engineers in your ear

Engineers in Your Ear (E.Y.E)

November, 2009

Music Review

Engineers in Your Ear (E.Y.E)


Engineers in your Ear (E.Y.E) is an up and coming new age, self-produced group of hip hop artists who teamed up to make a different sound.

Engineers in Your Ear (E.Y.E.) was born with the idea that Hip Hop has no boundaries and anything is possible. E.Y.E. consist of Paul B & Kylo Rich. Kylo is a relative new comer to the world of engineering and hip-hop contrasting Paul’s years of studying composition, musical styles and the art of recording music. Paul and Kylo met through a mutual friend/artist, J-Hoop, at the end of 2008. They decided to put their minds together and see what would happen. Well, only 9 months later, with Kylo’s fresh ideas and lyrics, with Paul’s instrumental talent, their first album was written, recorded, mixed, produced, and released.

When Paul and Kylo write and record, they seek to inspire themselves and subsequently those around them. E.Y.E is thrilled to be a musical part of the positive energy dispersing through our awakening consciousness. Relying on a spiritual connection and believing strongly in the power of focused positive thinking, E.Y.E. seeks to grow as individuals, as a team, as hip-hop, and as part of the human race on our mother planet. They have a song called Planet Earth that details the Yin and the Yang of our Planet and a love for it.


Currently, E.Y.E. is promoting the first Album “With This MIC In My Hand”, which was just released 09/07/09!

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