October, 2011

Since it’s the month of Halloween (Samhain), we are going to introduce a “Dragon” spell here for ya! ~

It’s a great time for a little protection magick anyway since tricksters of all kinds can be at play on that day, even during the month.  So property protection magick, car protection magick, etc., isn’t an unwise move for a witch!  Here’s an easy spell.  If you don’t have the Dragon Protection Oil that I sell in my store, you can make your own protection oil or use one that you have on hand.  Any herbs/flowers/resins that have energies associated with protection magick, can be used for this spell.  (Think Lavender, Angelica, Black Pepper, Basil, Amber, and Bay Laurel for just a few.  An apple slice in the oil also is a good idea.)

This protection spell uses the elemental creature, the Dragon.  If you are uncomfortable with the idea that dragons really exist, and are not comfortable beckoning them for help, than this spell may not be for you.  You can fine tune this spell at that point, to suit your own needs/desires.

Dragon Scales – Protection

Aromatherapy Essential Oil — A “New Moon Wellness herbals© Product”

Anoint your forehead and both wrists; both index fingers with the oil.  Sit in a sacred space/protected circle.

As you visualize the power of the dragons flowing around you, visualize all the power shifting to your right index finger and middle finger, then trace a pentagram over what you want protected (person, place or thing) with your index/middle finger.  Visualize the light of self (empowered by the dragons) flowing from self into the pentagram you are tracing.
Trace three times while chanting;

With this pentagram I lay
Protection here both night and day
And to the ones (or item/thing) who should not touch
Let their fingers burn as such.

So Mote It Be.
By all the power of Moon and Sun
I chant this spell, now be it done
By all the power of land and sea
As I do will so mote it be

CLOSE YOUR CIRCLE THROUGH VISUALIZATION. Your spell is complete.  Let the magickal dragons help you by taking the spell onward and upward.  Relax.


– Text Copyright 2007 Under The New Moon

HearthBeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

April, 2011

Dragons in your home.

Merry meet and welcome. Sorry I have been away for quite a while. I have had an injury that stopped me from typing. But I am back and will do my best to get back on the ball.

So here we go.

Dragons… in your home????  In your Kitchen??? Seriously???

Well Yes. Dragons are wondrous creatures, and kind of picky about whom they contact and connect with.. But they are very protective, orderly and know where every thing is that they are responsible for. And befriending on and welcoming them into your home can be beneficial to both of you. You have a Dragon there to assist you and they have a safe, secure home that they are loved and believed in.

One thing you must always remember when you ask a Dragon into your home is this.. They are very powerful, wondrous creatures. And you are crunchy and taste good with a beer. No Seriously. When you invite a Dragon into your home you must treat them well.. As they are much more powerful than you and do not take to being mistreated or abused..  or having anyone in their care abused.. so be very careful. If you have any reason to think a Dragon may have issue with your actions. Please do not invite one in, have a relationship with them outside your home. Working with dragons requires that you earn their trust and friendship by showing that you are worthy of it. This doesn’t mean you must be perfect. Dragons realize that a human aren’t perfect, nor is the world we live in. But, if you put some effort into it, and do what you can, you will find some great friends.

I know this may sound stupid or crazy even, but for those of us that have found Dragons and have on helping in their lives.. Well you all know what I am talking about.

If you befriend a dragon to live with you be prepared for a demanding time, your companion might seem to be a little harsh at times but remember that they are NOT HUMAN so will look at things a bit differently than you. But from their point of view what they do is in your best interest. Remember also that they are intelligent and you can disagree with their point of view.. Once you have a good working relationship with a dragon he or she will want you to learn all you can, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with them. Dragon Magick is not one of those things that can be picked up and put down again when you feel like it, it is a continuous learning experience that lasts a lifetime.

Be sure to give them the respect they deserve and they will respect you. You have to have a two way relationship with them, they are not going to do all the work whilst you sit back and watch! Treat your dragon companion as your friend, don’t just call on it when you need something but allow it to spend time with you. Your companion will like to feel wanted otherwise they wont see the point in hanging around.

Never order a dragon to do anything, always ask, after all you wouldn’t like to be ordered around. That is probably the easiest was to lose a companion, and if you annoy one , you will probably find that others will refuse to work with you too. Be completely open and honest with your Dragon as it will know if you are lying.

Before even considering working with a Dragon, do your research. Look at the myths and legends of Earth; try to understand the nature of the dragon. Western myths mainly portray them as evil but that is mostly because they were fear and misunderstood. As was the case with many creatures that were different or powerful.

Eastern writers seem to understand the wonder and knowledge of their Dragons, they are portrayed as wise and just creatures. To be revered and worshiped as honored members. Dragons do, however, avoid negative Humans who might hurt or try to control them. If a Human does try to hurt or control a dragon, they will have wished they hadn’t! If you try to hurt or control a dragon, there are great consequences. The most drastic of these is death, although it is rare, for most Dragons do not wish to kill or harm other beings..

