Gems of the Goddess

July, 2009

Epona:  Goddess of Horses, Fertility and Abundance

If you’re looking for a goddess that represents strength, femininity and fertility, look no further than Epona.  Epona is the Celtic Goddess of horses, donkey and mules and was called upon often to protect Calvary in Rome.   Born of a man and mare, she can take equine or human form.
She is known as the protector of horses, horse owners and stables.   There is evidence that Epona was painted on the side of barns and stables as protection to the horses and their riders.  She was most represented in Gaul but her influence is known across Europe, included being adapted by the Romans because horses were sacred to Romans.
Her name translates into “Divine Mare” or “Mare Goddess”.  She is the only goddess that is enshrined and worshipped in Rome as a triple goddess as Epona.   The Festival of Epona is held in Rome on December 18th to honor her.
She is also known as the bringer of dreams, good and bad. Epona can be involved to help heal nightmares in Children or for dream work.   When trying to receive messages or work with dreams for information, ask Epona to help.  Offer her roses to bring her closer.
She is also known as the goddess of fertility and abundance.   Epona links horses, divine and the feminine and is known to help souls take their final journey.
Epona is depicted riding a white horse, which signifies spiritual mastery and shows her high ranking among deities. She is oft en carrying a serpent, with a dog at her side and corn in her lap. Therefore, she is known for fertility and abundance because horses, especially male, are seen as potent sexual symbols so her riding it astride links her to sexuality and unlimited sexual performance.
Epona is also known to grant sovereignty on Celtic Kings and kings were married to her to obtain this sovereignty.
Some of Epona’s symbols are:

* Animals:  horses, donkeys, oxen, mules, birds and dogs
* Plants:  Roses, rosebuds
* Incense:  null, Rose
* Stones:  Carnelian, Moonstone, Chrysophase, Shiva Lingham, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz. Bloodstone, Unakite, Rhodonite, Garnet
* Fruits:  Apple or a basket of fruit

How can you bring Epona into your life?  Since she is the Goddess of horses, you can take horseback riding lessons or work with horses.   She is also associated with Fertility; you can create a cornucopia as a representation of her.   With her connection to sexuality, you can call on her to express and explore your sexuality deeper.
Work with Epona during your daily practices to bring in the elements of connecting to animals, the otherworld, fertility and sexuality.