Stones Corner

February, 2012


Brown Tourmaline.  Strongly associated with healing and cleaning in the will chakra.  Excellent for the legs, as well.


Excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of heart/lungs and throat.  Flushes out/heals hurt, fear, stress, loss.  Antidepressant.  Sinuses.  Mouth.  Bone and tissue regeneration.  On Solar Plexus, aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind and body.  Self-expression, creativity.  Balances yin/yang.  Draws out pain, inflammation, fever.


Special form of clear/smokey quartz.  Changes confusion/illusions to clarity, seeing truth, overview.  Psychicness, openness to higher self/God/spirituality.  Stimulates crown chakra to rise above situations , emotions.  May initially intensify lower thoughts (ego, denial, self-judging…) to release these blocks to open heart/mind.  Healing brain cells from drug/alcohol use.  Use as a bridge stone to enhance energy flow between chakras.