We have always been fascinated with dragons. They feature in the myths, legends and history of nearly every country on earth. However, most of us still think of dragons being only a myth or a fantasy, but dragons are very real, although you wont see them wandering around like a deer! I believe that Dragons left the earth to live in the astral realms but they still have a hand in the “real” world. Some have even come back to earth to co-exist with a human, to help them and make sure the ways of the dragon are never forgotten. Some say that many Dragons have been reborn as humans and that  it is very hard to tell these people apart from the rest of the population as they look and seem human. I have not met one so I cannot say for sure.  But who knows, anything’s possible.

Once you have learned about dragon nature its time to look at yourself. You will need to be self-disciplined, you have to be truthful with yourself and you must be willing to make some personal sacrifices. Being truthful to yourself is very important; you should always be true to yourself no matter what the circumstances.

It’s a good idea to ask yourself why you want to have a Dragon live with you. Working with Dragons is not a game; you are asking a powerful entity to live in your home with you and your family. You will also need to have your family in on it as well. They will need to understand what it is all about as well. If your reasons are selfish or dishonorable then rethink your desire. Dragons live by a code much different than ours. Dragons do, however, avoid negative Humans who might hurt or try to control them. If a Human does try to hurt or control a dragon, they will have wished they hadn’t! If you try to hurt or control a dragon, there are great consequences. The most drastic of these is death, although it is rare, for most Dragons do not wish to kill or harm other beings.

You must always include your Dragon in your day. Do not think they will sit idly by while you go on with your day. Thank them, leave an offering for them, and chat with them while you cook or clean or do ritual. Dragons deserve respect and reverence. Just saying ‘Thank you for being part of my life’ will make them feel loved and appreciated, as it would if someone said it to you. This way you are giving a little bit of energy to the dragons who watch over you and they, in return, will be happy to give you some of their energy to protect your home, help you organize, even do Ritual.. Whenever you are able, celebrate the dragon festivals. They will appreciate your efforts and might join you in celebration.

There are many types of  Dragon, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Chaos.. you can find ton of information of that on the web. And you should.. you should learn everything you can before you make this kind of commitment. But the Dragon will also teach you about themselves as you go along. You will not be able to go out and custom pick the dragon. They will find you after you invite them. And if you both are not completely comfortable and happy with each other, well then politely discuss it. That you do not think it will be a good fit for your both. You MUST feel safe and comfortable with the entity you are asking to LIVE with you.

Inviting a Companion Dragon

This is a little ritual you can try if you really wish to invite dragons into your life.

Choose a time when you will not be disturbed.

Sit or lay down on the floor and ground and balance yourself. Push the stress of the day away and into the earth. Once done, imagine a protective bubble forming around you. One of the easiest ways to do this is to imagine a small bubble just in front of your chest then let it expand to surround you. You might not be able to see this bubble, especially if it’s the first time of using it, but know that it is there protecting you.

The next step is to invite a Dragon to become your friend. Mentally project the desire to contact and make friends with a dragon. Be confident but don’t shout your intention. Then either in your mind or out loud say this, or something similar, “I follow the path of dragons. In love, trust, and friendship I invite you into my life and into my home. My family will love and honor you ” Add anything else you wish to say and keep projecting welcoming thoughts.

Don’t expect to feel a companion right away; it can take quite a while before they feel you are ready for them. Sit for a while longer incase they do wish to make their presence known. You may have to wait a few days… as they are not just sitting around waiting for us. Your energy has to go out and find one that lives with the same energy. Or one that “feels” you.

Once you have connected with a Dragon and you both have mutually agreed to live together.. You now have to treat it like any other relationship. You both( all) need to work together to peacefully live in one place. You need to make known the needs you have and the things you wish your Dragon friend to assist with. And the Dragon will let you know what it expects from you, as well as what it agrees to do to help you. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. As you help your Dragon so shall it help you. Protection, balance, peace, order, healthy plants, well behaved pets( as dragons WILL let them know what they CAN’T do…LOL…) lack of pests( snack foods for dragons) I could go on and on. It may seem like they are doing more for us than we are for them. But think about it. How many places can a Dragon go and be itself, help and receive help, be trusted and believed in. As long as the relationship is good and you treat them like a loved member of your family you can look forward to a long happy relationship.

I was going to put a bunch of information on.. but decided that the best way to learn about your Dragon friend it to as. To be open to learn about it and to have no preconceived ideas of what SHOULD be. So it is up to you to go learn, read, ask, and then once you have befriended one… ask, learn, study… and be open to everything.

