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Scents of the Season

November, 2018

And the Wheel of the Year turns again to Samhain. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, that means people are starting to think about pumpkin decorations while wondering if the 80-degree temperatures will turn to 60’s. Whenever this season comes back around our minds turns to the season past, and in a way that spring never really does. Spring is about the movement forward, birth and growth. Fall allows us to take stock of where we have been, and who we have been in the past. This ties in with scents so strongly because of the relationship between smell and memory. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Scent is 90% memory and only 10% recall, because in the process of understanding each smell we encounter we have to unpack the box of our experience, day by day, because each time we encounter a scent, we are encountering the last time we unpacked the memory of that scent, not the first time. We are looking at a copy, of a copy so to speak. The recent days are right there on top of the box fresh and clean because they were only placed there yesterday. Items that were put in the box five, ten or twenty years ago may take longer to find in the box, or they may be covered in dust, so it could take a minute to figure out what you’re looking at so to speak.

But we go through all of these processes because it simply could not work the other way around. Could you imagine being shocked and amazed at the smell of your own house every time you encountered it? There are hundreds of fragrances a day that we take for granted that our noses have (thankfully) written off for us as non-threatening.

With Samhain, it’s the season of taking stock, because we no longer need to take stock of our pantries and larders to make sure our families will make it through the winter, doesn’t mean we can’t take stock of our lives, our groups of friends and families. One of the easiest ways to do that is to relax our brains, our emotional centers and remind them that it is safe enough to take stock of where we are and let our sense of smell and nostalgia take over from there.

How do we do that? Call on the powers of fall. Here are some essential oils, and the magical applications you can do with them. (See ‘Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic‘ for a full list of warnings for each essential oil.)

Anise- (Pimpinella anisum) Anise is a protective plant, as well as a purifying and divining one. If you have someone in your life if you aren’t sure of their true purpose, place a drop of anise in an essential oil diffuser and use the mist created to scry or meditate on the truth of their mission. Anise will tell you the truth and help you protect your family and purify your home at the same time if needed.



Black Pepper– Improves mental alertness, physical energy and is great for protection spells. Can be used to drive away evil and as such is great for hex-breaking spells and uncrossing work of all kinds. This is perfect for Samhain as it’s this time of the year when the Veil between the worlds is thinnest that energetic nasties can be lurking outside your home. Diffuse this potent protector (again, just one drop! Don’t overdo it and cause yourself or someone else respiratory distress) to do a quick uncrossing to make sure there is nothing lurking from your latest ‘humble-brag’ at work.



Cinnamon- Boosts creativity of all kinds (artistic, linguistic and more), provides good luck, increases libido. The warming action burns away threads of negativity so is associated with protection. Is very uplifting and is associated with increased intuitive gifts. The next time you want to head into your workspace to get to the newest project consider diffusing some cinnamon essential oil 30 minutes before you are planning to get to work, so you don’t have to overcome the ‘get to know you’ part of your work day and can jump into the creative process.



Clove- The warmth of clove burns away that which doesn’t belong so its magic is dispelling that which doesn’t belong, especially people who don’t belong in your life anymore.

Ginger- This is energizing, healing and associated with love, passion, and power. What a great time to make sure that the people in your circle have your best intentions at heart. Take stock of the people who have been there for you for the past year, through phone calls, late-night PMs when you needed someone to talk to, who never had the time when you needed someone. Everyone has low times in their life, only you’ll know the difference between ‘dealing with something’ and just someone whose friendship has run its course.

Oakmoss- Not everyone is going to know this one, but I wanted to throw in a wild card. This lichen smells like leather backed with violets and is used for magic dealing with divination, grounding, hex breaking, and big-time manifestation. It also makes a great fixative for magic, so if you want to make sure that your magic is in it for the long haul, use this. (If you work with poppets, and live in a place like Florida, I’ve seen Oakmoss falling off trees, you can stuff poppets with it. Make sure to google a photo of it just because it’s on a live oak, doesn’t make it oakmoss.) I have gotten a decent price online for Oakmoss Absolute, feel free to reach out to my author page if you can’t find it.

