Book Review – The Vision of the Pylons by J. Daniel Gunther

April, 2019

Book Review
The Visions of the Pylons
A Magical Record of Exploration in the Starry Abode
By: J. Daniel Gunther
Ibis Press

The author, Mr. Gunther follows Aleister Crowley’s method of enlightenment as put forth by Mr. Crowley in his publication: “The Equinox.” Mr. Gunther used the method labeled “Scientific Illuminism” to explore the Egyptian funerary text called “The Book of Pylons” (or Gates). It is the nocturnal journey of the deceased on the Solar Bark in the Starry Abode. What Mr. Gunther has written is a book that is a record of the meditations the author went through and his exploration of the Starry Abode. These meditations happened between 1975 in 1977.

The subject matter is interesting to read. (I think this is another rabbit hole I am getting ready to jump into.) While the subject matter is interesting the meditations are a little difficult to read.

Mr. Gunther seems to be a fan of footnotes; there are footnotes on almost every page. Sometimes the footnotes take up half the page. A lot of the footnotes contain Hebrew lettering, zodiac Glyph, and notes on Sephiroth. (I admit I am not familiar with Hebrew lettering or anything on the Sephiroth. So, I would read the book, and then look stuff up online.)

did find this to be an exciting book to read. I found myself reading
the passage, then going to the footnote, and then rereading the
passage in several places of this book, after looking stuff up.

I am not well versed in the Kabbalah, so this book piqued my interest in learning more about that matter. And at the same time, his book confused me with the combination of Biblical references, Egyptian references, and Jewish references. I can see how they all work together. Sometimes the way the footnotes read it made my head spin for a second or two.

are six different appendices in this book. The first is the name of
the Pylons; these are color pages that have a different path of the
Pylons. The second is the Sigils of the Guardians of the Pylons.
The Sigil of the Guardians can be a bit confusing, because it is a
grid of the phonetic sounds for the letters of the ancient Egyptian
alphabet, and there are 13 of those. There is a section on engraving
images into a wax disc. The last two appendices are a full ritual
complete with a recipe for saffron cakes, honey, and milk. The
appendix on the Signs of Invoking and Banishing is extensive and has
more than 30 signs.

researcher and student in me found this book fascinating. The student
in me also realized this is something else I need to explore more

The Visions of the Pylons: A Magical Record of Exploration in the Starry Abode on Amazon


About the Author:

reading and was thrilled to become a Reviewer for PaganPages.Org.
Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past
25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook
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Crystal Connections

March, 2018

Book Review – Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge and Enlightenment



Published by Weiser Books, and written by Judy Hall, this 194 page book explores the origin, lore and metaphysical properties of crystal skulls in two parts. In the first part of the book the author covers the controversy pertaining to the authenticity (or lack there of) of when these crystalline structures were created, carved or machined. She says it best when she states, “But, as has been said, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” Then she continues by saying, “In talking about crystal skulls, departures from “truth” inevitably occur. But what is truth? Just because the origins of a skull are dubious does not invalidate people’s subsequent experiences.” Judy Hall goes on to talk about her own experiences with crystal skulls, as well as details of famous or rather infamous skulls, the mythology and the people who collect them, also known as Skull keepers, and the people who carve them.

Part II is all about how to work with your crystal skulls. Hall begins with a chapter on how to choose your crystal skull and even contains a “buyer beware” section. As a newbie to crystal skulls I appreciate the author including this little part in her book. The second half of the book continues on with chapters on how to cleanse, activate, communicate, heal with and care for your crystal skulls. The author rounds off the book by including a crystal directory and an invaluable resource of reputable crystal skull suppliers.

I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book, as I’ve always viewed crystal skulls as kind of macabre. Not that I thought any different of people who had them, they just weren’t for me. But I can now say my interest has been peaked. I’ve consciously put it out to the Universe that I’m interested in working with crystal skulls, so now I will wait patiently until the right one finds me. That aside, I felt this book was well written and I loved that the author included her own personal experiences. Though it’s a short 194 pages, this book packs a wealth of information in it, enough to get a newbie started and maybe some unknown lore for the experienced skull keeper to find interesting as well.


About Judy Hall:



An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counselor for over thirty years.

Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. Her specialties are past life readings and regression; reincarnation, astrology, psychology and natural forms of healing.