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

PS. If there is anything you would like to see here.. please email me at  thehearthkeeper@gmail.com

Blessed be…

Myths and Legends: Journeys Through Time

May, 2010



“She stops at the edge of the forest, standing as deep within the cover provided by the foliage as she dares to. Squinting slightly against the bright midday sun, she slowly scans the sky, starting at the horizon and sweeping her eyes back and forth until she sees the green leaves. Satisfied for a moment that it’s safe to step out in the open, the young maiden pulls her cloak more tightly around her shoulders and steps beyond the tree line. Suddenly as if waiting for her to appear in view, a huge winged shadow passes over her. The maiden stops in her steps, eying the tree line but knowing she won’t make it in time. Sighing softly she does her best to quell her fear as the owner of the shadow makes a loop back towards her. The sunlight glints off of it’s body making it almost impossible to look at. As the figure nears closer to her the maiden sighs with relief upon catching sight of it’s rich, warm bronze color. Although uncommon, there are stories of bronze dragons having approached people in their natural for. They usually like to take on the form of a harmless, unnoticeable creature and observe humans unhindered. As dragon lands the young maiden holds her ground taking the opportunity to study this magnificent creature. She admires the wings, which stretch out to a span of about thirty-five feet. She also notes that it’s scales are a deep bronze color, just barely showing a hint of the yellow green tint that bronze dragons are born with. Moving slowly as to not provoke an attack,  she makes her way towards the dragon, a little elated at her first dragon sighting and the chance of talking to it…”

Dragons…the mythological creature that most people would love to have as a pet, get the

chance to meet, discover it’s treasure trove or be the brave knight who slays the fearsome

monster so that they may rescue the pretty maiden. So…what are dragons exactly? When you

think of a dragon, do you think of a long, snake like body with four claws, powerful wings

horns, spikes, frills and feathers perhaps? Such dragons likes these are most commonly found

in Oriental mythology, Chinese dragons being the most well known for their snake like

bodies, powerful claws and horns or colorful frills. Chinese dragons are most often regarded

symbols of authority, rulers of water, believed to have control over weather and as symbols

of strength and power.  Certain dragons such as the 5,4, and 3 clawed dragons being assigned

to the Emperor of China, Zhuzho or fedual lord, and Daifu or high officials in government

respectively. The Chinese dragon is also seen as the male side of the yin and yang aspect

of Chinese culture. In Japanese mythology, the dragon is depicted much the same way

as those of Chinese myth, the only differences being that Japanese dragons have three claws

instead of up to five, and are more commonly associated with bodies of water or anything to

do with water.  On the other hand if the image of a strong body, long tail, razor sharp claws,

long neck, large powerful wings, a snake like tongue and the ability to breathe fire come to

mind, then you’re looking at a European dragon. If Oriental dragons are representations of

benevolence, weather, rulers of water, symbols of authority, then European dragons are at

the other end of the spectrum. European or ‘Western’ dragons as they’re known are most

often cast as an evil or malevolent creature. Also..instead of being creatures of water, they

are considered creatures of earth, despite their having wings, they are believed to live in

caves or underground lairs.  Western dragons are the most recognized dragon and most

widely represented dragon. Everything from movies such as Disney’s Sleeping Beauty,

in which the evil sorceress Maleficent turns into a dragon at the end, to television

shows depicting them as real true creatures. In Greek mythology, one of the giants the last

borne of the Titan Gaia, Typhos is shown to be a dragon. Or a dragon like creature. It is he

who is responsible along with his wife Echidna for creatures such as Cerebus, the Hydra,

Sphinx and Nemean Lion. Also due to his battle with Zues and subsequent imprisonment

under Mount Edna, Typhos is believed to be the cause of all volcanic eruptions. Dragons

go so far as to even be part of a popular table top role paying game known as none other

than Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons was created in the 1970s by Gary Gygax

and Dave Ameson. The first publication of the game was in 1974 and over 30 years later it’s

still going strong. In many of the monster manuals, dragons are one of the most fearsome and

hardest creatures an adventurer comes across. DnD as it’s called goes so far as to give dragons

alignments, evil, good or neutral and describe different dragons such as metallic dragons,

which are good, gem dragons which are good but can cause trouble and chromatic dragons

which are just plain evil. DnD also goes so far as to describe each dragon’s habitat, diet,

fighting style, and any powers they gain as they age. As with everything in life, the time

of dragons did come to an end. Saint George is credited with killing the last dragon, a dragon

named Ascalon in what is now known as Ashkelon, Israel. In killing Ascalon, Saint George

rescued a princess and saved a town from having to continually sacrifice their sheep or their

maidens. There are many more myths and legends out there about dragons but as with fairies

to tell them all would take a very long time. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough you might just

catch the attention of one and learn from them.


http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Chinese-titles (for translation of Chinese titles)



Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual Game Accessory published by Tactical Studios Rule Inc. in 1993.