She Who is all – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

July, 2015

Healing Goddesses


Like so many others this week, I am saddened and devastated by the recent racist murders in South Carolina, US. In memory and honor of those whose lives were taken and in hopes that this country, and this world can begin to heal the hatreds that tear it apart, this month’s Goddess column will be on just a few of the Healing Goddesses, whom I ask to please look kindly upon us all.



COVENTINA – The British Goddess of springs and wells, she was also a Goddess of abundance and inspiration. Her sacred well, located in Northumberland, is considered a sacred healing site.




ANAITA – While there is not much information on her, Anaita was an Italian Goddess of the Oscan tribe, a Goddess of witchcraft and healing. It is said that she is the originator of herbal charms.




AKESO – The daughter of Askelpios, the God of Medicine and Epione, the Goddess of Pain Relief, Akeso is the Greek Goddess of healing and curing, which is the meaning of her name. She is also associated with the moon.




SULIS (OR SUL) – Another British Goddess of Healing, Sulis oversees the sacred wells and springs, all of which bring healing and blessings. Her most sacred site is the healing hot springs at Bath, where thousands still gather for Her annual Festival.




AIRMED – She is of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Irish race of Gods and Goddesses, founded by the Mother Goddess, Danu. Airmed healed those who fell in battle. It is said that the healing herbs of the world fell from her eyes as she wept of her dying brother’s body.




AJA – A powerful healer of the Orisha, her name means “wild wind”. It is said that she is the one who taught all of the worlds’ healer.




ISIS – The Egyptian Goddess Isis, THE Goddess of Ten Thousand Names; her worship has circled the world. While stories abound of Isis and Her magic, Her powers of healing are foremost in the story of her searching and finding the dismembered pieces of her beloved Osiris’ body, killed and scattered by their brother, Set. She searched the world over to resurrect him.

Another story of Her healing powers, She cured Ra of a snake bite, although truth be told She sent the snake and blackmailed him for the name of his power before She cured him.

May we be healed. May we have peace. May we all be blessed  )O(

Gems of the Goddess

January, 2012


We’ve all done it as a child.  Thrown pennies into a fountain while making a wish, little did we know, we were making an offering to a wonderful Celtic goddess.  Her name is Coventina, and the wishing well was made in her honor.  The main well or shrine dedicated to her is locate at Carrawburgh, on Hadrian’s Wall in Britain.  The wells represented the earths very essence and womb, where the Celtics believed Coventinas presence resided most. She also resides in all rivers, lakes, and streams.  Since she is a water goddess, she’s also great for inspiration and divination, all the aspects of the divine feminine.

Coventina stands among rivers and water, holding a vessel with water pouring from it.  With this depiction she’s also associated with abundance, prosperity, and new life.  What a perfect goddess to learn about before the new year!  She was called upon by her followers for small wishes, or before they were about to embark on a new journey within their life.  Coventina was asked to bring good luck to their endeavors.


Try throwing a coin into a stream or fountain.  Better yet a well if you can find one.  Ask for what you hope to manifest within the next year.  Coventina would also encourage everyone to start taking the necessary steps towards purification.  This means, purifiying yourself through change of diet, with less intake of harsh chemicals and preservatives, as well as purififying your thoughts. To purify your thoughts basically means positive thinking about situations and most of all others.  It’s hard to think purely about someone who is negative, but all you have to do is send them love and forget about it.  Just simply move on, because dwelling on it with stressful thoughts and anger can have a negative effect on your body and long-term mood.  Don’t hesitate to ask Coventina for help with this.


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