Paranormal Path

June, 2011

Haunting Profits

How much would you pay to experience a haunting?  Some may ask why anyone would want to expose themselves on purpose to spirits.  Others who are interested in ghost hunting feel this is a good way to start out in the field.  While there are tours and events at reportedly haunted locations all over the U.S and abroad, some want a more personal experience.  This is where “haunted” auction items come into play.

There are some famous stories of haunted items picked up at auctions, like “The haunted E-Bay painting” that I discussed in a previous article.  Some paranormal enthusiast may be familiar with Harold who is believed to be one of the first “haunted” dolls sold online.  Harold was described as being very active, moving on its own and voices were heard coming from the doll.  Harold was bought by a man who intended on using the doll as practice for restoration but he had what seemed to be several incidents of “bad luck” once the doll was in his possession.  He decided to get another doll for restoration and put Harold back up for auction.  There is an even more bizarre story of a lady who bought a “cursed voodoo doll” online.  She ignored the warnings to not take the doll out of its packaging and put it up for display.  Once the doll attacked her and she tried to destroy it but nothing worked.  She tried to ship the doll back but it always came right back to her doorstep.

Since coming across these stories it seems there are now hundreds if not more objects up at online auctions with claims of being haunted.  If you are planning on looking for such a thing to start out in paranormal investigation, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The choice in words that are used when describing the object is crucial.  I have seen stones or jewels up for auction with claims that it is haunted or possessed by Wiccan or Pagan magic.  Keep In mind items like these are “charged” during certain spells or rituals.  Energy used in magic and spirit energy though seemingly similar is different.   Always read the description carefully, sometimes there are inconsistencies such as time frame and type of activity.  Sometimes people get caught up in telling a good story over actual facts.

Observe the photos carefully.  I have seen so many dolls up for auction that have obviously been tampered with to look scary.  Paint splotches that resemble blood or “strange symbols” drawn on the dolls clothing.  Also clowns and ventriloquist dummies are popular because they naturally have a “creepy” appearance to them.

Make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.  If an object is really causing terror in someone’s life, they will more than likely want to get rid of it at a reasonable price.  I have seen objects starting at nearly or over one thousand dollars.

Research as much as you can about what you’re buying.  The seller should be willing to answer questions about the object.  If you feel you don’t have enough information then move on.  There are objects with claims they were used in “dark rituals” or Voodoo ceremonies’, when in fact the seller is just using terms that are naturally not received well by society in order to hit the fear trigger.

Always keep in mind the power of suggestion is always possible.  If you read a long entry about an objects activity such as a doll moving on its own you will keep that in mind and may want to see the activity so much your mind can play tricks on you.  I am in no way saying there is no such thing as a haunted object, I have seen many, but go into being the new owner with an open mind.  Try to collect photo, video, or audio evidence to share.

The last warning I have is to consider what you’re bringing into your home.  Just because you are interested in having a haunted object doesn’t mean everyone in the home is just as enthusiastic.  True haunted objects may not always “perform” for everyone and someone who does not wish to be involved may be the recipient or witness of the activity.