Fashion Against Bullying with Review

November, 2016



“Active Kindness” Apparel Line is Clothing with a Cause, Benefits Teen Anti-Bullying


Compassion Brands, the first fashion company to launch retail collections that offers real-time help to teens in crisis, and The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc .,  launched their line  of Active Kindness, now available at all Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers stores and online, in addition to The new fashion collection incorporates details of its partnering teen crisis center, Teen Line, on all product and packaging, offering kids and teens help in real time as they shop.

Compassion Brands and Stony Apparel teamed up to design the stylish Active Kindness t-shirt collection for juniors in sizes XS-XL. The new line includes six shirts in various colors and styles, featuring messages of empowerment such as “Don’t Be a Bully” and “Be Kind to Yourself.” Each tee comes with a unique tag that includes a Teen Line hotline number for anyone seeking help or advice against bullying. Teen Line, based out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, is the main anti-bullying charity financially supported by the company.



“On the label of each shirt it clearly states the toll free helpline’s phone number and their cause.” -PaganPages

“Active Kindness is a new brand that I developed to address the epidemic of bullying by inspiring others and working collaboratively with industry leaders to be united in kindness through the art of fashion,” said Gigi Yeoman, Founder of Compassion Brands. “Partnering with The Bon Ton Stores, Inc. and Stony Apparel is a major step for the brand and we hope to help as many kids as possible with information on Teen Line to provide a resource for the many kids that are in need of immediate help.”



“Each shirt is emblazoned with a positive message for kids to feel and pass on”. -PaganPages

With designs that are both high quality and stylish, Active Kindness marries fashion forward trends with positive messaging for teens everywhere.



“The long and short sleeve shirts are soft on the skin and to touch. Great choice of  material.  The fits are relaxed which I appreciated.  Not fitted as if for small adults.  The messages are cute and positive.  The labels in each shirt are amazing.  The shirts seem very well made, no hanging strings, well stitched.  Our teen model felt comfortable in them.  She said they were very soft and looked nice on.  All in all we know this campaign can reach and help many teens who are being bullied”. -PaganPages

For more information about Compassion Brands, visit


About Compassion Brands

Compassion Brands was founded by Gigi Yeoman, wife of actor Owain Teoman (Turn, The Mentalist), whose fashions have been showcased across the industry. Having designed and manufactured for some of the biggest names in retail, Gigi was inspired to create a collection of fashion that did more than just follow current trends by focusing on making a difference. Compassion Brands is a collective of socially conscious executives in fashion design, retail, the arts and philanthropy, who aspire to enlighten engage and empower our global community through fashion, to bring about a transformational and positive cultural change on important social issues. By developing and marketing our cause related fashion brands we fulfill one very significant goal: to bring awareness and support to charitable causes, through positive messaging fashion! Compassion Brands platforms a revolutionary shift in charitable funding.


About The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., with corporate headquarters in York, Pennsylvania and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, operates 267 stores, which includes 9 furniture galleries and five clearance centers, in 26 states in the Northeast, Midwest and upper Great Plains under the Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Bergner’s, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers nameplates.  The stores offer a broad assortment of national and private brand fashion apparel and accessories for women, men and children, as well as cosmetics and home furnishings.  The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. is an active and positive participant in the communities it serves.


For store locations and information visit Join the conversation and be inspired by following Bon-Ton on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, #LoveStyle.


About Stony Apparel

Created in 1996, Stony Apparel is a fashion forward contemporary junior, girls and plus size apparel company that has worked with major retailers nationwide. The design-driven company focuses on trendy apparel for the fashion conscious customers, with all products designed in Southern California.


About Teen Line

Teen Line is the nonprofit, community-based organization that Compassion Brands has partnered with to help troubled teens address their problems before they become a crisis by providing personal teen-to-teen education and support through community outreach, modern technology and a confidential national hotline operating every evening from 6 – 10 pm PST.


Nelland Living

January, 2015

Colors of New Year

Nature rules! It is the greatest source of beauty with it´s ever changing scenery of light, colors, and seasons. Nature is my greatest inspiration for creating beauty in my life.

