  • Lepidolite: Honesty, stability, hope, acceptance. Assists in change and transition. Facilitates astral travel.
  • Lodestone: Lodestones are natural magnets, and for many centuries, have been used to charge spell items, primarily to attract things to the one using them- good luck, healing, money, love.
  • Malachite: Transformation and spiritual development. Clears the way to attain goals.
  • Moldavite: Clarity and eternity. Extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional access.
  • Moonstone: Lunar female energy. Emotional and intuitive. Rhythms, cycles, and destiny.
  • Obsidian: Dispels negativity. Grounding, healing, protective. Helps one to clearly see one’s flaws and the changes that are necessary.
  • Onyx: Centring, self-control, and intuitive guidance. Assists in the grieving process.
  • Opal: Creativity, inspiration, and imagination.
  • Peridot: Healing and protective. Allows one to understand changes in one’s life, regulates life cycles.
  • Petrified Wood: Grounding provides strength. Stone of transformation.
  • Pyrite: Shields from negative energy, good stone of protection. Enhances intellect and memory. Symbol of the sun.
  • Clear Quartz: Universal crystal, clarity of consciousness. The quartz crystal can be programmed to help clear away negative energy from the aura and re-align the chakra energy centres of the body.
  • Rhodochrosite: Love energy. Excellent stone for balance in all areas.
  • Rose Quartz: Empowers and attracts the energies of love, happiness and peace. Encourages healing on all levels.
  • Ruby: Love, nurturing, spirituality, wealth, and protection.
  • Ruby Zoisite: Facilitates trance states and a connection to the divine. Good for facilitating communication with angels and Divine Beings. Deepens an understanding of the esoteric and unseen.
  • Rutilated Quartz: Intensifies energy. Stimulates the brain. Inspiration and clairvoyance.
  • Sapphire: Beauty and prosperity.
  • Shiva Lingam: Said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on Earth. They emanate a vibration that will purify your temple or home. The stone represents both the male energy of knowledge & the female energy of wisdom.
  • Smoky Quartz: Dissolves negativity, grounding, and balancing. Excellent for meditation.
  • Sodalite: Logic, efficiency, and truthfulness. Enhances group communication.
  • Sugilite: Spiritual love, perfection, inspiration, confidence. Alleviates negative/destructive emotions.
  • Tiger-eye: Earthy, grounding. Represents sun and earth. Optimism, insight, personal power.
  • Topaz: Success, true love, individuality, creativity, and joy.
  • Tourmaline: Inspiration, understanding, self-confidence, balancing.
  • Tourmalated Quartz: Strength and balancing. Combines attributes of tourmaline and quartz.
  • Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, strength, and grounding. Excellent for astral travel.
  • Zircon: Virtue, unification, continuity, and purity.

Chakra Crystals

Each chakra has a colour, and different gemstones and crystals can be associated with these.

  • The ROOT CHAKRA’S colour is red; other colours associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and Gray. Gemstones like garnet onyx and red jasper are beneficial.
  • The NAVEL CHAKRA’S colour is orange. Gemstones like carnelian and orange calcite help to bring the system into balance.
  • The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA’S colour is yellow. Gemstones like Citrine and yellow sapphire are used.
  • The HEART CHAKRA’S colour is green and the secondary colour is pink. Gemstones like rose quartz or green tourmaline are useful.
  • The THROAT CHAKRA’S colour is blue like aqua or turquoise, secondary colours are various shades of lighter blues. Gemstones like turquoise or blue lace agate balance this chakra.
  • The BROW CHAKRA’S colour is indigo or shades of dark blue. Gemstones like lapis lazuli or Sodalite compliment this area.
  • The CROWN CHAKRA’S colour is purple; the secondary colour is clear or white. Gemstones like amethyst or clear quartz are perfect.

**** See what crystals you can add to the above Chakra list… As well as topping up the top two lists..

Magickal herbs & Plants/ Flowers

Ahhhhh here we find ourselves surrounded by the magicks of Mother Nature at her best J Herbs, plants and flowers are something that magickal people use for many things including charms & sachets, incense, baths, oils, teas, wish boxes oh and the list goes on my friends J Our herb list however finds us with a tad more homework than usual as i am going to ask you to find the ruling planet, element, botanical name, alternate names, deities and extra properties for each herb.. You will also find many more herbs to add to your list as the years go by… I am continuously adding to mine J