She has clients from all walks of life: the House of Lords, the European Parliament, pop singers, university professors, scientists and mystics, and people on social security.

She has conducted workshops around the world. A trained healer and counselor, she has been psychic all her life and has a wide experience of many systems of divination and natural healing methods.

Judy has a B.Ed. in Religious Studies and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Her mentor was Christine Hartley (Dion Fortune’s metaphysical colleague and literary agent). She completed her Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University. 


For Amazon Information Click Image



About the Author:

Shiron (Shi) Eddy hails from the Pacific Northwest and shares a home with her husband, a Great Dane and a cat. Her love for crystals and minerals came from her dad who was an avid rock hound in his younger years. Shi happily shares her knowledge of crystals with anyone who is drawn to them, but especially loves to help people connect with minerals that involves their metaphysical properties. When she’s not networking with other crystal and mineral lovers, Shi can be found making jewelry, painting, crocheting Goddess dolls, selling her wares at shows or spending time with family and friends. You can find her jewelry in her shop ShiJewels or follow her on Instagram.

Finding the Pagan Way

August, 2016

Why Paganism anyway?

When I returned to the business of seeking a spiritual path, – it was Neopaganism which provided the encouragement to look around again after many years of just keeping my nose to the grindstone and concentrating on work. It was lovely to meet groups of people who followed very different systems of beliefs, and yet, who managed to meet socially and prepare rituals and celebrations which were inclusive rather than divisive.
The sheer variety of beliefs was breath-taking, and many events took on a carnival atmosphere. Every festival was colourful and eccentric, – and every gathering would include mead, music and lots of laughter.

In many ways, the festivals seemed to carry me back in time to a less hurried age. Despite the modern materials and the overall cleanliness of the festivals, they reminded me of a medieval market. Each one would have its fair share of workshops, stalls, readers, healers, dancers and musicians.
Arrays of bright tents lined the meeting areas, where traders, who seemed more intent on social interaction than profit, sold crystals, oils, incense, wands, staffs, craft items, new-age clothing, books and Oracle cards. There was always a fire pit, where the noisier members of the milieu, – like myself and Tina, would be happily singing and banging our drums with the addition of an occasional didgeridoo and wood flute. Children and dogs could wander happily and safely and somehow, everyone seemed approachable. Conversations are struck up easily in the relaxed atmosphere that prevails at the smaller festivals.

I believe that festivals are a breeding ground for ‘synchronicity’. You have a question in your head, and next thing you know is that someone is randomly sharing an insight which answers your unasked query. This fact more than any other has convinced me that Spirit is very active amongst the neo-pagans, – where so many people are searching for answers in an open-minded and relaxed way.

It was my first festival as a would-be stallholder at Cabourne Parva where I met a lovely couple called Liz and Ian. Ian introduced me to the concept of the “Unsupportable Supposition” and I immediately became a member of that august group. In truth, everything we believe, is an unsupportable supposition and it pays to be tolerant of others beliefs.
At the same festival I met a lovely character named Graham, who gave me a fascinating past life reading for free. It was impossible to discount what he told me, as it explained many personality quirks of mine, – which he had no way of knowing about through ordinary means.
I had asked around the festival for anyone who had seen or interacted with the faeries. I wished to include some more personal stories in the forthcoming book by Bill Oliver and myself, – “The Faery realms”, which is still with Galde Press awaiting a final edit. Graham gave me an amazing account of the types of earth sprits and their ‘duties’ which I have included in the volume.

Again, at the Nottingham Pagan Pride gathering, I was given a reading by a lovely lady named Linda. It was a beautiful late Summer Sunday, and just strolling through the multi-coloured crowds of people brought a great sense of peace and relaxation. I was drawn to a stall with a large unicorn banner outside and went across to arrange a reading. There was just something about Linda which drew me to her and we made an appointment to call back.
I sat in a flimsy white nylon gazebo with the sun shining and music all around us. Tina stood beside me half way into the tiny stall. Having read tarot cards for over forty years, I realised that some of the deck was missing and it seemed a bit chewed. When I mentioned it, she explained that her dog had eaten some of the cards, but it was her favourite deck and she still preferred to use it.
Bemused, I allowed her to continue. She proceeded to give myself and Tina a reading which spanned the following three years and was later proved to be incredibly accurate. She also said much about our lives at the time which was uncannily detailed and again very accurate.