By working with the scents of the season we can remember the times of Samhains and Halloweens past and embrace the best parts of ourselves. We can not only be the best of ourselves that we deserve, but that our friends and families deserve. By weeding and tending the garden of our hearts we keep those precious reserves for those people who truly deserve the fruits of our labor and our time, attention and devotion.

For more information on working magic with essential oils, the history of plants and their by-products, please consider ‘Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic‘ available where books are sold. Weiser has thoughtfully provided a generous sample of the first 50 pages at


Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic: The Green Witch’s Guide to Essential Oils for Spellcraft, Ritual & Healing on Amazon


About the Author

Amy Blackthorn has been described as an arcane horticulturalist for her lifelong work with plants and magic. She incorporates her past in a British Traditionalist Witchcraft coven with her horticulture studies to form one path. She has been trained as a clinical aromatherapist and is ordained.

She has appeared on HuffPostLive, YahooNews, Top10 Secrets and Mysteries, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. She has also appeared in print interviews for over 20 years. Her tea company Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends creates magical tea blends based on traditional formulas after 20 years of teaching, of study and of practice. She lives in Delaware.

Book Review: Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice by Candice Covington

July, 2018

Book Review

Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice:

Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements

by Candice Covington

This book has a decidedly Eastern, rather than Western Hermetic approach to the use of Essential Oils, herbs and the elemental correspondences. In fact, the page opposite the title page is a full color and beautifully rendered graphic of the shapes and colors of the Five Tattwas, the Eastern cousins of the traditional alchemical elements that are used in most pagan magical practice.

The Forward sets the tone for Candice’s work and is written by Sheila Patel, M.D. and medical Director of the (Deepak) Chopra Center. Despite what appears to be not very well aligned with traditional pagan practice, this book is a definite keeper for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of adding the layers of subtle anatomy, Divine archetypes and vibration in the form of numerology and color consideration in selecting essential oils for mundane and magickal pursuits.

The book is neatly separated into major chunks of information with Part One taking the reader through the basics of Theory and education about the Tattvic elements, Divine Archetypes, Chakras and concluding with a chapter on manifestation and consciousness. This lays a very well-thought out foundation before discussion of what essential oils are and how they may be used comes into play. This approach also affirms the interwoven energies of these areas of consideration and their usefulness in fine-tuning what and how you will use the oils.

Part Two gives a complete picture of how essential oils may be integrated as part of daily practice as well as an alphabetical listing of some more commonly used oils, their properties and a host of correspondence categories aligning with the information provided in Part 1.

I especially liked Part Three and the way in which the author engaged the reader in exercises and quizzes, all weaving back to reinforcing self-study and self-reflection as paramount deciders in the work you choose for your essential oils. Healing is prominently highlighted and deepening your own experiences with meditation as you allow the energy to flow in accord with what your intention is in choosing an essential oil for this journey.

All in all, I would say this is definitely worth a look regardless of your spiritual path or preferences. Having different tools in your kit ensures that you are adequately prepared and informed for any task.

Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice: Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of:


The Inner Chamber Volume One

It’s Written in the Stars



The Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

poetry of the Spheres (Volume 2)



The Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

Awakening the Paths



A Year With Gaia

The Eternal Cord


Temple of the Sun and Moon

Luminous Devotions


The Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1)

A Collection of Esoteric Writings


The Elemental Year

Aligning the Parts of SELF


The Enchanted Gate

Musings on the Magick of the Natural World


Sleeping with the Goddess

Nights of Devotion


A Weekly Reflection

Musings for the Year


Her books are available on Amazon or on this website and her Blogs can be found atRobin Fennelly 


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The Bad Witch’s Guide

November, 2017


The Bad Witch’s Guide to Aromatherapy


I am a bad witch. There are a long list of reasons why I am a bad witch. Having been out of the broom closet for some considerable number of years I would on occasion get asked “but you’re a good witch though?” My response to that depending on the person asking but I found I started to say “yes, a very, very good witch” rather darkly as it usually got the point across.