  • ABRUS SEEDS (LADY BUG BEAN, CRAB’S EYE, PRECATORY PEA, JEQUIRITY)- Use in Magic: A small red and black legume often carried in magic amulets for good luck.
  • ACACIA LEAF- Use in Magic: Symbolizes the afterlife; the leaves are burned on charcoal to develop personal power.
  • ALOES POWDER (BITTER ALOES) –Use in Magic: Used in a graveyard bottle spell to silence the lips of those who speak evil lies.
  • AGRIMONY-   Use in Magic: One of the few magic herbs believed to reverse a jinx, curse, or hex after it has been put on you.
  • ALFALFA  – Use in Magic: Kept in the home to protect against poverty; carried to the bank when you ask for a loan.
  • ALKANET ROOT  – Use in Magic: Ends the work of those who try to trouble your money matters or jinx your gambling luck.
  • ALLSPICE BERRIES, GROUND – Use in Magic: Much used in magical spells prosperity, success, luck, and money gained through business ventures.
  • ALLSPICE BERRIES, WHOLE – Use in Magic: Much used in magical spells prosperity, success, luck, and money gained through business ventures.
  • ALTHAEA LEAVES  – Use in Magic: To attract benevolent spirits to the home, to increase psychic ability, to heal and soothe.
  • ALTHAEA ROOT – Use in Magic: To attract benevolent spirits to the home, to find treasure through psychic gifts.
  • ANGELICA Use in Magic: Enhances female magical power and strength, protects children.
  • ANISE SEED -Use in Magic: A magick herb used to ward off the Evil Eye and also to increase personal psychic abilities.
  • ARROW ROOT POWDER – Use in Magic: An old-time hand-dusting powder for gambling luck; combine with lucky Sachet Powders.
  • ASAFOETIDA – Use in Magic: Said to keep off diseases, evil spells, conjure work, and interfering law officers.
  • ASPAND – Use in Magic: Used in ancient Zoroastrian and Muslim spiritual rites to protect from the evil eye.
  • BALM OF GILEAD – Use in Magic: Comforts those who have lost in love, encourages the reconciliation of estranged lovers.
  • BARBERRY – Use in Magic: Sprinkled in the paths of your enemies to bar their way and stop them following you.
  • BASIL – Use in Magic: A magickal herb for money and success, happy family, and Peaceful home; drives away the Evil Eye.
  • BAY LEAF – Use in Magic: For protection and to avoid being jinxed, especially if you are doing a job on someone else.
  • BAYBERRY ROOT  – Use in Magic: Sprinkled on the money in your wallet to attract more money and good fortune to you.
  • BISTORT WEED- Use in Magic: For luck and money; to protect against snakes and false friends
  • BLACKBERRY LEAF – Use in Magic: Used to remove evil spirits from a home and to return evil to a person doing you harm.
  • BLACK SNAKE ROOT (BLACK COHOSH ROOT)Use in Magic: Provides magical protection and strengthens those who are weak, timid, afraid, or shy.
  • BLESSED THISTLE – Use in Magic: Brewed into a magick herbal tea, which is sprinkled around the home for protection from evil.
  • BLOOD ROOT – Use in Magic: Strengthens family relations where “blood” ties bind you but respect is sometimes lacking.
  • BLUE COHOSH ROOT – Use in Magic: Used to protect people and places from evil; used by Native Americans to protect children.
  • BOLDO LEAF – Use in Magic: Said to repel and keep away evil spirits, bad customers, unruly people, and even diseases
  • BONESET (WHITE SNAKE ROOT) LEAFUse in Magic: A famous magick herb that opposes unnatural illness and wards off snakes.
  • BORAGE FLOWERS – Use in Magic: For peace in the home, tranquillity in the family, and calm in domestic relationships.
  • BROOM STRAWS – Use in Magic: To drive away witches and unwanted visitors; for magical protection from evil.
  • BUCKEYE NUT, WHOLE – Use in Magic: Said to prevent rheumatism, arthritis, and headache, and to enhance male vigour.
  • BURDOCK ROOT – Use in Magic: A cleansing, protective, and uncrossing magic herb, said to restore male nature.
  • CALAMUS ROOT CHIPS – Use in Magic: Strong for winning in court and powerful to induce prophetic lucky number dreams.
  • CALENDULA FLOWERS – Use in Magic: Strong for winning in court and powerful to induce prophetic lucky number dreams.
  • CARAWAY SEED – Use in Magic: Believed to provide protection and to keep young children safe from illness and harm.
  • CARDAMOM SEED – Use in Magic: Used in magic spells intended to bring about lust, passion, and love in one not your mate
  • CASCARA SAGRADA BARK CHIPS – Use in Magic: Said to bring good luck and especially to help you win in court cases.
  • CATNIP – Use in Magic: Used to captivate your lover with your special ways and to capture his or her heart.
  • CEDAR WOOD CHIPS – Use in Magic: Used to draw a two-armed cross on the ground to peacefully cause an unwanted person to move.
  • CELANDINE – Use in Magic: Said to keep off witches and law officers; helps one win in court by confusing opponents.
  • CELERY SEED – Use in Magic: Believed by many to enhance latent psychic powers and to bring on prophetic dreams.
  • CHAMOMILE FLOWERS – Use in Magic: A magical herb used in gambling spells and washes, and also for uncrossing.
  • CHANEY ROOT – Use in Magic: Said to grant health, happiness and prolong life.
  • CHERRY BARK – Use in Magic: Said to be efficacious in matters of love, romance, sexual attraction, and conjugal relations.
  • CHIA SEED – Use in Magic: To stop gossip and backbiting; may be added to Slippery Elm Bark for this purpose.
  • CINNAMON  – Use in Magic: Believed to rapidly attract luck, money, and love; also for purification and protection.
  • CLOVER FLOWERS, RED – Use in Magic: Used in love-magic, for a prosperous marriage, and to insure conjugal felicity.
  • CLOVER FLOWERS, WHITE – Use in Magic: A magick herb used for personal purification and to drive away evil influences.
  • CLOVES, whole – Use in Magic: Said to attract good luck to your home, to stop gossip, and to help sustain friendships.
  • COLTSFOOT HERB – Use in Magic: Burned with other magic herbs to aid psychic visions; removes sickness and mental problems.
  • COMFREY LEAF – Use in Magic: Helps you hold onto the money you have or the money that you win while gambling.
  • COMFREY ROOT – Use in Magic: Carried for safety and good health while travelling or when away from home.
  • CORIANDER SEEDS – Use in Magic: To draw love to you, to stimulate passion, and to keep your lover faithful to you.
  • COREOPSIS FLOWERS – Use in Magic: Golden coin-shaped dried flowers are used in gambling and money-luck baths and spells.
  • COUCH GRASS- Use in Magic: Used in binding spells, both for love-magic and for evil purposes.
  • CUBEB BERRIES – Use in Magic: Used to control a lover and to increase sexual heat; will also help you meet a new mate.
  • CUMIN SEEDS – Use in Magic: Believed to keep evil and bad luck away from your home, to keep your lover faithful.
  • DAMIANA – Use in Magic: Used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover.
