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December, 2018


Going Shamanic” is hosted by Jennifer Engracio on P.A.G.E.  Media Project’s blogtalk radio each month. The show focuses on how to integrate shamanism into every day life. Instead of relegating the spiritual aspect of ourselves to Sundays at church or weekend workshops, this show will support listeners in weaving ritual, prayer, magic, alignment with the Spiritworld and the Earth into their lives to enrich their experience of living.


This Month’s Topic: Going Shamanic – Sacred Sexuality, Part 1

Human sexuality is mysterious, vibrant and diverse.  This show explores why sexuality is a birth right and important to overall health and wellbeing.  It answers the question: Why is sexuality holy?


Jen welcomes Saida Désilets, PhD, who is a thought-leader on the growing edge of researching how women can use their minds, bodies, and spirits to create richer lives through their sensual selves.

She is the founder of the Succulence Revolution, a self-actualizing system that creates more pleasure, sexual aliveness, and deep self-love. She is a co-contributor to the best-selling books of Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rachel Abrams and has led transformational workshops and seminars for women around the globe for the past 13 years. She is the author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman: Awakening Our Erotic Innocence, and serves as a guide to women who believe in transformation as a lifelong path of learning, discovery, and walk to freedom.

This show is pre-recorded and believe me, it’s WORTH the listen. So many amazing gems on how to bring pleasure into your life – because you’re worth it.



Going Shamanic is hosted by Jennifer Engrácio, about how to integrate shamanism into everyday life.


About the Author:

Jennifer Engrácio has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Jennifer is a certified teacher who has worked with children in many different education settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance Shamanics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in Calgary, Canada with her life partner.

Engrácio participated in self-publishing three books that are now available:

The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within”

Women’s Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life”

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’S Shamanic Journey into Healing

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Review of The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show

October, 2018

The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show


…”The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis. If Science & Mysticism got married, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show would be their child. OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) is a program about introspection, discovery, and evolution. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks (44 AM Stations). In 2018, OLIT was picked up by Mental Health News Radio Network (a large media network that features programs about psychology and mental health)…”

This 14-Part series about Death is comprehensive and informative in its presentation. Each broadcast is an hour or more in content with each section parceled out to reflect all of the stages, questions and beliefs about Death. The collection of more than seventy interviews is a mix of select listeners and a heavy dose of professional clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, artists, clinical psychologists, therapists, Reiki Masters and more. Overall, I found the broadcasts to more than adequately foster a place of community, sharing and counsel that is applicable to all aspects of the grieving process and more importantly to the fear of the unknown and our own mortality.

Although time intensive, I enjoyed listening to the different perspectives presented and broadening my own philosophies regarding the Death Process. My Mother passed two years ago on September 22nd., so the information presented was both timely and comforting.

These are the topics explored:

The Healing Process Begins

Managing Mindset Parts 1 and 2

Exploring Mental Health and remaining centered and focused throughout the grieving process.

What You Can Do For Others

Practical advice on how to navigate grief as a support for the bereaved. It is a delicate space of knowing when and how to interject your support and sympathy when you are trying to offer comfort. Understanding what this looks like and that every individual is unique in how they process loss provides the necessary insight in reading the situation and assessing the need.

The Virtues

The Virtues are the Elite Team of experts on the Outer Limits including a Medium (Lisa McGarrity), Psychic Empath (Kerrie O’Connor), Animal Communicator (Lisa Caza) and Astrologer (Constance Stellas).

I was particularly drawn to this fifth installment and discussion of the Soul’s Journey and past life experience. All of us want more information on what to expect of our own death and how to reach out to those who have passed. Questions such as – How long before you should wait to attempt contact with your loved one? What forms do the Spirits take when they present themselves to the psychic/medium? How are they able to communicate?

How soon after the passing would you wait to connect? – general rule of thumb about 1 year for clear connection.

I especially liked the simplicity of this suggestion by Lisa McGarity:

What to do if you would like to communicate with someone passed over…..

Sending the intention of being able to clearly communicate with your loved one. Write a letter as though you were going to interact on a physical level. Often the response will come in the form of a dream or impression.

Teachers and Mystics Parts 1 and 2

There are many beliefs and cultural bias around death. Hearing some of these teachings and the ways we process the spiritual nature of death. Precepts such as non-judgment and the dispelling of the illusion of corporeal and manifest life. The Soul and the human form are reflections of consciousness and the levels of understanding and development that has occurred within manifest form, aligning the transition from life to death into the point of resonant energy.

Near death Experiences 3-Parts

A series of interviews with individuals who have had NDEs and their unique stories that carry some of the common threads.

Nanci’s Story

An depth sharing of a NDE and the blueprint of our cosmology that she was given.

Communication With the Departed

How communication occurs and the various modalities and types of communion that can be used to seek counsel from those passed.

Animal Afterlife

This section offered some much needed comfort and information to those who have lost a beloved animal companion.

Science and Skeptism

The conclusion of the series attempts to bring science and the inherent skeptic nature into cohesion. It concludes with a 4-way debate between the host, Ryan McCormick, David Silverman President of the American Atheists, David I. Orentein, Ph.D., Humanist Clery and Atheist author and speaker

NDE Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long. The opening question posited by the host, Ryan is:

What if all of the previous segments were “bullshit”? What if science had a logical explanation for everything stated and there was nothing mystical about the experience of death? Ryan goes on to encourage listeners to develop their own belief systems rather than “following” the conclusions of others. This segment opens with an interview with Bob Berman, astronomer and co-author of Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe who promotes knowledge of our place within the Universe in both the stages of life and death and time’s role in creation.