I have a super charged sense of smell. You’d think spending my childhood on the farm would have ruined it but I think it made things like chemical and perfume smells more sensitive for me. Smells can sometimes be so intense (not even bad) that they can make me throw up.


(image from here)

I was just at university when I first started using essential oils. It just sort of “made sense” to me from the get go. I wonder sometimes if this is my issue with being in a large crowd, all the smells. I can tell you what death smells like, what rot and sickness smell like too. (Death is sort of like crushed elderflowers with a hint of cat pee and a hint of tin).


I am a qualified aromatherapist. This sometimes put me at odds with some of my teachers who went from what was in a book rather than the smell of the person they were working on. Also people lie! You get a client before you and they never smoke (but you can smell it coming from them) drink only water (is that coffee breath I smell?) and have “the odd glass of wine” on the weekend (but are sweating out that alcohol smell). This taught me two things. People will put their health and well-being in danger rather than be shamed about their bad habits and start a little and work up!


What is an essential oil? An essential oil is the extraction of natural plant volatile oils. These small organic compounds change quickly from solid, liquid and gas and are easily absorbed into the body, even through the skin. Steam distillation is a common essential oil extraction process but some places use chemical extraction or compression too. The organic chemicals and compounds such as carvacrol found in many essential oils like oregano and thyme seems to disrupt bacterial membranes inhibiting their growth. It also seems to block certain kinds of pain receptors too. Science is starting to catch up with what aromatherapists have been saying all along!


Essential oils are extremely potent. They can burn or cause intense irritation not just alone but in combination with the chemical on the skin. Food, alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes, medication and even deodorants on the skin can react with essential oils in unexpected ways.


Then comes personal preference. Some people really don’t like certain smells. This can be because of a memory association, or just be the body knowing it would not be good for it. My mother hated the smell of lilacs, I disliked the smell of rose geranium for years. Some people hate the smell of rose, or jasmine. Some loathe vanilla.



Lavender is a common essential oil, and usually quite cheap. However learn the Latin! Knowing your Lavandula Augustifolia from your Lavadin is important. Much like the different between French and English lavender, or Spanish or Australia grapes, the earth, water and weather have an effect on the amounts of chemical compounds in essential oils. With cheap essential oils, you get what you pay for. Often chemically extracted, thinner and paler, with less of the extracts you want. It is often a false economy.


Keep your essential oils away from sunlight, pets and small children (as well as some ignorant adults: someone on one of my aromatherapy courses left a bottle of peppermint oil in a bathroom cupboard and had an uncle drink it to “settle his stomach” and ended up in A&E, or the ER if you’re in the States).



Magickally aromatherapy oils can be worked into workings in all kinds of ways. From adding it to the water of your ritual baths or to your asperging or cleaning water to burning it or adding it to water to make a steam, or making ritual oils for the body or objects.


Essential oils can be used like incense to cleanse and clear or charge a space or blended to charge spell candles; or added to sachets or mojo bags. Lavender flowers you buy can be a touch flat when it comes to scent so you can add a couple of drops of a good lavender essential oil to the dried herb. Lavender is considered one of the safest oil for beginners to experiment with. It is generally a relaxing oil (but about 10% of people have the opposite reaction to it) so using it as way to calm a space.


Tranquil Space and Mind Rite

You will need:


6 tea-lights (and heat proof holders)


4 pieces of amethyst


Lavender essential oil


Cold pressed organic almond oil


A small container or bowl for oil

A purple candle



Take some 6 simple tea-lights and remove them from their metal base.


Add a drop of lavender essential oil and replace the tea-light. In three pairs place them around your space (preferably in safe heat proof places) with a piece of amethyst. Take 30ml of organic cold pressed almond oil and add three drops of lavender essential oil to it, swirling gently to combine.


Take a small amount of the essential oil blend and rub between your palms and dress a pale purple candle. Wiping off the excess oil carefully light the candles in your space and turn of any artificial light.