  • DANDELION ROOT- Use in Magic: Drunk as herb tea or carried in a bag to enhance psychic dreams and second sight.
  • DEER’S TONGUE – Use in Magic: Used to get someone to love you, to obtain a proposal of marriage, also for court cases.
  • DEVIL POD (BAT NUT) – Use in Magic: For strong protection from evil; also used as an offering to dark forces.
  • DEVIL’S SHOE STRINGS – Use in Magic: For protection from crossing and gossip, for gambling luck, for job getting.
  • DILL LEAF – Use in Magic: For folks crossed or jinxed in love, and for men who have had their nature taken away.
  • DILL SEED – Use in Magic: To make you irresistible to the one you desire, and also to help you win in court.
  • DITTANY OF CRETE – Use in Magic: Fed to the one you love to promote desire; burned to bring a vision of your future mate.
  • DRAGON’S BLOOD – Use in Magic: A magical plant resin carried for good luck, for making magic pacts, and to attract riches.
  • ELDER FLOWERS – Use in Magic: Sprinkled around property or carried for protection from criminals and from the law.
  • ELECAMPANE – Use in Magic: A famous magical love herb; one of the three ingredients in Medieval True Love Powder.
  • EUCALYPTUS – Use in Magic: To drive away pestiferous people and also for personal cleansing after contact with evil.
  • FENNEL SEEDS – Use in Magic: For protection, to keep the law away, to strengthen a women’s courage, to prevent curses.
  • FENUGREEK SEED – Use in Magic: Carried with your money for prosperity, increase in wages, lucky money finding, and wealth.
  • FERN – Use in Magic: Used to prevent jinxes, to remove evil spirits from the home, to help ward off burglars.
  • FEVERFEW – Use in Magic: A magic herb carried by clumsy or accident-prone people to protect them from harm.
  • FIVE FINGER GRASS – Use in Magic: For success in all the things that five fingers can do, to get others to do you favours.
  • FLAX SEED – Use in Magic: Used to increase psychic abilities and mental powers, and for protection of children.
  • GARLIC CLOVES- Use in Magic: Protective, powerful, and edible; used in cooking and to repel all manner of evil.
  • GENTIAN ROOT CHIPS – Use in Magic: A love-drawing herb; carried in a conjure bag with the name of the one you desire.
  • GINGER ROOT – Use in Magic: Fiery protection from evil magic; also heats up love affairs and sexuality.
  • GINSENG ROOT – Use in Magic: For male vigour and nature, good luck in gambling, and to control your mate.
  • GOLDEN SEAL ROOT THREADS – Use in Magic: A magic herb used by those who seek wisdom, strength, and beauty, also better health.
  • GRAINS OF PARADISE – Use in Magic: For good luck, protection of the house, to get a job, and to make wishes come true.
  • GRAVEL ROOT CHIPS – Use in Magic: Carried when looking for a new job or when asking your boss for a raise or benefits.
  • HAWTHORN BERRIES, WHOLE – Use in Magic: Sprinkle around the home to keep another person from trying to become your spouse’s lover.
  • HOLLY LEAVES – Use in Magic: For magic spells of protection of the home, to invite helpful spirits into the household.
  • HONEYSUCKLE FLOWERS – Use in Magic: A twining vine with sweet-smelling flowers, it is used to entangle and tie a lover to you.
  • HOPS FLOWERS – Use in Magic: Aids peaceful sleep when placed in the pillow; ends nightmares, brings beneficial dreams.
  • HOREHOUND – Use in Magic: Said to keep off wild animals and packs of dogs around the home; medical aid for coughs.
  • HUCKLEBERRY LEAVES – Use in Magic: Said to make your dreams come true; used by gamblers to produce lucky number dreams.
  • HYSSOP – Use in Magic: A purification herb, for home cleansing, to put an end to crossed conditions, to take off a jinx.
  • IRISH MOSS- Use in Magic: To bring continuous good luck and a steady flow of money in business and gambling.
  • JASMINE FLOWERS- Use in Magic: Said to aid in the reception of psychic dreams and to enhance the power of love herb mixtures.
  • JEZEBEL ROOT- Use in Magic: Attracts men with money; also used in the famous curse of Jezebel against enemies.
  • JOB’S TEARS – Use in Magic: Seven seeds used in a special seven-day magic spell to grant an important wish.
  • JOHN THE CONQUEROR- Use in Magic: For use in luck-magic spells and for making your own John the Conquer dressing oil
  • JUNIPER BERRIES – Use in Magic: To increase virility in men, enhance sensuality in women, and to attract physical love.
  • KNOT WEED -Use in Magic: To bind, restrict or control a person’s movements; to symbolically tie things down.
  • LAVENDER FLOWERS – Use in Magic: To promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.
  • LEMON LEAVES – Use in Magic: For “cut-and-clear” spells to remove old conditions and open the way to draw a new lover.
  • LEMON GRASS LEAVES – Use in Magic: For protection and to increase the power of all amulets; also for a good sexual time.
  • LEMON MINT (BERGAMOT MINT) – Use in Magic: To break up bad conditions and promote health; to draw a new lover.
  • LEMON VERBENA – Use in Magic: To magically break up or cause discord and strife between two people.
  • LICORICE ROOT SLICES – Use in Magic: To gain power over others and control them; also to change someone’s mind.
  • LIFE EVERLASTING, YELLOW – Use in Magic: Brewed into an herbal tea that is drunk daily for longer life.
  • LITTLE JOHN (GALANGAL) ROOT- Use in Magic: Chew and spit this famous magic root to win in court.
  • LOTUS ROOT  – Use in Magic: Used in Lunar magical workings, for love, and for protection.
  • LOVAGE ROOT – Use in Magic: To attract a lover of the opposite gender for romance and sexual passion.
  • MAGNOLIA LEAVES – Use in Magic: Placed under the mattress for marital happiness, fidelity, and mutual sexual attraction.
  • MANDRAKE ROOT – Use in Magic: A famous root used by conjurers to create love-dolls and also for money-drawing magic.
  • MARJORAM – Use in Magic: To drive off those who would harm your family; to protect home or business from jinxes.
  • MASTER OF THE WOODS – Use in Magic: For mastery, strength, and control over adversaries, also used to prepare healing oil.
  • MASTER ROOT -Use in Magic: A power-enhancing herb for protection
  • MILKWORT- Use in Magic: A magic herb to protect from liars, false friends, backbiters, and “snakes in the grass.” psychism, luck, and to command respect from all.
  • MINT – Use in Magic: An herb said to break hoodoo spells and jinxes and to gain mental strength during times of difficulty.
  • MISTLETOE – Use in Magic: Sacred herb of the Druids; one of the three ingredients in Medieval True Love Powder.
  • MOJO BEAN – Use in Magic: Carried for luck; used in magic spells to make wishes come true.
  • MOTHERWORT HERB – Use in Magic: For the magical protection of women and children; to bring peace to the home and family.
  • MUGWORT (ARTEMISIA) HERB – Use in Magic: Burned and inhaled for psychic abilities, made into tea to wash amulets and crystals.
