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Book Review – Elen of the Ways: Shaman Pathways

December, 2017

Elen of the Ways: Shaman Pathways

Elen of the Deer Trods

Author Elen Sentier

Published by Moon Books

Copywrite 2013

Length 89 pages

I love sitting and listening to elders talk about what they know about life and the teachers that have taught them all they know. And this is one of those authors that writes in a style that makes you feel that you are having a cup of tea with.

Ms. Sentier is a true story teller in that she relays all she has learned and been guided to know with such ease. The writing flows and it does take you to the times and the places she describes. She talks about being an awenydd, a spirit keeper, and taleweaver and she comes from a long line of awenydd.

In Shaman Pathways: Elen of the Deer Trods, the author talks about the history of the nomadic peoples and explains how becoming farmers lead to a harder life with less enjoyment and a true separation from a spiritual side of life. As we drifted from that, we became greedier and lost our true selves and our health to disease.

Ms. Sentier also speaks of true sovereignty of the Goddess and the test she set up for the God so that he could prove his worth as a guardian for Her and her land. I loved the way she told the stories she heard from the awenydd of her village and the wise ones who shared their wisdom with her and the younger generations.

The author talks about elders and ancestors of the place where you live. She tells how to go about getting to know the nous of the land. How they are there waiting to tell you about the life that lives there and how you can connect and interact with that energy. She has a wonderful way to really describe what she sees and knows. It is an easy and relaxing read. This is one of those books, that gives you the desire to listen to the spirits of the land whether it be in a park near you or your own farmstead, and then go back and reread the book.

I know I will be going out to the park and spending time with the nous of the area. And I will be rereading Ms. Sentier’s book after I have learned more about the ancestors of the town that I call home.

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