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Book Review- Victor H Anderson: An American Shaman by Cornelia Benavidez

October, 2017

Victor H Anderson: An American Shaman

Author: Cornelia Benavidez

Publisher: Megalithica Books from Immanion Press

Copywrite: 2017

Length: 308 pages



This book is a full transcript of interview tapes that the author had with Mr. Anderson and his wife, Cora. It also contains the family tree (ancestry) of Victor H Anderson on both his mother and father’s side. It also has the lineage of the Native American line in his heritage.


At times this book can be a bit confusing to read because in different questions about his legacy, Mr. Anderson does repeat himself and the Ms. Benavidez wrote it as he spoke it on the tapes of their interviews. I did find myself going back and taking notes on things then continuing from where I took the notes. Once I got that done, I understood more of what he was saying to the author.


Mr. Victor H Anderson was born in 1917, and in 1926 at the age of 9, he was initiated by an African woman. The story of his initiation is one of the stories in Margot Adler’s book, “Drawing Down the Moon.” Much controversy surrounds his initiation. Mr. Anderson spent most of his younger years in New Mexico or Oklahoma around Native American’s and cowboy. So he learned a lot of their culture and religious beliefs at that time also. He talks about being a part of the ritual when he was quite young, and not be scared or worried about what was happening. But feeling this was natural and a part of what he was meant to do.


Victor H. Anderson was a very inspirational person to those that he took under his wing. He seems to have fully embraced life and do what his heart and Goddess called him to, without hesitation. In the interviews, Mr. Anderson appears to be the kind of person who talks straight-forward and to the point. But like most teachers, you have to be ready for his point to understand what he is telling you.


In the interviews Ms. Benadivez did with Mr. Anderson, he said that he was able to remember his past lives. So he didn’t consider himself just a Shaman. He remembered being a Houngan, Bokor, Priest, Witch, Bard, and Kuhuna. So he called himself by all of these titles. He was a leader in all religions. So, I am what I am, and in Italia, I am referred to as “uncapo Della Vecchia religion,” a head person in the old religion


He does go into detail about the actual heart of the Feri tradition and how he was a founder of the tradition. But for him, it was a kind of remembrance that was called forth from his past life. His initiation at the age of 9 by the African Woman is where his remembering of his past lives all started.


In the chapter “Consideration on Victor H Anderson” by Sister Star, she speaks of how many of the central principles of Feri come from African Traditions as they had been introduced by Mr. Anderson’s initiation. She also talks about his poetry and the cryptic information that he wrote in the poems. She also did research into how Mr. Anderson could have come into contact with a woman from Africa in the 1920’s.








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