Now taking your blend slowly and deliberately massage your body with the oil. A small dab on the forehead to begin and then working from the feet up. Take your time and make sure you don’t rush. You can now play some peaceful music and meditate using the purple candle, or simply be in the calming space.


Candle meditation is about focusing the eyes on the flame but watching it passively (like watching T.V). It is a softness of gaze, and one of observation. Thoughts come, and thoughts go, just let them.


It sounds quite simple but it can be quite transformative. Don’t be worried if you have an emotional reaction. You might cry or get the giggles. You might feel angry. This is simply what you have been holding in underneath. Keep massaging and breathing it will pass.


**Please don’t fall asleep with candles burning!**

Amazing Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

May, 2017

10 Amazing Essential Oils for Beautiful and Flawless Skin


*This article is based on information fount at using information found at  for more information, please visit their site!  


Essential oils are helpful in a variety of areas. They can, also, remedy and soothe a variety of skin issues.  Here are 10 amazing essential oils for beautiful and flawless skin.


1. Rose



Rose essential oil acts as a natural toner on the skin and evens out texture with continued use.  Rose oil is used as an alternative to lemon, which causes skin sensitivity to light.



2. Sandalwood



A good essential oil to use that will provide your skin with moisture is sandalwood.  It is known to hydrate the skin and treat wrinkles.  It is an oil preferred by aging women.



3. Coriander



If your concern is blackheads, those stubborn pimples found on and around the nose, try coriander essential oil paired with turmeric power in your skincare regimen.



4. Carrot Seed



Carrot seed is abundant with benefits for your skin.  It acts as a mild sunscreen from UV rays.  It’s rejuvenating effects are great for tired, aging skin.



5. Ylang-Ylang

Ylang-Ylang Flowers


A great oil for any skin type is Ylang-Ylang.  It is known to balance the skin on your face whether it is overly dry or overly oily.  It is, also, known to stimulate hair growth when used on the scalp.



6. Camomile




Camomile Oil acts as a barrier from infection so it is a great oil to use on treating cuts and wounds.  It, also, helps with the fading of scars and stretch marks.



7. Jasmine Oil



Jasmine oil is good for those with sensitive skin to use.  Use Jasmine oil with regular body or face lotion for the treatment of dry or patchy skin.  The oil is also used to diminish scarring and stretch marks.



8. Peppermint



Peppermint oil is a good oil to have in your medicine bag or cabinet.  It has a cooling effect and is good for clearing up rashes.  It works on chapped skin caused by bug bites, plant allergies, or other irritants with it’s cooling effect.




9. Lemongrass



Lemongrass oil is known to add firmness back into your skin.  You can use it to replace toner in your skincare routine.  Use a few drops of lemongrass oil, applied directly to your face, to minimize pores.



10. Tea Tree

tea tree



Tea Tree oil is great for drying out blemishes and clearing up acne.  Using a q-tip, directly apply the oil to the affected areas on your face.  With every use of the essential oil the swelling and redness of the acne will decrease.




Other Important Tips

  1. Many essential oils are too concentrated to apply directly to our skin, so try combining your oils with some lotion, water, or a powder to dilute them.
  2. Try combining  a half a teaspoon of olive oil with one drop of essential oil then place this mixture on the inside of your upper arm to test your tolerance to  essential oils as a whole.


This article is based on information found at using information found at  for more information, please visit their site!  


Lavender’s Corner

October, 2012

Rosemary essential oil

[Rosmarinus officinalis]


Rosemary was one of the first herbs to be used for medicine, food, magic and healing. It was sacred in some civilisations. Used as tussie mussies in medieval England; to protect against evil and to heal from the plague. Sprigs of Rosemary were burnt in ancient Greece, at shrines. Used in soaps, cookery, detergents, cosmetics, cleaning sprays, perfumes and cologne, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks. When burnt, Rosemary is said to have strong purification properties and once seen as a good way of exorcism. It is one of the oldest Incenses. It is carried for health, and placed above a property to stop thieves. Generally used as a substitute for Frankincense.


of Rosemary;


Colours~ pale yellow- colourless.