Even the hustle and bustle around us seemed to add to the magic of the experience. Just across the little path through the arboretum were two larger Marquees, where there was a workshop on shamanism being given by a lady named Firechild. The large tented area was filled to capacity and many more were gathered around outside as she took the audience on an inner journey. Under a large tree, a gentleman named Paul was telling a circle of entranced listeners about the time of Robin Hood. A little further away there was a circle of ladies teaching and demonstrating belly dancing. From the bandstand, which was near the entrance to the Arboretum, a wave of music washed over us from loudspeakers as a succession of heavy metal musicians blasted away with great enthusiasm.
Somehow, all the chaos and the noise blended together and it worked. To me it is further proof that when intentions are focused on a similar worthwhile goal, then all the different approaches blend together to give a positive outcome. The many facets of Neopaganism are an opportunity to explore new ideas and find what resonates with ourselves. We will benefit from the experience greatly or less so, – depending on what we ourselves put into it. If we leave our false sense of certainty behind us, we may learn much and make some great connections to help us on our own spiritual journey.


Like a suit of armour,

Polished gold that gleams and sparkles in the light.

That Blessed Shield that keeps our ego safe.

No niggling doubts disturb us in the night.

No second thoughts to make our conscience chafe.

The Joy of never being wrong,

Those great eternal truths that beam down from above.

Our principles that keep us different from the milling throng.

When we love Certainty,

Its charms can keep us safe from any other love.

We feel misunderstood by those who do not truly Know.

Their dreadful ignorance and anarchy surrounds us every day.

If only we could set them on the path they need to go.

If only they could understand the things we try to say,

Then we could let them bask in our enlightened glow.

But then,

How can I teach the sparrow how to fly?

They seemed to know just what to do,

Before I ever had a chance to teach them how.

I often watch in envy as they dance and weave beneath the evening sky.

The crimson setting sun, that lights their antics, lights the furrows on my brow.

Streaking red and gold across the purple hills and dark green fields,

It’s rainbow glory blinds my eyes and lets me see,

This world was doing fine before there ever was a Me.

Patrick W Kavanagh


Finding the Pagan Way

November, 2014

I often wonder what it is that makes some people spend their whole lives searching for truth or enlightenment. For myself, I believe it was an effort to justify the feeling of being ‘different’ from those around me. Now I can accept that I am neither better or worse than those around me. I am simply fascinated by the challenge of making sense of a very complicated universe.
My own father disparaged the idea of any fairness in the world. I disagreed totally.
Intuitively, it seemed to me that there had to be a pattern and a plan to the world.
In the ideas of spiritual evolution and reincarnation, I saw a process that might make sense of all the suffering around me.
Strangely, it was the writings of Aleister Crowley that persuaded me that we had much more power over our lives than most of us realised. Were all those who claimed to witness miraculous healing and other strange happenings totally deluded? I began to experiment with magic, while still making a determined study of the various schools of psychology.
I read the tarot cards for many people and I was puzzled by the incredible accuracy of the readings.
I wondered if it was telepathy. I used to sit upstairs on a bus, as it slowly travelled through the centre of Dublin and stare at people to see how many became aware of my gaze. Over sixty percent of people looked around immediately. About another twenty percent looked around before the bus passed them, but too late to count as a “hit”. But, simple telepathy had to be ruled out by the many occasions that confirmations came long after I had given tarot readings.
The ‘I Ching’ proved a useful Oracle, and the appropriateness of the hexagrams was impressive.
Obviously, there is some mechanism by which people may steer their way through life, but if people had power, why did they so often fail to use it in their own favour. Were we truly choosing our own path to pay back some sort of Karmic debt/. The idea of souls choosing the challenges of their next life is quite a common one. Or was it just some type of divine punishment for past mistake and crimes? I really could not decide.

How Many Lives

A thousand lifetimes filtered into rhyme,
Scattered memories across the span of time.
Do I dream?, or are they fleeting glimpses of a stream of lives that really were.
Am I mad, and indeed, if madness brings such clarity of vision,
Do I care?