  • MULLEIN  – Use in Magic: Used in “dark arts” spells and conjurations; burned with incense when raising spirits.
  • MUSTARD SEED, BLACK (BROWN) – Use in Magic: To disrupt the activities of unwanted associates or troublesome, meddling people.
  • MUSTARD SEED, WHITE (YELLOW) – Use in Magic: A symbol of faith, carried for protection and to keep trouble away.
  • NETTLE – Use in Magic: A strong jinx-breaker herb when used as a sprinkle or brewed and drunk as a tea.
  • NUTMEG, WHOLE – Use in Magic: A most powerful lucky charm is made from it by gamblers to bring in the winnings.
  • OREGANO – Use in Magic: A magical herb said to keep the law away; also used to keep troublesome in-laws away.
  • ORRIS ROOT – Use in Magic: A famous hoodoo root used to attract men and to cause them to love you.
  • PASSION FLOWER HERB – Use in Magic: Symbolic of clinging love and of the crucifixion; brings peace and blessings to the home.
  • PATCHOULI LEAF – Use in Magic: Used in both love-drawing and money-drawing magic rites, and to break jinxes.
  • PEACH TREE LEAF – Use in Magic: An herb used to help students pass tests and to increase studious concentration.
  • PENNYROYAL HERB – Use in Magic: To keep peace in the home, end family troubles, and help solve marital problems.
  • PEONY ROOT – Use in Magic: To protect against misfortune, bolster health, break jinxes, and draw good fortune.
  • PEPPER, BLACK – Use in Magic: To get rid of evil or to cast evil onto someone; to make someone move out of your way.
  • PEPPER, RED – Use in Magic: To make problems for someone, cause a break-up, make them move out; also for cleansing.
  • PERIWINKLE – Use in Magic: Placed under the mattress for love; carried to attract money and to dispel the Evil Eye.
  • PINE NEEDLES – Use in Magic: A spiritual cleanser, draws steady money, drives out spirits, and removes mental negativity.
  • PLANTAIN LEAF – Use in Magic: A magick herb that is said to protect one against snakes and also against thieves.
  • POPPY FLOWERS – Use in Magic: To induce psychic dreams and visions while you sleep; to confuse someone for love.
  • POPPY SEEDS – Use in Magic: Used in magic spells to confuse someone; also used to dominate and morally weaken enemies.
  • QUASSIA (BITTER ROOT)- Use in Magic: Used in controlling and domination spells to replace or augment the hair of the target.
  • RASPBERRY LEAVES -Use in Magic: Used in an herbal spiritual bath by women so that their men will not want to wander.
  • ROSE BUDS – Use in Magic: For conjugal love; combined with lavender and red clover tops in love-drawing spells.
  • ROSE PETALS  – Use in Magic: For good luck in love; also to remove any kind of love-jinxing someone has done to you.
  • ROSEMARY – Use in Magic: Protects against evil, cleanses, ensures fidelity; gives woman domination in the home.
  • RUE – Use in Magic: To break curses, hexes, or jinxes that have been cast upon you; to ward off the Evil Eye.
  • SAFFLOWER PETALS – Use in Magic: Burned for love by gay men; mixed with Sampson Snake Root to draw a dominant lover.
  • SAGE – Use in Magic: For wisdom, discernment, and decision-making; keeps off the Evil Eye; reverses magic spells.
  • SNAKE ROOT – Use in Magic: A root of power and strength, especially for men; used in making Jack-balls and mojos.
  • SARSAPARILLA  – Use in Magic: For health, to draw money, to bless a house, and to arouse sexual passion.
  • SASSAFRAS ROOT- Use in Magic: Carried in wallet near money, helps you control and make your money go further.
  • SELF HEAL (ALL-HEAL) LEAVES – Use in Magic: A magical herb believed to aid in matters of physical health and to cleanse the sick.
  • SENNA LEAF – Use in Magic: Used to draw love from someone unaware of your interest, also for faithful love.
  • SENNA PODS – Use in Magic: Mixed with other herbs to make a rinse water for laundry that keeps a lover faithful.
  • SKULLCAP HERB – Use in Magic: To encourage fidelity; also used to magically attract gifts of money.
  • SLIPPERY ELM BARK – Use in Magic: To stop all types of slander, gossip, and backbiting by strangers, neighbours, and family.
  • SOLOMON’S SEAL – Use in Magic: To increase wisdom and make wise decisions; for success; for protection.
  • SPANISH MOSS – Use in Magic: Strange, grey plant used to stuff poppet’s  and for enemy-work.
  • SPIKENARD – Use in Magic: A noted love-herb, mentioned in the Bible and often used love spells, oils, and incenses.
  • STAR ANISE – Use in Magic: Stops misfortunes, increases psychic power, brings back a lost love, increases good luck
  • SUMAC BERRY – Use in Magic: To be given a reduced sentence or fine in court cases; for making triple-strength Peace Water.
  • TANSY – Use in Magic: Said to protect against the police, DEA, or INS looking into one’s affairs.
  • THYME – Use in Magic: To make money grow and stay with you; to promote good health; to stop nightmares.
  • TOBACCO – Use in Magic: To win in court; to reach folks when you don’t know where they are.
  • TONKA BEAN (LOVE-WISHING BEAN) – Use in Magic: Whole beans in pod; used in magic spells to make love-wishes come true
  • VALERIAN ROOT – Use in Magic: Used in raising demonic spirits, making pacts, and casting evil spells.
  • VERBENA – Use in Magic: One of the three herbal ingredients in magical Medieval True Love Powder.
  • VIOLET LEAF – Use in Magic: Used in magic spells to heal a broken heart and to attract a new love to you.
  • VIOLET LEAF WHOLE – Use in Magic: Worn in the shoe to attract a new lover, bring back a lost love, or heal a broken heart.
  • WAHOO ROOT BARK  – Use in Magic: Used in a special magical rite of uncrossing, to take off jinxes and tricks.
  • WALNUT LEAF – Use in Magic: A herb that is used in hexing, jinxing, crossing, and break-up spells.
  • WALNUT – Use in Magic: Used in a magic spell to rid oneself of ties to the past, to remove obsessive love.
  • WHITE OAK BARK CHIPS – Use in Magic: Brewed into an herbal tea in which one bathes for purification, jinx-removal, and cleansing.
  • WILLOW LEAF – Use in Magic: Brewed into an herbal tea in which one bathes for purification, jinx-removal, and cleansing.
  • WINTERGREEN – Use in Magic: Draws money and good luck; aids in sexual matters; used to smoke gambling halls.
  • WOOD BETONY – Use in Magic: Protective against evil spirits and disease; burned with Agrimony to reverse jinxes.
  • WORMWOOD – Use in Magic: Protective magic herb prevents accidents; stimulates psychic visions and contact with spirits.
  • YARROW FLOWER -Use in Magic: Breaks curses, increases psychic power, and stimulates courage in dangerous situations.
  • YELLOW DOCK ROOT WHOLE – Use in Magic: Native Americans have preferred this root for the creation of effigy dolls for love.
  • YERBA SANTA – Use in Magic: The name means Holy herb; kept on altars as an offering; brewed into a cleansing herb tea.

