Hally’s Hints

December, 2008


I recently had the privilege of being asked to collaborate on a project in helping create a difference, globally. I met some amazing women that brought home how the awareness of our spiritual self is becoming increasingly familiar and common.

It is refreshing to be able to talk openly with these successful and intuitive women about metaphysics, auras, and understanding the power of each of our energies. I can tell you the room was so hot as we all commenced talking about what it is that brought us there.

After this, it got me thinking about spiritualism in general. We can give thanks to “The Secret” on a number of levels as to opening the door to speak more openly about it and create a mainstream view point that manifestations are a good thing.

How many of us were busy already taking part in manifestations prior to the Secret, probably most of us. It really isn’t a big secret but that is where the interesting part comes in. To the general public manifestations are so unfounded and new age. What other things do we do as second nature that we now take foregranted because it is part of who we are every day…

Which brings me to spiritualism – what do you call spiritualism?

Is it taking part in daily mediation? Is it being more intuitive to what the universe is saying? Is it being able to connect to other planes? Perhaps it is all of this and perhaps it is unique within each of us depending on where we are on our journey.

So, we have been introduced to the secret of manifestations – what next?

There are several aspects of ourselves. There are a variety of names for each and really, it comes down to a personal preference. When these are truly aligned in natural balance, calmness embraces us in a way words have trouble conveying. In order to maintain this balance it takes time, perseverance and dedication. The things we should do for ourselves as second nature, though most of us are often caught up with other obligations, such as working and paying bills.

Is striving for balance in vain? I think not. As humans we are so fluid and are able to adjust to almost any environment and prosper. This is an amazing attribute to have and some of us are fortunate enough, on top of this, to be in tune to the universe and its entire marvel. Like completing a marathon, it takes one step at a time and with each step we are closer to where we need to be. Our paths are constantly interchanging and evolving as we evolve.

Where does spiritualism fit in? Some may define spiritualism as religion, others define it as a chosen path and then there are those that live as they know it is true to themselves. This to them is spiritualism. I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer as what is suitable for one may be completely different for another.

So, is spiritualism being true to yourself? As you can tell we can delve deeper and deeper into this question finding another layer of questions and revelations. At the end of it, it comes down to one simple thing. When it comes to spiritualism what is true to you? What resonates with you and creates that harmony of balance and the connectedness you gain from having spiritual awareness?

Sharing experiences with a group of amazing women brought to light one point for me – no matter what we do and where we may hide ourselves, the greater our awareness; the greater we listen within; the greater we experience the beauty and magnificence of ourselves.

As a choir sings in unison so do we to the universe…