Medicinal/holistic uses~ Acne, Dandruff, Eczema, Greasy hair, Dermatitis, Insect repellent, Lice, Flu, Promotes hair growth, Gout, Varicose veins, Fluid retention, Muscle pain, Poor circulation, Asthma, Bronchitis, Flatulence, Leucorrhoea, Colds, Headaches, Stimulates the scalp, Scabies, Palpitations, Rheumatism, Whooping cough, Colitis, Jaundice, Mental fatigue, Nervous exhaustion, Neuralgia, and Flu.


Rituals~ Protection, The conscious mind, Love, Lust, Memory, Mental power, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth, and Longevity.


Other names~ Compass weed, Dew of the sea, Elf leaf, Polar plant.


Blends with~ Basil, Bergamot, Camphor, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Citronella, Cypress, Lavender, Lemongrass, Neroli, Oregano, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Pine, Sage, and Thyme.


Parts used~ Steam distillation of the fresh leaves; in certain places the whole plant is used. Part of the Lamiaceae family of oils.


Any Precautions? Do NOT use if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, or epileptic.


This month’s blends [extra things to do with Rosemary oil]


Blend to rid lice and insects

Grapeseed oil x15ml

Evening primrose oil, x5ml or one broken capsule of oil

Rosemary oil x10 drops


You can add this blend as a massage head oil over night, covered with a towel. Or massage your skin where your cat/dog has been leaving fleas.

You can also add this to shampoo for kids, as it’s less chemically smelling then the products on the market for head lice. You may like to add it to liquid conditioner and comb through the hair with a lice comb [this method can be very beneficial]. You can use tea tree for this also, however it may seriously sting an itchy head so what you use is up to you.


Hair rinse

In a small jug, place a couple of sprigs of Fresh Rosemary [about one handful].

Cover the jug with hot water, and leave it to go cold.

After shampooing your hair, add the jug of cold Rosemary water to your hair as a final rinse. [It’s known that a cold wash of water to the hair, gives a natural shine].

This works well for greasy hair types!


Rosemary Vinegar [as a gift] Memory/nerve relief/ headache vinegar

[You can heat the vinegar, but you don’t have to. You can also keep the sprigs of herb inside the bottle of strain them and add a single fresh sprig of herb.]


Wash the herb and make sure all bugs have ‘left the building‘. Then pat the herb dry.

Sterilise a glass bottle with air tight lid. [flip-lid or Roma bottle are great for this]. Heat the vinegar to just below boiling point.

Add a couple of sprigs of Rosemary to the bottle.

Fill the rest of the bottle with red/white wine vinegar, place the lid back on the bottle. Leave in a cool dry place for a few weeks and shake occasionally. Keep it in the fridge.

Create a label add it to the neck of the bottle, and send as a gift.


Asthma oil blend and incantation [when breathing is hard]

Grapeseed oil x30 ml

Rosemary oil x5 drops

Clary Sage oil x2 drops

Orange oil x3 drops


If there is spare oil, place in a dark bottle and store away from light. Use the next time you need it.


“Goddess there’s a natural place,

Goddess I have this congested space, [place right hand on chest area]

Please clear my pain, And leave the gain,

Where free breathing can remain”.


Water blend for colds and flu

When we get ill, it can disrupt our lives when we know we need rest but are too busy. This is an old way to cure sinuses, colds and flu and coughs. Firstly, pour a kettle of hot water into a plastic or glass bowl. Add a cup of cold water-so it’s not too hot [if very sick, stick to just hot water]. Then add the oil blend below, Place a towel behind your head and back. Cover your face above the bowl and breathe in the blend.

Do this as often as you feel appropriate in the day, followed by rest and recuperation, Orange juice and plenty of water.


