August, 2006

*Now this, I must admit, blew my mind*

Dear PaganPages

I am sending this to two other groups that might be interested in Pagan
rituals, etc. This is a _very good_ resource, http://PaganPages.org.

Rev. Ernest A. Steadman, DD

*MM Rev Ernest A. Steadman,

Thank you very much for your compliments and for believing in us enough
to pass us on. It means a lot to us. Our goal is to bring together an atmosphere of sharing and community in an area which is too often fractured by bigotry and elitism. When we hear that our site has been useful and educational, we know we have been succesful! *

*Rev. Ernest A. Steadman wrote PaganPages back and we were so impressed by his letters and his church that we are publishing his return letter, in hopes it may help other pagans out there. It goes as follows:*

You are very welcome, Jenn.

As Interfaith Christians (a new denomination of Christianity), we recognize

those who include the Christ in their worship, regardless of what faith they

might be. And, at your site, I saw a very high degree of professionalism

that I would not be embarrassed to refer to our memberships. We have many

whom we recognize as Christian/Wicca and Christian/Pagan.

We also see the validity of the Creator of the Universe having had His/Her

hand in all faiths and why all are so close to each other, differing only

because of society, environment or individual temperment.

Thank you for having created the resource that you have.

Rev. Ernest A. Steadman, DD

Universal Peace Ambassador (Geneva, Switzerland)








Dear PaganPages

I would love a subscription to your publication. I enjoy reading it and have a link to your site on the MSN group I own, named Savannah Solitaries. Most of my members read your articles and often we have many conversations when we get together here in town to have some good witchy fun and bond as fellow witches.


*Dear Grace

Thank you so much for your email. It made our month! To know we are reaching out to and affecting people in the way we hoped to means a lot to us. I hope we continue to be a helpful and fun part of your group!*

Dear PaganPages

The writing is so tiny, that us older folks could be having issues reading it……..any suggestions?

*Dear Raven

Our site is best viewed in the Firefox browser. If you go to the bottom of our first page you will see a box where you can click and download it. When you have it and it is installed, you can go to the top menu bar. Click on view, then click on increase text. You can make it as large as you need. I hope this was helpful. If not, please tell me, and I can try to help you further. The best thing to use is the Firefox. I have to use the text increase myself!*
UPDATE:     There is also a way to increase the text size in internet explorer. Here’s how: go to the “View” menu, select “Text Size” and choose “larger” or “largest” – whatever suits your fancy! Any further questions, don’t hesitate to email us!*


April, 2006

Dear PaganPages,

I do enjoy your magazine, however, I have noticed that you are a wiccan magazine, why then do you call yourselves PaganPages and not WiccanPages?


Merry Meet Curious,

Thank you for writing us. We are not a Wiccan magazine. There are many writers with us who are not Wiccan. Look through the articles again, look at the profiles as well. We may have a large amount of Wiccan writers, but that is only because many Wiccans are more open to writing about their paths. We would like to have a large variety of paths covered, but it is not so easy finding those who are willing to write. Right now I’m looking for a Brujeria writer, a Santeria writer, and a Jewitch writer. This has been an on going project for the past 2 months. If you know of anyone, on any path, who would like to write, send them our way, we welcome them with open arms! Continue to enjoy our magazine!!



I have read some very good articles in your magazine. I have also read some that I would like to comment on and possibly argue. Do you accept emails about articles? If the author’s email address is not included with the article, how do I get in contact with them to comment?

-Something to say

Merry Meet Something to say,

Thank you for writing us. This is a very good question. Yes, we do accept comments on all our content, including some that may not be too nice to the article. We like to hear people’s opinions and share what they have to say.
If you do not see an author’s email address with an article, you can send in your comments to any of the email address’ in the contact us area (the button to it is on the top of every page). Tell us which article you are responding to and we will forward the letter to the author of that article. The author may either write you back privately, or we will post his/her answer in the editorials section. If we post it in the editorials section, we will email you a copy of the author’s response as soon as we receive it.
Continue to read and learn, and possibly teach!!


Dearest PaganPages,

I am new to magic and am trying to learn all that I can. I am not sure what I want to be. Maybe Wiccan. Sometimes it is hard to find information and to know if it is true. Is there any way you can help me? PaganPages has helped me alot so far. You are teaching newbies like myself the truth and I appreciate it.

-Magic Newbie

Merry Meet Magic Newbie,

Welcome to your path!! We are glad you are getting useful information from our magazine and we hope to continue to help you on your journey. If you have any questions you would like answered on any tradition or any aspect of the Craft you are more then welcome to write to our wonderful advice column “Moon Reflections”. We are lucky to have a wonderful, intelligent witch, HP Sage, answering questions and sharing her knowlege. You can email her anytime at PaganPages@gmail.com
All questions are welcome. Even if you or anyone is embarrased to ask a question, please do so. You can use an alias if that would make you feel better. We are here to help.


Send all mail for editorials to comments@paganpages.org