*** This was collated and put together from information gathered @ tis very simple and only has a small description for each herb… They have many more properties as you will discover when completing your homework’s J

Flower Properties/ correspondences

  • Acacia: Friendship
  • Amaryllis: Beauty, timidity, love and shyness
  • Anemone: Abandonment, forsakenness
  • Apple Blossom : Preference
  • Arbutus: Fidelity and true love
  • Aster: Variety
  • Bachelor’s Button: Hope and patience
  • Beech: Personal finances, money and gambling
  • Birch: Dreams, astral travel
  • Buttercup: Ambition, social matters and riches
  • Camellia: Gratitude
  • Red Carnation: Poor heart and forlorn
  • Pink Carnation: Deep love
  • Striped Carnation: Refusal
  • White Carnation: Purity
  • Cedar: Goals
  • Cherry: Intelligence
  • China Aster: Variety
  • Red Chrysanthemum: Love
  • White Chrysanthemum: Truth
  • Daisy: Swift movement, a decision
  • Daffodil: Unrequited love, high regards
  • Purple Lilac: First emotion of love, obsession
  • White Lilac: Youth and children
  • Pansy: Thoughts, reflection and memory
  • Lavender: Healing and faith
  • Ivy: Friendship
  • Pink Rose: Romantic love
  • Red Rose: Passion
  • White Rose: Silence

Ok little blossoms, that would be all for this month… I do not wish to overwhelm you J Please feel free to email me @ if you have any questions… I have now finished the relocation and am all sorted again… Internet is back on permanently so there should be no further delays… Much love magickal people x x

Magickal Correspondence, Lesson 1

August, 2010

Magickal / Book of Shadows Class

Lesson 1

What is a magickal correspondence?

Magickal correspondences are important things to consider when spell crafting. Colours, charms, herbs, and crystals are commonly utilized to enhance the intention of your spell work, showing us the relationship that magick has with Mother Nature and her gifts..

Your correspondences list will be your reference tool for making magick.

Your lists will include colours, deities and symbols as well as many other things that will amaze youJ

Days Of The Week

Let us start with the days of the week, I shall give you a basic list and for your homework, I ask that you add to this list including each days deities, colours, plant & flower, energy type (male or female) as well as adding to the basic intentions and purposes below, then decorate accordingly..

Sunday – Success, Achievement, Authority, Goals, Health and Wealth – Sunday is ruled by the Sun.

Monday – Emotional Healing, Calming, Fertility, Inspiration, Intuition and Women’s Mysteries – Monday is ruled by the Moon

Tuesday – Passion, Discipline, Bravery, Courage, Protection and Conflict- Tuesday is ruled by Mars

Wednesday – Communication, Travel, Wisdom, Intelligence, Study and Creativity – Wednesday is ruled by Mercury.

Thursday – Abundance, Luck, Prosperity, Health, Legal Matters and Leadership -Thursday is ruled by Jupiter

Friday – Romance, Love, Beauty, Prosperity, Marriage, Sex and Friendship –Friday is ruled by Venus

Saturday – Psychic ability, meditation, communicating with spirits, Protection, Removing Obstacles and Addressing issues – Saturday is ruled by Saturn

Times Of The Day

Your magickal workings will also benefit from knowing the daytime correspondences..

Morning– Daylight hours are best for matters of the conscious mind, including magic for leadership, intelligence and all cognitive functions.

Night– Nighttime magicks are best for all things relating to the intuitive, emotional self, healing, fertility, and Moon magick .

Dawn– the dawn brings a time for new beginnings; it freshens, brings warmth and renewed hope.

Dusk– Magick performed at dusk would involve conclusion and endings.

Midnight and Noon– Excellent for all magic involving positive change in your life. Also good for endings and beginnings.

Below you will find the times of the day J

1 a.m. – The first hour of a new day. Focus is on wholeness of self and the banishing of any shadows.

2 a.m. – Ridding partnerships or relationships of negativity.

3 a.m. – Determination, especially in matters that seem to hold you back.

4 a.m. – Improved luck or victory over a specific set of deterring circumstances.

5 a.m. – Encouraging growth of the psychic self.

6 a.m. – Tenacity and perseverance, especially with something you have been putting off.

7 a.m. – Hope, improved insight and perspective.

8 a.m. – Personal change aimed toward the conscious mind.

9 a.m. – Assistance for others, focusing on concrete matters.

10 a.m. – Improving personal convictions and resolutions.

11 a.m. – Energy directed toward transformations, which may have seemed impossible.

(Noon, see above)

1 p.m. – Self-image and personal security.

2 p.m. – Building relationships, encouraging understanding and love between people, sexual symmetry.

3 p.m. – Balancing matters of the body, mind and spirit.

4 p.m. – Harmony of elements, sticking to schedules, magick to accentuate goals.

5 p.m. – Insight to the self. Communicating with spiritual guides.

6 p.m. – Matters of safety, protection and completion.

7 p.m. – Diversity, blending or healing differences, gentle care towards others.

8 p.m. – Leadership, command and guidance.

9 p.m. – Comprehension of universal truth.

10 p.m. – Improving the rational mind, sensibility and clear mindedness.

11 p.m. – Coping with drastic change in a positive manner.

The above table was created, I highly recommend that you take a look at this website. I will assist you greatly with your research J

Magickal Moon Phases

New Moon – The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings, love and romance, health or job hunting.

Waxing Moon – The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or health.

