The Kitchen Witch

April, 2016

Cosmic Crabmeat Stir-fry



This is an easy and simple meal that can be put together in under thirty minutes. It’s a recipe I got from the father of my son – it’s the only thing I think he knew how to make!

You only need a few ingredients:

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 small green pepper, chopped

¼ red onion, chopped

4 ounces (half a package) moonlight mushrooms, sliced

1 package imitation crab meat, broken up a bit

1 28-oz can of whole tomatoes

Dried parsley, oregano & basil to taste, as well as salt & pepper

Heat the olive oil in a heavy pan. Sauté the green peppers, red onions and the moonlight mushrooms until half-way soft. Add the crab meat and stir and cook for about a minute. Then add the tomatoes, smashing them up a little. Add the seasonings and then let simmer while you prepare the pasta or rice on which you will serve the stir-fry. Don’t forget the grated cheese!

The day I made this, I didn’t have any mushrooms but it was still very good. I served it on angel hair pasta. One thing about this dish – it doesn’t work very well the next day. I love leftovers but Cosmic Crabmeat turns into Cosmic Catfood after twenty-four hours. So if you plan to make this, plan to eat it all immediately. What you’re looking at here will feed four decent appetites – especially if you have a salad for a side dish. And maybe a nice hunk of bread as well!