So many wars, as if the lust for blood has run unceasingly throughout my veins.
So much violence, all too many suicides, and so much pain.
Have I truly learned from all of this, or was it all in vain?.
Are there lessons I must learn again, and yet again?
I do not know.

This vessel I inhabit, this aging body, I call me.
Is all That I am certain of, the rest is gone, or yet to be.
This body is my altar, this mind is all I know.
This fading life, the only one I now possess.
The only path I have to go.

Though this path be strewn with petals, or with thorns, this path is mine.
But, it is my choice to play the hero or the villain, or to dull the pain with wine.
Sometimes on those dark and dreadful days, I wish this trail of tears would end.
Those morbid times I wonder if the gods and Goddess truly are my friends.
Those awful days that sorrow seems to have no end.

Then those, days of glory, dawn with pink and golden rays that turn the world into a wonderland.
Or clear, still nights beneath a bright expansive moon, that paints the trees with silver strands.
Those times when possibilities are shining for us bright and clear.
And we awaken to the love around us and the people and ideals that we hold dear,
Then, suddenly, the path ahead of us seems very clear.

Patrick W Kavanagh

By the age of sixteen I was living what was almost a schizophrenic existence. I was working, in what was then, a highly paid job for a manual worker. A good friend and mentor, Norman Croakes, was a shop steward where I worked and also a member of the communist party. We spent many breaks discussing socialism and politics. And usually after work, I would spend the rest of the day drinking with workmates.
My mother had never recovered from her grief, and had relapse after relapse, and would end up being signed into hospital for her own protection. Each time I would clear all the unpaid bills and try to establish some type of normality at home.
I still read avidly.
In the writings of Carl Jung, I found a mysticism that tried to keep its feet on the ground, and began to understand the difficulties of building a rapport with our own subconscious mind. I found in the concept of the ‘Racial Unconscious’, a posible pattern which could explain much of what was considered ‘paranormal’. If we are all linked, then the information I received by Psychic means was a function of, as yet, unknown scientific laws.
I felt that, perhaps, we were causing our own suffering because of unresolved conflicts. One thing was certain, we are not ever as rational as we believe or in total control of our own actions.
I wondered if magic and ritual were attempts to build that rapport and control our own futures.
According to “The Golden Dawn” , the gods exist but man created them,- it seemed to me, that if we were truly powerful spiritual beings who choose to struggle for some higher purpose, then we could end our own suffering at any time,- if only we could remember who we really are.

Endless Journey

Drifting, floating, warmth caressing skin, the gentle lapping of the river soothes my wandering mind,
A summer breeze sends fluffy clouds across a pale blue sky that scarcely shades the sun.
Along the banks, a host of white and yellow flowers softly, mutely tell me to unwind,
To leave my cares and woes behind and wallow in their beauty and their scent until this blessed day is done.

Coat for blanket, bag for pillow, savouring each moment of this restful day,
Lying, dozing, drifting in my tiny, rented skiff, which barely fits from end to end,
The rivers mine for just one day, the singing of the birds just seems to say,
Just rest a while, our little friend, as if the beauty of this day may never end.

Paddles overboard, the rudder long ignored, I lie in reverie and drift down to the open sea,
Idly wondering if I drift for long enough, my little skiff may take me to eternity,
Or will I simply drift ashore and start anew , just simply be a different me,
Another day, another life, another world, another way to be.

Patrick W Kavanagh


Picture by Tina Kavanagh

NATURE ALCHEMY ~ Journey through Spirit in the Natural World

March, 2013


~ Gift of Enlightenment ~


He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. – Tao Te Ching


Intermingling with the waterfalls of the world, Rainbow blesses us with the communion of water and sunlight in a magickal display of shimmering iridescent colours. Rainbow is a visual and meteorological phenomenon, sparking the mind of man to heights of wonder and illumination. Natural rainbows are caused by refracted light in atmospheric water drops at a specific angle relative to the sun’s rays, appearing as a reflected spectrum of coloured light in the sky.

Transparent crystal is another organic element emanating prismatic Rainbow light. Its mineral structure of flat and sharp angles offer white light waves the ability to bend in two ways: by refraction, where rays are transmitted through the crystal and dispersed; and reflection, where rays are mirrored and bounced back outwards.