Full Moon – The full moon enhances all magicks, it is also excellent for love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams.

Waning Moon – The waning moon is used for banishing magick, bindings, removing addictions, illness or negativity.

Dark Moon -The dark moon is a time for the removal of bad habits, binding spells, and bringing justice forward.

This again is a very basic example relating to moon magick. Your homework will be to research the moon phases more closely as well as finding the planetary correspondences, colours, deities, day, zodiac correspondences, crystals, energy type as well as plants and flowers.. Then decorate accordingly..

Please do not panic about the research side of things J I will post a full discussion with lots more correspondences in around a weeks time… I would just like to fuel your magickal desire and send your imagination into overdrive!!!! I will also post ideas on decorating each page if u feel a little stuck… But i am sure you will be flowing with sensational ideas J

Below is a list of recommended sites to assist you with your discovering.. this is a piece written by Ellen Duggan… She is an excellent writer and very wise in the field…

just a couple to start you off J

June Correspondences

June, 2010

The sixth month of the Gregorian Calender, June is the first month of summer. June derives it’s name from the Roman Goddess Juno. Her Greek counterpart is Hera.

The traditional birthstone amulets of June are alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl; and the rose is the month’s traditional flower.

June is shared by the astrological signs of Gemini the Twins and Cancer the Crab, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Juno, and all gods and goddesses who preside over love, passion, and beauty.

During the month of June, the Great Solar Wheel of the Year is turned to the Summer Solstice, one of the four Lesser Sabbats celebrated each year by Wiccans and modern Witches throughout the world.

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Cancer.

Nature Spirits: Sylphs, zephyrs.

Herbs: Skullcap, meadowsweet, vervain, tansy, dog grass, parsley, mosses.

Colors: Orange, Golden-Green.

Flowers: Lavender, orchid, yarrow.

Scents: Lily of the valley, lavender.

Stones: Topaz, agate, alexandrite, flourite, moonstone, pearl.

Trees: Oak.

Animals: Monkey, butterfly, frog, toad.

Birds: Wren, peacock.

Deities: Aine of Knockaine, Bendis, Cerridwen, Green Man, Ishtar, Isis, Juno, Neith, and all Gods and Goddesses who preside over love, passion, and beauty.

Magickal Colors

January, 2010


It is winter now, utterly. I gaze out the window at snow falling on the landscape, covering the Earth in a blanket of sleepy contemplation. The world seems cleaner, sharper. I find myself sleeping more, and in my sleep, more dreams. Even while awake, I sometimes catch myself drifting in a stasis of no-thought, like an unconscious meditation.
Gently, gently, the whiteness covers all. The branches that seemed so verdantly green and brown in summer now appear as black twigs, reaching for the sky in stillness. “All is calm, all is bright.” Silence descends, and it seems as if there is no growth or life at all.
Yet beneath this monochrome veil, seeds germinate, little babies sleeping safe within the mother’s womb as they imagine and create their future forms, waiting to spring forth into birth.

A few days past, I had a dream of my mother, and her departure from this physical plane. As I mourned her passing in the dreamstate, (in a room with a white angel mobile, a twig frame covered in white plastic to resemble an androgynous figure with wings), she appeared outside the room. Separated by a pane of glass, surrounded by a nimbus of white light, she looked at me with a piercing glance for only a moment, as if to say “Hey! Do not mourn me, I will never be truly gone!” The glance lasted only a moment, then she turned and walked down a hallway outside, lit periodically with white orbs. I watched her disappear, thinking to myself in the dream that I had witnessed a miracle. I remember the peace I felt within the pain (pane?)– the absolute knowledge that she would always be with me, and that one day we would no longer be separated by veils and would touch once more.

This time of year has always been a time of death. The old ones of the tribes generally chose winter as a time of their physical departure, weakened by the cold and wishing to conserve food and resources for the stronger, younger ones. Left behind in the depths of winter, the people mourned. Yet their awareness of the natural world was more acute than our modern senses, and they took comfort in the solstice, with its message of light returning, and subsequently, life. While still they held sadness in their hearts, they celebrated the gain of new ancestor spirits to which they would pray and make offerings to in the years to come. Around the fires made to stave off the cold and the darkness, they told the stories of their ancestors and their deeds, that their wisdom, bravery, and knowledge would never truly leave the tribe, that their spirits may always remain close.

As a tribute to this season, and the thoughts and dreams it engenders, I write of the color white.

Scientifically it can be said that white is not a color at all- it is a reflection, a rainbow of all possible colors condensed and unseen. When we see white, all three types of cones in the human eye are being stimulated equally at once. In the “color temperature” index, the coordinates of white are RGB 255, 255, 255. In numerology, this breaks down to the number 9.
Nine is associated with qualities of all of our great spiritual teachers in history– generosity and selflessness to the point of sacrifice, idealism, concern with the well-being and harmony of the world around them, and egalitarianism.

In our modern-day Pagan practices, white has encompassed a vast array of beautiful concepts and associations. White is often used during full-moon rituals for the obvious connotations, and also due to the extra energy it may generate as it reflects the moonlight. It is also a color of protection in purity. Often when I feel threatened, for any reason, I calm myself and tune into the beam of white light connecting my chakras and keeping them whole, beaming in both directions infinitely, or connecting to the center of the earth and the heart of the sun. I then can envision a powerful, impenetrable white egg around me, protecting me and keeping my spirit whole whilst still remaining present in the moment. Along those lines, white can also be used for birth and rebirth rituals, purification, initiation, and in some cases, banishing of negative energy. White candles are considered acceptable substitutes for any other colors, due to the all-encompassing nature of the color.
White is the color of the top chakra, or Sarhasrara. This energy center is located on the very top of your head, directly in the middle. When activated in harmony with the rest of the chakras, it has the ability to connect one’s consciousness directly with the divine Source of energy. I form this connection before I do any magickal work, checking my energy system as I do so and correcting any imbalances before beginning the working. This chakra completes the circle of energy as it flows up the spine and out through the top of the head, joining and mingling with the Universal energy before cycling back down into the earth and the base chakra, to begin its journey again. It is the joining place, microcosm to macrocosm.