Rosemary oil x7 drops

Eucalyptus x5 drops

Bergamot x3 drops


This blend can also be added to water on top an oil burner. Place it by the bed, if feeling unwell and unable to move much-make sure you don’t leave the candle flame unattended, you may be tempted to nod off to sleep J


Thanks for reading,

Blessed be.

Lavender’s Corner

September, 2012

Orange essential oil

[Citrus Sinensis]


Orange essential oil is classed as a top note. This oil is a great immune system restorer, and a great mood up-lifter [From the Rutaceae family]. It can be extracted into an oil from the fruit via cold expression or steam distillation. According to Scott Cunningham [encyclopedia of magical herbs], the folk name given is Love fruit.

You may like to substitute Orange oil for Tangerine or Mandarin oil, if you happen to have one and not the other.


of Orange;

Element & Planet~ Fire & The sun

Deity~ Brigid, Belisama, Hestia, Athena, Oya, Wadjet, Pele, Vulcan, Zeus and Apollo.

Angel~ Nathaniel, Nuriel, Haniel, Ramiel, Taharial and Urim.

Archangel~ Gabriel.

Metal~ Gold, Antimony, Iron, Mercury, and Steel.

Tarot cards~ The Sun

Colours~ yellow to orange, Dark orange or light yellow to colourless. The more colour to this oil, the stronger the scent will be.

Star sign/s~ Virgo. Sagittarius, Aries, Leo.

Other uses~ happiness, spells/meditations of happiness, immune system support, colds and flu, nervous digestive problems, helps elimination of toxins, stimulates the lymphatic system, an anti-depressant, helps children to sleep, balances water retention and for obesity issues, good for detoxing, aids constipation and dyspepsia. Relieves bronchitis and chills, heals stress conditions, also for dull and oily skin types.

Rituals~ Love, divination, luck, money, harmony, joy, warmth, relaxation, purification, physical energy and magical energy. You can drink Orange juice instead of wine in rituals.

Other names~ Bitter Orange and Orange Blossom.

Blends with~ Black pepper, Clary Sage, Clove, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Ginger, Lavender,  Lemon, Neroli, Nutmeg, and Myrrh.

Parts used~ The peel; cold pressed method. Fresh ripe/ almost fresh ripe outer peel;      steam distillation.

Any Precautions?~ May cause photo toxicity; be careful with it on the skin in sunlight! If you feel any tingling sensations or a burning feeling wash it off as soon as possible. Can cause Dermatitis in a few individuals.


Orange oil is used in many Curacao type liqueurs, confectionary, drinks and bath and body products. Sweet Orange peel is used for pharmaceuticals in tincture form.


This month’s blends [extra things to do with Orange this year]


Stomach massage oil blend for obesity

Sweet Orange oil x10 drops

Geranium oil x5 drops

Lemon oil x3 drops

Sweet Almond oil x30 ml


Massage onto the stomach muscles, then massage under the knees, in circular movements and around the ankles. Drink 3 glasses of water the same day and aim for a small walk to the shops or up and down the street/block. Return home and do the massage again, meditate then sleep.

Do this whenever you feel the need to.


Child’s sleep blend

10 ml Grapeseed oil

3 drops of Sweet Orange oil


Massage at the back of the child’s ears, then onto the temples of the face. You may want to massage the sides of the neck as well. Or if your worried about the child touching and in-taking the oil, then add this blend to an oil burner and blow out the candle before you leave the room.


Meditation blend and sun meditation

Sweet Almond oil x 20ml

Sweet Orange oil x 4 drops

Lavender oil x2 drops


Place the mixed oil onto the wrists and rub in, then the ear lobes. Draw a pentacle on the top of the forehead. Before the meditation feel the heat coming from your hands as you sit in mediation position. Turn your hands over so they are just above your knees, [palms down] meditate the energy into yourself, thinking how far you’ve already come in life and in magic. When ready to begin place your hands upon your knees, relax your back, close your eyes and breathe. Imagine the heat as an Orange-Yellow flame energy that has penetrated into your soul [for the better]. It can expand because you do. Imagine it swirling toward your solar plexus, and circling it with power, purification and protection. Focus on your breathing. Feel the sun’s heat upon your skin. Take in it’s magnificent glow; it warms and comforts you. Breathe, thinking about the wonders of the universe for a while, as you experience this alone time.

