Living in the Fifth World Prophecy

May, 2019

(art by Kat Kissick)

Religion is following the messenger, spirituality is following the message.”
-Priya Velichala

There is no doubt that we are living in extreme times where lack of decorum and openly hateful behaviour are being encouraged by folks in leadership positions. This trend is not exclusive to the United States: It is being experienced in Canada where I live, in the United Kingdom, and around the world. I’ve talked to a lot of people recently who are feeling hopeless, which leads to folks descending into depression, addiction, illness, and disease. We humans seem to be losing our inner equilibrium as wars rage on, injustices go unchecked, white supremacy increases, the world is warming, oceans are rising and natural disasters pop up regularly on the news. On the surface, it seems like the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and I hope to present an alternative view to the one mainstream media is feeding us. My intent is to shed some spiritual light on our situation that can help us navigate these trying times with more ease and grace.

In the last one hundred and fifty years or so, we’ve lived through a time of unprecedented change due to scientific findings and technological inventions that altered every aspect of our lives. For example, we went from living relatively close to the Earth and her cycles to not knowing how to grow or hunt our own food, relying instead on grocery stores to provide for us. English chef Jamie Oliver has noted in interviews that many inner-city children in his food education programs don’t even know the names of common vegetables or what they look like in their full plant form. The traditional culinary arts that used to be passed on through generations are being lost due to our busy lifestyles and reliance on fast, processed foods. This disconnection from vital survival knowledge would have been unthinkable about fifty years ago! We have forgotten that we rely on the health of the Earth and her systems for our very survival as a species. What we do to her, we ultimately do to ourselves.

On December 21, 2012 our species crossed a spiritual threshold into the Fifth World as indicated in Maya prophecy. Some folks believed that this date on the Mayan Long Count Calendar meant a literal end to the world, however, I believe this was never intended to be a doomsday message: The Maya meant that we are currently being propelled into a new state of consciousness as a species where the same ol’ same ol’ mentality no longer works. In short, it was the end of what the Maya call the Fourth World, a cycle of five thousand years where we humans got to play out our illusion that we had dominion over nature. We are currently in the beginning of the new cycle the Maya called the Fifth World where we are being asked to raise our consciousness and step into a new kind of balance with the cosmos and the Earth. In studying the Mesoamerican and Hopi prophecies about the transition into the Fifth World, it makes sense to me that we are experiencing tension between humans caught in belief systems contributing to the desecration of our planet and others working to “wake up” our species to the ways of Mother Earth. We simply cannot keep ignoring what we know about how all the systems, sentient and non-sentient beings are related and work together to keep life going on our planet if we expect to survive as a species.

If fellow humans are struggling to find some perspective on this, I highly recommend watching the National Geographic series “One Strange Rock,” now available on Netflix. Ten astronauts who have spent time in space are featured in this show and speak of what is now called “the overview effect”: After experiencing Earth from space, they came back to our planet forever changed and rocked by a major paradigm shift inside themselves. From space, it is clear to them that Earth is a living being with the ability to heal herself. And that we humans are all earthlings, specially adapted to live on this planet alone. Interestingly, the astronauts don’t come back feeling defeated but rather with a sense of inner peace and awe that is palpable to viewers. They use spiritual language that indicates to me as a shamanic practitioner that they were able to grok in a new way the importance of how everything is connected in the cosmos. And the vastness of all we do not know as humans about the mystery of how it all works.

In light of all this information, what can each of us do to maintain our own inner balance? The simple answer I have is three-fold:

  1. Commit to living your personal inner truth and heal the inner patterns that are not congruent with that through ritual, conversation, contemplative practices, and energy healing. In short, whatever spiritual tools you have need to be dusted off and put to use!
  2. Connect with the Earth regularly. Intuit what she needs to help her heal and offer what you can (i.e. prayers, tobacco, resources, inventions, ocean clean ups, ceremony, etc.).
  3. Align with the Sacred Dream of Life and with Spirit. However you connect with the cosmos and the intelligence of the universe, do it daily. Ask for direction from the “as above” and take action on the messages you receive. Work with your spirit animals and guides in daily meditation and dreams to support you.

As we humans return to a state of inner balance, the outer world will reflect that. As we re-orient ourselves to the natural cycles of life, it will become clear to us how to move forward in a good way.

The light we see in the mirror of the heart of [the Wiccan Wheel of the Year] guides our evolution towards greater consciousness. Collectively, this opens the portal for our human evolution into the human luminous (a.k.a. homo luminous) of Mayan prophecy. As a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis is transformed, showing no trace of its previous caterpillar DNA, we can change human identity by transforming ourselves, one [human] at a time.”