The fragrant herb, White Sage has been used for centuries successfully to cleanse auras and remove negative energies from any space. It was most commonly used in the Native American traditional ceremonies, and is to this day. Visitors and participants in ceremonies are all cleansed with the smoke before they step into the circle. This past summer solstice, I was sitting quietly and cleansing myself with sage smoke, when I had a glimpse of tiny little particles of white light within the smoke, zipping here and there. I was instantly filled with a sense of well-being and calm joy.
I also found it interesting, while researching plants and herbs associated with this color, that some of the most healing and some of the most poisonous plants (which I did not include as many of) were both associated with white. In keeping with the spirit of this mutable color, I am reminded of the ancient herbalist’s quote, “The harm is the healer”.

Of all the colors, white is the one most often associated with the “Otherworld”, the worlds beyond this one, or life after death. Angels in the Western traditions usually appear with white wings and robes, Ascended Masters of the Theosophy tradition have white auras (indicating spiritual enlightenment, purity and awakening), and of course there is the Christian biblical reference to “pearly gates” through which the righteous pass through to Heaven. Christ’s mount for his second coming is believed to be a white horse. Many other traditions and cultures around the globe, including but not limited to Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and neo-Pagan, consider white the symbol of death, mourning, afterlife, and in cases where reincarnation is a belief, rebirth. It is commonly accepted in spiritualist circles that before death, one’s aura turns a bright white. It is interesting to note that many who claim to have been to the “Other Side”, and come back, speak of a tunnel of white light.
Along that same line, some psychics believe a white aura or white spots within to be indicators of imbalance, even drug use. Some claim just the opposite however, and assure us that white spots are a sign of emerging higher qualities and enlightenment. Also, it has been my personal experience that when one begins to see auras, they can all appear as white light until the “second sight” is more fully tuned.

White is the color of the snow, shades of it composing the winter sky. Dreamlike clouds, puffs of sacred smoke, the blank beauty and potential of the clean white page, ready to be manifested upon. It is the color of peace and reconcilitation, the white dove and the flag waved in the war zone. It is the unobtrusive color of most walls- a canvas upon which we embellish and create. The color of burial shrouds, Western wedding dresses, and christening gowns. It is the color of the brazen sunlight, the mysterious moonlight, the quiet stars as they twinkle from above in their myriad of rainbow colors. It is All and None- the harmony of the universe.
White is the joiner of realms, the color of potentiality. It is nothing but a pure reflection of light, unaltered.

And ever do the celestial bodies shine their pure light down to us, lifting our spirits and inspiring dreams. Beaming and reflecting off the snow, they create an otherworld right here on Earth, a winter wonderland that glows and sparkles. Our usually unseen breaths come as silvery clouds, seeming to highlight that there is more to this world than meets our physical eyes– that it is Below as it is Above. The newly reborn Sun God lifts his head and coos, and even now strengthens as he sleeps most of the day away below the Earth, dreaming dreams of cocreation.
Even here in Alaska, in the darkness that can often seem oppressive, the abundance of this magical color (or lack thereof) reminds me that even within the darkest shadows, there is light to be found. That nothing ever really dies, merely moves behind a curtain to emerge in a different costume. That we can never be truly alone.


Elements: All. Can be used as a substitute color for any direction or purpose.
Tarot Card: The Moon
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Planets: Moon, Saturn, and Venus
Plants: White Sage, Willow, Jasmine, Magnolia, Camellia, Gardenia, Baby’s Breath, Peace Lily, white Yarrow, Cow Parsnip, Orange Blossom (Neroli)
Day: Monday
Metal: Silver
Stones: Clear Quartz, Howlite, Selenite, some Agates, Diamond, Pearl, some Opals, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone

Peace, truth, justice, innocence, meditation, enlightenment, intention, universal energy, psychic pursuits, benevolence, kindness, purity, clarity, cleansing, sincerity, protection/warding, spirituality, strength, healing, Moon Goddesses, women’s mysteries, the Moon (most often full), the Lady and Lord together, astral travel, soulmates, age, respect, spiritual wisdom, authority, life/death/birth/rebirth, union, oneness, wholeness, all and nothing

April Correspondences

April, 2009

April Legends and Lore

April, the fourth month of the current Gregorian calendar and the second month of Spring’s rule, derives its name from Aprillis, the Latin name for the ancient Roman love goddess Aphrodite. Other reference sources give aperite, the Latin word meaning “to open,” as the origination of the month’s name.
The traditional birthstone amulet of April is the diamond, and the daisy and the sweet pea are the month’s traditional flowers.

April is shared by the astrological signs of Aries the Ram and Taurus the Bull, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities:
Aphrodite, emis, Astarte, Erzulie, Terra, Venus, and Ying-Hua.

The name April comes from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who is identified with the Roman Goddess Venus. Though Easter is celebrated during this month, the word Easter comes from the Pagan Goddess Eostre (something else the Christians got from us). Eostre is the Goddess of Spring, fertilitly, and new life.


Moon Name: The Growing Moon

Deities: Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast

Nature Spirits: plant faeries

Colors: Red and gold

Herbs: basil, chives, dragons blood, geranium, thistle

Flowers: daisy and sweetpea

Tree’s: pine, bay and hazel

Scents: pine, bay, bergamot and my personal favorite patchouli

Stones: ruby, garnet, sard

Animals: Bear and Wolf

Birds: hawk and magpie

Powers: energy in creating and producing, balance is
returned to the nerves change, self confidence,
self-relience, take advantage of opportunities,
Time to work on emotional turmoil and get
your temper into prospective.

The Everyday Witch

March, 2009

The over arching Theme of The Everyday Witch column, is “Foundations for Successful Witchcraft”.  make up that foundation and at its core are considered  “The rudimentary knowledge one should have before committing oneself to the Craft”.    provide The Everyday Witch with the tools to notice the” magic in the mundane” and to use that knowledge to conduct effective Spelling.   In order for us to make communicating with the Gods & Goddesses in our daily lives a natural occurrence, we must first experience the magic of first hand.

We begin with Belief.  When a Witch possesses the Belief that s/he CAN practice effective Magic, then s/he WILL practice effective Magic.  Correspondence Witchcraft provides validation for the Witch with visual images.  The March Column continues our project from February, the tool to assist in visualizing essential to the practice of Witchcraft and Magic.  As I stated in last month’s column, our project is timed to the moon and is designedso that is5 to be completed in time for Ostara 2009.