Rainbow covers a continuous spectrum of approximately 100 detectable hues, with the seven primary colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – being the most visually prominent. It is this stunning chromatic marvel that has delighted us since time began. Even before the classic Greek scholar, Aristotle, first took note and devoted serious attention to Rainbow, we have been enamored with all forms of her magickal marriage of translucent water and light, gifting us with a miraculous visual display of dancing coloured jewels.



I am here, shining for you!

I am the reflection of you,

In all your sparkling colour!

You shower forth bright light into the world –

Your True Soul alight!

And all your gifts are colours shining forth

Into the brilliant Light of Love,

For all to see.

And, behold…

You are One with Me!



Through the physical and spiritual realms of the Five Kingdoms in Nature:

Celestial, Elemental, Fauna, Flora, and Mineral

Goddess Iris – the beautiful and benevolent Greek Queen of the Gods, and archetypal Goddess of the Rainbow. Iris is also a deity of the sea and sky, as she supplies the clouds with water, thus creating rainbows. Often portrayed with wings, and hailed as being “wind-swift footed”, Iris was revered as a Messenger of the Gods, traveling on
Rainbow while carrying messages from the gods to mortals, linking them from the profane to the sacred. Journeying to the lower realms from the heavens, Iris manifested the celestial, radiant grace of Rainbow, blessing and pouring her light upon humanity with compassion, beauty, and love in the understanding of the heart through the emotions. Thus, Goddess Iris was the embodiment of feelings, expressing her divinity as the multicoloured, faceted Radiant Rainbow of human qualities of consciousness. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, wrote, “There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take one with a heart.” As we look to the compassionate Goddess Iris in the brilliant Rainbow light of our heart, we can see that our beauty, too, is infinite, with no beginning and no end, extending outwards and touching all life. This is the natural expression of our True Self, in the highest form of who we really are. As Radiant Rainbow showers us with infinite blessings of the heart, our eyes can behold the miracle of this sacred truth.


Prismatic Light – the dispersion of white light into separate colours as expressed in the study of optics in relationship with a transparent element of matter, i.e., water droplets, crystal minerals, etc. The division of colour by a prism is achieved when a white light wave bends and refracts, or reflects like a mirror, into its spectral components – all colours of Rainbow. Radiant Rainbow’s prismatic light is synonymous with the infinite qualities of our Spirit within, shining outwards. These beautiful facets of our soul are Love in all its forms: joy, grace, blessings, gratitude, peace, harmony, unity, truth, beauty, wisdom, freedom, abundance, praise, inspiration, magick, power, glory, etc., uniting us to our spiritual source. When we begin creating and feeling the expansion of these virtues, they in turn are reflected outward and gifted back into the Universe. Our lives can then change in the most exquisite ways. We feel en-lightened, as a lightness of Spirit enters our lives, and inner and outward radiance becomes the norm. “Nirvana or lasting enlightenment or true spiritual growth can be achieved only through persistent exercise of real love”, shares M. Scott Peck, American psychiatrist and author of the best-selling book, “The Road Less Traveled”. Radiant Rainbow is the alchemy of Love – the white light of our divinity creates the beautiful colours of self, illuminating outwards. This transcendent light of the soul does not discriminate on whom it shines – all who are in its path receive its glorious colours of reflection. In the charming 1960 Disney film, “Pollyanna”, a sweet, endearing girl gave the brightest light of herself to whoever was within her life field. She made it her personal goal to visit a grumpy old woman, Mrs. Snow, with an endless list of self-imposed ills due to her negative temperament. In her ever-optimistic, effervescent nature, Pollyanna hung crystals in Mrs. Snow’s bedroom to share the joy and brightness of rainbows. The crystals shone with a vibrant luminosity throughout the room, reflecting Pollyanna’s inner glow, and in time, her light could not be denied by Mrs. Snow, who embraced the child with love. By her very lightness of being, Pollyanna reflected the essence of spirit outward and touched endless lives. This is the Gift of Enlightenment offered to us all.