-Susa Silvermarie excerpt from We’Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame

I suppose this is why I practice shamanism. It keeps me on an even keel in the midst of all the chaos. I am glad there are folks out there pushing back against ignorance. All we need to do is what we are being called to in our hearts as individuals. The world desperately needs us to take up space and stand in what we know to be true. Folks will be called to support in loads of different ways as activists, environmental lawyers, farmers, teachers, scientists, and policy-makers–to name a few. Spirit’s called me to help the humans heal; I endeavour to stay in my lane and let others do what they are good at in their “lanes.” This keeps my energy focused and increases my effectiveness. I do that via shamanic tools and practices. I figure that if humans heal, the environment will return to balance too. Shamanism keeps me connected to the earth-based practices of our ancestors, who guide me on my journey. I am not alone. Indeed, none of us are. I don’t know if all of this will be enough to save our species in the end, however, I do know the Earth will heal herself with or without us. And I am committed to my spiritual growth and to supporting others on their spiritual journey while I am here on this beautiful and abundant planet. I’ve chosen to focus on what I can control as an individual because anything else is futile. I leave you with some questions to ponder: How will you take up space in a good way? What strengths do you bring to offer the collective? I send healing heart prayers to each of you and wish you well on your Earth walk.

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About the Author:

Jennifer Engrácio has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Jennifer is a certified teacher who has worked with children in many different education settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic coach, reiki master, and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance Shamanics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in Calgary, Canada with her life partner.

Engrácio participated in self-publishing three books that are now available:

The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within”

Women’s Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life”

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’s Shamanic Journey into Healing

For more information go to: www.spiraldanceshamanics.com

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Bringing Up the Next Generation of Witches

November, 2018

October is quickly coming to an end, and I have never been more thankful. October brought sickness and trials. It was a difficult month to say the least.

But with October coming to a close, Samhain is fast approaching.

Samhain (or Halloween as Little Bear calls it) has always been one of my favorite holidays. Even when it was banned from my childhood home life.

The veil is thinning, the days grow darker, and the nights become almost black.

Living in the Midwest means the weather is unpredictable at the end of October. It could be sunny and hot, or rainy and wet. As a child, “Halloween” meant snow. I can remember more snowy Halloweens than not.

Little Bear and I will make the best of it regardless of the weather. He has his costume picked out. He is going as a zombie SWAT guy. He’s talked me into being a zombie also. He’s a bit obsessed with The Walking Dead right now.

This year, I let Little Bear go wild and decorate the whole house. We put up window clings, black garland, laid out fake spiders, decorated foam pumpkins, and hung up door covers.

Yesterday, we visited the local pumpkin field/corn maze. They have so many activities and it’s a must every year. They have goats, chickens, rabbits, long horn cattle, corn boxes, corn mazes, pumpkin guns, tug a war ropes, inflatables, wooden trains, etc. It is a full day.

Tonight, is pumpkin carving time. I’m sure that my excitement is at a way higher level than Little Bear’s because of the pumpkin seeds. I have dug out some recipes from Pinterest and plan on trying at least three. I have to do normal salt pumpkin seeds. But I’m going to try a sweet version with cinnamon and brown sugar. The other one I haven’t decided on because there is so many variations that can be done. However, I’m leaning towards a savory that uses sea salt and white vinegar. Not sure how it’ll turn out, but we shall see!

One of my favorite traditions for Samhain is the dinner. Eating dinner at the table is something that rarely happens in our home because of scheduling. But when Samhain rolls around, I take the day off. I plan a meal as if it were Thanksgiving and I set the table. I always set a spot for my sister who we lost back in 2015. It helps to bring her close. Little Bear gets excited and will start talking to her spot as if she never left.

Little Bear started asking questions again about “God” last week. This is a conversation that we have quite frequently as he has a hard time understanding something that he cannot see. So, I go into the explanation again. We have talked about the many different religions of the world. Although I am raising him in a Pagan home, I understand that the Pagan path may not be for him.

I found a wonderful series that touches on the spiritual side without focusing on one certain religion. It’s the The Giggles and Joy series. A three-part series that focuses on positive poems. It’s a neat series that I recommend. You can check out my review on them in this same issue!

Short Story: Kiara, The Final Episode

December, 2016



Kiara, The Final Episode


Kiara allowed herself to be placed roughly into the chair. The field around her made her feel disoriented at first, but she curled her mind into a small hard sphere inside her head. She had foiled the goblin’s machine before and she felt quite confident that she could again. When she sensed Moira approaching in the form of a spider, Kiara quickly protected her from the machine. They communicated briefly, then Kiara sent her back up to the relative safety of the web above them,. She allowed a small amount of her energy to be drained, until she could find a way to protect the matron and Annabelle. Goblin warriors were pouring through the portal. Somehow, the goblins had breached the shield and were transporting a new type of warrior breed through it. She watched and waited.

Droc was working feverishly at the controls of his machine. Using the magic of the princess, he had opened a wormhole through the faery web that was around his planet. His troops were pouring through now. They no longer had to wait for bodies to be constructed. He sent them off to arm themselves and clear the manor of any humans left. His keen hearing could detect the noise of doors and furniture being smashed, then the sound of squabbling as they found the pantry, presumably. It was well stocked, he had made sure that it would be. This was their base to conquer worlds and send materials and food back home. He wished,- not for the first time, that engineering the warrior goblins had not made them so stupid. Still, he had his vanguard with him. His most loyal soldiers. They would lead the armies while their bodies stayed safely back in the mountain.