All the panels should be applied to the box/pages/etc by the first weekend of March

The full moon falls on March 10th, a Tuesday. March is the Wishing Moon, the best time for the dedication ritual, of your new magic tool.  Dedicating the box on the Wishing Moon will intensify your focus as you use the box. Remember, this ritual is not for a specific wish, but to channel the energy of the Wishing Moon, into the box and charge it with Full Moon energy.

The Spring Equinox or Ostara is a time for planting and seeding to prepare for the new growth in the coming year.  It is a time that is culturally rich with fables, myths, scripture and lore.  The Spring Equinox has been the bridge of Correspondence and the bedrock of the Eclectic Witchcraft movement in the modern age.  Because I practice Witchcraft as a Religion and Science, my beliefs center on worship of Deity.  Correspondence Witchcraft is classified as a Religion only when it incorporates God & Goddess worship during the execution of Ritual and Spell work.  Therefore, the practice of Correspondence Witchcraft is quite hands-on with focused engagement.  Like other American Religions, this path requires a commitment.

I turn now to the practice of our Craft, with the examination of our Ostara/Spring Equinox ritual, including magical spell working.  The ritual I have chosen to publish here with is the culmination of over 9 years of practice.  The original baseline structure for the ritual is the result of Lady Sankofa’s work with Sankofa Pride 2000 through 2003.

If you are looking for inspiration for your project, here are some links, and videos:

Oberon Zell Magical Correspondence – youtube link

While Hekate & Hermes are play a significant role in the springtime lore of Persephone’s return to the Earth, these Gods of the Underworld are rarely celebrated as new Spring Love.

We are all familiar with the role of Hekate as Persephone’s guide in the Underworld.  Hekate uses her torch light to show Persephone the way out of the Underworld.  It is also Hekate, with the assistance of Hermes, negotiates the ransom of Persephone.  One can imagine the quick-witted and resourceful Hekate working out the deal between Demeter & Hades and Persephone & Hades.  We might even imagine Hekate, the Queen of the Witches, solving this dilemma on her own.

The celebration of Love & Courtship between Hekate & Hermes reminds us that through the Sacred Marriage are we able to accomplish anything we set our goals on.  Please check The Everyday Witch myspace and website for the completed Ostara Ritual.

Correspondence is the foundation, Spelling is the structure.

As promised, the Full Moon Ritual Structure and Spelling/Meditation Outline.

Most of you know that there are hundreds of books available on this subject.  My intention is not to reprint age old information, but to give you another perspective.  The idea is to focus on the intentions, thoughts, states of being, rather than the physical execution of the ritual and spell.

Your magic box/panels become the central focus of the stream of consciousness.  Pay attention to things happening in your life, images you see daily.  You want to take just a moment to think about which God & Goddess you want to work with for this Sabbat Ritual.  Obviously, this article will be using Hekate & Hermes.

The overarching structure of the ritual is as follows:

Set up altar, declare sacred space/altar devotion, and declare intentions

Cast circle try to use sage, holy (salt&rose) water and a bell – it’s formality.

Call Quarters

Invite God & Goddess

Meditation & Spell Work

Cakes & Ale (Communion, Bread & Wine)

Release God & Goddess

Release Quarters

Open Circle

The Altar and Sacred Space/Temple, should be set up to reflect Spring, and Romantic Love.  While both Hekate and Hermes have a dark and erotic side to their relationship, this celebration is about Love.  The colors of these two Gods is Gold, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Green and of course White.

Correspondence – Hermes:

Greek God of communication, Magic, Medicine, Merchants, Thieves and Liars.
: opal, fire-opal, agate, vervane, hermaphrodite, jackal, swallow, ibis, ape
Roman God Mercury.
Egyptian/Kemetic God Toth

Related to Dionysis, Zeus, and Hekate, but is connected to all of the Gods as the Divine Messenger.

Correspondence – Hekate:

Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of the Witches, Magic, Herbs, and Women.
: honey, dogs, black ewes

A Key, A Rope and A Dagger. With the Key to the underworld, Hecate unlocks the secrets of the occult mysteries and knowledge of afterlife. The Rope symbolizes the umbilical cord of rebirth and renewal and the Dagger or Athame is a symbol of ritual power.

Related to Persephone, Demeter as the Triple aspect, but is connected to all of the Gods.

It is important to consider how you will call your quarters.  I have chosen to invoke The Royal Stars of Persia for the Elemental Watchtowers.

Endowed with almost archangelic power, these legendary stars of antiquity are Aldebaron, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut, and in the epoch of 5,000 years ago they were considered to be guardians of the four corners of heaven and watchers of the directions, forming a heavenly cross near the ecliptic.

Aldebaran, King of the Vernal Equinox, the Eye of Taurus, Ruler of the Eastern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Air.

Regulus, King of the Summer Solstice, the Heart of Leo, Ruler of the Southern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Fire

Antares, Queen of the Autumn Equinox, the Scorpion’s Tail, Ruler of the Western Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Water.

Foralhaut, Queen of the Winter Solstice, the Heart of Pisces, Ruler of the Northern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Earth.

Meditation & Spell Work

This is where the magic box comes in handy.  For the Magic, you need an egg, some marking pens and the magic box.

During the meditation portion of the ritual, you should play some light background music.  Take the egg and handle it gently.  Write on the egg all of the things you want to purge or cast out of your life.

Once you have written on the egg, sing your favorite chant, or recite the Witches Rune, to charge the egg.  Place it in your magic box.  It may stay in the box for up to one Mon Cycle.

At the next Full or Dark Moon (your choice), take the egg and find a crossroads far from your home.  Ideally you want a location that you do not frequent and in fact have no plan to ever visit again.  Walk to the center of the crossroads and smash the egg.  Walk away, do not look back and go on with your life as usual.  Within 30 days or one Moon Cycle you will begin to see change.

Remember to use keywords in your research for correspondences.  You can start with a Goddess, a color or a season and branch out from there.  The inter-relationships you choose for your ritual and spell work will provide the foundation for your magic.  Solitary practice can take longer, simply because you must conduct all the research yourself.  Group practice is easiest, as you have many hands to help in the crafting of the circle.

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