Samhain Enchantment Spell

October, 2017

(“Witching Moon” Book of Shadows Parchment, Binder Refill Pages from Gypsy Wytch Diaries, OddSoul etsy shop.)

The Season of the Witch is upon us once again and Samhain is just about here!  You will need the following objects to complete this Spell and Enchantment. 

 We will start with the Object Enchantment first.  The main focus of this enchantment is for PROTECTION (of house, home, self, family.

The Enchantment is an “object enchantment.  You will need to find an object suitable for enchanting from your home or purchase something that you wish to enchant.  This item can be a gemstone, a necklace, a sun catcher, a scarecrow in your front yard is an excellent choice, a pumpkin on your porch or mantle…you get the idea.

So, items you need for this:

1.  Altar cloth or clean table surface

2.  Object you will be enchanting

3.  Tealight candle

4.  Incense (if you wish)

That’s it…

Okay, you have your items and now we’re going to talk a little bit about enchantments.  Everyone likes the word “enchant” but we, as a society, use this in a “fairytale” sort of way a lot of times.  To enchant is to actually “speak over and imbue something with your words, power and intent.”  It is to give the thing you’re enchanting, ‘orders from headquarters,’ and hop -to and do its new job! 

You are in essence, imbuing the object with your own power; corresponding herbs, oils, objects of your intent; and sealing it with a spell that is heard, as you know in the Universe and goes to the ear(s) of your God/Goddess for provision.

Enchantments are EASY and, more importantly, POWERFUL talismans of magick.  They are easy to do, and just about anything can be enchanted.

So, with your items in front of you, light your incense and tealight, (open your circle and ground/protect yourself if this is your custom).  This object you have chosen will be a PROTECTIVE TALISMAN for your family, your pets, your home, your property, your car…everything associated with where you abide….to keep you and yours SAFE during the Autumn Seasons.  This is a WARDING agent.  It wards evil and things that don’t belong there and keeps them away.

1. Lay out your altar cloth on a clean table.

2. Sit down in front of table where your object is.  Close your eyes and visualize white light around you protecting you and cleansing you from head to toe.  Stay with this visualization until you feel good about it.  Then open your eyes.

3.  Hold the object in your dominant hand (the one you write with), or if it is too big (as in the case of a pumpkin or scarecrow for the front yard, lay your dominant hand on it, and blow your breath on the object.

4.  Once you blow on your object, say these words:

This object is keenly chosen by me,

To protect me and my family.

Ward my property well and protect us true,

Under the Midnight Stars and Skies of Blue.

Protect this family, I enchant you tonight,

An harm it none, keep us safe from fright.

By the Magick of Harvest Home, this spell is spun,

As I will, So Mote it Be, ‘An harm it none.”

5.  Now, take your hand off of the object.  Visualize the object taking on a “life force” of it’s own (I.e., if you use a scarecrow for example, visualize it coming to life and watching over your neighborhood and home at night.  If you use a gemstone, visualize it forming an “all-seeing eye” that sees and knows any threat that you come across and protects you from harm…) Once you have the visualization down, then say repetitively (at least 3x):

I add my intent to make you real,

With my words I enchant you to do my will.”

6.  After you are done with the chant, close your circle if you cast one, and place your object in a front and center place of stature in your home or outside in your front yard to keep you safe during the Fall Season.  If it is a wearable item, wear it as often as possible. When not being worn, keep it in a dish in your front entry (on a front entry table, etc.)

That’s it!  You now have an honestly enchanted object to help protect you and your family this Fall!