Deep dark blue and silver make the perfect couple in my color palette around New Year´s. The sky shows it´s darkest side now, bathing in deep murky blue most of the time. Luckily there are also stars up there, twinkling ever so brightly on cold clear nights. That´s the combination I embrace this time of year, at late Yule, after Christmas and before Imbolc. (Sadly my little snapshot camera is unable to capture the beauty.)
When it comes to clothes and appearance, I always like to stay in tune with nature. Here´s how I´ve merged the spirit of New Year into my wardrobe:



A close-up of my sweater. When I saw this fabric in the store the other summer, I immediately fell in love with it, and knew I had to make a kimono-sleeved shirt of it for New Year´s.




This necklace is my newest piece. Combining yarn with glass beads, the result is more casual and can easily be worn to work, even with jeans. This was the first time I ever used this technique, and was positively surprised by how easy it was to make. On a double yarn just pop a bead through one string, then make a knot, and pop another bead in, etc. Voilá, done!




Earrings are a part of my daily beautifying routine. These aromatherapy pieces are perfect for New Year´s theme. I like to add a drop or two of bergamot  essential oil on them to create a festive and happy spirit.



Nailpolish is another easy favorite of mine when building a look. I´ve found these great two colors, which I like to apply like this:



First two coats of dark blue. Once dried, I take the sparkling silver one and start having fun adding small dots here and there, whatever happens to come to mind.



This time I did “crescent moons” on thumb- and ring fingers. The silver nailpolish looks amazingly like little jewels when applied in small dots. I highly prefer this over sticker ones, because these are flat and stay on persistently.

Nails are an excellent way to perfect any look. Like most things in life, I rather do this myself than go get fake nails done. It saves me both time and money, and I can change the look weekly (I usually do my nails on Sundays).



In dark blue I also have a pair of furry mittens, which add to the New Year´s spirit with my winter coat on. But I don´t want to do blue and silver from head to toe. A little goes a long way, and hints here and there is enough to keep the party going!

Happy New Year!


Nelland Living

April, 2014

Ostara Fashion: “The Wicked Witch Of The East”

But not the one from Wizard Of Oz! This one comes straight from my imagination, and is a combination of an Ostara witch and a Matushka from Russia.

My quest for the perfect garderobe continues. I´m in the process of designing and making five outfits for each Sabbat. Smart enough to go to work in, but at the same time so comfortable to throw a cartwheel in. I like to get dressed in the morning, and then forget all about the whole existence of clothes for the day! And just stay fabulous with no further effort… =)


  This witch combines the black from the common witch´s outfit, and combines it with the brightly colored floral prints of a Matushka doll´s traditional outfit.

I still have this black woollen scarf with colorful flowers printed on it, I got as a child on a holiday trip to the Black Sea in (then) The Soviet Union. It is a bit itchy, so I don´t really wear it, but it always reminds me of the super-sweet and soft ice cream I got there, and the most magnificent circus show I´ve ever seen.

  To me Russia represents a great, but hidden, wealth of cultural creativity and wisdom. I am intrigued by it, and hope one day to get a closer look.

This is as long a dress I can wear. For practicality´s sake that is. The hem ends right at the knees. Any longer, and I would stumple on it if/when kneeling down. The print of the fabric is just perfect for the purpose. The shoes I´m not yet satisfied with, but for now ordinary combat boots will have to do. Man, I wish I could make shoes too!


  If it gets too hot for the long sleeves, I can simply take them off. I made them removable, like a mini-bolero. Super easy and practical. Now the top is more colorful, which is nice for sunny days.  Originally I designed a ruffle to circle the hemline. But after finding this awesome fabric I decided to leave it out, and instead add black lace. Wait, I´ll show you better…


  This little detail gives the whole garment a nice finished look.


  Of all the Sabbats Ostara is the most playful to me. This is the time when a year is at it´s child state, if I can put it that way. Imbolc is for babies and Beltane for teenagers.
So in order to make this whole outfit more fun, and less grown-up, I want to wear my Matushka jewelry I got some years back. They should bring a smile to bypasser´s face, and thus create a “happy bubble” around me. Quoting my motto: “The purpose of life is to be happy!”


  What a nice weather for a ride on the broom! I´ll go grab mine, and a pot of green tea (but not a black cat, I´m allergic to cats  =) , and whish off for a round of fun now.
Happy Easter!