Rainbow Fish – (Melanotaeniidae) a family of small freshwater schooling fish, whose iridescent scales change colour when light is reflected on them. In the beloved award-winning children’s book, “The Rainbow Fish”, author Marcus Pfister wrote a charming story about a dazzling but selfish fish, who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share his gifts of beauty. Covered with shimmering rainbow scales, he is asked by other sea creatures if they could have one of his scales, but he is proud and refuses to share. As a result, he loses the company of others, and instead lives alone with his own conceit. Soon, he realizes the pain of loneliness and begins to discover the joy of giving, joining the graceful universal flow of giving and receiving. “The Rainbow Fish” is truly a simple tale with a powerful message: Enlightenment is realized through sharing our beautiful and unique gifts of self with others. Our gifts, like those of Rainbow Fish, are multi-coloured, radiating the infinite light of Spirit from within. In “Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Modern World”, the first comprehensive book on Western Buddhism for the modern-day spiritual seeker, Lama Surya Das, American-born lama and teacher wrote, “Enlightenment is not about becoming divine. Instead it’s about becoming more fully human. . . It is the end of ignorance.” This is the essence of our Radiant Rainbow within, as we generously shine our light out into the world to be shared by others, through all the spectral colours of our Beautiful Being!


Iris – (Irideae) a genus of up to 1,000 species of perennial fan-shaped multi-coloured flowering plants. The name Iris is derived from the Greek word meaning “rainbow, referring to its wide variety of flower colours among the many species. As such, Iris’ beauty is showcased extensively as an ornamental plant in both home and botanical gardens worldwide. Rich in universal symbolism and artistic portrayal, Iris has been portrayed and admired in literature and paintings, as well as used for stylized commercial logos, emblematic flags, and political and family coat-of-arms. Iris’ flower essence is particularly beautiful as a rainbow-bridge between earth and sky, body and soul, and the temporal and spiritual worlds, reminding us of our divine origin and link with the timeless universe. Pondering this truth can inspire us to heights of beauty, grace, and creativity, restoring the magnificent shining light of our beautiful Infinite Self. Iris offers us the flowering of our intuitive soul along the colourful spectrum of feeling, which blossoms in the heart of love. In the revered epic Sanskrit Hindu sacred scripture, Bhagavad Gita, it sublimely states, “To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.” This jewel of wisdom points to Iris’ soul, who shows us that all life is One – we are all borne from, and embody, Spirit. This is the brilliant healing path of our inner Radiant Rainbow, guiding us to and through the great Gift of Enlightenment.


Rainbow Opal – a brilliantly hued blue gemstone with curved flashes of rainbow color. Rainbow Opal, the sacred stone of Goddess Iris, is known as the “stone of the Gods”, personifying the mysteries of the cosmos, momentarily revealed to humanity through its sparkles of iridescent light. This is the divine power of Rainbow, as it unites the universe with the earth. As we look in wonder at its luminous, transparent glimpse into the heavenly realm, for a few brief moments we are seeing beyond the physical into the kingdoms of nature and life, and a spark of Enlightenment can unveil itself within. This flash of illumination can help us better understand our intrinsic gift of intuition, and life’s inherent forces of mysticism and shamanism. As such, Rainbow Opal is known to be the most powerful of healing stones. As a stone of hope, it symbolizes a renewed feeling of optimistic expectation, or faith, when we gaze upon the spiritual blessings of Rainbow’s shimmering essence of celestial light intermingling with our world. “To hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows,” shares best-selling author Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef, described as having the vision of an eagle, and one of the most important thinkers of our time. This is the essence of Radiant Rainbow’s gift, the proverbial Pot ‘o Gold at the end of the Rainbow! To raise us up, to behold the luminous colourful jewels that life has to offer! So, Darlings…Let us Shine On!




Moving through the spiritual energy of our own totem inner Radiant Rainbow, we can be blessed with the precious Gift of Enlightenment in conscious compassion to all life. Here, within the realm of Divine spectral light, our True Self eternally dwells.

A personal ceremony can be performed to enhance the manifestation and integration with Rainbow’s all-embracing gift. This can be a private celebration between yourself and Rainbow Spirit, or you can invite others to join. It can be as ritualized as you desire, or naturally free-flowing, and include anything you want to say or any object(s) that intuitively feels in harmony with the act of thanksgiving for Radiant Rainbow’s blessing.

A powerful place to hold the celebration would be in a natural area with a spacious sky among Rainbow’s presence, but physical location is not of prime importance. If you do not have access to this environment, any contact outside facing Rainbow’s auric essence would be helpful. If the celebration is held indoors, being in room with a window is encouraged to enhance the presence of natural elements, but if this is not possible, symbolically facing Rainbow would be beneficial. Even if this locality is hidden or at a great distance, emanations from Radiant Rainbow’s spiritual source are not obscured, as they flow freely throughout the Universe.