When you are ready, remember the sounds, noises and smells around you. Open your eyes.

If you have spare oil, place it in a dark bottle/dark cool place to use again when you need it.


Anti-[bad] funk oil and incantation [when feeling lower than usual]

The oil blend~

5 drops of Orange oil [Or a substituted oil]

10 ml of Sweet Almond oil

5 ml of Olive oil


“I begin anew, I wipe the slate,

May I soon again, find my fate,

For, it is never too late,

Even when I have passed the gate!”


Cold and flu blend

Rapeseed/Sweet Almond or Sunflower oil x 25 ml

Lime oil x5 drops

Sweet Orange oil x7 drops

Rose oil x5 drops


Rub on your chest area, throat, sides of the neck, top of the back, lower back and the back of the hands and the wrists. If you feel nauseas, sniff your wrists from time to time. This blend also works well, in a bowl of hot water… place a towel over your head and breathe in the oils. Or, use them in a foot bath.


Colour therapy [using Orange]

Using colour therapy can also help you feel happier. Try using the colour orange, see the improvements…If you don’t usually use Orange, then you may feel the effects more than someone who sees Orange all the time. [The same way someone who doesn’t drink alcohol can feel the affects sooner]. Try Orange curtains, nail polish, sandals, sunglasses, hats, in your clothing, Amber jewellery, in meditations, Orange coloured crystals, shakes and juices, underwear, hair accessories, bath products…and any other ways you can think of. I’m not saying go and blow a whole load of cash on unnecessary things, but incorporating the colour into your life can help your self esteem. Don’t believe me? Think about what you feel when you smell an Orange.

We generally, from a young age associate objects and colour with smell. Personally, for example I love the smell of the sea, it brings back lovely memories for me. I dislike any very floral smells, like Geranium or Sweet pea…it doesn’t help that I have hay fever, but I guess I have always associated flower scents with my hay fever and constant sneezing, which annoys me. It’s the same when it comes to essential oils, one great tip [so you don’t end up spending a fortune on oils] would be to think about what smells you like. If you love Lemons and the things you associate with that scent, then your more than likely to enjoy the smell of Lemon essential oil. Sometimes this doesn’t always follow, but it’s a good direction to go by when gathering oils. Plus over time, you may come to like a smell more than you previously did. I used to dislike Lavender, then I read up about it some more. Years later I had dreams of ancestors planting it with me, and found myself warming to it. I began to plant Lavender, and when I breathed in the plant I went back to a dream like place where I was with my loved ones. I currently have 3 lavender plants in the back garden…If I could I’d have a whole garden full of it, now.


Thanks for reading,

Blessed be.

Lavender’s Corner

August, 2012

Essential oils and their uses


Herbs and oils are just a few of the earth’s wondrous bounties. This month I would like to discuss Lavender essential oil with you.


Do you have a spare essential oil? Many Aromatherapists/witches will find that they happen to have a spare. This will often be a cheap oil that maybe you come across at a cheap store or online at a discount. Most of the time this is Lavender.


Used in cosmetics, bath supplies, perfumes, house hold products, ironing waters, and for therapeutic use in the home and in holistic therapies. Lavender is incredibly versatile.


Magickal properties of Lavender~ Love, peace, balance, dispels depression.

properties of Lavender~ health, sleep, relaxation, happiness, relieves stress tension and anxiety, cuts, grazes, nausea, migraines, fainting, eczema, arthritis and so much more!

Folklore properties of Lavender~ comforts the stomach, cosmetic waters, insect repellent, scent linen, toothache [applied topically], neuralgia, rheumatism, sprains, burns, scars, carpet deodoriser, oil burners, incense, magical oils, dream pillows, baths, perfumes, etc.