Lights started to dim on the console and Droc swore. He was checking gauges and turning dials to no avail, too preoccupied to see a small orb fly across the room. Then the chair died and the lights flickered off. When they came back on, the faeries body was slumped forward in the chair.

He went to check the body, and as he touched it, Kiara’s shell seemed to shrivel and then crumpled into dust. He was cursing as he returned to the console. The two goblins who were holding Matron and Annabelle, both died at the same moment. They fell forward just as a circle of orbs appeared around Kiara and her two charges.

Mandrell appeared first. He was almost as tall as Kiara, with jet black armour and helmet. Reaper was already in his hand and his eyes were blazing. He looked at Kiara and then to the door leading to the armoury. She drew her sword and prepared for any returning goblins, gesturing to Annabelle and Matron to stay behind her. Then Azira manifested. She was as tall as Kiara, with flaming red hair and green leather armour. She had a crossbow and was already firing into the goblins with a steady stream of bolts, as they appeared from the portal . Each bolt seemed to be replaced as soon as the last one was fired . Gortek was as round as he was high with a huge axe. He swirled into the goblins, creating a circle of decapitated bodies. His armour was bronze coloured and studded with large spikes like a porcupine. Azul was a giant, even by warrior standards. Eight foot tall and wearing only light leather armour, he carried a small circular shield and a mace. Any goblins who got past the other three were quickly crushed by the giants blows.

Drawn by the noise of battle, goblins started to return from the armoury, to be cut down by Kiara’s flashing sword as they came through the door. Another half-dozen or so faeries appeared and circled around the door in front of Kiara. Mandral sent them to secure the armoury and to clear the house and grounds of goblins. Kiara followed behind them, protecting Matron as she ran to check on James. He was weak from loss of blood but his wound was already healing rapidly from Kiara’s touch. Matron knelt beside him and cradled his head in her lap.

Mandral and the Gortek were carving a path though the goblins as the Azul and Azira ensured that none escaped from the room. Azira fired a stream of bolts that pinned Droc to the console, sending sparks flying and frying the goblin as the energy blasted into him, shorting out the equipment. The portal died and no more goblins came flooding through. Mandral and Gortek hacked and slashed their way through the oncoming troops and a stream of bolts killed any goblins beyond their reach. By the time the last of the remaining goblin troops had been slain, there was only a charred husk remaining of the king of the goblins. The large room was by now filled with corpses and the stench of charred flesh was sickening.

Gortek stood guard by the portal. Azul and Azirah went to help clear the house and to prepare for an elder to come and consecrate a new guardian tree. Moira dropped from her web and, resuming her habitual appearance, she went to her great uncle.

When two of the other faeries, Graela and Driff came back to report the house cleared. Kiara asked Graela to guard the room and went with Driff to see Mandral. Kiara was sickened by the sight and smell of the bodies. She opened out her arms and the bodies and blood vanished as the room changed into a large brightly lit marquee with chairs and cushions. She left the console and the portal in place. While waiting for Driff to give his report, she sat down on the chair which had been used to steal some of her power. She had been brought to this manor as a confused child, but now she was every inch a princess of the Fae.

Moira brought Mandral to her. He bowed, “Thank you Milady for helping us in our hour of need”. Kiara smiled, “Thank you Milord for your timely arrival. I believe we may have much to discuss”.

Several more chairs appeared beside them and she invited them to sit down. “Thank you Moira for bringing me back to my old self. Without your warning about the goblin, things may not have gone well.” Turning to Mandral, she asked if if he realised that the goblin king and his generals were still very much alive. He nodded, “They have to be dealt with, Milady, and their machines must be destroyed”. He looked grave. They both knew the cost of a sustained war with the goblins.”It is very much in my hands”, he said.”I must raise an army and invade their kingdom. Their are many outland Fae who will join me, but to insure a large enough army I need a princess by my side.” He looked at Kiara, “Milady, we have not had a warrior princess for over 10,000 years. I know that I ask a great deal, but there is much at stake. The goblins plan to spread their empire once more. When they are strong enough they will attack our home world. Win or lose, the light of the Fae will be dimmed for many aeons to come, unless some of us sacrifice our light for the many.”

They sat in silence for some time. There were tears in Kiara’s eyes as she thought of the hundreds of years of happiness that she was leaving behind,- perhaps forever. She wanted to be with Jeremiah, playing silly games and laughing at his jokes as they wandered in the woodland. She had been a carefree child for 500 years. Faeries seldom love as humans love, but that love had blossomed between them during a summer of delight. She had hoped for an eternity of joy with Jeremiah by her side. She had changed much already. Would he even know her when she returned?

“ Milady!”, Mandral spoke with urgency in his voice.”We must follow them through the portal and destroy their machinery. If we do not, then none of the worlds will be safe”.

When Kiara looked at him, her voice was cold, but, the blazing coals were burning in her eyes again. “Very well!, call your army!”. As she spoke, the console came to life and the portal began to glow.