As a sample list, any of the following ideas below could be included in your celebration, and verbalized during a Blessings of Intention for Enlightenment affirmation ceremony (see below). Also, any of these offerings may be created and integrated into your ritual either physically and/or symbolically in Spirit.

  1. Begin with a personal intention of Enlightenment to enhance any general or specific aspect of your life.
  2. Light a bright or rainbow-coloured candle to symbolize the bright and beautiful essence of Goddess Iris, as she guides you to raise your consciousness into the light of the heavenly realm.
  3. Visualize the infinite colours of Prismatic Light, reflecting your inner beauty outwards to all life.
  4. Honor the shimmering Rainbow Fish, who shares the unique light of his great Gift of Self with others.
  5. Feeling the transcendent essence of Iris, either with a drop of flower essence on the tongue or holding the flower, which can open your heart to the divinity of all life.
  6. Hold the iridescent gemstone Rainbow Opal, or any other stone resonating the great gift of faith and hope. Other related stones include Pearl, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Quartz Crystal, Rainbow Jasper, and Selenite.
  7. Proclaim intentional blessings for the Gift of Enlightenment. A simple statement in the form of a heart-felt declaration can attract and summon the heights of magick and power through the fundamental, positive act of intention. By the sincere act of a clear and pure desire, a personalized blessing can call upon the spiritual forces of unity within life – the source of your Infinite Self. You can use any of the following Blessings of Intention affirmations as a guideline to be included into your own personal declaration towards inner harmony and integration with the energies of Heaven and Earth. Written as non-denominational statements, these intentional blessings can be practiced by any single person, or unstructured or organized group, as their own personal form of prayer, charm, chant, invocation, or medicine, etc.
  8. A devotional affirmation of praise, honor, and thanksgiving, as suggested in Dream Song to Radiant Rainbow (see below). This act of appreciation is enhanced with the powerful personal statement “I Am”, and especially when said aloud, can invoke the creative energies of manifestation radiating throughout the Universe, calling upon Rainbow’s Great Spirit to be infused into your life.  All or part of the Dream Song passages can be included in this holy prayer of purpose and gratitude. Their power summon and embrace a wide range of natural spiritual influences, ancient mythology, and alchemical life-force energies from Native American, Deity, Celtic, Shaman, Indigenous, Pagan, and Wiccan cultures.



*      With this shimmering candle, blessed by Rainbow Spirit, I embrace the iridescent beauty of Goddess Iris, guiding me to the light of my True Self shining within my heart and soul.


*      With the brilliant kaleidoscope of Prismatic Light, blessed by Rainbow Spirit, I

radiate the beautiful colours of Love illuminating my heart and soul.


*      With glittery little Rainbow Fish, blessed by Rainbow Spirit, I share my unique

Gifts of Being joyfully swimming in my heart and soul.


*      With the intuitive essence of Iris, blessed by Rainbow Spirit, I see that all life is

Divine, and this cosmic connection blossoms within my heart and soul.


*      With sparkling Rainbow Opal, (or other resonating gemstone) blessed by

Rainbow Spirit, I feel a renewal of hope and faith softly glowing in my heart and




O beautiful sparkling Rainbow,

I see myself in You!

All the colours that I am, are in You!

 As I shimmer and flow outwards,

You infuse me with Your radiance,

And I shine this out into the world.

Through Your Divine iridescent light,

I am made whole through Love,

And am One with You.

Thank You, O Radiant Rainbow, for your Gift of Enlightenment



~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~








Power of Flowers, by Isha Lerner

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Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

December, 2012



I recently had a conversation with a friend concerning another’s opinion of me which centered around the observation of my state of enlightenment or more precisely my lack there of. Although I disagree with the general assessment and personal bias the individual held against me, it did motivate a personal introspection and consideration of what I defined as enlightenment. What was my definition of the word? And how did my comprehension align or misalign with others’ perception? Where did I get to this understanding from? Was it my own or did I adopt it from another source?