The debate opens Pandora’s box of enabling the listener to formulate their own realities between what science and mysticism repel as truth and attempt to coalesce as belief.

To access the series: The Death Show


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of (click on book titles for more information):


The Inner Chamber Volume One

It’s Written in the Stars



The Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

poetry of the Spheres (Volume 2)



The Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

Awakening the Paths



A Year With Gaia

The Eternal Cord


Temple of the Sun and Moon

Luminous Devotions


The Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1)

A Collection of Esoteric Writings


The Elemental Year

Aligning the Parts of SELF


The Enchanted Gate

Musings on the Magick of the Natural World


Sleeping with the Goddess

Nights of Devotion


A Weekly Reflection

Musings for the Year


Her books are available on Amazon or on this website and her Blogs can be found atRobin Fennelly 


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Sacred Place, Sacred Space

June, 2018

Catal Huyuk

(Photo Credit:

For those who love archaeology and the discovery of ancient places, Catal Huyuk holds a special place.

Widely accepted as the largest, oldest Neolithic village or town ever found, it was home to 3,000 – 8,000 people.

Located in southern Anatolia, in Turkey, it was first discovered in 1958. It was not until the archaeologist, James Mellaart, began excavating in 1961, and continuing at least until 1965, that the world began to take notice.

Catal Huyuk was lived in 9,400 to 7,700 years ago and only about 5% has been excavated at this time.

Restoration of a room (Photo Credit: facts and

The houses were built very close together, in clusters, and normally had 3 rooms. The point of access was through the ceiling, which was also the source of both light and ventilation. Subsequent homes were just built over older ones, making it an archaeological wonder.

There are several larger buildings that could have been used for public events or worship. Colorful murals and figurines suggest that much symbolism was used in their spirituality. These murals are the oldest found on structures built by human hands.

(Photo Credit:

Their dead have been found buried within the village, and found beneath the homes and hearths.

Many tools, i.e., axes and mace heads, etc have been found, as well as grinding tools, and jewelry.

It would appear that the people of Catal Huyuk lived simple lives and there seems to be no indication of gender or caste classifications. Findings also indicate a vegetarian diet consisting of grains and legumes, a diet which many are following again today.

There has been an abundance of female figures found in Catal Huyuk, which James Mellart indicates a female deity, and the worship of a Mother Goddess. While many animal figurines were found and a small number of male figurines, the female far outweigh these. Some of these figurines showed the Goddess flanked by two feline figures, which represent as guardian to powerful places. Similar figurines have been found at different sites around the world, including Malta. There are many archaeologists that deny that these figurines indicate a Goddess worship, or a peaceful civilization; the bulk of these archaeologists are male, but there are also females who refute Mellart’s assertion.

The renowned archaeologist, Marija Gimbutas, advocated for this peaceful civilization and Mother Goddess who has been worshiped from Paleolithic times until the present day. I highly recommend any of Ms. Gimbutas’ books; they are well worth the read.

(Photo Credit:

Recently, in 2016, an 8,000 year old female figurine was discovered in Catal Huyuk, found with a valuable piece of obsidian, which would indicate an honor and a reverence.

(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

While there will always be those who will deny the existence of these peaceful civilizations, as well as the existence of the Goddess, in the past and in current times, there are enough of those who believe differently and who know that some day, the Goddess will once more make Herself known to all and peace will once more be the way of the world. May this be soon.

(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:



About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher, Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist with Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She is the author of “My Name is Isis”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………” children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at and her email is

My Name is Isis: The Egyptian Goddess

Book Review: Earth – Astrology’s Missing Planet by Chrissie Blaze

May, 2018

Book Review

Earth- Astrology’s Missing Planet by Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze is a Spiritual teacher, professional astrologer, and columnist. She is an international speaker and radio show host of On the Edge with Chrissie Blaze, and Aetherius Radio Live with Body Mind Spirit Radio. Her new book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet is a fusion of the traditional and spiritual perspectives applied in using astrology as a tool for discovery and growth.

Earth is often left out of most traditional astrology readings; the thought being that we as beings of earth view the cosmos from the center-point of earth as our home planet. Chrissie brings the more esoteric approach, which includes Earth as a prominent and very important planet in the natal blueprint, Because it is our planet of center-point.

In her very well planned book, Chrissie takes the reader through the basis for reconnecting to the Earth as part of a broader and more inclusive stream of cosmic awareness that we are currently being called to. Chapter One speaks to the bridge of connection between Earth as the foundational principle from which we perceive and formulate our identification and the inroads of energetic understanding of the role of the planets in astrology.

Methodically, the author provides a general and easily understood Astrology 101 that begins to weave the threads of connection introduced as the energy of Earth in the guise of the 12 astrological signs and houses of the Great Zodiacal Wheel are presented for the reader to make the desired applications to their personal birth chart. The importance of Earth and our deepening of connection to Her gifts as expressed through our own cosmic connection is brought into its rightful place as the center-point of who we are as soul-centered beings within a living and breathing universe of energy.

Ms. Blaze has crafted a true treasure of practical information and esoteric wisdom that moves the reader fully into the Aquarian Age of inclusion and vision of what the potential is not simply within our own world, but in all of the worlds.

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About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Third Degree Initiate and High Priestess of Coven of the Mystic Path within the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition. Her path is the fusion of Western Hermetics and Eastern Practices, including meditation and energetic protocol. She is a monthly columnist with and has authored several books and been published locally and Internationally.

Robin maintains a rigorous teaching schedule presenting locally and at festivals throughout the North East. She writes several blogs, The Magickal Pen being her first foray into blogging and is a writer for Sage Woman blogs.

Her primary blog is The Magickal Pen

Her blog at Pagan Square, The Womb of Light, can be found at:

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