Lavender [Lavender Angustifolia] is one of the oils you can use without any other. You do not have to dilute it’s potency with a carrier. It has many properties, and a vast history and grows in many countries all over the world. The herb likes a well drained soil and a lot of sunlight. As it smells pleasant, it is a great herb to use in baking, cosmetics and fragrances and also for dream pillows or draw pouches. Added to the temples of the face, Lavender oil can calm mental worries and anxieties. This oil is also great for meditation or as a herbal hair rinse.


You can use Lavender for after sun care, scalds, acne, minor cuts and grazes, insomnia and even fleas…..not on cats though, their systems cannot break down the molecules of any essential oils; best to avoid! Dogs would benefit from the use of a Lavender treatment though. You can add Lavender to a bucket of water, to clean floors with to magickally stop gossip and promote peacefulness in the home.


Lavender was used in mummification, and perfume by Egyptians and the Phoenicians and Arabians. The Greeks and Romans bathed in it, and thought the incense to be the incense of the deities. From France, Spain, Italy and England, it made it’s way to America. Queen Elizabeth the 1st enjoyed lavender as a tea and a perfume, but Queen Victoria gave it wide spread gratitude. She had some in every room and it was washed on floors and in linen. In WW1 nurses ‘bathed’ soldiers wounds in lavender washes. It was actually also once worn by prostitutes to attract custom and to indicate their profession. In some cultures it was believed that if worn, lavender would help protect against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse. In the Renaissance period it was believed that lavender worn with Rosemary would preserve a woman’s chastity. It was once believed to be powerful if used for writing love letters.


General beliefs;

If scattered in the home~ peacefulness comes to all within.

If worn~ protects you against the evil eye.

If carried~ you may be able to see ghosts.

If used as an incense~ promotes sleep and peaceful dreams.


of Lavender;

Planet~ Mercury [used in communication spells]. Also Venus [used in love spells].

Element~ Air.

Deity~ The Greek Gods, Saturn and Hermes. The Egyptian God, Thoth. The Roman God, Mercury. The Greek Goddess, Athena. The Egyptian Goddess, Maat. Also- Aradia [Queen of the witches] and Hecate [Primordial goddess].

Archangel~ Michael.

Planetary angel~ Raphael.

Metal~ Quicksilver.

Tarot cards~ The Hermit/Magician.

Colours~ Purple, Lilac. Yellow [associated with Mercury].

Star sign/s~ Gemini, and Virgo.

Other uses~ sacred/anointing oil, clairvoyance, consecrations, healing through the grieving process, divinations, crystal workings, exorcisms, inspiration, longevity, luck, lust, meditation, telekinesis workings, offerings, to call to the divine, to keep secrets, and helps to control emotions.

Rituals~ weddings, chastity, peace, creative inspiration, lust, eternal love, dreams, gratitude, earth wisdom, to improve the memory, business improvements, to send out clear messages.

Other names~ Elf leaf, Spike, Nard.

Parts used~ fresh flowers, dried flowers, essential oil extracted from steam distillation from the flowers.


This month’s suggestion blend ~ Old fashioned Lavender water.

This can be used in your laundry, as a spritz water for ironing or in the iron, a hair rinse, a bath essence water, compresses, insect repellent spray, as a car or room spray, a pillow spray, handkerchief spray, microwave cleaner, bin cleaner, as an essence in home-made bakery/chocolate making [if vodka based], facial toner, hair scented mist [great for summer days], in rituals, in cleansing aura work and meditations.


To make this you need;

600g fresh Lavender flower heads

1 litre of spring water [some people use vodka]. If doing a food essence you may want to use a small dark bottle, not a spray bottle; this will not be as expensive as you use less vodka then you would if using it for lavender water.


Heat the water and put it in a jar with the lavender heads. Shake well and leave the jar for 24 hours. Using a coffee filter or some mullein filter out the lavender heads. If you want a stronger smell, repeat this and press the heads for extra scent. Store in a spray bottle or small labelled water bottle in the fridge. Use when needed.



Thanks for reading,

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