When researching enlightenment I began with finding the basic definition. The word literally means illumination or spiritual awakening. This is what I understand the basic concept of enlightenment to mean. When an individual is awakened and realizes the truth of the greater reality that most others on the planet Earth do not perceive, they have become enlightened. Individuals with knowledge of this may have reached this point of their personal soul evolvement, however it is not the sole determinator. Neither is having visions or other supernatural experiences nor is living in a perpetual state of ‘bliss’. Being truly enlightened is about more than all that. It is the complete and perfect realization of the state of one’s true self or nature, stripped of all social conditioning that we acquired as we lived on this physical plane of existence. It is the ability to view and comprehend the limitless transcendental reality of all that was, is and ever will be with the understanding that the individual known as ‘I’ is just a speck in the vast web of the universe.


An individual who is fully enlightened has gained insight into the human mind, which has the distinct ability to keep us trapped within a purely physical reality. When the state of enlightenment is reached all obstacles and limitations have been removed and the enlightened individual understands the positive influence that all human beings have over their own life experience. When In this state there is infinite compassion, wisdom and love for all beings.


This is what I believe the state of enlightenment consists of and these ideas aligned with the majority of information I gathered when researching the concept. My thoughts about enlightenment have changed over time as I evolved spiritually and at this point in my spiritual evolvement I find that my beliefs are more aligned with Buddhism than with other spiritual path. My definition and understanding is more in depth than that which I was given by the observer of my behavior. It was their opinion that enlightenment consisted of being open-minded and of knowing that there were many paths that lead to the same conclusion. While I agree that this is part of the process to enlightenment it is not the whole entirety of it. Enlightenment is greater than a general understanding of religion or spirituality. It is a state of being.


For the individual who has attained perfect enlightenment, it is nothing and everything.


January, 2012

Enlightenment is one of those words where we envision Buddha, the Dali Lama, Jewish Kabbalists, a

Priest, a Priestess, Oracle, and etc; but in all honesty being enlightened going beyond the modern

mindset of a “guru”. I have seen the least educated folks who have shared years of experiences and told

me to heed their warning when I am describing a dramatic situation. It is wisdom, not knowledge that

brings forth enlightenment, but this is only due to the fact, when one learns from his/her experiences

then they are truly enlightened over time. This is a very slow process and takes years to achieve,

however, the path of enlightenment is one that is very much worth while. I feel why Wisdom is

required is because of the beneficial factors that come with Wisdom: 1) the urge to assist those you are

worthy 2) diminishing of the Ego 3) learning from everything you do 4)assisting those to get on the

right path 5) seeing good/bad situations before they happen before hand due to the nature you have

been down that road before.

One of my best friends has taught me to test the waters of life and I am till this day. You will find

enlightenment comes in many stages. I have found occultists, pagans, magicians, and witches who

tread on the path of Wisdom are ENLIGHTENED by even the smallest of realizations. What

enlightenment does is build the Self-Awareness and Universal Awareness, meaning there are many

paths in the occult, world religions, and magick that have different methodologies to attain

enlightenment. This is what makes the Journey of Life Sacred as we carefully analyze the very steps we

take to evaluate the reasoning for our walk. Our walk can be done out of Ego, greed, or just to be

different from the crowd; which is limited due to the fact it is done for Earthly purposes, not bettering

the self. Every path has a hint of Wisdom, if we look it lurks behind every corner of every path.

Sometimes there are places we have to dig through all the trash to find the source of enlightenment, but

genuinely it is well worth the time in the long run.

My path of enlightenment, as I know it, is sealed in the Crystal Tower, Kabbalah, Magick, the

Consilium XVIII, and other practices. I have to reiterate this is my path and it may not be for everyone,

nor do I intend to promulgate my path. I am happily reserved with my practices and can say I do my

best. I think one cannot be enlightened if they are a KNOW-IT-ALL. A person who merely uses

knowledge to spew at people without any intent to me is considered a goat in a sheep stall (as a good

Christian friend put it). The knowledge that is used to exalt one individual for control is know more

then dead wood, and no more then that. The enlightenment I sometimes call the “Frying Pan of

Enlightenment” because when it hits, it will knock you out. Those who are always learning are like the

Ain Soph in a lot of Manners and the reason is Constant change! This is why I feel enlightenment has

many stages and is a life time goal and dream to many magick practitioners .