Nelland Living

January, 2014

Yule Fashion: Fireworks- outfit

In my calendar Yule extends up to the middle of January. Yule is the only Sabbat that includes two major, populist, holidays; X-mas and New Year. Both have strong, unique, individual styles.
  After X-mas I quickly start feeling uncomfortable in my red-and-gold colored clothes, and begin longing for New Year´s colors; electric blue and silver. It was at the turn of the Millenium, when I realized that those are the colors of my New Year. Sadly that era only lasts for up to three weeks (of each year, and year after year of course). But I feel it is important to include an outfit or two for post holidays, so I don´t look like I´m desperately still holding on to X-mas in January!  =)
  Here´s how I ride up until Imbolc:
Bottoms up! My favorite colors, just the way I like it. A bright electric blue is quite difficult to find, and this knit fabric has also metallic, multi-colored, fuzz all around it. Just like fireworks in the dark sky of New Year´s night! Could not be more perfect.
This bat-sleeved pattern, I used to make the sweater, is one of my favorites. It allows me to wear a skinnier pair of pants, as it balances out the top half of my (pear-shaped) body. Looking good is all about proportions. The jewelry is from a bunch of years back, but still works well because my style has not changed. That´s responsible consumerism. =)
The design. I guess I have not let the inner child in me die, because I love to use these printed pictures of Bratz dolls as motifs to my designs. They are exaggeratedly beautiful, and therefore perfect to use as my imaginary playground. Originally I wanted to make the pants out of fabric with print on it, but as it often turns out, there was none available. So I opted for a plain fleece instead (my favorite winter material!).
This is the darkest time of the year, so I need to be seen in the dark too. Therefore I added a few star-shaped reflectors to the leg hems.
A close-up of the reflective stars. In daylight they don´t draw much attention to them, but when noticed, I hope them to soften and uplift the feeling of this otherwise quite serious-looking outfit. I´m enjoying life, and I want it (the happiness) to shine through my clothes.
The makeup is as sketched in the design above. I like to match, and often repeat, the colors of the outfit in the makeup. Here light silver and royal blue are used on the eyelids as the focal point of the face. Cheeks are dusted with greyish beige to create a shadow mainly, and lips coated with sparkling light grey lipgloss for a frosty effect.

Have a beautiful, happy and creative year 2014!

Greetings from Nelland!

Nelland Living

September, 2013

Autumn Fashion: Ragdoll-look

The perfect garderobe… probably a myth more than reality. But I´m trying! The idea is to design and make five outfits for each Sabbat. Ones that I can rotate year after year. Saves both money and the Earth. Plus my nerves, because then I always have something to wear.

I have found that looking at least somewhat groomed makes one´s life much easier and lighter, thus even happier. We are all good looking, we just need to enhance our best qualities (both outer, and inner of course). When one looks good, one feels good. And that good feeling creates a positive, uplifting aura. And everybody who comes accross with that aura reflects it right back, making one´s life more enjoyable. So what you give is only a fraction of what you get back. Quite inspiring!

This outfit is for my Lughnasadh wardrobe. It is meant to be girly, carefree, and playful, definitely not one to be taken too seriously. Life should be fun!

There were two major sources of inspiration: ragdolls and Sarah Kay´s art. I combined the two and this is the result. The look includes the two most important colors for my Lughnasadh, beige and light yellow. I am mostly inspired by nature, and get my color schemes from there. The rest is imagination.

A girly, puff-sleeved tunic with a flared hem is where the designing of the outfit started.

Beauty and comfort are the two major keys to my fashion. I want to feel so comfortable in my clothes, that I don´t have to think about their existence throughout the whole day! I want to focus fully on life itself.

The knee patches and the print of the tunic is what comes from Sarah Kay´s art. The hand-stitching of the knee patches, buttons on the hem of the pants, and the overall loose comfyness is drawn from ragdolls. I love those dolls! They are innocently attractive (but deliberately not perfect) and totally unaware of it.


Originally I meant to make denim-like blue pants, but couldn´t find a good fabric. So my creative solution was to reverse the colors: beige pants and denim-blue stitching. Light yellow decorative buttons give a finished look.


  The pattern for the tunic is one of my favorites. I have used it to make several different looks, like The Bunny, The Cottage Look, or even a swimsuit. One pattern goes as long a way as my imaginations allows.

Happy autumn days!