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September, 2014

Healthy Fall Earrings

My goal is to reach my 103rd birthday in the far future. But to achieve that in the best possible condition and state of mind needs some serious groundwork.

One aspect of it is nurturing myself with healing and empowering, all natural essential oils. I have gone one step further than just lighting up an aromalamp at home; I wear them in my earrings. I created the idea of aromatherapy earrings nearly a year ago, and am totally hooked on it now! I craft the earrings myself, and each model holds a special place for an absorbent material for essential oils. You simply add one drop of oil on each earring, and that´s it. By wearing them I can boost my well-being right at the spot, on the go, when I need it the most. Aromatherapy winds me up during the day, no matter where I go. Now I can live life to the fullest, knowing I´m doing my best. (My grandpa used to teach me that as long as I do my best, no one can blame me for anything. Wise words.)

Another aspect of taking care of oneself is beauty. Beauty is a universal matter, that is appreciated in all cultures. I believe beauty keeps the soul bubbly and enhances life force within.

Combining beauty with health-promoting essential oils is a great boost to my everyday life. Dressing to the season/sabbat is a natural way to tune in with nature and the wheel-of-the-year.

Here are my latest pieces of aromatherapy earrings to beautify and enliven me up this fall:



Small gold-plated hoops, that are great with any look.




This fall I am exploring the country style (which also revives my awesome memories of my exchange student year in high school in Kentucky), and I love to wear the little hoops with a plaid shirt and jeans.




The peak of each fall´s beauty is the turning colors of leaves. Here in red and orange with a “drop of water” in form of a glass bead





Or in all orange…



…or all red.




The leaf-shaped earrings make even this masculine army-green blouse come alive and remain my femininity.




A must to all wiccans/pagans! A classic pentacle with a small glass pearl to make them more chic than the ordinary pentacle.




The same in purple, the color of those who possess great spiritual wisdom.




Also a sophisticated way to show one´s true colors!




Long did I look for a suitable model for the most classic of the classics, golden hoop earrings, that would work for adding essential oil. These beauties do.



No matter what your style, what you wear, these “basketball wives´ ” earrings deliver timeless elegance to your appearance.

When it comes to selecting the essential oil, this fall I opt for frankincense mixed with a citrus like bergamot. It is like walking through a forest of uplifting bliss.
How about that for taking me one step further to 103?

P.S. I also made a few extra pairs of all the above earrings, and you can get them here.