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January, 2016

Dominomancy: Using Dominoes for divination

I used to play dominoes with my grandfather when I was a child but I haven’t touched a domino tile in many years. I have friends who play almost daily and even gamble on the outcome of the games, using a point system and accusing each other of cheating. Very recently I received a box of dominoes and I poured them out on the table with a sense of anticipation. How it brought back memories to mix up the overturned tiles in the boneyard! But I wasn’t playing a game with a grandchild. I was picking tiles to answer a question.

Dominoes are a form of dice – flattened dice, so to speak. They were invented in China over 2200 years ago, according to, but didn’t find their way to Europe much before the eighteenth century. European domino sets are different than Chinese domino sets in that they have 28 tiles instead of 21, with the addition of the blank tile. The highest tile is the double six and the lowest is the double blank. Like all divination systems based on numbers, it is important to know the basic meanings of numbers. Dominoes adds another dimension in that you have two numbers on a tile so there is the relationship between those two numbers as well as the sum of those numbers and what those numbers may reduce to. If you are pulling two or three tiles, then you have that many more concepts to deal with.

Of course you can always just open a book and look up the meaning of whatever tiles you have chosen. We all do this. I have Sasha Fenton’s The Fortune-Teller’s Workbook right here with me and I have it open to the Dominoes chapter. I had my dominoes out earlier and chose three tiles (with help from my cat, Radar):


According to Fenton, the 6/5 combination says I will have a job soon, luck with work and relationships but I have to work at it (what? What kind of luck is that?) and possible trouble with children. The double blank was bad luck all the way around and the double two was good for relationships and work but I should watch my health, which really isn’t far off the mark.

Just for shits and giggles, I decided to see what someone else had to say about these tiles. When I consulted “Advanced Gypsy Fortune Telling”, which I found at, there was a slightly different fortune for me. The double blank was still bad luck – “Trouble or serious problems”. But the double two said “A personal wish will come true” which is way more positive. And the 6/5 combination was totally fabulous – “Success at work, in career, vocation, or possibly education.”

So with all that in mind, I think it would be best for me to learn the numbers – learn numerology, basically – and then apply then to a system that will work with dominoes. And continue researching the subject. I was honestly amazed how much there was on Dominomacy when I Googled it. It just goes to show that people will use literally anything to foretell the future!

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